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  1. Amhara need to take advantage of this situation. If they don't, Tigray and Oromo will form a union which will put them in the backseat again. The way I see it, Amahara see it like this; either they expand or it's going to be Derg 2.0
  2. Seems like as much as the opposition wants Farmaajo out of the picture, they can't settle their differences and produce a single viable candidate to represent them.
  3. Bari dialect is technically Waqooyi but due to the political situation as of the past 30 years, Waqooyi has morphed to be associated with Somaliland exclusively. It would make more sense if we agreed on parameters of what constituents to dialects and what regions. Is Af Maay Maay part of this continuum we're currently speaking about in this thread? What exactly is Konfuur? Is it the Banaadir accent? What about Central Somalia (ie Mudug etc)? If we can't agree on what is what, this thread is kinda useless and will probably confuse the OP more.
  4. I'm expecting he's going to win the general election later this year, as much as he's hated, I don't see him being replaced. My belief is that Abiy is double downing on the Grand Renaissance Dam and the few port deals he has going. Before ethnic tension implodes the country into chaos. Hear me out for a sec. Berbera Port has seen extensive development lately and the roadwork is progressing. This port will be of considerable help to Ethiopia when it's fully functional. Ethiopia offered to develop a new port in Sudan earlier this year and Sudan agreed, this is a big win for Ethiopia. There's talks of building a rail connection to Eritrean ports, nothing has come to fruition as of yet though. Couple this with the Grand Renaissance Dam nearing completion, that's forecast to annually generate ~16,000 GWh when it's reservoir fills. The reservoir that forms, Millennium Reservoir, is expected to have a volume 3x that of Lake Tana. They're expecting to have a lot of fish there too, they're forecasting about ~7,000 tonnes annually. Along with the potential to make the area a tourism hotspot. We could be seeing a very different Ethiopia in 5 years time. It's how I'm beginning to see it as; a race against time for Abiy. Get these projects to work and align. It's the only explanation I have for how he's moving.
  5. Although the Waqooyi dialect has it's fair share of English and Arabic loanwords. It's a misconception that the Koonfur dialect is less mixed. The Koonfur dialect has it's fair share of Italian loanwords. Here are just to name a few; fiilo - filo (cord) jaalo - giallo (yellow) ayuto - aiuto (help) boorso - borsa (bag) goono - gonna (skirt) jalaato - gelato (ice cream) katiinad - cateena (chain) rajastiin/rajabeeto - reggiseno/reggipeto (bra) foorno - forno (oven) toosh - torcia (torch) okayaalo - occhiali (glasses) kooba diin - comodino (night table) katabaan - attaccapanni (coat hanger) armaajo - armadio (wardrobe) suugo - sugo (sauce) doolshe - dolce (cake) fargeeto - forchetta (fork) taako - tacco (heels)
  6. I don't think the Somaliland/Somalia situation is in the hands of the Somalis anymore. In my opinion, how this plays out now depends on what the Ethiopians, regional Gulf Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar) & Kenya with the help of the E.U., USA and China have in store for the region.