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    The political culture in Somaliland is an egalitarian one. Specially Beesha Dhexe. So for everyone from the unknown to the well known to have equal say and communicate their personal feelings or believes, it is a welcomed sign that the people are moving forward. This is why in Somaliland almost everything is openly discussed and nothing is hidden. The gov't is held to account, the ministers coming on TV explaining their side of the story. You will never see this type of open discussions of gov't ministers and opposition party engaging in lively political discourse about the goings on, anywhere else in the Somali regions. We know Mogadishu Khaire's moratorium on media engagement by his cabinet. We know Cheeseman, after almost 3 years, has never held an open questions interview. The same goes for Puntland where each Hagbad inheritor takes the enclave on a personal ride with no questions asked. So, all these public engagement, is music to my ears that the people are awake and taking part and shaping their future. What other Somalis take for granted, in Somaliland we don't. If we think the gov't is not on the right path, we tell it like it is without mincing words. And not wait until end of the tenor and call it 'what a bad leadersip it was' like Puntlanders do every 4years. Rather, you have to oppose what is wrong and support what is right every single day.
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    Wasiirka Arimaha dibadda Somaliya oo aan xidhiidhka u jari karin Sucuudiga ayaa salaan ugu tegay Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda barakaysan ee Somaliland Xaaji Muuse Biixi
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    It was always called Doollo for a over century. Haven't you guys heard of the famous poem by Cali Dhuux "Doqonkii "0" ahaa, Doollo laga qaadye Loo diid Dannood iyo hadduu, degi lahaa"
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    ^^** That is a good news indeed. Well, on the laughter side of things, I am kind of waiting for the hapless political clique in Villa Somalia to start writing their usual "complaining letters" to the UNSC and to even write to the Singaporean's government about this particularly company investing in Somaliland. After all, that is all they are capable of doing under any circumstances. They are not in a position to stop Somaliland. They are not in a position to stop others to invest in her country. So all they are left with it is to cry "uncle" to the UNSC and to the international community (IC) about what Somaliland is doing, as if the same "powers-that-be" in the international community (IC) that keeps them on "life-support" will say to them that, yeah, sure, we will stop Somaliland's getting ahead, economically and developmentally. What wretched clique they are in out there in Villa Somalia, actually beggars belief.
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    Che, Waryaa, Fuley Ina-Gumeed, oo waliba hadhkiisa ka cararow sida tolkaa "dhadig dh-abacayo", aan kuu sheegee waxba lagaa wediin weydiin maayo taariikhda SNM iyo mid Somaliland leedahayba. Mid soke iyo mid shishe oo Ingiriis ka tageyba. Sababta oo ah "nin googorad xidhan" oo afka ka nool, sida adiga iyo tolkaa lagalama sheegeysto ficil rageed ama wixii ku banaan ragaas. Markaas, maalintada adiga iyo tolkaa aad xiniinyo yeelataan, ama aad kasoo "amaahataan" xabashida si aad rag-isaga celisaan, sidii adeerkaa Ina-Yusuf-Yey sameeyey, ayey SNM iyo waxa ay fulisey kuu banaan tahay in aad ka sheekeyso ama ka sheekeysaan. Laakiin inta aydin "dhadig iyo Caar" ay birtu aaney gaadhin aad raganimo ka tihiin, ama ay ka xaaran tahay in "ableyda" laydinka liso mar-hadaad "xiniinyo-iska-waa" tihiin, oo raganimo idinka dheer-tahay, haku habsaamin oo hasugin in rag dhulkooda xiniinyo ku keenay xornimadiisa in ay wax kaa weydiiyaan taariikhi waxa ay qorto. And just in case you are wondering how to deal with being a "wretchedly sniffling clique" who are the "historical defeated lot" of the Somali peninsula, here is the "historical picture" of the famous day of back then of 6 of April of 1981 and the precise moment in which the inauguration of SNM was actually proclaimed in a press-conference held in a London Hotel by the five (5) men who created it, who were as follows: 1- Eng. Mr Maxamed Xaashi Cilmi, 2- Ambassador Mr Axmed Ismaciil Cabdi (Duqsi). 3- Professor Cabdi salaan Yaasiin, 4- Mr Xasan Aadan Wadaadiid, 5- Mr Siciid Cabdilaahi Cigaal.
