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  1. Originally posted by Koora-Tuunshe: There's no such thing as "people of Mogadisho" or the south. Starting from Mogadisho all the way to the south, you will find peaceful and agricultural communities that have nothing to do with the mayhem in Mogadisho. The conflict was relocated to them to the extent they had become resigned to their fate. And if you go deeper, the same "people of Puntland" reside in large number regions of Juba. Should we as well secede from our people in the southern territory? It doesn't make sense. You're right this is a problem, but perhaps with a better puntland we can help our people in the jubba's take the region.
  2. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: Username, what is so sacred about Puntland that it has to break away from the rest of Somalia? And in what bases is it going to secede? Open your eyes young man and stop advocating dismembering a nation that is already in state of limbo. Puntland(disregard the name for a minute) was and still is part of the Somalia's conflict/civil war. If south ay quusayso, Puntland way la quusaysaa taas xasuuso. It's not about which region is sacred and which isn't, it's about accepting the reality that a strong central government that is supported by all will not work in somalia. So rather than waiting and wasting resources in the south, we should be directing our energy in puntland. Look at what the somali government has cost puntland: - there are massive refugees and displaced people from the south - many of the puntland soldiers are in mogadisho instead of puntland -moryans from the south are moving north, bringing criminality with them. - Now kidnaping of UN workers has increased, and the puntland adminstration does not have the resources and manpower to tackle the crime rate. Creating an atmosphere where NGO and UN workers don't feel safe. All of this is attributed to the TFG and it's president, Puntland was better off pre-TFG. It's time we looked forward, to make sure if there is oil in puntland that the profits from the oil deal goes to the residents of puntland and we do not get swindled. Get local people behind their regions again. "Forget the South"- that should be the new slogan for all candidates running in 2009
  3. What's with the constant calacal and whining about ethiopia from the O-G squad? if jigjiga is better than mogadisho and all of puntland according to some? maybe it's time you all started appreciating what the ethiopians regime has done for you?
  4. Originally posted by balayga-cas87: I don't believe the people of the south can be blaimed for the war, however the residents of Mogadisho are to blame for the 17 years of no peace, with the warlords etc. You're right, the residents deserve the blame for the 17 years of lawlessness in mogadisho and the south. The TFG with ethiopians support and the shabab moryans have the bulk of the blame for this war, but there are some mogadisho residents who support these groups.
  5. Originally posted by Peace Action: This is rubbish idea. The people of the region have always been for the unity of all Somalis, nothing has changed. Even though things look bleak at the moment in the South, there is a very good chance of achieving lasting peace in the South. Whoever prevails in this conflict, there is no going back to the last 17 years of warlordism. What's the chances, how many governments have failed before this? be a pragmatist, do you really want to go down with the sinking/sunk ship that is somalia?
  6. Originally posted by nuune: So bascailly you are not happy what is happening the other corner of the South, then maxaad ula yaabi Somaliland when they say dhibaatada Southka ayaan ka go'nay oo dowlad baan nahay. Basically yes, I'm indifferent as to what happens in the south, I'd prefer if the moryans al shabab were tamed and we could have at least a semblance of government even if it's not perfect. But chances of that happening are slim at best, and this so called peace process will not deliver anything like all peace initiatives before it. I'm basically advising puntlanders to forget the south and the drop the mentality of for somalia to be successful it needs a central government in mogadisho. This is false.
  7. I think it's time we gave the idea of declaring independence some real thought, the people in the south are maniacs who have no desire to see somalia succeed and are still stuck in the backward qabil mentality. For 17+ years these people could not make something of themselves. The ethiopians presence is an excuse, most of them are opposed to A/Y being the president because of where he hails from. Even with UA or arab troops, the al shabab moryans would put on fake cimmad and kill innocents. How long should we waste resources, soldiers in the south and on the TFG, when in reality it has produced nothing for us? Strictly from a practical point of view, what are the benefits of the TFG for us monetary or otherwise? Somali unity is something we all want ideally, but isn't better that we start building block approach, where everyone works in their regions, instead of being consistently held back mogadisho and the south. Discuss
  8. This Djbouti process will be another failure just like the many reconciliation processes before it, if this government doesn't work, I really hope the people of puntland follow the footsteps of somaliland and we seek independence. Al shabab moryans in the south cannot be negotiated with.
  9. Originally posted by unknown1: walaal dont cry when puntland becomes somalia. You're a comedien sxb. ever thought of doing stand up comedy?
  10. Originally posted by unknown1: no one in sol likes puntland. still licking ethios. u cant even fight somaliland, they gave u a lesson. then coming with the propoganda. u always say you will capture sanaag and bari. walaal, al shabaab doesnt care abt them saying they r not serious. We will capture bari real soon man. Don't worry about it.
  11. Originally posted by unknown1: 'muslims' which muslims? i thought u were attacking ICU when the jihad started. puntland likes to lick habashi ****. So are you saying those in puntland are not muslim? The typical mind of a mooryan shabab. Now you know why no one takes you and the al shabab seriously.
  12. Originally posted by unknown1: lol kulahaa. bax niyow. walaal, 2009 will be the year when Islamic Emirate of Somalia will seize bosaso and hold the qur'an with the right hand. So you plan to seize a muslim city? Are you going to be going on jihad against muslims? Now which clan is the tribalist clan in bossaso?
  13. Originally posted by unknown1: puntland with one clan, u r tribalist, chewing khat,smoke, full with pirates, and cant even control bosaso and harardheere. even alshabaab seized harardheere and stopped the piracy. u are all ********s there. whats ur gender? lol. Which clan are you talking about ? And I'm a male
  14. Originally posted by unknown1: ^^^ur location says everything. What does my location say ina mooryan?
  15. Obama campaign is going downhill, Mccain is leading in the polls and will continue to lead in the polls unless obama starts focussing on Mccain and the republican party and not Palin.
  16. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: So in the end, we have come down to this? the wife is saying he can't talk with anybody on the phone in the bedroom becuase she is disturbed. The moment he stops doing that and starts to read one of his books, she tells him " please switch off the light. I am getting headache with the lights." He could have thought what men usually would have suspected. But, she is sick and has serious gyno infections, complicated by pregnancy. He is confused. I mean Abdi-dahir, my freind. What does she want? what should he do? the part about no-phone calls received in the bedroom is worrying him, because he enjoys talking while reclining on the bed. Wouldn't that amount to denial of basic rights? Should he buy a new bed and put in a seperate room? a tele center in his own living house? Better yet, how about he buys a new wife?
  17. Originally posted by unknown1: before this post al shabaab wrote on their official website they will attack any plane they see in aden adde airport. they called it digniin(warning) So the al shabab moryans have their own official website?
  18. Quick question to those in dubai, how difficult is it to get an entry level job in engineering in UAE? I'm gonna be graduating this year.
  19. Cara Let me ask you a question, do you really believe liberals or democrats are any better than conservatives or republicans? Both the democrats and the republicans work for corporate and special interests. Do you know the amount of corporate companies and special interest groups that were in DNC convention in denver? Where do you think the donations for DNC comes from? Both liberals and conservatives are pro-israel as well, there is no real difference between either group, and this is true for canada, america and the rest of the western world. And the sooner somali's get out of depending on government assistance the better.
  20. Explain how you will be paying for years? If they are conservatives, that usually means they favor less taxes, better high paying jobs, less government assistance, not to mention socially conservative which is aligned with muslims. How's that bad for any muslim person that works and earns halaal money?
  21. Canadian politics is like watching paint dry, very boring.
  22. Huraale still plans on attacking the city, even though this admin did their past to placate he's group with this new admin.