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  1. Not really unless it is for specialist area for high ranking officers. You are not telling me thousand soldiers are doing specialist training that would take years.
  2. Traning sanado socda xagee lagu arkay?
  3. How is it debunked? Have the kids been returned?
  4. It is not a new demand, Deni & Madobe were asking for this for months now. There must be impartial security leadership if we are to move forward. Security have everything to do with free & fair elections.
  5. Prove I accuse him argagixiso? I dare you. I am sure you did not even read his statements. You just want to side with him regardless because you are against Puntland. You refute what I said point by point or shut it. If there is an explosion in Mogadishu and I say " Markaan maqlo gaari dheeraynaya oo qarxay waan jilboodaa", Is that acceptable statement? If I accuse pro democracy MPs as Gaalo, is that not extremist view? Puntland was right to send him home. There must be zero tolerance for extremist views and poisoning of our kids.
  6. Maxaabiis baa jeel ka soo... - Cabdimaalik muuse coldoon | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM Maxaabiis baa jeel ka soo baxday markaan maqlo waan ku diirsadaa.sida ay ku soo beexeen masuuliyad ii taalla maaha. The date he wrote this statement is the date many Al Shabaab militias escaped from Bosaso prison. Waa ku diirsadaa??? He is basically insinuating that he is indifferent to murderers and killersof innocent people to be on the loose!!! Also, in his facebook he talks about everything else except Al shaabaab and their manipulation of our religion. I am not accusing him of anything but it is clear that he is sliding into slippery slope. You don't have to be Al shabab to hold extreme and dangerous views.
  7. Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya oo u codeeyay diinta dimuqraadiyadda in la... M.FACEBOOK.COM Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya oo u codeeyay diinta dimuqraadiyadda in la qaato oo diinta islaamkana la tuuro iyo laba xildhibaan oo ka soo jeeda... This one of his statements on facebook. He openly calling MPs that voted for democracy 1960s as Gaalo. Is that right?
  8. You could say same about the Farmajo loyalists who kill and maim to see him in the helm. This ******** have just saved the country from illegal extension and one man's dictatorship for years to come. History will judge them kindly. Imagine if the SNA stopped Siyad Barre before he overthrew an elected government. Today we could have been in better shape than we are. But I am believer in destiny. I know the Guulwades are angry but rest assured this is good for Somalia's future stability. No man will ever contemplate of illegal extension. One man one vote is only way a person can stay in power that needs to be written in blood. It is about time the disgruntled small clans must embrace that keeping power out from the bigger clans through dictatirship and fake nationalism does not work and will never work.
  9. He somehow applauded the Alshabab jail break months ago. He also been writing some extremist statements on his facebook recently, but Allah Yahlam if he is one of them.
  10. I always advocate for fairness regardless og who is in the helm. Anyways, it is good that extension has been rejected. It would have set a bad example that would have been replicated by future presidents and leaders. In Puntland Abdullahi Yusuf tried to extended his term in 2001 and that has triggered a civil war that lasted for another two years. That experience have became a lesson and now no leader can dare talk about extending term. I hope this becomes a lesson for everybody no extension is ever contemplated by anyone. The other thing that we learn from this is that our governance and our situations are different from other countries. We can not emulate other countries where dictatorships can work. We are naturally freedom loving people.
  11. Ana waa ikan sort of thing kkkk. Duufaan, stop counting votes. It has never worked. In 2017 Hassan Culusow was sure of victory and he shockingly came short. There is mantra in Somalia parliamentarians:" Lacag waa cunus codku waa meelkale" I don't think Farmajo has a chance with all that happened. But you never know, anything is possible.
  12. Kkkk They are reasonable conditions because we need free and fair election and not one dictated by him. So tell me what is your objection to having a new commanders that will secure election fairly and can be trusted by both? If he wins then fair play but if he does not you will take him to Buhodle and keep him as trophy kkkk Win win for you. Also, PM is responsible of all government operations including elections anyway so what is wrong of him running it? After all is his man.
  13. Nonsense to you because you believe in him. Musharaxiin and some of the states do not trust him and his commanders with the election. It is either new people come in or we manage together. There is no argument there.
  14. It was not unreasonable. The demands will be more and stronger. He must leave the election matters to his PM. The PM must build trust by firing Fahad Yasin, Hijaar and replace them with capable people who are non partisan and do not have blood on their hands. Other option will be the SNA soldiers who are against extension to work with his in the security of the election. That means they will stay put where they are now until new admin comes in.