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  1. Yes, generalization is never good, but he makes very good points I'd like you to respond to rather than the slap in the hand -naughty kid- reply. @AbdillahiSamatar The vast majority -- 95%+ -- of Somalis worship a demigod called Ina-adeer like Qureish's Hubal, Allaat & Uzza. This in my opinion is the root of all Somali problems, all other issue both internal and external are minuscule and almost irrelevant in comparison. To a person who have never lived in Somalia, specially folks who were raised in the ideals of the west, the concept might seem incomprehensible if not outright alien. Such a person might've read some books on tribalism/sectarianism, or might have seen it in practice in a limited manner in their local pockets of Somali diaspora, or even exercise it to relate to their people. but they'll never feel or understand the full societal impact and toll of tribalism on the Somali people. Somalis are not inherently bad, no human innately is. but our societal structure, norms and traditions - which worked ok in the precolonial era - are not entirely compatible with the way of living in the modern world, those traditions as of late have been bastardized, raped and sodomized to transform into a rotten shell of their former self, becoming a hindrance rather than a help to move the society forward. You said if such an episode happened in a different society, they'll write and reflect to come up with solutions and mover forward. Yes you are correct, but in the context of modern "geeljire" society, there is no single arbiter of truth, everyone and their tribe has - in the famous words of one Kellyann Conway- their own truth or rather an "alternative to it". Who is going to write a book and point to reasons for and culprits of failure? which tribe does the author belong to? Will other tribes mentioned in such literature accept and critique in a civilized manner to refute or accept such claims? The answer is a resounding NO, everything in the somaliverse follows tribal reasoning, their tribe is the one and the only, they are laandheere while all others are inferior and quit frankly are conspired against all the time (talk of paranoia man ). There is hope for the Somali people, but it'll take many more generations and probably circumstances outside of the control of Somalis to get rid of tribalism and usher a new age. Climate change in the near future might impose an unforgiving policy of adapt - as in progress and modernize to survive as a society - or perish. My 2¢.
  2. I hope so, living in a china dominated world is a scary thought. Sinicization is hell.
  3. Exactly, the citizens of both countries suffered greatly from this unnecessary war, but the military industrial complex lined their pockets with green as usual. God only knows how much money made by Halliburton, Raytheon, Lockheed ... etc. I heard china is moving quick to take advantage of the situation, they already pledged $62B to build infrastructure, mainly as part of their Belt and Road Initiative. Aside from china's colonization through debt tactic, throwing that much money at the Taliban might be more effective than armed conflict. bribing savages is an effective means of control.
  4. The UNSOM quickly edits their reference of Hargeisa from a "City in northern part of the country" into just "Hargeisa" in an hour.
  5. Exactly, they are all the same.
  6. Extremely contradictory statements in a single post, maybe you should work on resolving your hatred towards the people you accuse of being hateful. (Maroodigu takarta ku taagan ma arkee; takarta maroodiga kale ku taagan ayuu tilmaamaa)
  7. whatever they are smoking must be really good.
  8. Why does the footage look like it was filmed in the nineties.?
  9. Question is; the entire race living in the horn?
  10. 15 million estimation is only for Somali republic. but if you add up all 5 territories it comes to 27 million.
  11. according to wiki; we are 27 million ( 26,920,075 to be exact) . but i agree with ducaale, Somalis in the horn are no less than 30 million.
  12. Some friends of mine from East Burao community genuinely believe the late Siad Barre hails from their clan.