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  1. They are patrolling and protecting somali waters, let's hope they get their payday.
  2. To borrow the famous secessionist catchphrase, 'puntland way dhaqaaqday'. Inshallah good things are ahead for puntland and the rest of somalia.
  3. ^ I'd rather learn swahili, it's a lot more useful than somali.
  4. Runta hadi la sheego, af somali waa luqad foolxume oo faaido la heen. bal maxee ku taraysaa hadaad somali baratid? shaqo maku halaysaa? badana may! Marka, waqti iyo lacag yaa la iska lumin with classkaan oo xiiso yar. luqad oo muhim ah barta hadaad raadinaysaan inaa luqad kale barataan, yacni francis, carab ama shineese. Intaas waa talo.
  5. Originally posted by shaken and deterred: from what i know, a good deed can invalidate a bad deed, but not the other way around. it is possible though that your bad deed outweigh your good deed on the day of judgement and i seek refuge in Allah from such a faith. Allah knows best. Maybe it's time we started quantifying these bad and good deeds. For example, drinking alcohol should be like negative 20 points(bad deeds), daily prayer(+20 points), so if you pray daily but drink alcohol afterwards then you just about broke even. On a serious note, it's about intentions more than just performing good deeds mechanically and in order to please others, intentions/motives are not something we can hide from allah.
  6. The somali republic has died a slow excruciating death a long time ago. There is a real apathy, and lack of unity from the young to the old about somalia and it's future, and no hippie LSD driven peace caravan is gonna change that. The sooner you understand that reality the better. The way forward is separate regions with autonomy and perhaps somewhere down the line out of economic necessity more than anything else there will be a somali republic.
  7. Is it me or we are getting jibbed in this deal? they should throw the funds my way, I could use it to pay the damn osap.
  8. Somali language is useless, no point in learning it, somali kids are better off learning mandarin or something.
  9. ^ At this critical point in time, yes a good general with the right strategies and experience in the region stands a better chance of making the right decisions than a western educated civilian. Wether Ilka Jir is that man or not, i don't know. I've never been a big fan of the mentality of wanting some academic from western countries to run somalia, a western degree doesn't make you anymore qualified to run a country or region.
  10. It's clan elders that will decide the elections at the end of the day, Gen ilka jir seems to be popular also because he's a representative of SSC and puntland has been largely ignoring that region, the next president will have to be tough on secessinist sympathizers in SSC.
  11. What ever happened to killing people with a simple gun, possibly a silencer? all this stabbing to the neck and head with meat cleavers seems unnecessary.
  12. I agree with emporer, why celebrate this day? it's akin to germany celebrating the establishment of the third reich.
  13. "A Somaliland citizen by birth is anyone whose father[11] is a descendent of persons who resided in the territory of Somaliland on 26 June 1960[12] and before" In other words, so long you're a descendent of sheekh *****, your good to go. And these guys wonder why their pleas/begging for recognition are not taken seriously.
  14. He's not the kind of leader puntland needs at this point in time, but he seems like a an alright fella.
  15. Maybe the decades of cousin marriages are starting to catch up to somali's. "When a mother and father share a recent ancestor, the chances of offspring being affected by autism almost doubles." So hands off the cousins if you wanna improve your chances of not having autistic kids.
  16. Modernize too often seems like code for westernize, I think that word has lost its meaning. A woman leading mixed gender prayer is the kind of 'modernizing' we need to stay away from.
  17. Why ban clan names? It's the context of how clan names are used that is important, as long as people are not insulting clans, where is the logic in banning them? What about historical names, like the great kingdom of ' *******' or the ***** region. Banning clan names is akin to banning somali history as far as I'm concerned. It was Marcus garvey who said a 'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'. SOL is encouraging the loss of somali history and culture with this nonsense clan name banning. [ October 17, 2008, 04:03 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  18. Mujahid: Foot in mouth This is the image the comes to mind when I see your screenname. Yey has done more for somalia than the worthless group of secessionist leaders you have that much is certain. And the only thing I support is the well being of my people on a local level.
  19. Hateful people, what do you expect from them? especially when one of their 'politicians' once said "a kid from ethipia is closer to me than one from mogadisho".
  20. Qardho, Bossaso, Burtinle, Galkacyo, Garowe are my ancestral cities. But I was born in mogadisho before it became a perpetual hellhole.
  21. Somali empire? You're on some real good hallucinogenic substance sxb, that somali empire ship has sailed a long time ago, there is no such thing as somali unity, it's time we went our separate ways. I like the optimism, but it's time we deal with reality, somali's don't like each other, they are natural born haters even islam is not a good enough to unify us. No form of big government is gonna work in somalia wether it's islamic or not, an no group in somalia al shabab or TFG has the strength to control the whole of somalia, the days of siade barre are long gone. The only way forward is regional automony and a small government that operates from baidoa with representatives from each region, and we need to change the capital from the hellhole that is mogadisho to baidoa or possibly somewhere in the north. I have no interest in the rest of somalia, just my region and my people in puntland, and that is the kind of mentality everyone should have instead of wasting time on some grand idea of empire.
  22. Voting is a waste of time, I haven't voted in the last election and have no plans voting in this one as well. I predict another conservative minority government.
  23. Another topic where Red Sea has his foot firmly in his mouth. Math is not your strongest suit is it sxb?
  24. LOL @ 'minister of xaaqinta baranbarada SOL' that's a tough job, the place is infested with lightweight baranbaro.
  25. I nominate Dhulqarnayn and General Duke, the only voices of reason and logic in this infantile playground.