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  1. Now that Yey's and the TFG's future seems uncertain, it's time puntlanders seriously reconsidered the independence option as I have said earlier. More than likely once the ethiopians leave and no other sufficient forces replace them , things will go back to square one with clan fighting in mogadisho and the south. Now instead of direct clan fighting the lines will be drawn on pseudo-ideological lines: 'UIC-Sh Sharif and his reer banadir, UIC- Aweys and his reer galgadud ' and 'al shabab- miscellaneous clans'.
  2. What is 'somali culture' anyways, somali culture is a mixture of italian, arab, indian, oromo cultural practices. Even the language is not unique and the script is based on latin. That being said, I agree that this imitation of arabs is getting out of hand. Why do somali's love imitating the same arabs that will call you cabid in a heartbeat. I've noticed there is this mentality of somali's that to become better muslims, one must imitate arabs. Some of the best muslims are actually not arab, but indonesian, malaysian etc. If we are to imitate a group of people, I'd rather we imitate them.
  3. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by Protocol: AfricaOwn Everything I said is fact, but perhaps I was too blunt. Take it as advice more than anything else sxb. Until we meet for another around at Las Anood. This time at least put up a fight. That 2 hours takeover was too easy. ha ha. Las Anod was taken by a local warlord. You really want to take credit for it? Don't expect loyalty from him. If I was somalilander, I'd forget about SSC and focus on hargeisa, burco etc.
  4. AfricaOwn Everything I said is fact, but perhaps I was too blunt. Take it as advice more than anything else sxb.
  5. Africaown Listen ******, What has somaliland taught anyone besides how to prostitute one's self to any foreigner that will listen? My views are unfotunately those of a minority, majority of puntlanders are still interested in greater somalia, unlike secessionists who get some sick satisfaction from the political turmoil in the south. Your people's hypocrisy can easily be spotted. You've been crying for secession for 17 years now, what has it gotten you? Puntland is a more viable state than 'somaliland', bossaso port earns more revenue than berbera(ethiopian port). What has your 'government' done for the last 17 years? cigaal looted and stole what little income you people make from selling khat and or your women, and Riyaale started where he left off and today your cities have the highest rates of HIV in somalia, ethiopia controls and uses your port willingly and no international organization takes the independence of the khat republic seriously. While those of you in the diaspora keep waving the iranian flag like the ****** ***** you are, completely unaware of reality. You people are a sad sight sxb, and if anything, puntland could learn from all the mistakes you've made. [ November 21, 2008, 12:16 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  6. ^ those guys cheated and photoshopped the image!
  7. Deputy I'm sure that's where he was going, I'm helping him get to his destination a little faster. Let's not hide under the umbrella of *****? ****** has never been a united clan, and some of the worst civil war atrocities in the south have been committed by ******s against each other. [ November 21, 2008, 12:14 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  8. A&T I don't understand how you are blaming the ***** clan, abdullahi yusuf will always have the support of puntland and his clan, that is true but he's never been interested in tribal hegemony . Now if you said you are blaming the '*****' tribe, that's understandble. I don't mind being blamed for trying to revive the somali republic. There were more ***** like the ***** fighting against the TFG than ***** tribe. This has nothing to do with tribes, but more about ideology. The TFG and abdullahi yusuf always represent somali's who are interested in peace, government and rule of law well at least at the beginning. While the al shabab represent somali's extremist, former looters turned shiecks, ignorance and lack of education etc. Naxar Nugaleed I'm not interested in babysitting savages and secessionists anymore, I say let them cannibalize each other and let's move forward and work on our regions. We have oil, a long coastline, resourceful and intelligent citizen in punt-land. What do we need Mogadishu and the south for? Puntland has the potential to be the dubai of east of africa if the leadership was competent and not interested in engaging the south. [ November 21, 2008, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  9. Originally posted by Amina daughter of Nikatau: aboowe starving isnt a trivial matter i don't understand your hierarchy of importance but the rest of the world would beg to differ...just saying there is never enough food cause these men have never ending appetites and by the time it reaches us either the good food has run out or there's hardly anything left.... :mad: i'm being selfish? me? shouldnt the person who feeds your ever expanding belly get first dig? and the religion is quite favourable to women and i'm sure starving us isnt very islamic like..... Did not know Starvation was a problem in melbourn? How about a compromise? and alternate. One day the women cook and the men eat first and the next, the women cook and the men eat first. I don't understand why somali girls make a big deal about something as trivial as 'who's cooking' and who's eating first'? If you can cook, cook! Personally think, as soon as the food is made, everyone should dig in.
  10. Abdullahi Yusuf is a great leader, let's be realistic, the man fought against ethiopians in the 1977 war and was decorated for it, he brought down the dictatorship of Barre. And today he is single handily trying to revive the somali republic, that's an ambitious and laudable goal on his part even if he doesn't succeed.
