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  1. Ok Point....Wat if Iam jew always citing the reason why my fellow Jews trample on Arab rights is simply cuz they are Arabs. I say this cuz some Planders do oppose solely on Qabiil bases. As someone who hails from the same region (meaning I have no tribal anomisity towards them), I do point dat out to them in their Fadhi ku dirir sessions.
  2. Point....then we can safely the majority are weary of the never-ending choatic situation in Xamar, and are for peace and progress which the courts have managed to restore to Xamar. N How does pointing out the clanish nature of others make you tribalistic?
  3. Pi....It is not all about Qabiil. Some of us have actual relatives living in Gaalkayo. Their safety and well being is obviously concern to me. Personally, I don't care much for Pland admin. Cadde and his cohorts are bunch corrupted thugs. I don't mind seeing Pland having its own revolution. The place is oppresive.
  4. Originally posted by Rahima: Perhaps not you, but we all know that certain folks oppose them for just that . Some of our people rejoice at what they perceive as the downfall of the enemy tribe. [/QB] We are Somalis...Ilaahay Anakuu Iskaaya tusay. But at the end day, any sane Somali will understand the sufferings of fellow Somalis whether in Xamar or elsewhere will not bring him/her any closer to brighther tommorow. The downfall of any particular Somali cid only weakens us.Anyone who hasn't realised dat by now should be institutionalized. N for our Sake, I do hope the courts engage rest of Somalia peacefully. Naxar....You are being too paraniod.
  5. Xabashi....Take chill bill buddy, Somalis destroyed Somalia, but Ethiopia gave helping hand by housing Somali rebels and supporting the warlords dat massacred our people. Ethiopia is no by means an innocent bystander. Destruction of Ethiopia is no body's interests, but I think It will eventually go the way of the Former Yoguslavia. There is such so much oppression one could tolerate.
  6. Rahima..Pland is built purely on Qabiil affiliation that promoted the interests of dat Qabiil in the absense of legitimate Somali gov, no one disputes this fact, and if the courts is founded the same principles as Pland, no one faults them for wanting to clean up own their turf. Let them move in Southern Galkayo if that's in the interests of that particular community. The question here is will their militaristic excursions stop there, and are they gonna venture farther north under the pretext of "being invited to liberate villages and towns". Duke....I doubt Aweys wants a repeat of nasty tribal wars in the 90s. He could be genuinely interested in reviving the Somali state and is no mood to subjugate other Somalis. But the simple of fact of having well armed militias in sight of each other could be a trouble even if neither party is interested to battle.
  7. Would it be so bad if they(Somaligalbeed) declare themselves to be another Somali State, and not join the chaos dat's SOmalia today.
  8. Dhubad...The funny thing here is the level of ignorance demonstrated by the folks who are on mission to defame Islam. Anybody who is well versed in Arab culture and history knows the practice of honor killing predates Islam. It was born out of the chauvinistic Bedouin culture, and it wasn't the only Arabs that indulged in honor killings. So did the Hindus of India and many other cultures. So Mr Steve, get your facts right first. Somalis have never practised honor killings in any time in their history. Young women running away with men is not unusual either. You don't obviously know much about our culture, I guess this was just an oppurtunity for you to take a swing against Muslims. Well, join the club, and Iam sure CNN will add you to the list of the bloggers to interview about Islamic extremism.
  9. The Ethios surely are no except, but I doubt the defection of one general would signal the collapse of their armed forces.
  10. Alle-Ubaahne....People from Gaalkacayo have bitter memories of Aided's wars from the early 90s when he massacred many Somalis including those hailing from this town. So, It would be wise for Maxkadaha to move cautiously as this could easily turn into nasty tribal warfare.
  11. Duke..Aweys has vowed to get his boys all the way to Galkayo (atleast the southern part). The Pland and Islamic militia come face to face, I don't see how violent outburst could be avioded.
  12. dis dude is all over Somali sites. He was asking the same questions at forum. Buddy, there is nothing to this story, just poor girl who met an unfortunate end in dark alley. n As for her family being politically connected, we are small tribal society. All Somalis are related or know somebody who was/is in some sort of administration one time or another.
  13. ^^^It doesn't bother all Somali men. Infact, I think if majority of Muslim nations utilize their women folk's skills, these societies would have been in better position today. Confining half of your nation's creative and curious minds to the home only hinder progress. At the same though, one needs to balance work with the home life as kids need our attention. This is where couple needs to find working solution. P.S I was watching this program on TV while back where subject was about ivy league educated women with high paying jobs that opted to stay at home with their kids. These women that could have been future leaders(CEOs, Senators,Governers,etc), but choose to cut their careers short. It is unfortunate, but I guess it is all about choices.
  14. Originally posted by art: aussie ranger, please note,the mogadishu student sure seems to know alot about range....very perculiar, I wonder what their motive is? Wat's so peculiar about someone from Mogadisho interested Pland affairs?
