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  1. Aroori

    Maraaga falls

    This was inevitable, I just hope the two Colonels and saleebaan gaal come to their senses and don't do a 1994 part two to safe face.
  2. Exactly, through time those two parties will resemble the demopublican uniparty of uncle Sam. Working for the interest of business conglomerates, tribal, and religious sects instead of the poor average somali person.
  3. The business community are members of the waddani party according to kulmiye and saleebaan.
  4. lol, jinni ninkii keenaa saara. I don't think saleebaan will EVER stand up to muuse biihi.
  5. In my opinion waddani will accept the ururo election but as Xaaji xunjuf and beesha HA believes; muuse biihi shouldn't hold an election of any type whatsoever. Xaashi and gabboose voiced their concerns recently, with gabboose blindly blaming the NEC when in fact they have no power under the current admin. The old guard of kulmiye want another extension for muuse biihi even when the two years given to him by the guurti is up. basically an extension of at least 4 years overall with last year being wasted as preparations for an election thus completing an illegitimate 2nd term.
  6. President muuse biihi will not be coming back, if that were the case then the old guard of kulmiye will not be looking for a candidate outside of the party and they have plenty of GX candidates. No one in kulmiye is electable in a presidential election. If the political organization's elections are held, everyone knows it'll be waddani, kulmiye, and kaah then onto a presidential election. (In this scenario cirro is likely to win as deciding votes are from awdal and other non Somalilanders which overwhelmingly are in cirro's pocket even the gabooye) If the presidential election is first then ina xaashi is almost certainly supporting waddani as there are already talks between him and cirro.(in this scenario cirro is likely to win) The only way ina xaashi supports kulmiye is if he is the presidential candidate. (in this scenario, hashi is the favourite to win the presidency) If ina mooge is kulmiye's presidential candidate and presidential elections are first then hashi's support is behind waddani 100% which makes cirro the clear winner among the 3 GX candidates. Majority of HJ+SMRON+GX is unbeatable. if ina mooge is kulmiye's presidential candidate and the three contesting parties are Kaah Kulmiye and waddani, then awdal is the deciding factor again and the winner is clear. There is no single scenario in which biihi will be back as a 2nd term president in Somaliland. It is either Xaashi or cirro as it stands.
  7. I am well versed in the tactics of kulmiye, it's just that the story of ina mooge joining them has no merit whatsoever. No sane politician will ever touch the sinking ship with a million foot pole. Even if ina kaahin relinquishes his turn to lead kulmiye in the next presidential election; ina mooge alone will not bring enough votes. It's almost certain at this point the next ruling party of Somaliland will not be kulmiye even if they dig Xaaji Cabdikariin Xuseen from the grave (Allah Yarxamu) and appoint him as a candidate. Fact is; GX are 98% in support of waddani, HJ are 95% behind ina xaashi's kaah, and HA are 100% in favour of kulmiye but also awaiting muse Bihi's decision on running again. The dynamics of the upcoming elections in Somaliland is not as simple as some people say, ina xaashi is the wild card here and most certainly the side that will decide who will be victorious in the near future if not himself ascend to the throne, but one thing is for sure; ol' grand kulmiye is done and dusted (mark my words).
  8. Where did this come from? I live in Hargeisa and it is widely known ina mooge is not interested in kulmiye or being a president at the moment, abdikareem wants to finish his term as a mayor and transform Hargeisa before committing to any other political undertaking. Is it because of candiraxmaan dheere's interview with crazy horyaal TV?
  9. Far from a teenager my friend, I am just at awe at the nonsense you are spewing. I was born and bred in SL, i've never been outside of it except for the breif period of studying in uni. Is this Cabdiraxmaan Dheere's handle .
  10. Is Somaliland a democracy or an ethnocracy?
  11. Exactly, I am amazed at @Game changer's way of thinking. No one has the right or ability to prop up a chosen one or deny people's wish in SL politics.
  12. How is this different from puntland's maxamuud saleban monopoly? is Somaliland no longer a democracy? Who said it is a certain clan's right to claim the presidency at any moment in Somaliland's history? If cirro has allegedly more potential votes than other candidates who has a right to prevent him from achieving such a goal through illegal means? Caqliga kugu jiraa yaraa.
  13. Somaliland is a democracy, every citizen ( including darawal, xaashi, cirro, faysal, gaboose.....etc) has the right to run for presidency, and the ultimate decision of who goes to madaxtooyada rests with the people. That includes the incumbent, why do you think he is unelectable? Muuse biihi can't and shouldn't select who runs as the presidential candidate for kulmiye, it is a job for golaha dhexe. Why should the presidential candidate of kulmiye come from cirro's clan by the way?
  14. Easy there.... harming an old fragile fart is nothing to be desired. I agree with you; guurti should be replaced asap, since siilaanyo's admin; they have been nothing but a pawn of the presidency and a hindrance to political proceedings of checks and balances. They are nothing more than a leash to control the actual representatives of the people at this point.
  15. He is also sending an indirect message to the opposition that there is no election anytime soon. People might think he is senile but he is part of the problem, a calculated balaayo ooge.