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  1. ha jabaan ururka biliiliqo jecel iyo jahiliinta aka al shabab!
  2. It's too late for most of those gangbanger teens(in minneapolis and everywhere else), as soon as they hit 17, forget about them, they are gone and have fully incorporated the negative aspects of black american culture in their minds. The solution is help and work on the young kids.
  3. It seems to me, the opposition towards this TFG government is mostly about 'yeey' than about anything else. Ogaada somali unity is dead, as soon as this government dissolves expect another round of endless violence in the south with no inch forward in progress. Let's be realistic, Abdullahi Yusuf is the only reason puntlanders support this weak transitional government. As soon as he's gone, puntland will do it's best to counteract the next government like we did with the TNG. Simply put: puntland will not support any entity that does not represent the interests of puntlanders.
  4. Are muslim women even allowed to be governors or presidents of nations? this seems like an unlikely scenario, but I probably wouldn't.
  5. MOGADISHU, Somalia Sep 29 (Garowe Online) - A senior opposition official in Somalia has condemned African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) peacekeepers and al Shabaab insurgents for “targeting civilians.” Col. Omar Hashi, the secretary of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS), told Mogadishu-based Radio Codka Nabada (Voice of Peace) that both sides must be held to account. Col. Omar Hashi, ARS Secretary “The responsibility [for the bombing] lies with both sides, but AMISOM committed the bigger crime by bombarding civilian areas,” Hashi said, adding: “The al Shabaab group who made the wrong decision are also criminals.” The ARS official said AMISOM peacekeepers “did not start the violence,” but responded to al Shabaab mortars “launched from civilian areas.” Last week, al Shabaab rebels launched mortars at Mogadishu's Aden Adde International Airport, which is a major base for AMISOM peacekeepers. More than 50 people have been killed in airport-related violence since September 16, when al Shabaab issued the threat to shoot down airplanes landing at the airport. Col. Hashi condemned both sides for the bombing of civilians, while calling on al Shabaab to rescind their decision to shoot down airplanes. In June, the Islamist-led ARS opposition umbrella split into two camps after ARS Chairman Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed inked a peace deal with Ethiopian-backed Somali Prime Minister Nur "Adde" Hassan Hussein. ARS officials based in Eritrea are led by Islamist hardliner Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, who has rejected peace talks until Ethiopian troops withdraw from Somali soil. Col. Hashi is allied to the Sheikh Sharif-led ARS wing, which has been based in Djibouti since June 9. Yesterday, a Somali MP accused AMISOM peacekeepers of committing "a massacre" in Mogadishu.
  6. Originally posted by Nur: 3. Divide the Americans into Catholics and Protestants, Blacks, whites and latinoes, just like how you've created our war here in Somalia between clans, thru your "Development advisory Sevices", and how you've brilliantly "developed" good relations in Iraq between Shia and Sunni, which is now your copy-paste of the same in Pakistan. To start a sustainable civil war, let your contractors hit one American Protestant church with a tomahowk missile, blame it on Catholics, then Hit a Catholic church with another cruise missile, blame it on Protestants, then get out of their way and watch the fire works from your balcony at the white house. When the killing, rape and looting by blacks and latinoes begins, let your homeland security set up road blocks in every neighborhood to collect passage fees. From my financial experience, each control point aka ISBAARA, should generate one million per day, with potential 10,000 check points in your big USA country, ( Your people are now ready for security checks) , I think you can generate at least 10 Billion per day, which can offset your entire deficit, in addition you can make additional sale of weapons to civilians, since Americans have a right to carry arms. This American civil war should be fully privatized and managed by Blackwater, you should get rid of the wall street boys and hire gun totting illitrate kids from run down neigborhoods on pick up trucks. Honorable Muse Sudi Yalaxow Minister Of Trade and Finance Somali Transpanted Foreign Government ( TFG) Baidoa, Ethiopian Army Baracks. 2008 eNuri Satiricals Sharrul Baliyati Maa Yudxik! Lol. In this nonsense satire of yours, do the blacks/latino's represent ****** and the whites, catholic ******s?
