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  1. Woow!! Forget the size or population of Bay. It means one district in Bay will have about 8 MPs. Tillamook this is still based on 4.5 and elders will still have a say.
  2. And you provided a tweet and pictures of 20 soldiers in a desert God knows where it is
  3. If Bayle throws his hat in the ring, he can win big time. But he won't. In politics as in everything else confidence is the key.
  4. Have I irked you? Cafis iyo masaamax? 🖐 And you Yaxaas 🖐
  5. I actually like this It is much needed infrastructure for Hargaysa. Timocade, note this down for future reference as one of your biggest achievements and not that glass building, OK?
  6. You are spending so much of your time following Puntland. Admit it! Inside down you are envious of Puntland's achievement
  7. Man I had high hopes of you, puppy. Come on! You are better than this, don't listen to Damiin Timocade.
  8. That is not Puntlander. He is an idiot imposter. Puntlanders are proud Somalis.
  9. Still celebrating for two businesses. I did not know Puntland businesses were sought after like this At least this time he did not use the word: exodus. The puppet can learn something after all
  10. Wadh ukaadi Haaji Muran Aldamin, yarku is preparing slides for me If he gets stuck he will let you know
  11. Yaxaas we have seen your copy and paste skills, lets see your writing skills. How much was the contribution of SDF to the Somaliland budget and what programmes were used for?
  12. All these for two businesses or shall I say: exodus Here the port working round the clock.The minister is saying business is booming and Puntlanders are exporting to new markets. Remember the secessionist crying other day livestock export has gone to the South. This is why