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    Suldaankii is out of control. If America want to investigate crimes of African leaders and others, Somalia is the last place. In Mogadishu, there is no one single political prisoner or anyone oppressed unlike many Somali regions including Hargeisa where hundreds are rotting in jails. Waar ninyahow wax macquula Meesha ku soo qor.
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    Great point Saalax. It has always been Awdal, Half of Sanaag and Sool were 100% pro Somalia. The formula changed further recently and Saalax's family became 20 to 30% pro-somalia. Pro-Somalia: 65% No opinion: 20% Hardcore secessionists: 15% (This group is usually from the clan that holds the presidency. The loyalty changes every election)
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    Dhagax-Tuur, you are focusing on the wrong stuff. The country should not be plunged into chaos because only Farmaajo wants to be called president. That is a meaningless purpose to serve the country. Farmaajo made absolutely no improvments on security. Farmaajo took over a thriving Mogadishu with business coming back. Today the country is in chaos. Love them or hate them, Shariif, Abdulahi Yusuf and Culusow all did their part. We are still waiting for Farmaajo's improvements.
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    I am not a fan of musicians and in fact don't listen to music anymore but this is an interesting case of bad PR. It is the most basic of rules in business that one should never alienate one's customers. A musician should sing for Xamar when in Xamar, for Galmudug when in Galmudug, for seccession when in Hargeisa, and for a warlord when in the warlord's house party. The musician's motto should be "loyal only to the dollar".
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    You have to help me here Maakhiri, show us the 'real history' that you are talking about. Anyone can make claims and counter-claims. But in the end, the facts speak for themselves. I know that I am questioning all that you were thaught from younger age and it is hard to reconcile this with your preconceived feel-good-stories passed down from one clan story-teller to another and which has since cemented itself as truism and no one actually bothered to apply the BS factor filter through it. Every clan has their own feel-good stories. But that is not 'real history'. Suldan of Warsangali was trying to bargain a little more for his own clan. There is nothing nationalistic about that. Every clan has done it. And speaking of ancestors, at least my ancestors once ruled the whole region. They actually done it, not dreamed about it. Emir Sharmarke Cali Salah's administration in Zeila ruled from Tojorah in Danakil to Erigavo in Sanaag to Harar City, at one time. Probably should re-read the history of what led to Somaliland becoming a protectorate rather than a colony of the UK. It had a lot to do with the rulers of Zeila and what happened in 1870s after Sharmarke's death. Again, I am not here to talk about ancestors. I am here for actual answers to the questions I raised earlier. 'Somali Nationalism' doesn't go beyond clan interest, it begins with clan interest and stops at clan interest.
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    Cubano, Listen fool, the world had changed. didn't you get the memo that the iron curtain was over 30 years ago. Ethiopia joined long ago the anti cuba capitalist camp. Somali Galbeed might be free. Every Somali around the country paid in blood for that to happen in 1977. By the way, Mustafe Cagjar must explain his facebook post of cheerleading the breakup of Somalia or will be toasted soon.
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    Dee waa sida shiinaha oo lagu sheego inay 52 qoomiyadood leeyihiin. But they all look the same to me. Only their national attire differ in colour and design.
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    Puntland waligeed doorasho kuma dhicin adeer, niman ay meel ku xareeyeen yaa loo tilmaamaa jufada doorka leh Juba-land, waxaa ku nool 32 qabiil oo muslin-nmadu ka dhaxayso waligaa ha is barbar dhigin. Jubaland waa guriga soomaalinamadu ka asaasmi doonto insha allah.
