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  1. Somaliland will be colonised by Arab states by 2030. Why 2030? because Saudi vision 2030 wants access to the red sea. A weak Somaliland is good for Arabia.
  2. British Somaliland will be colonised by the Arabs in the Gulf states. Italia Somaliland will be swallowed up by neither Ethiopia or Kenya helped by the EU. Somalia as a country will cease to exist in 2030.
  3. Somalis have a dull intellect and never developed a culture that can regulate their emotions. Islam does not help them. Somalia/Somaliland will not come out of their dead state. The place is beyond repair which makes it venerable to colonisation once again.
  4. Wait and see is my attitude. But N&N could just steal the money like Kulmiye does with UAE port in Berbera.
  5. Seriously judging form Muse Bihi eyes the man needs psychopathy. I swear the man has depression and a sickness from the civil war days. He should be in treatment and not president of Somaliland. Shame keeps Somalis from getting help.
  6. Somalis are nothing more than narcissistic personality disorder patients that have yet to see a psychiatrist.
  7. You overestimate Somaliland politicians. They have been setting in parliament for more than 14 years and no change in MPs. Somaliland is just another corrupt shithole African country with zero oversight. That's the truth.
  8. The Neo Kacaan government is getting desperate...Villa Somalia should remember it is guarded by 8 different armies from outside countries. The President of the amisom toilet should remember that.
  9. Somaliland has a strong army and the *** fight as a single unit I don't think Villa Somalia can overthrow Muse Bihi.
  10. We might be close to Farmajo trowing in the towel and returning back to buffalo city. Do you think him being a U.S citizen destroyed his credibility than say someone who lives and works in Somalia?
  11. Are you saying that Somalia currently is a lawless backward country that cannot put on a serious reconciliation conference? Is our culture that weak and devoid of integrity that our people cannot talk frank about the crimes of Somalia.
  12. I was thinking along the lines of a secular constitutional republic.
  13. I don't want to hijack this thread, but yes i read that story and maybe the GOP will put up another candidate without a felony.