  15. ^^^^Geeze take it easy buddy.Not Everything is about you. Waad isku bogtay :rolleyes: Everything is conspiracy for you...aduun Dhubad..These Qabiil lands will disappear. They are ill-concieved and morally bankrupt.
  16. LoL@Lily...You sound little frightened when mentioning lazy's name.
  17. Dhaq dhaqaaq xoogleh oo laga dareemayo Ciidamada Puntland Last Updated::2006-08-09 16:19:24 Gaalkacyo:- Dhaq dhaqaaq xoogleh ayaa laga dareemayaa xarumaha Milatariga ee ku yaal magaalada Gaalkacyo. Ayadoo wakhtigan magaalada Gaalkacyo uu ku sugan yahay Madaxweynaha Dowlada Puntland, Gen.Cadde Musse iyo dhamaan taliyayaasha ciidamada Daraawiishta ayaa waxaa soo baxaya dhaq dhaqaaqyo xoogleh oo heegan lagu gelinayo Ciidamada Dowlada Gobaleedka Puntland. Saraakiisha Daraawiishta ee magaalada Gaalkacyo ayaa ayagu ka gaabsaday in ay wax faah faahin ah ka bixiyaan shirar kala gedisan oo ay maalmihii lasoo dhaafay si joogta ah ulla yeelanayeen Madaxweynaha Puntland. Sarakiisha ayaa hadalkooda kusoo koobay in ay socdaan hawlo lagu adkeenayo xuduudaha iyo amniga deegaanada Puntland, in aysan ku faafin xiisada ka jira dalka Soomaaliya. Dowlada Puntland ayaa horey digniin adag uga soo saaray in gobalada Puntland lala soo galo dagaalada kasoo bilowday Muqdisho ee u dhaxeeya Hogaamiye kooxeedka iyo Maxkamadaha Islaamiga. Madaxweynaha Puntland ayaa todobaadyadii lasoo dhaafay ku sugnaa magaalada Gaalkacyo, halkaasi oo sidoo kale kormeero ku maray xarumaha ciidamada ayadoo ay jiraan dadaalo lagu xoojinayo amniga iyo ka hortaga wax kasta oo khatar ku noqon kara amniga Puntland, waa suu hadalka u dhigay mid kamid ah Sarakiisha Daraawiishta ee xaruntoodu tahay magaalada Gaalkacyo. Waxaa sidoo la arkayey dhaq dhaqaaq ciidamada hubka culus ku gaashaaman oo ay ku jiraan gawaarida Tiknikada loo yaqaan. Dhinaca kale waxaa markii ugu horeysay muddo sanado ah la arkay tijaabinta gaadiidka Tangiyada ee ciidamada, ayadoo tijaabooyikaasi lagu sheegay kuwo qeyb ka ah heeganka ay ku jiraan ciidamada. Ciidamada Puntland heegan la geliyey ayaa kusoo aadaya wakhti ay jiraan xiisado ka dhextaagan beelaha dega Koonfurta Gobalka Mudug oo intooda badan kasoo horjeeda in ay deegaankaasi kusoo fidaan Maxkamadaha Islaamiga. Deegaanka Gelinsoor ayey ku sugan yihiin maleeshiyooyin kasoo jeeda beelaha Koonfurta Gaalkacyo kuwaasi oo la sheegay in ay kasoo horjeedaan in ay halkaasi yimaadaan Maleeshiyooyinka kasoo baxay Galgaduud iyo magaalada Muqdisho oo ah kuwa Maxkamadaha. Dagaalo ka dhaca koonfurta Gobalka Mudug ayaa keeni karta in dagaaladan ay kusoo fidaan dhinaca magaalada Gaalkacyo, arrintaasi oo ay Puntland sheegtay in ay ka hortagi doonto. Koonfurta Gaalkacyo ayey shalay ka dhaceen banaanbaxyo dadka deegaankaasi ku dhaqan ay uga soo horjeedaan Maxkamadaha Islaamiga, arrintaasi oo keentay in dabley taageersan Maxkamadaha ay rasaas dadkii mudaharadaayey ku faraan kadib markii la sheegay in dhagaxaan lagu tuuray, dhacdadaasi ayey ku dhaawacmeen sadex ruux oo rayid ah. Cabdifutaax Shirwac
  18. Baladweyne, 09-August-06 ( Ciidamada maxkamada islaamiga magaalada Baladweyne ayaa maanta xoog uga saaray maamulkii hore ee gobolkaasi ee uu hogaamin jiray Yuusuf Dabageed kadib markii ay weerareen maleeshiyaadkii daacada u ahaa maamulkaasi oo fariisin ay u ahayd xarunta gobolka Hiiraan ee magaalada Baladweyne. Ciidamada maxkamada islaamiga ayaa si buuxda ula wareegay magaalada Baladweyne, ayadoo maleeshiyaadkii Yuusuf Dabageedna ay isaga baxaan magaalada kadib markii laga qabsaday xaruntii gobolka oo fariisin u ahayd. Lama garanayo khasaaraha uu gaystay dagaalkaasi, inkastoo lagu soo warramayo in tiro ka mid ah maleeshiyaadka Yuusuf Dabageed lagu dilay xaruntaasi kadib markii ay la dagaalameen ciidamada maxkamada islaamiga. Tallaabada maxkamada islaamiga magaalada Baladweyne ay ku weerartay haraadigii maamulka Yuusuf Dabageed ayaa timid kadib markii guddoomiyaha maxkamada islaamiga Baladweyne Sheekh Faarax Macallin Maxamed uu ku eedeeyay maamulkii hore ee gobolka iyo qaar ka mid odayaal dhaqameedyo xiriir la leh maamulkaasi in ay wadaan qorshe ay ku wiiqayaan maxkamadaha islaamiga ee kahana qaaday gobolka, isagoo guddoomiyuhu ku tilmaamay wafdigii dhawaan kulamada saraakiisha Ethiopianka ku la soo yeeshay magaalada Godey ayaga iyo qaar kamid ah maamulkii Dabageed kuwa xasilooni darro ka abuuraya gobolka Hiiraan. web page