  7. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: I salute dear friends Xinn, Ngonge, Nuune, Ilax, Sayid, Zack, Che, Jacaylbaro and Johnny B. I don't wish happy Eid to General Duke,Username etc . I wish we will see Unknown1 back again. Lol. Why not a happy Eid to myself and general duke? Anyways, Happy Eid to all peace loving somali's and non-moryaan. For the al shabab moryaan, the moryaan fighting the government, moryaan in the diaspora, and all general moryans may allah continue to punish you all.
  8. MOGADISHU, Somalia Sep 27 (Garowe Online) - A gang of pirates who hijacked a Ukrainian-flagged ship loaded with an assortment of weapons on Friday demanded a staggering US$35 million payment for its release. A pirate spokesman, Januna Ali Jama, told the BBC Somali Service during a Saturday morning interview that the ship contains "weapons of all kinds." "The Kenyan government should negotiate," Januna declared, saying that documents found aboard the Ukrainian-owned Faina indicated the ship was intended to dock at the Kenyan port of Mombassa. He demanded a ransom payment in the amount of US$35 million, citing the weapons and other expensive property aboard the ship as being "very valuable" to its owners. He stated that 20 people are on board the ship and a 14-year old boy is the youngest, while confirming media reports that Russian-made tanks were on board as well as an assortment of light weapons. Januna, the pirate spokesman, would not clearly identify where the Faina was being taken, but he claimed the world will know by "tomorrow afternoon." He warned the governments of France and the United States against any military action, saying: "We warn the French and the Americans…anything that happens is their responsibility." The ship's crew "fought against us," Januna said, adding that the pirates eventually succeeded after using "tactical maneuvers" to overpower the Faina. He justified the attack, saying: "I do not think we are in the wrong. Our country [somalia] is destroyed by foreigners…who dump toxic waste at our shores." Piracy has grown along the Somali coast during 2008, making the strategic sea route linking the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean the world's most dangerous waters. Source: Garowe Online
  9. This sounds fishy. And what exactly does it have to do with al shabab mooryan, al shabab are just mooryan not an organized group. I don't think any somali or muslim should be supporting our own people being arrested under vague circumstances.
  10. This is great news, the 'vigilantes of the seas' are protecting somali waters from illegal trawlers, and ships dumping toxic waste.
  11. Originally posted by dhulQarnayn: To the anti-Puntland Crowd, This is not some lofty statement coming from Mr Supremacist, claiming that Puntland's aristocracy has always ruled the pleabian communities of Somalia; in a manner of speaking, it is an obvious FACT that Puntland natives have in one form or other always ruled I suggest y'all quit your wallowing and fall in line by accepting your lowly position in life. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California Indeed Mr. DhulQarnayn, that's an obvious fact, one we somali's best not forget. I believe the innate nobility, leadership of puntlanders is unquestionable and somalia was always prosperous under the rule of puntlanders.
  12. Ilax Name somalia's greatest leaders, sultanates, and you will find that they are from a specific area(puntland). There is nothing wrong with recognizing different abilities of people, we all have a part to play.
  13. I believe the next president of Somalia should be from puntland, somali leadership is our birthright, and puntlanders have a proven track record of government, leadership and peace. A/Y time has passed, If the next president is not from puntland, I don't see puntlanders supporting him or his government and there will be a new secessionist state.
  14. LOL@ "The suffering of dairy cows" When a group of high hippies get together, PETA is the end result.
  15. Originally posted by LayZie G.: KK, lol, inaa lillaah waa inaa raajicuun. I read the title and already migraine aa i qabtay.(no joke) Everywhere you turn, you have another secessioner posting a thread about how wonderful s-land is, its almost as thought they don't believe it themselves, so sanka ay dadka ka galinayaan so ayaga madaxooda u galo. Seriously KK, soon Suldaanka will claim that the waramps organization waxa laga aas-aa-saa-say S-Land. So what there are few individuals who had returned lost items over the years? Every society's got them. Poster, I bet you didn't know that my waramps tag helped me get my keys back. A combination of my car keys(which were $300 to replace (taxes in)) along with my house keys by waramps sent by mail. This great nation of ours, aka my adopted Country Canada has better citizens than your sovereignty seeking little tuulo, ya dig. These types of threadS won't help your overrall goal, ee why don't you try to do a better job next time. That also goes for the other notorious secessioner and his europe-trash tourists postings of the so called "ministers" of your administration, enough is enough. Why are you hating on somaliland? At least they have peaceful region, even if they have a corrupt regime at the helm. I actually believe they have the right idea, not the separation, but sticking to regional and local politics instead of desperately going after some nonexistent sense of somali unity.
