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  1. DENVER, Colorado (AFP) — Republicans Wednesday crowed with delight at Hillary Clinton's show-stopping convention speech, claiming she had helped to build their case against Democrat White House hopeful Barack Obama. Commentators seized on the fact that in a speech full of drama, tears and laughter in which Clinton repeatedly urged her supporters to unite to elect Obama president, she never once said he was ready to lead. "I think she gave a very good speech from her point of view and our point of view, but not necessarily for Barack Obama's point of view," former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani told Fox News. "She never really answered the key question, is he prepared to be president? Which is the issue she put out there, rather dramatically, during the primaries." Even as the last cheers were still echoing through the vast Denver convention center, the campaign of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain swiftly tore Clinton's speech to shreds late Tuesday. "Senator Clinton ran her presidential campaign making clear that Barack Obama is not prepared to lead as commander in chief," Tucker Bounds, spokesman for Obama's Republican rival John McCain, said in a statement. "Nowhere tonight did she alter that assessment. Nowhere tonight did she say that Barack Obama is ready to lead. Millions of Hillary Clinton supporters and millions of Americans remain concerned about whether Barack Obama is ready to be president." The former first lady's speech held the packed center spellbound, but did not sound like she planned to bow out of politics any time soon. Instead, passed over by Barack Obama in his search for a running mate two months after her own campaign folded, Senator Clinton wrote her own history of her campaign, and seemed to be spotlighting her future role. "This is a fight for the future. And it's a fight we must win," Clinton said, in comments about November's election, but which might have referred to her own political hopes. Influential commentator Michael Barone writing in U.S. News magazine said the speech put everyone on notice that Clinton could indeed make another historic tilt at the White House in 2012. The speech was "good, but not quite very good, for Barack Obama in 2008. Even better, if things should turn out like they might, for Hillary Clinton in 2012," he wrote. "What was missing was much in the way of description of Barack Obama. What kind of man is he? One who supports the same positions she does," he asked. "Has she looked deep into his heart and found something worthy? No evidence here that she had. Would he be a good commander-in-chief? Not a word on that, as the McCain campaign quickly and gleefully noted." And Rush Limbaugh, the high priest of conservative talk radio, told Fox News that the adoration of Clinton late Tuesday was "the first time since 1976 that a convention has been more excited about a loser than a winner." Despite calling on her millions of disappointed fans to vote Obama, Clinton "de-linked herself from him," Limbaugh argued. "Those two both need for Obama to lose and they're going to do whatever they can after they leave Denver to see that that happens," he argued.
  2. Originally posted by Brofessor_Geeljire: quote:Originally posted by Username: This is welcoming news, the TFG will retake the city from al shabab terrorists soon inshallah. Do you guys actually think before you type away? :confused: Who's you 'guys'? So I can better answer the question.
  3. Originally posted by Afr0 GirL: Username:Do you even know the word NATIONALIST? Do any of you tribisman fit this magic word NATIONALIST? we have the most nuts and die hard, headcases in the world! '0' Can't believe I just said that Who are my tribesmen exactly? and what dooes it have to do with this topic? Do you look at everything through tribe lenses?
  4. KISMAYO, Somalia Aug 26 (Garowe Online) - After years of militia violence, roadblocks and assassinations, the southern Somali port city of Kismayo is reportedly calm under the rule of a coalition of local clans and Islamist guerrillas. For the past two days, fighters who seized the strategic port town have been invited to feasts by the region’s traditional elders. ‘Aqil Abdullahi Bile, a Kismayo-based clan chief, tells Radio Garowe that traditional elders are holding clan conferences as the first phase and are planning to hold an “all-clan gathering” soon. “The second phase of the peace process is to bring together all clans,” the ‘Aqil told me during a telephone interview Tuesday. He pointedly stated that the traditional elders’ aim is to avoid marginalizing any of the local clans, especially the clan whose warlord-turned-parliamentarian, Col. Barre Hirale, was violently chased out of Kismayo after two days of fighting that claimed upwards of 50 lives. The third phase of the peace process would involve a conference between Kismayo’s traditional elders – who represent the region’s various clan groups – and Islamist guerrillas who spearheaded the war to oust Col. Hirale and his militia. As part of the first phase, representatives from the ***** clan, including elders, religious persons and businessmen, held a private meeting and reached a three-point agreement, according to ‘Aqil Abdullahi. “We agreed that Islamic [shariah] Law is our constitution,” the ‘Aqil said. The other two points, he added, include an agreement that all men between the ages of 15 and 50 will be “recruited as fighters” and to invite Islamist fighters to feasts as a "show of appreciation." He described the security situation in Kismayo as “100 percent safe,” adding that local businesses remained open until midnight. Plane shooting On Tuesday, Islamist fighters standing guard at Kismayo’s airport shot at a small plane as it attempted to land. The airplane was “transporting a khat shipment,” according to airport sources, referring to a narcotic plant used widely across Somalia. One Islamist fighter who spoke with Radio Garowe on the condition of anonymity said the plane shooting “happened by accident.” “Our men were not informed of an airplane that was supposed to land,” he said, adding: “When the plane attempted to land, they fired [bullets] but there was no damage and the plane flew away.” Understandably, the security situation in Kismayo is tense, with Col. Hirale’s militia commander vowing to retake the town by military force during comments to the press. Unconfirmed reports from Gedo region, where Hirale fled to safety, say the warlord was wounded in the leg as he fled Kismayo. In Bardhere, an agricultural town in Gedo, Hirale’s militias are reorganizing while fighters loyal to al Shabaab are reportedly “in the outskirts of the town,” according to locals. On Tuesday, business activity was minimal in Bardhere as buyers and sellers remained anxious about new security developments and feared an armed clash between al Shabaab and Hirale’s militias. Somalia's interim government, which enjoys diplomatic backing from the West and military support from Ethiopia, has failed to restore order in the national capital Mogadishu. Critics accuse the government of being dominated by warlords, who are widely despised across Somalia. The Islamists, by contrast, offer an alternative form of government and enjoy a reputation for maintaining a strong standard of security in every town they control. Source: Garowe Online
  5. ^ It's just news, how people react to it is completely up to them. Everyone here is grown up I believe.
