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  1. I don't mind if the north west clan gets independence as long as they leave the Harti people alone. So be gone from our nation oh devil clan from the north west desert.
  2. WOW the Bushwoman is claiming another culture's civilization because her clan has no history (as I have said a thousand times before) recorded and needs to steal it from another place this time Israel? Maybe next year it will be Babylon or Sumer.
  3. I thought Somaliland was a peaceful place? Don't kid yourself folks, Somalis are not safe even in their own country.
  4. Somalis are wondering nomadic barbarians looking for water and grass to feed their goats and camels. Somalis are nobodies not even their language has a written text to explain what a Somali is. They say they are not African because they feel it makes them feel better about themselves. When in truth they are worst off than an African. This is the truth.
  5. look kid I will give it to you straight... Somalis are f*cked up. They do not come from a civilisation (they have no documented history to tell them who they are) only a foreign religion written in a language not their own. Strange is it not? The religion they worship is of a foreign origin and not Somali? This is further proof that Somalis are a lost people with no map to guide them back to reality. They are wondering nomadic barbarians who converted to an Arab religion by force because Somali forebears were too weak to resist (people with civilisation usually resist invaders). So the racism and xenophobia you see from your fellow Somali is simply their inferiority complex expressing itself. They don't know how the world works (white supremacy) and are too dumb to know how dumb they are. This is were the pain comes from, they don't have the strength to at least be honest with themselves. Now people on this forum will claim something else but believe me I have studied Somalis very closely and they are extremely weak in the areas that matter most. So relax...
  6. Never underestimate the foolishness of a Somali. They have neither honour nor pride. They stand on the world stage as a people without a strong culture but a foam floating on the ocean subject to the tidal forces. And they attack me for pointing this out.
  7. That shameless begging bowl glare. Did he actually think he could guilt trip the guy into resuming ceyr?
  8. Here is the thing, Somalis are not agricultural by nature and never developed along the lines of a traditional society. What do I mean by traditional? Well take any major power today, Europeans, Russia, Japan, China, Korea, Perisa, India..ect you have a people who started out as nomadic and then settle down near a river and over time built farms which increase the population settlement and then you have your first city. This first step is very important and cannot be ignored. What comes with a city settlement? Well, you get specialisation. What is specialisation? It is simply a process were society allocates different technical abilities to various people within a class order. Good at making swords? you become the forging class. Good at making fabrics? you become the merchant class. Good at farming? Good at fighting? Good at building monuments? Good at writing? you get the picture. Each specialist is allocated a position in society and those specialist form schools that teach the next generation. Now comes the governing part. Who should rule this kingdom, as more cities are built, who can govern this place? Well the priest class convince society that a monarch should rule as divine right from god. The people accept this because they are use to functioning in a system bigger than themselves, so for the time being nobody questions this. So you have the beginning of a civilisation with a strong foundation which will produce a civil society that i am talking about. Somalis have always been wonders in a vast land populated by dry riverbeds and arid conditions. Their culture is nomadic and focused around life of a nomad not a civilisation with a written language. This is also a very important point that cannot be hidden from view. The Jubba and Shebelle have no monuments nor stone cities near them, the only source of constant water within Somali lands. They don't even have well developed agricultural farms going back 1,000 years (remember agriculture was developed in 10,000 BC). Why? Because as I have stated before Somalis did not have core development values as other societies that have rivers running through them. This is the root of Somalia's problems, they are not a settled society and cannot function without their nomadic traits. You cannot simply undo what Somalis have known for thousands of years. The transformation will happen but not within my lifetime.
  9. I forgot to add that Japan's clan system is similar to Somalia's clan structure. Japan went through a period know as the "Sengoku" a 150 years of clan warfare between various shogunate warlords. The war initiated, "the Warring States period". This period was a long, drawn-out struggle for domination by individual daimyō, resulting in a mass power-struggle between the various houses to dominate the whole of Japan. It came to an end under the Tokugawa shogunate and Japan experienced 260 years of peace. That is almost 400 years for Japan to sort out its problems without outside interference and build a solid cultural foundation and unite the country. Somalia is not anywere near that level. We are stuck in the "warring states" period.
  10. Somalis don't have the temperament for industrialisation (you need a strong history rooted in something other than religion). What you're speaking about is a "meiji restoration of Japan type" leap...not going to happen. Somalis are not philosophers, scientist, artist or builders of monuments.That is the hard truth.
  11. Somalilanders are you still descendants of Arabs?It seems your "kin" has betrayed you.
  12. I have read the exchange between Tillamook and the "ninka baadiyaha woqooyi ka yimid". His wild nature subdued by logic and reason....beautiful.
  13. Dry riverbeds yeild no water? Well the bushmen have discovered you can't live on dreams and make believe. I guess they will go to the EU and beg for aid money to built water pumping station? But are the bushmen too proud to beg whitey?