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  1. Deni should stay in Puntland and concentrate at the job in hand. Puntland is going through period of development and tranquility. I know we are frustrated by these hapless Koonfur amateur leaders who can not manage a chicken but the minute Puntlander becomes president they will cry foul even if is in their own interest. I am sure if he becomes president he will start moving troops in order to flush out Alshabab in the detriment of Puntland security like lasr time around. He needs to think hard and long about putting himself in that situation.
  2. Who was the most hated clan of Siad Barre? Even before he overthrew the Somali government led by *** president, he was filled with enmity of the Puntland clan and he hated them so much that he made sure no military officer took senior position in the Somali military. Do you also know the low level officers who tried to overthrow him in 1978 were mostly from that clan? Do you also know that the first rebel group SSDF were from same tribe as him? Do you know anything about Mudug and Nugal uprising and what happened to the Somali people in those regions? You seemed to have been fed with one sided story. Go out of your comfort zone and talk to different people from different tribes than yours so might get balanced view of the Somali hostory.
  3. It is really important that you tell us how old you are so we can address you accordingly. If you are little teenager that does not know much then I can educate you. But if you are mature man and you are blaming a whole lot of tribe on what a Siyad Barre did then you are beyond repair and you should be left alone in your ignorance.
  4. And Rooble and Farmaajo are fighting over her kkkkk.
  5. Oday Xaashi walle waa waayo arag. Farmaajo indhihuu galiyay inaan waxba lagu aamini karin. Waa soo kaadshayaa kulahaa kkkkk ciyaal macne maleh bay wadankii ka adeejiyeen kkkkkk Farmaajo knows that no MP from Puntland, Galmudug, and Hirshabelle will give him a vote. So he is trying his best to rob Masaakiinta Reer Waqooyi, Reer Xamar iyo corruptible Koonfur Galbeedi delegates and MPs kkkkkkk. Cabdi Xaashi knows that and will not give in an inch until the fat lady sings. Kudos to him. As a Somalj veteran he has an obligation to stand for justice and for the future of our country. Four more years of Farmaajo will be a wasted opportunity.
  6. Af Garre waa Af Garre not a Somali. Garre tribe also live in Lower Shabelle Qoryooley to be precise and they share nothing but the name. My friend is Garre and he told me when they used to visit Garre's in Kenya, they could not understand them and they needed a translator. It does not matter how languages are related if they are mutually unintelligible, they are two different languages no matter what. There are so many languages that are very close to each other and even can understand each other a bit but still are classified different languages. For example, Dutch and German, Spanish and Portuguese; Swedish and Finish etc etc.
  7. Kan ismail mirre waa fahanaye kan kale noo fasiray Sheikhul Bari Walbaxri kkkk.
  8. Your allegation is pointless and unfounded because Puntland state bank is as old as the state, it just acquired itself a new state of the art building hence all the Masayr by fake nationalists and cuqdad filled crew. This Maskiin guy celebrates little girl from his home town that came first in secondary school exams!!! And here he is finding a negativity in otherwise much needed infrastructure for a Somali state. In the Garacad port thread where almost everyone was in positive mood, he found himself questioning: does Mudug need two ports ? Kkkkk I don't know what the Puntland folks in Xamar did to him while he was getting handouts from Afwayne, but you can see he is damaged beyond repair. Allah caafimaad hasiiyo hadii uu saas ku dhinto khatar buu kujiraa.
  9. The Mps are picked by odayaasha and almost all Sool & Sanaag are behind him. The other MJs are supportive of him like no other leader before him especially Mudug. So he has easy ride to pick his men from Puntland.
  10. If we learned anything from previous Somali elections, it is no one can predict the outcome. So even these handpicked senators are not guaranteed to vote for their paymasters. Once in the house, it can be all change!!!
  11. This was always expected but the question will be are his Hblock friends deliver for him. I don't think they will but we will see.
  12. You mean the poem or you are saying ariiroow is not Af may?