  16. Let me begin to say that it’s a very, very sad day today in Hargeisa that unarmed civilians are once again slaughtered by callous, cowardice pigs with badges. But one and one man only, is the crown criminal. Dahir Riyale Kahin has blood in his hands! Talk about “oasis of peace!” In March, Riyale bought the “House of Elders” who reciprocated his favor, of course, by throwing the “election” date away! Then two days ago, his henchmen opened fire on unarmed civilians, murdering two and leaving scores laid on their mangled limbs, and listen to this, it was their foul, because “…cidkasta oo idin tidhi buuqaa samaya idiinmay tudhin.” Welcome to Mugabe-land! This deception to mislead the public about an idea called “Somaliland” had begun long ago. But to be fair, there was once an opportunity: an opportunity to proceed by broadening the prospect of peaceful coexistence to bring about a better day for all, maybe even a “nation!” That was when the people of that particular world arrived at a crossroad. The crossroad that the northern Somalia “Somaliland” was on was the less chosen and the least traveled path of progress, against the much known and well traveled but littered with losses road. In April 2003, when Riyale arrived at the scene of the seat of power, the northern Somalia was most in-need of a leader who would take the helm and heed the urgent call to address an urgent need; the need to raise democratic ideals from the ashes of what once was a part of a nation. That leader would have healed the wounds of war, unite his people, make the prospect of peace palatable and possibility of business palpable. That golden opportunity to patch the bleeding wounds that the civil-war left gored, and then would have stretched an arching arm to possibly dim the damning fire next door in south Somalia, availed itself in “Somaliland”. Alas, that once in a lifetime golden opportunity to see the schism between the failed policies of the past and the vision to chart a bright future on a new chapter was in the hands of Dahir Riyale Kahin! In April 2003 when the golden opportunity emerged, “Somaliland” had been trundling on a lonely road in search of recognition as an independent nation for twelve years. “Without authenticity, action drifts. Without action, authenticity remains idle conjecture and wishful thinking. Yet there was not a glimmer of hope on the horizon for recognition, but the hot flares of secessionist rhetoric remained blazing in the north while the rest of Somalia stayed mired in a self mutilating war. At least however, the most precious of human dignity, peace, was finally restored in the north, or so we tought, a presidential election was held for the first time in twenty six years and the private sector seemed to be sauntering toward a road of revitalization. Most of all however, the historical significance of this presidential election was monumental. One, despite the difficulty of convincing the rest of world that the northerners were a separate nation, northerners wanted to prove that there was/is a life after Siyad Barre and that they were able to govern themselves with democratic ideals as well as get along with each other. As it looked, the public took an inventory of the political wind and felt the urge to avoid repeating the past. Thus, they rejected the typical clanish status quo for a day and regardless of what the political might, Riyale was elected. People seemed to sense that the “nation” needed a non-***** leader and against the all odds voted for one. The victorious Riyale was less educated, less charismatic and worse of all, was an officer in Siyad Barre’s era with the most hated secret service unit; the notorious NSS (Somali Secret Service) and on top of that was stationed in Berbera, a city that had seen its share of human rights abuses at the hands of the NSS at the peak of the struggle against Siyad Barre. Now however, the majority of the people who suffered under such inhumane treatment still voted “yes” for reconciliation. This signal was very important to the rest of the non-Isaaqs in north. Once Riyale became president, the underlined interpretation of his election was that the *******, too, could have a say in their own homeland. How did this opportunity of ushering Riyale in come about and why, then fissile away, one may ask? It looked that the public was tired of the monopolization, political chicanery and treasury theft of Riyale’s predecessor, Mohamed Ibraim Egal. Once on the throne however, unfortunately Riyale took the baton at where Egal had left, running away with it but from the greatest opportunity, an opportunity that a catalyst leader would have seized by exhibiting “personal confidence to