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    Kiikuuyada saan uma waalateen haddee isku kalsoonyihiin. They went to Xabashada to pressure dowladda dhexe - did not work. They tried the Eritareeya route - didn't work either. They then went to see kaabihii Jabuuti - wax ka soo baxayna ma leh. They tried cunaqabateyn dowladda dhexe by doing childish games of banning direct flights from Soomaaliya; by detaining ministers and MPs; by closing xad beenaadka in Raaskambooni and NFD area; by entertaining shameless, always used secessionists; by expelling Soomaali ambassador; by arresting some prominent Soomaalis living in Islii; by trying futile character assassination against madaxweyne Farmaajo; by over-using their Kiikuuyo media propaganda; by their bogus claim that they arrested a Soomaali 'official' close to the president with millions of dollars at a Nayroobi airport; by using mindless qabyaaladist Soomaalis and so-called opposition groups; by using some so-called madaxweyne maamul goboleed ku sheeg; by using siyaasiinta, odey dhaqameedka Reer Sujuu; by undiplomatically critizing their own erswhile allies of Ingiriiska and Norway after seeing a Norwegian foreign minister land in Muqdisho. And now using their last, desperate card they were left with: Mareykanka. Nothing worked and nothing will work because Soomaaliya xaq ayee u taagantahay and hadduu Rabi idmo Soomaaliya xaqeeda buuxo wey heleysaa.
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    Reer Somaliland prepare for more POWs. you heard em “we’re coming”.
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    When the Somali people take steps forward on the path justice, Almighty Allah might remove a lot of the difficulties which blighted our society for decades. Justice and prosperity go hand in hand. The most prosperous societies in the world today are also the most just where the law of the land is applied equally. Until the rich and powerful in our society are held accountable just like the poor and the weak, we will continue to suffer insecurity and hardship. May the Most Gracious plant the seeds of taqwa in the hearts of our people.
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    Our chief bililiqo expert had spoken. Waa taqaanaa yaah all hantida bililiqada ah iyo meelahe ee kaga yaalaan Soomaaliya? Haye noo sheeg bililiqooyinka iyo guryaha la kala heysto ee magaalooyinka Baydhabo, Boosaaso, Berbera, Baardheere iyo Beledweyne. By the way, kala saar hanti guud iyo hanti gaar ah. Tan hantida guud waa la iska daba imaanaa, boqol sanaba ha qaadatee. Jardiinooyinkii qurxoonaa isgoysyada Xamar ku yaalay ayaana ka koow ah; dad aad ogtahay aadna difaacdid ayaa baqaaro, hoteello iyo gas stations ka dhistee. Laakiin hanti gaar loo leeyahay must be returned immediately, waa xaaraan tan u weyn ah.
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    Galbeedi, you are arguing with Sujui Jeegaan who's only connection to Jubaland is the presense of Kenyan troops. He pretended few days that he was OG but truth came out quickly.
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    Another day, another absolutely baseless - and quite frankly delusional, comment by our resident source-whisperer @galbeedi Do these lies you keep making up just appear in your head? No sane person would actually admit to their delusions on a public forum, but you seem to think its ok to do so as long as you add the magical "my source told me..." catchphrase. With regards to your baseless claim, well, we dont need imaginary-friends or made up sources, the facts speak for themselves: Somaliland is 4th on the list of top five UAE foreign direct investment destinations: 1- KSA ($2.58 bn) 2- Canada ($1.68 bn) 3- India ($1.28 bn) 4- Somaliland ($0.86 bn) 5- Egypt ($0.39 bn) Sources, you ask? The official UAE monthly dashboard: I can go on... Ka nax oo nafta waa
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    Guess who was supposed to be sitting in the lady's seat.
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    See, that’s the problem with your myopic thinking, Dalmar. You worry too much about what others want but you rarely ever speak of what you want. Now tell us, are you opposed to federalism because Puntland wants it or do you have your own reasons that have nothing to do with your silly effeminate xenophobia against Puntland? Also if it Centralism that you might want, then why are you not supporting the Nabad&Nolol government currently in charge who are it’s champions? C’mon Dalmar, bal maskaxda tuuji oo noo sheeg mabda aad rabtid dalkeena inuu ka hir galo?
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    That land is what lots of Somalis of all walks died for in 1977 war. Don't piss on their graves ungrateful kid.
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    Life is not fair. Do you realize you are already benefiting from the Iran-US/Arab fracas? Next to Djibouti Berebra will be the only port capable to deal with todays normal shipping other than Port Sudan and Mombassa which are far away from the action. Since UAE will not use Djibouti, Berbera is the only port. I hate to wish any ill on anyone, but if the Persian Gulf closes for any length of time..Berbera will be the empire overnight. Poor Yemen taken out of the game.
