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  1. I agree it is fake nationalism because if it true we would be freeing our country from the terrorists and their sympathisers. I propose all celebrations halted until and when we become free.
  2. That is all you can come up with? Faanka waa ii gaartay ee adiga jeoleosiga goormaa iska dayn you Caqli Lix saac. Let us rephrase: " If there were 100% Southerners sympathising and supporting Al shabab, there would still be Puntland to boast about because we would destroy them single handedly as we did many times". Yes, people in the South are indifferent to Al Shabaab even when they are killing them and causing them mayhem. How else do you explain that all these clans in the South who claim to be powerful but not raising a finger to free their major cities such as Ceelbuur, Xarardheere, and almost all the rural towns deep South? The only clan who I can praise are those in Dhuusamareeb who fought Al Shabaab with bravery and Raganimo. The rest are either indifferent or clear sympathisers.
  3. He does not know shit. The Portuguese works for Al shabab period. 12 of those executed are from the dominant sub clan of Galkacyo and two more are from the larger clan and many of them never heard or know the meaning of the word "Ariiroow". Imagine if these terrorists were really majority from the clans in the South. They would not stop winching and wailing. These people in the South should stop making excuses for terrorists and sympathising with them if they really want peace. Terrorists don't have clan or tribe for them it is just a tool to exploit and cause mayhem in the land. If someone is in Puntland state they are accountable to Puntland justice. Otherwise stay in your area and don't come. Simple. Especially now everyone knows Puntland will show no mercy to Al shabab terrorists and the likes.
  4. SSC is part of Puntland and they will be no different from other regions of Puntland. Waxaan waa kuwa Farmaajo ku adeegto warkoodu kasoo qaad maleh.
  5. Waxaan oo kale intay Soomaali kijiraan walle nabad lama helo. **** ****. No wonder your towns are Al shabab infested because all you care is qabiil and shit.
  6. Lol. You obsession with Puntland is blinding you to lie miyaa??? How do you know he is talking about the five guys? This is totally unrelated to these guys and Mr Abgaalooe is sarcastically referring to those journalists that oppose his government and he is saying they are doing this because they want bribe from them. The boys are confirmed that they are from Eritria. Even before they came to Puntland they came through Anfar region and they were reported then by Caasimada Online and others.
  7. How does the current method work? Isn't it by constituency and every political party designate one person from that constituency as candidate?
  8. SSC clan for all their SL support got 5 MPs kkkkk while Duriyadda boys got 7 MPs from a region that they only share Caynaba district kkk. How you wonder????
  9. Iskama imaane maad u mahadnaqdid Madaxwaynahaaga barakaysan Al Haaji Said Dani oo shaqo fiican ka qabtay Sanaag.
  10. Just wonder what would happen to Saalax if Cirro ever becomes president? Kkkk I am sure he will switch 360 degree to be a hardcore pro Somaliland secessionist kkkkk. But will that day ever come.
  11. Good explanation there. I can imagine Somalis do not have the patience needed to stand in long queues for hours. Especially men back home are difficult and full of false pride.
  12. Are they going to forego the speaker position is the answer Shariff Hassan want to know ? Impossible there always be a nutter that would not resist to be on the limelight.
  13. What do you mean? Are you allergic to Puntland name? Address my point rather than making assumptions.
  14. Lol disgruntled N&N are turning into Secession for inspiration kkkk. Once crazy always crazy. Mid kale Somaliland that claims to have a population of 4 million could only manage to register about 1 million?? I am sure Puntland could register more than two million people, let us see what they got