facilitate and mediate” all the competing, core interest issues and groups. It was soon proven that the urgent call for leadership in the northern Somalia arrived in time but obviously with a wrong person. Riyale would not drop Egal’s contaminated, corrupted baton, thus could not stop time and take the creative, baby steps to conceive a nation. He leaned on the legacy of Egal’s stick that was laden with divisive dirt, damning theft and devious incompetence. Once on the throne however, unfortunately Riyale took the baton at where Egal had left, running away with it but from the greatest opportunity, an opportunity that a catalyst leader would have seized by exhibiting “personal confidence to facilitate and mediate” all the competing, core interest issues and groups. It was soon proven that the urgent call for leadership in the northern Somalia arrived in time but obviously with a wrong person. Riyale would not drop Egal’s contaminated, corrupted baton, thus could not stop time and take the creative, baby steps to conceive a nation. He leaned on the legacy of Egal’s stick that was laden with divisive dirt, damning theft and devious incompetence. “[Vice] leaders are unwilling or unable to employ necessary and appropriate leadership strategies such as envisioning, prioritizing, communicating, educating, inspiring, persuading, mobilizing, organizing, coalition building, listening, adapting, getting information, managing, delegating, coordinating, negotiating, implementing…” He soon saddled himself with all that was vile about Egal, Machiavellian, clannish politics and Siyad Barre boorish arrogance of power inebriation. Riyale began to lie, steal, abuse, ignore and of course was neither fearful nor ashamed of any of his vices. As a matter of fact, he went about his business as though wearing a badge of honor by not missing a beat of straddling himself between Siyad Barre’s pattern of despotism, and the daylight robbery of the meager financial yield of the “nation” of Egal. And worse, Riyale began to murder now! Leadership for the Common Vice Part II Once on power, Riyal soon stated replicating all that was malicious and mean about Siyad Barre, short of mass graves (which may be coming), and all that was baleful and beastly about Egal. He began to build up the pile and in fact passed by them both with his luxurious villas around the globe and the lavish Mobutu-like mansions. And just like his predecessor, Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, Riyale has yet to pass or implement a single meaningful, public policy change. “Incompetent leaders [are] bad at meeting challenges…coping with complexity…[and] managing change”. Every University built in the north has been raised from the dust by private donors. Nothing has been added to the only three semi-highways in the entire “Somaliland” that were paved in Siyad Barre’s era, and even these three are decaying with disrepair. . Amnesty International and the Paris-based Reporters without Borders have been quite alert and vocal about the perilous time that “Somaliland” journalists have been facing as well as the other human right abuses. This “government” that has been trying to portray itself as champion of democracy, has been the worst enemy to itself, for it kept on stepping on mines that it had laid. In other words, it has been attracting all but negative news to itself. And now that it is murdering unarmed civilians, it will get worse! The “government” of “Somaliland” is very keen to bankrupt businesses that do not fall inline with their bribery. For example, the economic backbone of the whole “nation” depends on livestock exports (sheep, goats, camels and cattle). The only port equipped to accommodate both shipping and unloading livestock is in Berbera, the ancient city hugging the Gulf of Eden. Millions of livestock heads that are shipped to the Arabian Gulf, have become the cash cow for Riyale and his cronies. The tax currency collected from the port goes directly into Riyale’s hands. In addition, last year Riyale issued a presidential decree giving exclusive rights (a complete monopoly) to sell and buy all Somaliland livestock to a Saudi tycoon. Furthermore, he set the price as well, interrupting the flow of economic growth and stifling the competition. As a result, I reasonably argued that in “Somaliland,” that the claim of a viable democracy is just a vacuous rhetoric. “Somaliland” has not put foreword a legitimate argument to deserve the United Nation’s recognition as an independent nation. The people of “Somaliland” are being misled by inept, clan politicians who have packaged the same old illness--clan politics allover again. And worse, the man in charge of “Somaliland” today