  11. 49. I messed up on those small middle eastern countries and eastern european countries.
  12. I've been calling for puntland independence for some time now. Clearly, the international community and southern somali's are not interested in supporting a central somali government. Why must puntland continue to waste resources their? There is more than enough work to be done in puntland.
  13. amina I already apoligized, and welcome. it seems like a trivial problem, is there a food shortage where you live or something? How about you make enough food for everyone? Don't you think your being selfish, the whole purpose of muslim function is for a sense of community and the women to cook for the men. It defeats the purpose if you cook your own food and start eating it yourself first.
  14. Originally posted by AbAyO123: ^^^that was not funny & it was uncalled for! :mad: and from what i see she's new! Alright, apologies to amina.
  15. Originally posted by Kashafa: S-pride, Good question. Perhaps it's because he knows that Puntland itself will fall to the Dhalinyarta within hours of Ethiopians vacating their bases in Bosaaso and Gaalkacyo. Mida kale, we have all seen the 'fighting ability'(or lack thereof) of the Puntland militia as well as their exceptional sprinting ability when it comes to fagatax . If they have been easily whipped by Hiraale and Riyaale, do you think they stand any chance facing the battle-hardened veterans of Iidaale and Raas Kaambooni ? mar-mar runta in la isu sheego aa fiican, abti. So I think it is a wise move for Adeer Cabdullahi to search for a country that will accept him as a political refugee in fear of his life. Somebody should tell Nur Cade and Aadan Madoobe to start doing the same thing. Wallahi this guy is delusional. You really think these al shabab rag tag lunatic militias can stand toe to toe with the well oiled puntland army? Remember whenever it comes to conventional fighting, these lunatics have been swiftly defeated. What they do best is operate with gueralla tactics and suicide bombings and brainwash kids. That's not ragnimo. Red-Sea Would you support al-shabab takeover of 'somaliland'?
  16. Do this next time: plot your hungry overweight self right beside the men and start munching on the food.
  17. Originally posted by nuune: - Abdullaahi Yusuf in Libya, siding with Eritrea & Egypt, Ethiopi'a main enemies. - Eretrea welcoming Yey's latest developements. Abdullahi Yusuf is very ambitious and resourceful president, gotta give it to him. We all remember what happened to gheedi when he fell out with the president.
  18. Originally posted by *Blessed: Indeed, no one deserves to be raped. That's the bottom line. Surly a rapist deserves to be raped. What about raping a rapist with some sharp object as a form of punishment? eye for an eye, rape for a rape sort of situation?
  19. Talk about balls of steel, these guys are ambitious. But you'd think a tanker like this carrying $100 million word of oil would have better security. Reading this earlier about how these pirates seize these large ships: "Details of Saturday's attack were not known, but in past seizures, pirates have used ropes and ladders to climb the hull _ and on large ships, the crew often doesn't notice them until it's too late. On the Sirius Star, the attackers likely would have had to scale about 30 feet from the water to the deck." hopefully these 'pirates' will get a good pay day.
  20. Nuune Who's building the jet engine? also do you know what happened to that proposed transatlantic tunnel? I remember watching it on extreme engineering awhile back, but it was too expensive. It was suppose to take you from new york to london in 50 minuets. aaliyah I need to work on prayer, sadly I don't pray as much as I used to. As for hajj, my plan is inshallah to take my mom to hajj within a few years, she's very religious but never had the means or chance to go. have you been?
  21. I sent money to galkacyo during ramadan, $50. But just looking at that large family, I can't help but thinking why have so many kids when your poor knowing full well you won't be able to feed/clothe them? Maybe we should start sending contraceptives to somalia as well, lower the population and more girls going to school. That's the most effective way to tackle poverty instead of just sending a lump sum of money. Same with somali's who send money to their families back home, it only encourages laziness if you just send them money whenever they need it, instead we should be sending enough money to start their own business and they can take care of themselves.
  22. nuune who's to say transporters will not be invented in the near future. dream big sxb. aaliyah how do we become better muslims?
  23. These al shababs are lunatics with no real agenda besides whipping and stoning young girls. They are nothing more than Ignorant monkey's with kalashnikovs. May they burn in the very depths of jahanam.
  24. "55.Wild animals will be able to talk to humans " Really? Is this a sign? I've always wanted to know what these wild animals were thinking. "25.Great distances will be traversed in short spans of time " So does this mean a transporter ala star trek will be possible? I'm looking forward to that, beam me up scotty. But some of these signs have come to fruition, very scary, like the acid rain and increase in earthquakes, smog. All the environmental problems we hear about today, maybe this will teach muslims to accept the reality of climate change. But I wonder about signs like 'women will conspire', haven't women been conspiring for ages, is this really a sign?
  25. Use whey, there are no side effects and it tastes good. Why waste time making your own protein shake?