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  1. I am agreeing with money here, these kids are out of control and even if you want get involved you cant help but to wonder if they gonna shoot you..These kids have a lot of guns and they will not hesitate to use it..Really i am not sure what we can do, i am loss for words..
  2. ^we got theo back(much bigger news than mr brand), thats the bigger news.(76ers are as deep as ever) Theo ratliff? plz do not tell me that is who you are excited about. BTW that usain Bolt is sick, new record after new record..are u becoming a fan or there is a little crash going on there lolo..
  3. Real nice, very bright young men. i hope they make it which ever they choose, I hoping we see them in the olympics 2012 and the PL. That will be sweet.
  4. ^^ That was sweet i loughed so hard when i saw it, some Refs deserve to be kicked but not in front of billions watching all around the world. The guy lost it i mean u wait this moment for four yrs and it's taking away from you just like that? BTW, Basketball Gold Medal is back where it belongs..Kobe, Lebron, Wade and Caremello took over the game when it mattered most..It turned out to be a great match and Spain fought hard but it's what it's, basketball gold medal belongs in the states. Perrrrioyood..
  5. No, in fact I hate him, I hate him more than anyone else in this world. I hate him so much that I sit and plot how to murder his sorry a*ss without ending up in prison. I often dream about the perfect murder. Just last night I called Malika and asked her if I should use a knife, a gun or put a bag over his head while he sleeps. She advised me that poison will be better and I should call Ms DD, to find out which type is none-traceable. I guess she is right, he is always eating, so something that can be added to his food/drink. But I’m not sure about the poison, you see I want him to know as he dies that it is me who killed him, I want him to suffer and die a manly death, not full of food and satisfied. So I left a message for Cara and I’m waiting for her to get back to me. I mean that lady will give me a plan for the perfect murder. While I wait I called Cynical lady and she told me that, she, Ms DD and Malika will walk up behind him in an ally and scary him, I should then run out and knock him dead with a hammer, then take his purse and make it look like a robbery. That plan is good but again I want him to KNOW. I’ve been thinking of another plan, I got the idea from an episode of CIS a few years ago, he is always doing weights, so maybe I can mess up the machines, so that when he attempts to use one…hmmm Damn I hate him. I use to love him a few months ago, but things changed fast, how easy someone can hate or love someone in such short space of time. I remember the moment I switched. I was sitting in the kitchen holding a pan with hot water to cook some baasto, I should be given an award for self control and not killing him there and then or at least throwing the water on his face. So ilwaad hargaysa, welcome to the forum, mashallah and good luck. But I want you to advise me, what is the best way to kill him?? How do they do it in Hargisa? Pheeeeeeew OMG this girl scared the living out of me..I better don't piss any women they know a lot of ways to kill you..woow i almost wet my pants just reading that..
  6. MMA, last yr jiq iiga dhigteen so sannadkan i am staying lol.. Danks reer canada..
  7. MMA, I alraedy said i wasn't gonna comment..but what do you think?
  8. love this one she is claacaling big time for letting some guy have her beauties: Luqunteyda dheeriyo - my long neck Laafiyaha garaaraha - my hands Dhabanada labeenta leh - my creamy cheeks Midabkeyga luulka ah my pearly color Nimaan laasaneynoo - a man who want wait luflufku u macanyaanyahay - that enjoys ..... Anigaa u loogoo -Lingaaxa uga gooyee - i gave him all of that! All these beauty descriptions are coming from hibo mohamed lol.. and she says luqunutayda dheer..what luqun? lolo..Ilaah baa samaystay, i am not gonna comment..
  9. Norf identity crisis? lol..Espain, They gonna miss villa thou big time.
  10. 3-0 what do you know, another assist from fabregass.
  11. Son of gun, Fabregass is taking over this game..I didn't he was this good..I don't think i am being bias for being aresenal fan but ever since he came in spain got it together..2-0
  12. Big dogs are out almost, Only germany and i hope spain looses tomorrow.
  13. Red....No need to convince, but it's definitely better than Ceelgaab that's MN It's called Minnefabolous, other than my birth place i wouldn't trade it for the world..This place is off the hook with so many somalis and believe me they got they $hit straight..
  14. [quoteUnFREAKINGbelievable !!!!!! That's it...turkey is protected and aided by an invisible army of soccer playing angels...what else could explain it???!!! They WILL beat Germany ] You couldn't say it better, jut as am cursing the goalie, i am like id^ot, bla bla, he deleveries the best service on a spot and what an opportunity not waisted by the striker.. Exciting last 15 minutes indeed..
  15. I know you remember that i picked Celtics to win before the season..and i have proof so dont make me dig in..Lakers didn't show up simple is that..