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    Folks, this is a reliable news from Halane compound. In other words , it is from the horse's mouth. A friend of mine just landed yesterday From Mogadishu by way of Addis Ababa Bole international. He works with donors and he resides in Halane. I didn't even want to wait a day or two and have the Aftir together and . Since I am having Kenyan blues kately, I decided to get the whole info through the phone. Here is the main points of our conversation. Galbeedi: How come this time you have to fly through Addis than your usual Nairobi route ? Halane: My agency usually rents the UN owned airlines which charges double than the private airlines in order to keep the UN fleet sustainable. Since Kenya announced visa requirements and other restrictions many of our staff had decided to fly through Addis. This is the second time I went through Addis and I really enjoyed. Galbeedi: How about other agencies like the world Bank, EU and others. Halane: Actually for the first time the World Bank held a training for Somali bank staff in Addis last week and others were planning to follow suit. It won't take much for other agencies to move quickly to Addis. The only group that has to find long term is the UN operation and their aviation hubs. Galbeedi: How about Somali ministries and other agencies that have ongoing contacts with the international community? Halane: There is already contingency plan from Somali agencies and ministries from education, healthcare, women' issues and other capacity building efforts by the international community to address and plan this issues. THey told the agencies that since Kenya doesn't allow most of these contacts had to be moved to other IGAD countries and within Somalia. So far, the best place is Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian capital is already an international city with welcoming culture and great familiarity for Somalis and international community staff. There are more direct flights from Addis to the world vthan Kenya. Galbeedi: In this fight , If the Kenyans could lose more than the Somalis, why do it in the first place? Halane: THey did miscalculate big time. THey even tried dirty tricks and low blow moves in order to escalate the issue. Reliable people told me that it was Kenyan paid European hackers who infiltrated the Ethiopian foreign ministry website and annexed Somalia from the map in order to create hostility between Somalia and Ethiopia. THere ametuer shenanigans are visible from a far distance. THey even sent people to Hargeisa and said Uhuru, dads boy , will visit Hargeisa at the end of the year. Kenyans airlines are losing money already. Galbeedi: Yet, so far Somalia didn't retaliate against these moves. why not? Halane: Somalia is acting like a mature adult in this saga , but, quitely hitting Kenya where it hurts. If Somalia imposes visa requirements before point of entry, it will make the international agencies and the flying public difficult to plan things. Government agencies already told their partners to set up their meetings somewhere else. Soon the the Meru Qat trade will be blocked. THey can sabre rattle as much as they want , but Somalia is using it's weapons gradually to inflict tough blows. Galbeedi: Do you believe like most of us that the whole issue is all about the Sea dispute and international court? Halane: yes and no. The sea dispute is part of the Kenyan grievances and they want Somalia to bring back the dispute back to African union. Neither Farmaajo nor anyone else could bring back the case. There are also larger issues in the region that may weaken Kenya in the future. The Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea future political and economic alliances are shifting the geopolitics of the regions from the Bantu side of east Africa ( that were his words not mine, usually I do not like using Bantu or looking down any human being) to the Cushitic side of the Horn. Besides, the economic growth that is expected in the horn is centred in Somalia and Ethiopia. In other words, Ethiopian an tapped population and the business know how of the Somalis. So, they trying to chew more than they can. Galbeedi: You did visit Kismaayo last month with members of the donor community. Tell me about the city and people. Halane: You know you and I hail from Western Somalia to Jigjiga and there are certain western ( Galbeedi) accent we share from those who come from Godey, Qalaafe and Somali zone in general. To my surprise, all the people at the hotels and other places I had met had Galbeedi and OG accent of Somali zone. I haven't heard any Jubba area accent. Anyway, everyone was friendly and the city was safe compared to