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  1. I guess when you have 200 nuclear warheads backed by the mighty dollar following from DC where sympathetic administration whose leadership literally believes the defeat of Isreal's enemy will set the conditions for the return of the Messiah, then you can pretty much get away with anything. Besides, who is gonna cry for dead Bedouin?...Certainly not the leadership in all of Arabia, and beyond!!!
  2. Wats more worrying people actually elected him. N I love his press conferences. Maanta dhan Qof inoo remote ku haayo oo rewind buttonka riixaayo u maleesaa. Just keeps repeating the same exact words. N his one liner sentence are always hilarious. My fav "Iam the decider".
  3. Atleast he wasn't asking a permission for bathroom break dis time. I could see they wanna drag Syria into all this.
  4. I thought he had Jewish ancestary.
  5. Whose reality? Don't tell me dat of Somali (cyber ku dirir warrior) living comfortably in diasporo proclaiming to know how the masses back home feel. N just who vote in those that lead this institution?
  6. loooooooool...dat's first. The poor people of Merca will have their day. The courts must eliminate dis sorry excuse of being just like da scumbags in Xamar.
  7. ^^^^Seriously, wat are you sniffing bro, Hook me up..looooooool
  8. There is definately split in TFG. No one wants an all out war. it has become apparent Ina Yusuf, and his cohorts in Xamar Soomaali filin ayee ujilaayeen.Waataa maata hoosta buu so wada gashade gidi. Haduu Rabaa asaga iyo tuugadii Xamar (Qaybdiid & Ceydiid aka alma diid) Puntland inee lacag iyo hub lago soo dhaco, reer mudug ( Qabiilada MJ and Sac alike) dagaal aysa rabin ma dhaxa loo galiyo asow wili ku riyoonaaye inee Amxaaro Baydbabo uu sii heeso. The old man has no vision for this nation. Many thought him attaining the "Kursi" would change his destructive nature. There is nothing redeemable about Yeey. He is no statesman or patriot. He is niether politician nor intellect. He is simply illiterate soldier oo afmiishaar ah ,calooshiisna ushaqeesta just like his friend Aided ( Alla ha naxariisto). No wonder Ina Barre(Alla ha Naxariisto) inoo labadaan Xabsi u taxaabe markoo dowladii Cabdirashiid iyo Cigaal afgabiye. Duke..Indhacade get wat is coming to him, one at a time please.All those dat wronged our people will pay.
  9. Italian trio relegated to Serie B AC Milan, Fiorentina, Juventus and Lazio were implicated Serie A sides Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina have been demoted to the second division for their involvement in Italy's match-fixing scandal. Juventus were also stripped of their last two Serie A titles and had 30 points deducted, meaning they are likely to stay down for two seasons. AC Milan will stay in Serie A but will start the season docked 15 points. All are barred from playing in Europe - Juventus, Milan and Fiorentina in the Champions League; Lazio the Uefa Cup. Lazio were penalised seven league points while Fiorentina suffered a 12-point penalty. All four clubs hit out at the verdict and hinted they would appeal. They have three days to appeal to the Federal Court, but they may find they will run out of time to rescue their European places regardless of the outcome of any appeal because the deadline for entry is only 11 days away. The FIGC (Italian football's governing body) must hand its European counterpart Uefa the lists of teams that will be involved in its competitions by 25 July. Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli said: "This verdict is unheard of. We expected a balanced sentence not only in form but in substance, our expectations were different ones. "We could have expected relegation to the second division but to be also handed a 30-point deduction is almost like relegation to the third division. We will appeal." A statement on Fiorentina's official site called the decision "profoundly unjust". It added: "Fiorentina wishes to reiterate the absolute correctness of the club and of their own executives. "Fiorentina will fight with every means possible so that the truth of the facts are revealed." An AC Milan statement said: "AC Milan retains the decision by the CAF of extraordinary injustice. "We will appeal once the documents of the verdict will be available, with the certainty that the procedure will be radically modified by appeal." Lazio president Claudio Lotito, who was banned for three years for his part in the scandal, was fuming following the verdict. "I think this sentence is provisional as it's based on a theorem which is completely ridiculous," he said. "I will not make any decisions until a final sentence is given." Inter, Roma, Chievo and Palermo, who finished third, fifth and seventh and eighth are in line to take the places of the penalised clubs in next season's Champions League. Subject to any appeals Lecce, Messina, and Treviso will avoid relegation to Serie B and keep their places in the top flight as a result of the verdict. Those directly involved with the scandal were also penalised, with former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi suspended from all football for five years and Adriano Galliani, who was AC Milan vice-president, suspended for one year. Moggi reacted by saying: "I'm not saddened for myself but for the teams involved and for their fans." The tribunal in Rome investigated charges that the clubs, their management, football officials and referees tried to influence the outcome of matches by interfering with the appointment of officials. In May, transcripts were published of telephone conversations between Moggi and Italian Football Association officials, discussing refereeing appointments in the 2004-05 season. FIGC prosecutor Stefano Palazzi also charged 26 individuals for sporting fraud and violating fairness and probity. All four clubs implicated denied the accusations. Thirteen of Italy's World Cup-winning squad play for the clubs involved, with five at Juventus, who also number Patrick Vieira, Lilian Thuram, David Trezeguet, Pavel Nedved and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in their ranks. Many of them are expected to seek transfers to other leading clubs in Italy or Europe to limit the damage to their careers. Dam AC Milan get lucky. Many world cup vets in these teams. It is transfer time. Who is gonna buy who?
