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  1. I think it's safe to say red sea has his foot firmly in his mouth, he supports al shabab and also wants to see 'somaliland' separate, talk about nonsense.
  2. I get x=log(8)-log(6)/(log(2)+log(4)). Just plug that in a calculator, and see what you get.
  3. ^ Who exactly is this monolithic 'somalilander' group? I have a feeling you were talking about a certain qabil, am I wrong?
  4. Originally posted by Mujahid: Red Sea: 6. Somalilanders known for their hardwork, dedication, their true identity of being poineers, wealth of bussinesses, experience, and brains, and bravery shall help and contribute even . Death to qabiil. 'Somaliland's' basis for secession is qabil.
  5. Originally posted by LANDER: ^Well, a non-existent recognition cannot be 'threatened'. That said, some reasonable people actually argue to the contrary. That a viable and broadly representative government in Somalia would actually lead to a quicker path to international recognition and a settlement of all outstanding issues. (TFG for obvious reasons doesn't factor in) It's your(separatist) perception, you all seem to have an obsession with an international recognition that will never materialize. Wasn't one of your leaders that said: a kid in ethiopia is closer to me than one in mogadisho. I believe that's the prevalent mentality in the separatist region, hence all this condemning of TFG is nothing more than theatrics when you support the ethiopians that are funding the TFG even allowing them to use the berbera port.
  6. Somalian is an umbrella term to include all ethnicities(Reer hamar, somali's etc) living or were living in the somali republic. Somali on the other hand is restricted to ethnic somali's. That's the way I understood it.
  7. Anyone with the 'somaliland' separatist flag as a signature has no interest in a peaceful somalia, for a lot of them they think a peaceful south somalia is a threat to their recognition. Ictiraaf baa maskaxda ka waalay.
  8. Originally posted by Naden: JB, the essay presents enough ideas and arguments for a 500 page book. Perhaps the most interesting for me is the true purpose of mass education since its inception and its evolution. The field of education, from what I have observed in my area, trains teachers in the narcissistic, navel-gazing, practice of reflective education. Monitoring one’s feelings yet controlling the thoughts and outlook of children from the beginning. Social engineering at its best. The products are narcissistic, dull, anxious, unimaginative children who become perfect consumer drones and office slaves. When mass education was instilled, it was to take headstrong and independent farmers and farm hands from the field to the assembly line. Owners and predatory middle management couldn’t work with a farmer who works to death when he wants and the land needs, and sleeps for months at other times. The school system also serves a number of purposes including putting children away while parents work, and removing youth who could work from the labour market. It is quite barbaric how so many young men aged 14-19 are forced to shuffle through an ‘education’ they would much rather replace with working and living. All that energy, strength, and eagerness to live are crippled in a classroom headed by mostly sedentary, fat-bottomed, but very comfortably middle-class and middle-aged women, many of whom will never understand what it is like to be a male of that age. Oh, but school systems are very comfortable with 60 or 70%% of boys dropping out in some areas while wandering, unskilled and unguided, back and forth between shoddy attendance at high schools and part time work. No plans for apprenticeships, trades training, heavy labour, or anything that teaches these young people that you could make a comfortable living and start families without being stuck in that hideous limbo of delayed adulthood also known as undergraduate/graduate/professional education. General education – learning to read, write, and do basic math – should take no more than 6-7 years. The mind-numbing rote memorization and repetition of school curricula that justify massive education budgets, while producing youth who cannot spell much less think independently, are unforgivable. Have you read Dark Age ahead by Jane jacobs? She delves into the same issues, western education even in university has always been about credentials rather than education or practical aspects of life. I also notice there is too much emphasis on preparing high school students for university or college instead of promoting trade jobs especially for boy. Western education is very much female oriented. This type of education has adverse affects on boys hence why more girls go to university than boys because for a lot of males don't see the practical application of a university degree and would rather not waste four years learning something that is useless.
  9. Originally posted by siphoningdilemma: What is wrong with Somalis? Somali men ! And here are some elements which can explain their self distraction path: 1. Somali men are completely in denial of their current situation and just wanna b!tch about other countries having something to do with their self created chaos vs admitting the chaos was created by them and must be fixed by them SOON!! 2. The Somali men’s only ambition is who can provide them free fishes vs. learning how to fish on their own. 3. Somali men do not know how to hold each other accountable or directly speak to on another for the seek of greater good The route of fixing any crises is to realize the source of the crises. And the way is see it, the source to the Somalis chaos is our men and until we hold these men accountable nothing is gone get fixed! You father should've gave you the backhand a bit more often.
  10. Geel_jire yea that's the catch 22, most companies do hire engineers in training, but it's competitive. I'm regretting not doing an internship. But graduate school is always an option, though for engineering there is not a whole lot of difference between a masters and a bachelors.