  6. The only way forward is to support the somali government and the peace process.
  7. Politics was injected into this on the first page, some blamed the TFG and peacekeepers, others myself included say the TFG and peacekeepers have nothing to do with one individual woman and her sins and the blame is squarely on her shoulders. I suppose with somali's politics has to be injected in everything. Malika I can't speak for other somali men, but I'm sorted out. Anyways, I'm not embarrassed, she's not related to me why should I care? But you seem to have some grudge against somali men, so let it all out.
  8. ^ The fact that he's ugandan should not even be an issue, he's not muslim and he was not married to her. That's is where the problem lies.
  9. Layzie There is no need to make so many excuses for her. Everyone is tested in this world as muslims, she commited sin and has no problem publicizing it. That is wrong.
  10. Nephthys How do you know the woman was in despair? she did say "she loved the father of her child" She made her choice and she must live with it. And Stop politicizing the issue, would removing the peacekeeping troops make a big difference? Somali's have been killing each other before the peacekeepers and if people cannot negotiate and keep the peace themselves, others will have to do it for us. Explain your last statement about puntland
  11. Done by peacekeepers or done by somalis? A somali woman committing zina with a ugandan peace keepers in the grand scheme of things is nothing to worry about anyways.
  12. I'm astounded at some people blaming the somali government here, this is a grown woman who decided on her own to commit sin and has no problem publicizing it. Peacekeepers are good for somalia.
  13. A Somali mother is in Kampala looking for a UPDF soldier who she says fathered her four-month-old baby-boy. The 23-year-old Nino Omar Ibrahim arrived five days ago after a one-week journey from war-torn Somalia. The situation back home, she said, had forced her to search for the father of her son who was one of the 1,600 Ugandan peace-keepers deployed in Mogadishu. “I met him when I took my father, Sheik Ibrahim Omar, for treatment at the AMISOM hospital in Mogadishu,” said the frail-looking Nino. While she searches for the soldier, Nino has taken refuge in Kisenyi, the Kampala slum which has most Somali refugees. “I love the father of my boy. All I need is to get in touch with him for assistance. I need him that is why I came. My child is a Ugandan but I feared being killed due to this act. I am safer here,” she said. Under Islamic law, which operates in some parts of Somalia, a woman may be killed for having sex out of wedlock. Nino, who says she gets help from Hussein Hassan, the chairman of the Somali community here, wants the UPDF to help her. Army spokesman Maj. Paddy Ankunda, who met Nino at his Mbuya offices on Friday, promised to help. He identified the officer as Joshua Asiza, a medical worker. “We want him to take responsibility and take care of the boy and the mother. They need help,” Ankunda said. “If he denies responsibility, that will be another matter.” Ankunda would not say what sentence or charges the officer would face if he declined to take responsibility. But he added that if Asiza fathered the child, he breached the army code of conduct. “We have guidelines to follow while on a peace mission especially abroad. In the UPDF, we don’t condone indiscipline.” Asiza, a Warrant Officer II, was part of the first batch of the African Union peace-keeping force in the war-torn Somalia. He refused to take his calls yesterday. President Museveni had warned the officers to desist from “immoral acts”. Meeting them in Kimaka, Jinja, before their departure, Museveni said: “You are leaving while healthy. Don’t go and start irresponsible behaviour that will see you contract HIV/AIDS.” During the UPDF mission in DR Congo, many Congolese women, along with children, followed the officers back to Uganda after the mission ended. Many settled down with the soldiers as married couples. Source: New Vision, Aug 24, 2008
  14. Somali people are not built for sprints. But she tried her best, so kudos.
  15. That's positive news, hopefully they can work better together now.
  16. War and rape seem to always go together, irresepective of the religion, culture of those at war. The chineese were brutally raped by the japaneese in nankin, the germans by the russians in the end of world war 2, Darfu today, somalia, Iraq and many other historic examples. Rape has been a used as a method to humiliate your enemies by raping their women. War and the threat of loosing your life turns men into animals.
  17. Are you saying the prophet did not say it's 'better' for a woman to pray at the privacy of her home? I didn't interpret anything, and I'm far from qualified to interpret hadiths.
  18. Didn't the prophet say that the place for a woman to pray is the privacy of her home, while it's obligation for men to pray at the mosque hence the reason why majority of the space in the mosque is for men.
  19. Afr0 girl You should support the good in your people, not huraale and he's gang.
  20. ghabdho fadi kudirir iyo qabil jecel wax ka folxum majiro. Latest news is Huraale ran to ceel wak. The good men of he's ilk are chasing him out, so it's not qabil issue. Kismaayo was taken by local alliance of clans, barre's included.
  21. Who cares who a xalimo or any woman marries for that matter, let them marry whoever they want and have non somali kids, hopefully muslims. Somalinimo is dead concept anyways, and has been dead for a long time.
  22. Obama will not win, he's too black, too different, leftist and cannot withstand the republican propaganda machine. Don't listen to polls, only liberals whites and blacks will vote for him and those demographics don't win you general elections.
  23. somali girls like all girls want money and living the western lifestyle. I dunno, perhaps a woman can answer your odd questions better.
  24. Unknown1 What do you mean by "###"?
  25. " Baardheernah dadkii lahaa baa mardhow usoo socdo" sax.