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  2. i want to become an accountant in the future but people are telling me that it is interest is this true?
  3. Sometimes there are "locally engaged" positions which are closer to what I think of when you say 'international diplomacy'; for example, there was recently a position advertised at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok for a Political and Economic Analyst (no longer online). You didn't have to be Australian, but you did need to be able to get an Australian security clearance to a particular level (for example, this position as a Consular Officer (Passports) at the Australian Embassy in Washington describes the security requirements as: This position is a designated security assessed position. "Applicants must be Australian, British, Canadian or New Zealand citizens and not a dual national of the USA to be eligible for engagement."
  4. uhh wats that supposed to mean?
  5. huh i dont get u okay im just a kid nd i dont noe y they look like this do all habr gidir look like that
  6. my grandmothers have long jewish noses nd white skin green eyes blonde highlights nd looking back the rest were the same. ---------------------------> these so called leaders cant do shit islam is being compared with politics nd wat does america noe about the rest of the world? nuthing
  7. just asking cuz my parents parents dont look at all black
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    lol i dont think there muslim at all but as abwaan said it is shocking nd funy kinda ----------------------------- abdullahi yusuf is a traitor melez zenawi is ****** nd the rest if the world is watching
  9. these girls are inspired by nazis such hatred shouldnt be allowed