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  1. This is the reason I believe Somalia will loose its sovereignty. Oil, gas, uranium, iron and cooper will go to Ethiopia when they annex Somali lands. Somalis have been blessed with natural resources, a homogeneous country and located on a premier trade route between east and west. But did they turn their country into Singapore? No. Somalis are a foolish people that will go extinct.
  2. Reduce to rubble by a western covert program of elimination.
  3. I was walking the street in Oxford city around 2011 and a old woman ask me "where am I from" in a condensing way that was ugly. I was kind of shocked as I have been here for over 20 years at that point and never had anyone ask me such questions. Even going to school in the UK i have never been racially bullied or effected by it. You are right the eastern Europeans are very rude and cannot hide their racism but I can see them a mile off and avoid them.
  4. Is there anyone from the UK here experiencing an increase in racism? People looking at you funny or just people agitating for no reason? I have been away from the UK for ten years and the white people here in London are fucked up. Is there anyone else feeling an increase in racism?
  5. Do we even know if the assassination of Ali Sharmaker the second president of Somalia was done by a angry body guard? How much was he paid to get rid of a elected president? Why was there a coup 20 days later lead by a soviet trained army general named Barre. Why did Barre align with the Russians so quickly and blindly? Di he know that they would betray him if he entered the Ogaden? Somalis never ponder these things as our country was ripped apart by foreign powers nobody ask the serious and important questions about our history and contact with the west. 300 years of contact with the Europeans and we cannot speak of it was a positive encounter. There is strong evidence to say the opposite. We have been left brain dead as a group, left to our own meaningless squabbles.
  6. No. It is not good. Somaliland politicians need to be able to travel to other federal states in the union. This is simply pure qabilist control chain to keep the pro unionist in line.
  7. Hence why i said how ironic.
  8. What If I was to tell you that Ethiopia with all its ethnic groups is far more united than Somalia with only one ethnic group but many clans. How ironic.
  9. Nothing but hogwash from low iq 68 Somalis. America is a 21 trillion dollar economy if it falls most of the planet will fall too.
  10. Xaaji, a simple question. After their fact findering mission in 2005, as you say, to determine if Somaliland is different to Somalia. Why hasn't the international community given you recognition? What is the hold up? PS I know Ethiopia does not control the U.N I was alluding to the fact if a nation state gives an unrecognised country recognition they you would get a seat at the U.N.
  11. Can I ask you a simple question why hasn't Ethiopia (the seat of the A.U) given Somaliland a seat at the U.N? 30 years is a long time with no end in sight. You were promised statehood if you rid Somalia of Barre but in 1990 you realised it was not coming but still declared independence but not all agreed. Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur wanted a unity government with USC. By 1991 things changed again and hard-line secessionist took full control of Somaliland and the south descended into darkness. One wonders if the SNM were ever hip to the game, history say no.