  11. Originally posted by Geel_jire: ^ ... I guarantee you that phase will pass. many social sciences degrees are really good, your point only applies to something like a degree in fashion design. We used to have very silly arguments between Electrical Engineers and Electronic Engineers who was better, lol most people don't even know that there is a difference between the two. Same thing with my friends from Mathematics, Pure Mathematics were on top, then came Applied, at the bottom were statisticians. Engineering is a heavily regulated industry in the west, getting the engineering license is much more difficult than the actual degree.good luck ! I'm not knocking the social sciences. But realistically speaking, there are no practical applications for it. Actually it's not that difficult to get an engineering license where I'm at, the difficult part is getting an actual job, because with a certain amount of experience you can get your license and you only have to do one exam.
  12. This guy has some crazy stories, what will he write about next? perhaps his encounters with Luo lesbian lovers with leprosy.
  13. If you have a degree in social sciences or some other nonsense than the chances of you landing a job are slim. That's why somali's should stick to the engineering, nursing and other professional degree where there's a better chance of getting employment. But there are never guarantee's for getting employment. I'm graduating this year, and inshallah I'l find a suitable job.
  14. I don't remember mentioning abdullahi yusuf, there were many other leaders before him and southerners would not accept them either. Abdullahi Yusuf isn't the problem, it's the mentality of the people in the south. Also, it's historically true that reer puntland have been the guardians of the somali republic and even today, it's reer puntland that are trying to accomplish the unenviable task of uniting separatists in the north and anarchists in the south. As for somali sijui's in NFD, it's been my observation that they are content with being kenyan and have lost their somali spirit.
  15. There is nothing wrong with it, wrong is relative anyways, but it's not natural for a man to stay at home, nurturing is best left to women as they are genetically better equipped for it. But whatever works for you, any man with an ounce of pride would not let he's wife work while he stays at home like some curyaan.
  16. A man who stays at home while he's wife/girlfreind works is called a pimp.
  17. The man is not wrong though, if somali's can't get there act together especially those in the south, they should be annexed by Kenya since they will not allow one of their own to lead them. But somali's sijuis(NFD) suffer from serious inferiority complex which is atypical of the proud nomad somali's are, that's what being annexed by kenya will do to somali's. Anyways, I don't see it happening, because somali's in puntland have a stable region and we will always look out for our bothersome kin in the south. Indeed the guardians of the somali republic have always resided in puntland.
  18. I must say, sarah palin is very likable and she was a smart debater and she knew who her audience were: middle white working class americans.
  19. What about the warlord huraale? What's he planning?
  20. Walter Mosley(Devil in a blue dress), Isaac Asimov(Foundations). Blindness by joze saramago was a good novel. It's being adapted into a movie.
  21. I see we have battle between traditionalist muslim women(aaliyah) and the new age bra burning feminist quasi muslim women(Cynical lady). As always, the traditionalist common sense approach triumphs over the feminist selfish approach.
  22. Originally posted by LayZie G.: As a born and practicing muslim, I don't believe the principals of religion and state should be mixed. I believe that for a great nation like ours to prosper in the future, religion elements has to be eliminated. I don't believe that we should be ideal models to the world by adapting islamic state, no way, no how. Islam is not just a religion, it's a way of life. I really hope your not serious about this statement, saying islam and government don't mix is borderline atheism. Maylasia is a good example of a muslim country somalia can model itself after, promoting islam and shariah while making sure islam is not politicised.
  23. Originally posted by Juje: quote:Originally posted by Supremacist: What about kismaayo? and many other clashes that had nothing to do with ethiopians or the TFG in the south for the past 17 years, with no actual resolutions every reached? How about this chief: Strange of you to choose one major city that can be proved or taken as an example where TFG and its guardians have nothing to do with and is yet the stark opposite of the misery and apathy of places under the domionship of TFG. Kismayo is peaceful and it is a Somali solution for Somali people. Yes it has its bad sides but it is only the begining and will eventually stabilise as it has done so far. Anything else chief? Kismaayo was just one example, the city is doing better now, but that was not always the case. Hiiraan, beletweyn, galgadud, jubba's are other region where there has been constant clan fighting that had nothing to do with the TFG or ethiopians. Don't deny it, southerners are generally unfit people who are prone to random violence. It's been 17+ years and they are still unwilling to accept any form of government, the only code they live by is the moreyan and billiqaysi code of ethics.
  24. Originally posted by Juje: quote:Originally posted by Supremacist: [qb] Ogaada somali unity is dead, as soon as this government dissolves expect another round of endless violence in the south with no inch forward in progress. Bollocks...! Tell me where there is no violence in the south perpetuated by C/llahi and and his allies, Ethiopians, and I will support your innuendo notion. If your idea of unity is based with C/llahi at the helm and the shelling of all that is in the South then you can shaf the unity where it best suits you. What about kismaayo? and many other clashes that had nothing to do with ethiopians or the TFG in the south for the past 17 years, with no actual resolutions every reached? How about this chief: "NAIROBI, 20 February 2008 (IRIN) - Hundreds of nomadic families have fled the Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan regions of south-central Somalia after clashes between two communities claimed dozens of lives, sources said. The latest clashes, which began on 18 February between the Hawaadle and Abgal sub-clans of the main ****** clan, were concentrated around the small towns of Eil Qoryaale, and Eil Baraf, 260km north of the capital Mogadishu, and the surrounding villages." Who was to blame for that? Perhaps some puntland boogyman was behind it? :confused: