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  1. You just little ignorant uninformed SNM dreamer. I am telling you the SNM days in Laascaanood are about to end. You are not a local person who knows that place. It is all about SNM bunkers in Goojacade which is only 6km from the city. Godey style bunkers where SNM forces are hiding. I grantee you it It will cleared sooner rather later. This is it.
  2. The SNM are hiding bunkers inside Goojacade. That is the area they concentrated all their forces and that is the only place they can hide. Th battle is Goojacade and SNM trying to hide their bunkers. They came out today for the rain seasons and beaten back. It will take time before all hardcore SNM are killed. That is how long they stay.
  3. No question that the Garacad port will have a good future. Now that the SNM region is completely isolated the Garacad will have a good start. Even Boosaaso has seen increased activities.
  4. This man is wounded after his speech according to reliable sources. SSC forces continue killing the hardcore group of SNM. The more experienced SNM fighters are becoming fewer by the day and they will have for replacements. Today was another good day for defenders of Laascaanood city. They are ready for tomorrow’s. This is a battle of who is going to last in the end. SNM days in Goojacade are close to end.
  5. They really angered many people for many years now. The last few days hundredth of Ogaadeen and Geri fighters from Warder region arrived in Buuhoodle. They said we don’t come here to go to Laascaanood. Locals convinced them to stay and wait for directions. Huge bloodshed may stopped. They underestimated the new reality in Somalia Pennsylvania and overestimated their capacity. The secessionist may signal unification talks as well. The game is over for now.
  6. The Ethiopian security personnel is involved a ceasefire and a deal is in place. Muse will be allowed to leave peacefully.
  7. Yesterday alone Somaliland lost over 100. They attacked the city and locals was ready for them. So far only a group from Sanaag participated the last battle. Another volunteer group from Mudug just came.The rest of fighting was done by locals and 100% of the fatalities are locals. Ina Canbaashe has been problematic for the SSC. This has changed the battle field. The next ten days Laascaanood area will be cleared.
  8. Galbeed The Putland elites never liked Khaatumo state. But there are some changes Abdiwali from Mudug said lately he does support Khaatumo state. But both Faroole and Deni will try their best to stop formation of khaatumo state and working with Biixi as we speak. As you pointed out it is all about International community attitude and for now they will not differentiate SSC, Awdal, Putland and Somaliland. The lessons they learned Ethiopia. They are supporting and helping Hassan for reason and he only controls Moqdisho and surrounding area. When Khaatumo became free it will receive everything directly. It’s already happening. The Barwaaqo program was already approved to happen in the SSC. Somaliland was collecting more than 2 million dollars a month from Khaatumo region.The problem will not be about recourses but more likely the luck of culture of governing. But Khaatumo will rather fight each other than having anyone else around.
  9. I don’t where you live but 1/2 of anything that loaded Berbera goes east. Whether it is sibidh or food. WFP use Berbera. Also fruits and anything that comes Ethiopia go through Berbera. The goods come from other side too. But as always landers are much more dependent on trade and traffic. The Hargeisa airport and cities hotels also will be impacted.
  10. Both USC and SNM sheared the mentality of winning the Somalia civil war after Siyad Bare government clopsed:. The USC tried to capture the whole country but was stopped in Galkacayo after they committed a huge massacre. In other hand SNM attacked Boorame and Ceerigaabo and committed a smaller massacre. Then there was a peace deal between SNM and other tribes. Since Abdilaahe Yusuf went to Moqdisho and became a president the USC mentality of winning of Somalia civil war lost it’s merit and now this day it’s moqdisho and uunkaa leh. For SNM, they captured Ceerigaabo and control the city even today. No one really challenge them,,except Buuhoodle. They still see themselves winners of the civil war. Biixi and Ina Kaahim are both leaders of SNM Militants and came back as lebarators. There will be a new liberators this from Laascaanood and SSC which will change the demanatics in north Somalia. Which bring a lasting peace in Somalia. Where SSC goes, Somalia goes.
  11. These Landers are stuck in the era of the last decade where the west was waging war on terror, from Red enemy to Green enemy. These servants mischarge the intention of colonial masters all the time. In 1987, they became the British-protected tribes and signed a treaty alone with the British empire. It happened again in 1960 when they were scared of Haila Salase and went to the South hastily not even listening to Garaad Ali's advice. They accepted a union without condition, and so did the rest of the northern tribes. Now 30 years they were entertaining themselves by being an independent state. As I mentioned before the SNM tribes is in the middle of the north, only have a small border with Ethiopia but still claim the whole north. Berbera is already losing business because they do not have access to south Somalia anymore. The only road open for them is Wajaale and unfriendly Cagjar from the D-blocks. The tribe of traders can not trade anymore for now and just wait a few months. The new rush of the west to Africa is about economics and denying china a foothold in Africa. They are more interested in dealing modish government and they do not have a problem with a new state of SSC which has proven oil resources.
  12. The SSC won the war already although the Somaliland army is still around the city neighborhood shelling the city from time to time with the weapons they got from Jabuuti. These elders are not welcome as long as the Somaliland army is in the SSC region.
  13. Xaaji Why they do that? It’s desperate Muse who came the idea. Today was very bad day for the Jamuuriyada barakeysan army. Few days ago I predicted they will withdraw but they still around. Eventually the remaining group will run away. The SSC is willing to hand out the body’s of dead people left today.
  14. Crazy enough They did indeed attack the city and SSC forces was able to counter attack behind their lines. They suffered a lot of causality today and defeated. Higher rates of death today.
  15. The ceasefire only works if Somaliland army is leaving for next coming days. They are close enough to Lasanod to continue shell the city. The SSC leaders would say, We want to accept the ceasefire but first leave our region as they were saying before. This war is not gone end soon. I don’t think Muse is ready to leave . SSC is working to reconstitute their forces and put in a strategic military plan to hit enemy logistics. Anything else is secondary. No one will never trust Somaliland games.
  16. Three days ago, they were in fact east side of the city. These ugly Xabashi people were taken care of and the rest who are in bunkers are waiting for their fate and there weapons will be ours.
  17. Ironically the SCC bulets has been more deadlier. For first three days SCC forces suffered fewer dead compared the SNM forces. Today the RRU is last one of higher officers killed. It’s very clear which side close to Allah. SCC forces won a tactical battle today by capturing their deep tranches around the city and higher ground. Basically the battle is very much over.
  18. Fake. This guy is dead according to his family. https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?story_fbid=pfbid02TQ1Aa7Z4Cefvi3Lbqt5qhwPAG73efNnK84oLgekRE4EaFmZbe1dF1Paxfcv5NMgJl&id=100050700604263
  19. You need to show people captured! Local people were able to push the Somaliland army on much of the east and south sides of the city. They remained Westside, all of them 10km squire. It is not over. It will start 5:30 again, be ready.
  20. That is not true. Somaliand military plans was to capture part of city but failed. This morning Goojacade is the target. It is happening.
  21. My prediction is: With heavy loses today and surrounded they withdraw their forces next few days in the Lasanod area. SCC forces are preparing to storm their strong holds.
  22. Yes. Old days EURO people don’t have hide their racism. Your friend is claiming the majority of land of Sool , Sanaag and Togdheer. Even if you count the gains they made Ceelafweyn, Caynabo and Ceerigaabo districts since 1991, mainly Khaatumo lost. They are reside one thirds of these regions for the most.
  23. This is older map. I see Burco being the hurt of SNM land today. Garaad Jama grandparents was born Beer, a small village 10Km from Burco. My father was born not far from there in 1940. The SNM people benefited the blue flag and moved from Golis mountains down to our historic land.