Mogadishu.. Galbeedi: what do you think the fate of warlord Ahmed Madoobe?, is it the end of the rope for him or is he a survivor? Halane: The Farmaajo government had mobilized the local people of Kismaayo. There are no Gedo candidates this time but local native OG and others are empowered to oust him. Traditionally, Somalis do not re-elect leaders and Madoobe is not an exception. All of the other candidates are opposed Madoobe. He doesn't have any alliance. Most of the men who took over Kismaayo were either trained by Kenya or were members of Cabdi Illey Liyu police. THey might be tough , but are disliked by the local people. The time has come for the local Somalis regardless of clan to choose their leaders. Unfortunately for him, he is neither from KIsmaayo, Qooqaani, Gedo or Bu'ale. Galbeedi: how about if he refuses to hold and open election or refuses the verdict ? Halane: The international community had told him already about holding free election and the Somali government had issues guidelines for the regional election. He gas no choice but to hold an open free election or economic sanctions will cripple him. Kenya is pushing him to confront the federal government. Galbeedi: do the regional governments been squeezed by Farmaajo or it is the other way around? Halane: It is all about money and who controls that money. The regional governments had appealed to the American ambassador and other donors to receive aid money directly from the donors instead of through the federal government. Despite the fake promises made by the donors, the Somali government drew a redline and told that everything must go through them. Last week, Puntalnd leader Deni was told by the donors to do their process and needs through the government. That is why he is talking tough this weak. Galbeedi: I know you support the government, but do you think this reclusive guy Farmaajo is turning the tide against the Kenyans and other foreign nations? Halane: Government policies both economically and geopolitics take shape slowly. It is difficult for the regular people to notice, but Somalia is gaining traction in the world stage and the region. The international community sees Somalia as a nation that had survived through thick and thin. I know you are Ethiopia phopic but real cooperation will bear real fruit soon. People had to be patient. That is all folks. Hearing this stories made my day . I think we have cornered the Kenyans and might even defeat them without even firing a bullet.
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    Oo falkaasu miyaanu Ethopia iyo Kenya colaysiinayn? Galbeedi bahasha bun ka dhin!
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    lol. If you are trying to sniff tribal lineage, waad wareeri saxiib. You didn't answer the question. Gabadhu ma reerkaa, as in your family? BTW, Mr. Alba is a talented black man. Let us stop glorifying whiteness.
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    Why release them, they will be captured again tomorrow. We know these people are experts in fadhikudirir not actual fighting. Muse bixi should just roll through to Garowe to finish this pirate land once and for all.
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    I am actually convinced now Somalia win ICJ case.
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    Abihi asasay qabail in laisku laayo waa langabki ina adeerka oo qamri caab, iyo qaat cun aha aka siyab bare. The basterd murderer. The fathers of the children he killed are here and you want to whitewash his crimes.
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    Gooni, Miraha kacaanku ka tegay waa inta hadda taalla, dil iyo burbur. Intuu qabtay waxaa ka daran inta dhib ah oo uu gaystay, laakiin isku xiiqin maayo saa adaan ku ogahay oo qof si objective ah wax u qiimayn kara ma tihid'e. Kacaan haddii wax laga sheegana si personal ah baad u qaadataa si in reerka ama odaygii AUN wax laga sheegayo. Runtu waxay tahay maanta Soomaliya ka iskuulo badan, jaamacaddo badan, ka aqoon iyo dhaqaale badan tii Kacaanka. Nabad la'aan iyo inay jirto iyo dowlad xumo cid isku haysata ma laha, laakiin dadka Soomaalidaa maanta in general are socially more prosperous than the era of the dictatorship. Wiilka 15-ka jirka ma fahmin meel aad u waddo sheekadiisa. Malaha adaa ka af-laxay iskuulkii seeraalaha ee Xamar laguu keenay markii geella lagaa soo kaxeeyay. Taas waa kaftan! Reerku geel ma laha, laakiin mid dugsi raba haddaan arko ama maqlo waan ku qorayaa iskuul insha Allah. Ramadan Kareem
