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  1. Are still upset that I called you delusional?
  2. I see. Can I ask why is There is so much clan tension and racism in Somaliland? Shouldn't you people be setting up the country on the path economic prosperity like Kurdistan or Taiwan?
  3. Ok. I understand better. Anger and hated against the somalilanders lead to rebellion. But why doesn't the international community take that fact into account in recognising Somaliland.
  4. When Barre was in power Islam was reduce and science increased, people were free and Mogadishu was safe. Now the Warlords are in power and Islam has increased while science, philosophy and reason have declined along with the safety of Mogadishu. The infamous 68 I.Q is self evident now.
  5. I was going through some old newspaper articles and found one were the *** SNM resistance movement in 1987 was about overthrowing a dictator but later in 1989 became about declaring independence from Somalia. The SNM claim that Barre bombed Hegesia, Berbera and Burco in 1988 for clan reasons. When in fact Barre said himself that the SNM were a terrorist organisation like the free Syrian army in Syria. So if Assad is bombing northern Syria (with the help of Russia) how can the *** claim Barre was bombing them for clan reasons? Why do you think if the *** were given government jobs and civil servant offices did they rebel in 1981? What made the *** want to separate from the rest of Somalia. This part of the Somali story is fuzzy to me.
  6. If Somaliland has commercial viable oil and natural gas within its territory why hasn't the Somaliland government invested in exploration and extraction of the oil and exported through Berbera port? What is stopping Somaliland from doing this? After all Taiwan does not have independence from China but has built up its country with first world infrastructure. Somaliland has had 30 years of peace. There is no excuse for its economy to be third world. Somalilands GDP is 1.6 billion. This is pathetic.
  7. Yes. my prediction of Somalia falling under Ethiopian rule is on track. Ethiopia will prepare for war when Mogadishu falls into anarchy like it did in 1991. Al shabab will be the other reason why Ethiopia must annex Somalia. Goodbye Somalis you had your chance to rule a country. Now you must accept slavery.
  8. Not really. Somalis invaded the horn of Africa some 1500 years ago. Somalia is not an organic country with a sold history like Persia/Iran. We are locus that destroy land not build it. The state of Somalia in 2019 is a testament to this fact. Anyway I can't find the Twitter post were an Kenya TV host was discussing somaliland independents so I am leaving this thread.
  9. Well anyone with half a brain knows this.
  10. If Somaliland was never part of Somalia, then why did Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal go to the south to meet Somali politicans and retify the agreement for Somalia independence. The north wanted to unite with Italian Somaliland in 1960 this is clear was day. It was on Kenyan TV and then posted on twitter. I can't seem to find it yet. But like i said this was speculation of a back channel between USA and Somaliland.
  11. I hear humours that the Americans are getting tried of the corruption of Farmaajo in Mogadishu. There is talk on a Kenya TV program that some American officials are thinking about giving Somaliland independence from Somalia. Would this be a bad thing, since reconciliation is off the table?
  12. Well well well...not even two years in and a once peaceful Somaliland is entering 1993-1994 era inter-Isaaq fighting. Don't be fooled being Somali is being vindictive and low cunning in nature. The curse will not be lifted until Somalis themselves want to move forward from clanism. Pray for the innocent Somalis that will be caught up in this bullshit.
  13. I see someone edited my post and hid the names of the *** sub clans. I named them for historical reasons only.
  14. Kulmiye party is ruled by *** and *** alliance called Jeegan. This alliance came about because after the Buco conferences Cigaal became president. He was a *** favourite and they were happy with this choice. The Waadani party is dominated by Habir yoonis. The second president of Somaliland was Dahir riyale kahin was from Borama ( a *** stronghold) a neutral clan with no real population dominance. Silanyo was the chairman of the SNM and third president of Somaliland he was chosen by Kulmiye party based on him being ***. Muse Bihi is a former fighter pilot for the Somali military government who turned into a rebel against said government via the SNM. He too is *** as well and chosen by the Kulmiye party. The *** are divided along clan lines and the beef between *** and *** is real and deep. otherwise Caare would not be rebelling in the east against is so called kin. Don't be fooled by this united *** front that the Somaliland goverment like to project. The *** are not hardcore secessionist like the ***. We know all of this becuase Abdillahi Yusuf, of puntland, learned this in 2007. This is the truth, Somaliland may descend into fall scale civil war by 2020 or 2021.