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  1. The UNSOM quickly edits their reference of Hargeisa from a "City in northern part of the country" into just "Hargeisa" in an hour.
  2. Exactly, they are all the same.
  3. Extremely contradictory statements in a single post, maybe you should work on resolving your hatred towards the people you accuse of being hateful. (Maroodigu takarta ku taagan ma arkee; takarta maroodiga kale ku taagan ayuu tilmaamaa)
  4. whatever they are smoking must be really good.
  5. Why does the footage look like it was filmed in the nineties.?
  6. Question is; the entire race living in the horn?
  7. 15 million estimation is only for Somali republic. but if you add up all 5 territories it comes to 27 million.
  8. according to wiki; we are 27 million ( 26,920,075 to be exact) . but i agree with ducaale, Somalis in the horn are no less than 30 million.
  9. Some friends of mine from East Burao community genuinely believe the late Siad Barre hails from their clan.
  10. Even if the Somali peninsula accommodates (balkanized into) a thousands different nations, the flag of our Ethnicity will fly high --at least in the mind and heart of Somalis if not physically-- and every one of those nations will incorporate either the pale blue color or some iteration of the star into their own flag.
  11. i agree xaaji, every word that came after this statement in your replay is nonsense.
  12. Xaaji it has been genetically proven many times that Somalis have nothing to with the Arabs. beesha dhexe is also part and parcel of **, as the saying goes; blood is thicker than water, whether you like it or not. the Bani Hashim fairy-tale of the old days is obsolete and no longer relevant in any sense.