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  1. After Cigaal died, a multi-faced project of Somaliland was created by group of countries. With yearly funding of 50 million dollar mostly from European countries and some Arab countries. The project leader was Dahar Riyaale who was from Awdal and former Somali soldier with Jabuuti connection. With money and the Jabuuti's weapon he was able to consolidate the control much of north Somalia. The project was continue until now. It seems the founders of that project wants to start a larger project where Abiya is replaced by Zanawi and Riyaale is replaced by Farmaajo in many away. It said Abiya is interested Saylac port and informed Biixi. Ethiopia who supported the project somaliland many years, is asking something Biixi cannot afford to do. He can not offer Saylac to Abiya and basically much or less close Berbera. The fact that a different tribe control Saylac, the political and the economic power of north Somalia will move from Berbera to Saylac. Do not be surprise what Biixi and others from somaliald say about Somalia in general. We need to hear from Waraabe.
  2. Muuse oo Farmaajo u diray Guddi beeshiisa ka socotay, iyo Jawaabtii Farmaajo | khaatumo news online KHAATUMONEWS24.COM Lot of people including me, were surprised when they heard Farmaajo is going to Hargeysa with Abiya. We know the hardcore landers respect Ethiopian leaders, historical calling them brothers and obey their orders in great extent unlike any other Somali group . For other Somalia groups in general, Ethiopia relationship are always temporarily benefits against other somalia group that applies Farmaajo too. You will not be surprised if you see Farmaajo singing different song any time it benefited him. It is clear that Abiya is more welcome in Hargeysa than any other Somali leader at moment or forever. They value his relationship religiously close and accepted when initially he told them that he will bring him with Farmaajo. Other thing is that Habro tribes have been disoriented lately, basically competing also any benefit that comes from Moqdisho, like other tribes in Somalia. Muse camp is worried that the other groups has been moqdisho before them and worried losing some future benefits. Muuse decision to accept Farmaajo in Hargeys was partially, he wanted to make deal with Farmaajo first but his somaliland is not ready for it now.
  3. Farmaajo had a good week. Presenting himself as a simple man who understand situation gives him advantage. Unlikely other governments, his government got few things right. They hired some good people, specially Bayle and Omar knows what they are doing. The reality is both Farmaajo and Khayre lived civilized countries and understand the game compare to others.
  4. Wixii oo aad marba xabaalaha soo fageyseen, ma aqoonsi raadis buu ahaa, mise inaad soo bandhigtaan dhibaato idin gaadhey. Waaruntaa Somaliland apology uma baahna, aniguba mafahmin. Sheekada soomaaliya waa horey ugasoco, dib u eegid malaha
  5. Bangladesh comes to Somalia’s rescue. I was not expecting from Bangladesh but they show here brotherhood and freindship https://www.thedailystar.net/business/news/bangladesh-comes-somalias-rescue-1864120
  6. This thing really exist but not large scale, specially the camps and village created the last few year draft. I agree, this type pf welfare has never effect. I have direct knowledge one of new created villages where people receive this type of money, people could not find any workers to small daily jobs.
  7. IMF has many functions, not only borrowing money, ask reforms, charge interest and control. In the gulf, it wants to help but it is just too late. Political and economic reforms goes hand in hand. The gulf leaders are not even ready to go the level of political system of Morocco. As the rest of world, specially the Muslim world countries prosper economically and develop the Golf countries will lose it is influence in the Muslim world and most importantly the ability to control it is own people. The other countries are very small except SKA which has serious problems. they will not be able to maintain the welfare system for too long as Saudis family getting even bigger with bigger budget for themselves alone. End of the day nothing IMF can do. The golf had, it is glorious days and will regret the lost opportunity for the trillions of petrol dollars unaccounted in short time. The golf is desert place and oil money made attractive, with out money no one will pay attention.
  8. Who killed so many donkeys? Maauf is the only one reported the died donkeys. Is not donkey live matter!
  9. Deni has no where to run. Like Biixi he spent many hours in Adis and than Nariobi but got nothing for all these meetings. Abudabey offered few money but that is all and replacing Farmaajo co for the next election does not seems hopefull right now. Not many good options for him right now. He should let Sool and Sanaag people to create their own federal region
  10. Did you know that Ina Cali Kooreeye was a former somali soldier. Those people you call faqash and now an opportunistic person. This shows your dishonest and this case Waraabe, is more honest.