  19. MMA...Maybe Ayeeyo hanuun suurad badataa. N she is gotta show her staff, no shocker there. Seriously though, nothing is shocking anymore. I once run into granny lesbos being all touchy touchy in public. P.S. I was in Toronto dis last weekend. I don't know how Somalis live there.N Why are they all living in Ghetto side of town ( I don't think Maryooley parents care about their own kids growing up in such enviroment, sad wallahi). The only thing I liked there is Hamdi restuarant, nice food , very busy as well, but some waiters had an attitude.
  20. Disney type dreams...hhmmmmmm dats more disturbing duqa. Running around with mickey, donald,etc, in fantasy world.
  21. Does self-imposed isolation and lack of unified/organized Somali community contribute the xenophobic attacks agianst Somalis in South Africe? What's state of the Somali communities in the diasporo? Somalis are 'suffering brunt of xenophobia' By Karen Breytenbach Somali refugees are among the Africans most vulnerable to crime and xenophobia in South African townships, largely due to unpopularity created by social isolation , refugee organisations have said. Besides frequent attacks and armed robberies this year, Somalis have been murdered in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay, Swellendam and Port Elizabeth. Despite frequent xenophobic violence, Cape Town is considered an example to other cities on how to treat refugees, said Marivic Garcia, a social worker with the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) in Johannesburg. Somali refugees who live in Khayelitsha told the Cape Times on behalf of their community that they were safe nowhere in the country. Two or three of their countrymen were being murdered in Khayelitsha every month, they added. "We are grateful to the government for our refugee status, but we also need their protection. We have no voice, we need help," said Mohamed Samoron Aden. His friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said he had been attacked three times in Khayelitsha, forcing him to move around. "We report it to the police, but it doesn't help," he said. About 150 small shops in Khayelitsha are run by protective clusters of Somalis. "We live in groups of ten or 15 and help each other to start businesses. The locals target us, thinking we have money," he said. Erica Jacobs of the Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence said Africans in general are stereotyped as criminals or takers of jobs and opportunities meant for locals. "Members of syndicates are here for economic gain, while the Somalis are entirely different; they are political refugees," she said. Garcia said their self-imposed isolation did little to dispel misperceptions. "Somalis don't make the effort to integrate or make friends like other Africans, which makes them more misunderstood. "Talk to the person next to you in the mosque, reach out," she said. CSVR researcher Francis Spencer said the media had a role to play in raising the issue. Cape Town Refugee Centre director Christina Henda said they planned to go into communities with other stakeholders to educate locals and raise awareness on refugee issues, but faced a lack of staff and resources. "We're worried about xenophobia," she said. On Somali entrepreneurship, Garcia said: "They haven't had a government for decades and their country is a war zone. "They've had to learn to be resourceful and assertive, and some interpret this as aggression or arrogance." In SA their resourcefulness springs from limited access to employment. "It's a constant battle to get their skills recognised. Many flee overnight and come here without papers. "There are other ways of verifying their education," she said. Refugees from across the continent lacked adequate support from the SA government and the police, while their states were good to apartheid exiles, said William Kerfoot, an attorney with the Legal Resource Centre, specialising in refugee cases. "Another problem is that home affairs is understaffed, and the staff dealing with refugees are often undertrained," he said. Refugees also lack adequate support from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, said Spencer. This article was originally published on page 6 of Cape Times on August 07, 2006 Soure: Cape Times, Aug 7, 2006
  22. ^^^^wat's exactly so digusting other than the fact is being blasted on the net (I found dat unnecessary and not newsworthy). It is union of three willing people who are in no breaking any civil or religious laws. Maybe Dumarka danbaa ugeesay, but still they had a choice not enter a such union. Let's respect people's choices. You are entilted to your opinion, but let's not condemn people simply cuz they don't fit your view of how one should live their lives. Zafir....loool..Do you have share dreams/fantasies with da SOL, Lesbo action kulahaa.