is a man who has learned from the past masters of malice and has been trapped in that mindset. Thus, when an opportunity to lead arrived and offered a golden choice against the gruesome past, regrettably Riyale chose the crowded, much traveled road of the past where leaders of the common vice littered it with lamentable losses: losses of time, lives and opportunities. Alas Riyale could have taken the less traveled road of hope. He could have opened the clogged corridors of hope by letting the business minded bunch bring about ideas of commerce and create camps to cultivate capital investment. He could have let the press pursue their interest, freedom to express their opinion. He could have let the court calm the whole “nation” with courtesy of law. And he could have called all the northerners to his corner by uniting columns of clannish enclaves, showing that they all share the responsibility to rebuild a “nation”, neighborhood by neighborhood, school by school and city by city. If these steps were taken he could have invited southerners, too, to Berbera’s peaceful beaches to begin the process of reconciliation! Regrettably as Farah (the well known Somali writer) would note that “…we know that great many of the men at the helm of the continent [of Africa]’s power do not have the people’s mandate to be their first place and have no self pride nor foresight,” within the arena of leadership. Riyale’s leadership validates the theory of leadership for the common vice. He lacks the catalytic vision to inspire a cause for the common good for he is clueless to the common vice by following the same road that the previous “incompetent, rigid, intemperate, callous, corrupt, insular [and] evil” leaders like him paved. For that “Somaliland” is a lost cause. The recognition that the northerners have been searching for is an illusion, illusion that the public has been riding on the back of a parasitic, vice leadership that also just begun to murder unarmed civilians, too. It’s not only Siyad Barre of 1982 allover again but painfully and poignantly so prophetic, that it is the Mugabe of today. Unarmed civilian were murdered, for they dared to challenge Riyale’s illegitimate and ill-conceived “I, I, I, me, me, me,” narcissistic, nebulous and nescient personality.
  17. What does puntland affairs have to do with a 'khatlander' like yourself?
  18. I'm thinking of getting this, I have a mac, where can one download parallels online? I need microsoft visio, and there is no viso on mac.
  19. ^ Adiga iyo dadkaada wax ni ka tabar xun aduunka majiro ee meel naga fariiso and slow your role saxiib. I was responding to the following comments: On the one hand you complain about ethiopians and then boast about the cities they helped you build. Originally posted by Zafir: ^That's what they get for killing all the fireflies. Ps: From these pictures JigJiga has more roads then all of Puntland combined. Originally posted by al-Hashimi: Its better then the current Moqadishu in economics, safety etc. I didn't take the photos just found them on the net I will search for other photos aswell Inshallah.
  20. Dear Editar Salaama Calaykum Wa Raxmatulaahi Wa Barakaatuhu. Waxaan rabay inaa daho nacala adiga iyo qofkasta oo kuu eeg ku yaal Jazakallah.
  21. Originally posted by Geel_jire: quote:Originally posted by Username: You're right this is a problem, but perhaps with a better puntland we can help our people in the jubba's take the region. ^ if that is not naked Qabil based warmongering i dont know what is ! take the jubba's ku yeh ... do you think before you post horta ? wax iskula hadh ninyahow ... consider my response an iota of what i would have said if it were not Ramadan You've misinterpreted my comments, taking the region I meant politically not militarily. Convince and show people through action why puntlanders should lead them. My suggestion is to re-asses the situation in somalia on the basis of what's good for puntland it's people, this is in turn will show us what's good for somalia as a whole.
  22. Originally posted by nuune: Yeah, and its disaster plus disaster after disaster, so to deal with disaster one at a time is good, but how! If there is no general agreement against the removal of Ethiopia, or against the warlords(remember every warlord is supported by his clan), then it wouldn't be easy to achieve peace that easily. And the warlords would stay there with or without Ethiopia removal. the so called Al-shabaab are even making alot of divisions between people, so I don't see any easy solution for Somalia. Waxaa la dhihi jirey kud ka guur oo qanja u guur This is true, that's why somali's need to go their separate ways. Somalinimo died in 1991.