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  1. $250 pounds is about $500 american... but $5,000 for every baby is ****yn insane and very unrealistic. Their country is in a defeciet(sp) right now, sooo if she did say that i think its very very unrealistic.
  2. Did you know that 98% of teenagers will not stand up for Allah? Where did u find these statistics
  3. What the hell is somaliland??? It doesn't exist
  4. umm zakaria mashallah thats so beautiful knowing i don't have work or school staying out late with my girlfriend doing absolutely nothing being in the masjid and feeling so peaceful finishing a huge essay having money to go shopping when i know i just bought new clothes my parents being pleased with me when the whole family is happy havin someone u love n someone love u building goals n dreams with someone u love nice weather
  5. Well usually i find that in order to be relaxed everything around me has to be clean. So i just clean the whole house... or my room or whateva. Then i just do laundry, or grab a fresh t-shirt and sweats... or a bati and take a nice cleansing shower, just kick it and do something relaxing like watch tv, read a book, or if the weather's good, open the windows so you can catch a breeze while listening to ur ipod. Thats my tip for relaxing at home. But if u don't like cleaning then i guess this isn't 4 u
  6. jacalybaro get with the times!
  7. while the mother was on the call, she found her daughter with the bf giving her a kiss right at a table 2 steps aloof from her I find this story soo ridiculously untrue, and if not then perhaps intestely exaggerated. Anyway to answer why do people (and i say ppl, b/c i see that its not only girls but also guys) lie to their parents, i think its because there is a such a generation gap between the parents and the kids, most ppl cannot openly tell they are at a club or what have you. Even people who are grown still hide things like that, and at that age is more out respect for your parents. But about lying about being in a restaurant or such places, i think that is just ppl wit really strict parents or something.
  8. Hey my bad i didn't even notice i was posting in the women's section. I guess i was feelin too good when i wrote this. Anyway who cares now
  9. Right now i feel like im a cloud nine, and its b/c im listening to my Favorite tunes of all times. I don't if a topic like this exists but i was just wondering wat is ur feel good song, that song that makes u lay back and brings back so oh sweet memories.
  10. when some men say they didn't want to marry a woman who had slept around before, i didn't know that included a woman that only they had..... (i can't believe im using this word but) deflowered lool or only they had slept with. Anyway this was a long and interesting read. Ngone (sorry if i spelt your name wrong) If i read this correct, since ur married now, i just want to know did ur wife comply with all your restrctions
  11. ohhh my bad for jumpin to conclusions i see that
  12. just curious... why are u guys so quick to assume he is jew?? No doubt that is wrong... but i think it is really a mosque.. enough with the conspiracy theories people. He goes around making fun of all races.. but some ****** always cross the line
  13. I can't believe we're lookin at the same thing.. there's nothing trendy about that... looks like a little girl playin dress up wrapped herself in her mom's hijab :rolleyes: (even though she's not a little girl)
  14. I don't know if this has been posted before, or if you guys heard of this man before. Sorry if its already been posted... take a look.. although it is offensive it is funny too.. i heard he did one on muslims but alhamdulilah i haven't seen it. Ne way some ppl might get a kick out of this #1 - Messing with Black people #2 Messing with Asians #3 Messing with Mexicans
  15. wat kinda survey is this... :confused: some ppl shower everyday.. some even twice a day some shave regularly.. not only once a month or even less.. i couldn't even complete the survey... it needs more options!