  10. Hopefully, the good news will keep on coming!! Markii ugu horeysay muddo 12 sano ayaa maanta garoonka weyn ee magaalada Muqdisho waxa soo caga dhigtay diyaaradii ugu horeysay taasi oo siday wafdi ka socday jaamacada carabta . Dad weyn aad u fara badan ayaa isugu tagay garoonka iyaga oo muujinaya sida ay ugu faraxsan yihiin talaabadaani oo ay ku tilmamaen mid hor mar ah. Xubno ka tirsan golaha maxaakimta ayaa iminka ku sugan garoonka kuwasi oo muujinaya sida ay ugu faraxsan yihiin umuurtaan Duuliyihii waday diyaaradaan u diiwaan gishan shirakad laga leeyahay dalka Keenya ayaa sheegay in uu ku farxsan yahy in uu noqdo duuliyihii ugu horeeyay muddo 12 sano ka dib diyaarad ku dajiya garoonlka weyn ee Muqdisho. Warka ku saabsan arimaha garoonka waxii ka soo kordha qeybaha dambe ayaan idinla soo socodsiin doonaa. Dhinaca kale banaanbax aad u balaran ayaa maanta ka dhacay deeganka Fagax ee magaalada Muqdisho kaasi oo looga soo hor jeeday fara gilinta ciidamada Ithbioya iyo guud ahaan ciidamo la keeno Soomaaliya.
  11. Duke.....Stop being evasive and answer questions. No one is accusing of not wanting an Islamic. We just don't understand why you still support Yeey, and TFG. They have proven themselves to be incompatent. Somalia needs men that deliver results. The boys in Baydabo with ever-growing list of defeated warlords can hardly do anything for the good of the people. It is time for change Walaal. N Yeey ruled out any sort peaceful resolution to this conflict web page
  12. I don't understand most of the stuff dat you said, but before you start ranting about others. Do you know what you want?
  13. Gediid... Jal Rahaahee Yaar. Sab Kheyr hee Walaalkiis. Duke...Walaalkiis, I have never someone change sides so fast. Anyone who remotely poses a challenge to your Adeer automically becomes an enemy. Yeey had chance to do something for Somalia and Somalis. He failed so miserably. Atleast admit dat to yourself. It is time for something else other than Yeey.
  14. Love how da yanks I could imagine fox news broadcasting dat. Marco deserved da headbutt and more. You don't insult a man's Mamma n get away with it. Here is Zizou in his own words. Interviewer: About your mother and your sister? Zinedine Zidane: Yes. They were very hard words. You hear them once and you try to move away. But then you hear them twice, and then a third time... I am a man and some words are harder to hear than actions. I would rather have taken a blow to the face than hear that.
  15. Originally posted by HornAfrique: Yo- Do you sympathize with Habash interference in our nation? I don't buddy,and I certainly don't view them as friends or good neighbors. Just saying that they ain't the cause of our problems. They are just doing wat's expected of them.
  16. It is Che. Long time no see. How have you been? Me....Everything sounds great in theory.
  17. Horn....Nobody disputes Ethiopia escalated the Somali situation, but to charge it in dismantling Somali unity /satehood is a grief error. It is simplistic answer to complex problem that has been brewing for decades.Ethiopia like any good neighbor simply took advantage of our st-upidity. Somalia would have done the same if Ethiopia was in our shoes today. Ethiopia however must realize equating the Somali statehood and unity with terrorism/lack of security in the horn would be even greater error on their part.
  18. Welcome...Minika minikaa waaye..Soo dhawow
  19. Igaar Cadaan minyar Divorced kulahaa...Ka kud oo Qaraabsiga jooji.
  20. Join courts aa, War Gediid, you are going soft. Duke..Your adeer has bigger headache now than Sland. Yeey's days are numbered.
  21. ^^^^Tuugnimo lee ku raysiin just like 82. I think the cup will be remembered the controversy sorrounding Zidine. Princess...I guess my eyes weren't playing tricks on me then. Speculations are flying all over da place, but most reasonable people agree that man was provoked into lashing out. N it must have been something serious. web page web page Zizou will put all speculations to rest today though.web page
  22. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those I had to kill today because they got on my nerves. And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today as they may be connected to the feet I may have to kiss tomorrow. Help me always to give 100% at work … 12% on Monday 23% on Tuesday 40% on Wednesday 20% on Thursday and 5% on Friday And help me to remember … when I am having a bad day and it seems that people are trying to wind me up, it takes 42 muscles to frown, 28 to smile and only 4 to extend my arm and smack someone in the mouth Source: unknown Ok, people how deal with stress. I love smashing things, but sadly not many things around to smash.
  23. The article does have a lot of misinterpretation of the Somali culture. However, is really healthy to bring a poor young Somali gal into west where she is entirely dependent on her chosen husband. I think parents should be educated about the realities in the west before they send off their daughter with complete stranger. P.S. Some Somali creeps do go back to find innocent unsuspecting brides.
  24. Sharmaake -The Italian basstardo admitted insulting Zizou though he denied calling Zidine a terrorist or bad mouthing his mom. Personally,Materazzi did a little nipple twister on Ziziou. Maybe I was the only one who saw that. web page
  25. Cuz it is not well thought fix to our immense problems. The warlords simply represent the masses. They exist cuz of us. We need to change people first. There has to be a shift in Somali thinking before we could even think about assassanting a warlord.