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    Today At Berbera and the expansion of the port. Construction of the terminal port is on-going, the free-Zone is also being build there as we speak. And the multi-purposes crane system has been updated in today's ceremony. All along, things are turning up, nicely, and steady as she goes is our "guiding motto" in here. Guul iyo Gobanimo,
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    Haaheey, ma anaan garan in shaadhkii-isku-qariska iyo sheegatada G-arxajis la sheegtaa in ay halkan SOL ah ay ku badan yihiin. Oo ku darsoo, Mid darbi-laga-hel-ah, oo hooyadii ku soo tidhi Sacad-Yonis iyo Reer Ceel-afweyn iska sheego oo halkan ka nac-nacleeya sidii Ina-Gumeed lagu yiciiney, ayaa maantana waxa soo raacey mid kaloo isna marba shaadh noo soo xidhay. Saaxiib, Ducaale, iska nafis, oo wixii naxli ah ee kugu jira iska soo quf. Oo marna reer Jabuuti sheego. Marna reerka G-arxajis ah sheego. Laakiin, ogow, afka oo aad ka xumbeysaa waa dhaqankii nin liita lagu yiqiiney ee waxba ha reeban, mar hadaad nin saa u liita aad tahay. Inkasta oo aad ku qurux badnaan laheyd in aad "Cad-Quudheedka" aad kasoo sinji jeedo aad iska sheegato. Mar hadiii "slot-kii" sheegashadda iyo "slot-kii" kale ee trolling-ka, labadaba, qaar kaa soo horeeyey ay kaa buuxiyeen. sidii Tallaabo horey u sheegay.
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    Kudos to Somaliland for securing it's rightful border in Sanaags deep end, Somalilands has done well in safeguarding it's border integrity from unruly citizens within it's border (Reer Sool&Sanaag) and hostile neighbour (Pintiland) that insists in interfering (by supporting terrorists rebels) the internal affairs of Somaliland. Indeed (Native) Mogadishu is watching with an learning eye, that it too will have to secure it's Borders in the Juba's and Gedo region that are so far being illegally occupied by hostile country Kenya and it's foreign Stooges that claim citizenry of Somalia, Mogadishu will soon liberate and secure it's Somalia and Kenya border successfully and punish the foreign stooges in Kismayo and Gedo, in all Somaliland is an exemplary model that Mogadishu Should follow.
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    Who is invading who? If the presence of a gadhcas chieftain in a non native territory is considered an invasion then the maakhiris have basically colonised beesha dhexe. Please recheck your comments for logic before pressing the "post" key.
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    Here AHN Mohamed Mooge singing after been arrested in Djibouti in the middle of seventies.
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    Guys, Cabdi Good nin Sakhraasan ma ahan. Waa nin reer Burco ah hadalkana sarifa. If you look some of his videos that is exactly how he talks. Let me try to explain some of his reasons. The Djibouti issue was the most paramount issue in the Somali folklore, literature and poems. For most of you , history probably has started in 1991, and even for some it i started during Amisom and Mogadishu era. After the Arusha agreement in late sixties which has transferred NFD to Kenya , the Somali people and government had started a campaign to liberate Djibouti and join the union. I was a child , but when Djibouti was liberated we all thought that they would be joining the union. In nineteen sixties, Abdirasaq Haji Huseen had started a secret contact with Cali Caarif Burhan, the premier of the French controlled Djibouti. He promised him that if he joins the union, he will personally transfer the premiership of Somalia and the new union. A Yemani/Somali Businessman became the liaison contact with the two governments. In 1966, the Yemani Businessman was murdered in Djibouti while walking " Dalagdalgta plaza Rambo" . The only people who new these issue were , Calicaarif, A/risaaq , the businessman and Ahmed Yusuf Ducaale ( The brother of Boobe Yusuf ducaale) the foreign minister of Somalia. There were reports about espionage and leaks given to the French and the Ethiopians by the foreign minister of Somalia. The issue was investigated and Mr. Ducaale was found guilty of espionage. A man who is in his seventies , who was clerk of the court at the time told me that the file was full of nothing but pictures of contacts between the minister and others. When the case was in the courts, C/risaaq was even told to delay the case and wait until the election for fear of losing the " Reer Woqoyi" votes. After the election of 1967, Ibrahim Egal became premier and kept the position of foreign minister to himself. To make the story short Somalis of every walk of life fought , sang and hoped for their liberation of Djibouti for the sake of future Somali territory. No one ever said Djibouti will be it's own country except Ethiopia and the French. Even Siyaad Bare himself took part of separation of Djibouti from Somalia