  11. That is the case everywhere in the world. 70% employers hired somebody they know. In moqdisho, there are more opportunities that has nothing to do the NGO. There are more NGO organisations in Hargeysa than Moqdisho but there more money circulating in Moqdisho. Hiring is locally done, government, transportations, restaurants and hotels. Hargeysa is very much becoming another Jabuuti, the rich becoming more rich and not even investing their money locally. Incase of Somaliland, that majority of people 85% are urbanized and lived in three big cities. That has been the case for long time since colonial time. The rest of Somalia have 30% - 50% urbanization. The only main income has been trade and that has not changed. the Berbera port alone can not create jobs and livehood. That is the fact you can not denied. The whole tribe is three crowded cities and even the whole world NGO can not help. The youth will continue immigrate with high rate.
  12. Waraabe seems not happy these days. He can not keep quite and contradict himself. However If you want to know what is happening Hargeysa, Waraabe is the first to inform you. Compare, to Sol Suldaan, he is much more truthful in many ways.
  13. Difference is, You do not mind Cooper and Pete projects in Hargeysa, hoping they may help bring recognition.
  14. Well, there are a lot of good fearing folks in Somaliland. I agree some my favorite Somalia sheikhs lived in Hargeysa. but can you explain this trend, where top culture people visiting and sponsoring schools in Somaliland, particularly Hargeysa area. Why Hargeysa is attractive place for people like Cooper and Pete. Is not this trend worrisome for many God fearing conservative muslim people?
  15. UAE is completely taking over that country and Sudan is isolated and lost for now.
  16. Netanyahu-Burhan meeting slammed in Sudan, exposes divides WWW.ALJAZEERA.COM Coalition leading anti-Bashir protests accuses sovereign council head of violating Sudan's constitutional declaration.
  17. The elite American have already made their mind who will be next president. The rest is show to confuse the voters. Trump will be back no matter what, not because his unbeatable but it designed that way. Trump is a copy of Regan and he is gone be the president for another four year. He is given a geopolitical goals that he is gone work for another four years before he is going to replaced by a democratic present. Somaliland is Kurdistan of the Somalia and horn Africa. The place is be coming home, for social and religion experiment. With few dollar the local people have been exploited. I still remember the german man and how many family he effected with his video tabes. Hargeysa' s kids are not safe. I am afraid if this trend continue Hargeysa may become the Sanfransisco of the horn.
  18. The Tigray government, although they were the only beneficial most cases invited many countries and individuals to invest Ethiopia. They were successful to bring many investors, sometimes forcefully take the land from formers without proper compensation but the country started to produce things from plastic to food processing. That process is almost halted as new leader took over. However both Ethiopia and Nigeria have potential to replicate Asian nations. Ethiopia already done the electricity investment which is the key for industrialization. They do not have enough empty land as Somalia does. the whole Juba is empty with few people.
  19. You are really "high functioning old man". The world is bigger than England.. Well, England and western countries had 300 years of industrialization before that they were dark ages and eastern people were golden ages. The Chinese had 2000 years of civilization and built 13,170.696 mi wall around their country. The discussion about Somalia industrialization, First Somalia needs stability and order than the industrialization could be private led rather government in the 70's. It should be agriculture base and small scale to begin with. That will save the country billions of dollars of hard currency which could saved and used other places. Somaliland which had the stability and infrastructure failed miserly to promote small scale industrialization.
  20. How you know all these? Do you ask Chinese people how they feel about their factory work. No job is easy and no factory job easy. Do you ever work third shift factory job? between 10 pm to 7 am. You may never seen a white women working night shift in a factory somewhere America. The factories were here and some of them moved to china but it was opportunity for the Chinese. They now have their own factory producing G5 product that no one else can make. The hard work is not slavery, it is part of human dignity to make leaving. Saudi Arabia is the opposite of the china and they got trouble. Luckily, they can still produce oil.
  21. The man want to charge us fee. I guest, it is one of the new jokes in London. Well, it seems arguing an old ASD(autism specific disorder) man. I never realized there are old Somali man with ASD. He thinks, we will be convinced if he writes more stuff or he really want to share us all amazing things he learned or read.
  22. Even in the west, they are tired of the liberal progressive ideology but he think s, it is the way to go. The democratic ideology born in the west during the industrialization is dead. The western labor unions and civil right movement was the key players but everything is dead now. What remains is just a shadow, deep state and corrupt system that controlled by few people and not the public anymore. The media creates the opinion and the leaders are hand picked and selected. Macron from the French is a good example. The sytem, he propagated is dead. Even with stability, Somaliland remain the poorest region in Somalia and will remain that way unless they change the course
  23. Somali government has moved from it is place when it was able to collect locally 200 million revenue and got friends that can contribute another 100 million a year. It is a position where it can survive and can negotiate better deals. It is also the best alternative that others can deal with. Jawaahiri is right, there is no space for the IC any more, rather each country is looking their interest.