after he made a secret deal with the French. Just before the independence the leading men of the " Jabhada Xoreynta Djibiuti were arrested in MOgadishu and were later released six months after independence including DR. Omar Osman Raabe. The rest of the Leadership of the "Jabhada including it's leader Mohamed Janaale and Aden Rooble Cawaale were shot in Lawyacado before crossing to Djibouti days before independence. Janaale the leader died in Lowyacade, but Aden Rooble survived and later was sidelined and even arrested by the Ghelle family. Some of us had close family members who did sacrifice for the cause. Unlike Africa were most of the independent movement took over the power after the departure of the colonials , in Djibouti, those serving the colonial powers like the Ghelle family became the leaders. Hasan Guuleed , who was the most pro French members of France deputies was designed to lead. Ten years before the independence the name French Somaliland was changed, the pro independence Somalis deported, the border in Lawyacao electrified and became the " Territory of Affar and Ciise" The man running Djibouti today was a constable of the vice police to manage the meetings and health of the women selling their body to soldiers. You might not believe but there was even an office to check and monitor the health of those women and give them clean bill of health before the join the colonial soldiers. I don't have time to narrate the whole story but the usual "Somali Gaas Dhagoole" knows only what is happening among his tribe today. So, before you call this man names, at least consider and look back the history. Djibouti was the main parcel of the " Shanta Soomaaliyeed" and some of us did not forget that. He is wrong on advocating dismember, yet certainly he got a point about " Xeebta Djibouti ee Soomali laga Xaday". He is from Burco and Reer Burco , unlike those from Galbeed and Hargeisa., are not hypocrites. They tell like it is--alawys. Cabdi Good warkiisa ha la Dhuuxo.
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    “Somaliland should be recognised as an independent sovereign state it has operated like that for 27 yrs. It is a perfect example of the absurdity of a policy based on preserving the terrirorial integrity of a state that doesn't exist "Somalia" Amb. Peter Galbraith
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    Villa AMISOM baryaddii iyo calaacalkii ayaa ka dhamaaday. The only thing any foreign government which wants to exploit koonfuria has to do is visit Hargeisa and soon enough all their demands will be accepted by Mr Cheese. The government of Somaliland should just continue to welcome any and every entity with ill intentions against koonfuria. Simple as that
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    The SNM famous for introducing to the world the now populor Technico or local SNM lingua 'Dayacan' - A mostly Toyota pickup truck with its cabin removed and a heavy gun mounted in the back. In South Somalia they keep the cabin on. The first such vehicle was introduced by the SNM and knicknamed as "Sahra Tuugo", it was based on a Mercedes truck body. The name came after it took part in many battles with Somalia Army in which it was able to bring back more armoury from looting military storage armoury caches. Dayacan (no love/tlc) kurta laga wada jaray, for easy accessibily.
  48. 2 points
  49. 2 points
    @galbeedi ignore this ignorant gooni, he just like his clans-men that were raised on the xaraam booli qaran/Nepotism see farmaajo as their messiah afweyne 2.0 that will bring back their booli qaran status, which is why they are so eager in defending him from all critics, and by the way their Booli Qaran status will never return again. As for farmaajo failing politically its all because of his arrogance in assuming that he a non native Mogadishu that hails from the poorest starved region GEDO in Somalia and his PM Kheyre a langaab from a tiny district Dayniile in outskirt of Mogadishu (and btw Kheyre's clan are so tiny that from all of Somalia they only have Dayniile and nothing else) can rule Mogadishu from those that have actual influence like Reer Galmudug who rule whole of Galmudug/S-Hoose and Half of Banaadir. Somalia is still very much tribal, and there will be cold in hell before someone from langaab people that hail from one of the poorest region Gedo in Somalia will rule the Rich Native Mogadishu, so long Reer Galmudug are breathing they will forever make sure Afweynes orphans will never rule or struggle ruling Somalia inshallahi.
  50. 2 points
    This is desperation. Of course this dumb doesn't know you can search in Google with pics.

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