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  1. Salaama Calaykum Dhamaantiina. I Agree with you Darman .. -----------------They are always are busy in serving the cause of diin thru simple posts in SOL threads..
  2. Salaaama Calaykum Maasha Allaah Sagal Couldn't say Better jazaki allaah kheyr.. N' thanks for reminding US..
  3. salaama calaykum Nafisa sorry i'm too late .. I heard your visit after you left, my neice Asraa tald me how you're sweet, Nice and Samart, I'm Very Sorry to haven't met you yet, but, I saw you Next day in SomTv.. Maasha Allaah,, Glad to see you .. thnks you for your special visit, ....Waiting Next meeting insha allaah. woow! I didn't expect a lot of SOL live here"MN" , good to know that ... some day we w'll see each other ...Insha allaah..
  4. asalaama calaykum wr wb Asraa no it does't.. .. It's realy how you ready .. tHat's My opinion..
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    My Marriage!

    asalaama calaykum wr wb Masha Allaah hibo wlc back sis "xamdillaah calaa salaamatik" It's much better if you were ok. 'am glad to hear you again..
  6. asalaama calaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu I can't hold my tears, true brother subhana allaah, Yaa Allaah Islaamka sharaftiisi Noo soo celi, Aamiin..
  7. asalaama calaykum warahmtullaahi wabarakaatu Maasha allaah lovely jazzaaka allaah khair Lucky aamiin for the dua
  8. asalaama calaykum warahamtullaahi wabarakaatu Maasha Allaah Wallaahi Sister's I couldn't say better, Tii waano Eheed Waad Isku keenteen Jazzakumu Allaah khair, Waxan dhihi lahaaba la yiri, Sis Balsma Don't look your past, you are still young and healthy thnks to allaah, -Make Du'a, Unceasingly ask help and guidance from Allah, Most High, in the matter of finding and choosing a mate. As often as you feel it necessary, pray Salaah al-Istikhara, Islam's special prayer for guidance, in order to reach a suitable decision. -Consult your heart, Listen to what your inner voice, the 'radar'(Ku dhaqaaq wixi markaas qalbigaaga ku dagaayo) which Allah has given you to guide you, tells you about the prospective partner. It is likely to be more correct than your mind, which often plays tricks and can rationalise almost any- thing. For many people, first impressions are often the most accurate. -Go'aankaaga ka hor" Ask yourself, Do I want this man to be the father of my children? If it doesn't feel just right to you, think it over again. Remember, marriage is not just for today or tomorrow but for life, and for the primary purpose of building a family, If the person in question doesn't seem like the sort who would make a good parent, you are likely to find yourself struggling to raise your children without any help from him - or even with negative input - in the future. -May allaah guide you, Aamiin- Allah knows best
  9. asalaama calaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatu Maasha Allaah .. Ameenah JAZZAKI ALAAH KHAIR nice article walaahi much love it..
  10. As-salaama calaykum wrhmtullhi wbrktu first thks bro & sisters for the tips you shared with us. i appreciated. alla meesha maxaa feer iyo fara laab ka socdaa Nin yaabsan Walaal Habalaha u daa Ra'yigooda :eek: -I am mad at the men who think that women cannot, should not or have no interest to think, act, make decisions, have a life outside of house, husband and kids, be politically active, derive satisfaction from career or other outside interest, have no aptitude for understanding economics, politics or anything else and therefore have to rule the roost. :mad: -Women want respect, dignity, the right to make our own choices, to pursue our own dreams, to live in safety with enough economic resources so that we can give our children a happy childhood which encourages them to discover their own unique strengths and to help them build defenses against their weaknesses, a mate who is a tender lover, a best friend, a comfort in hard times and a joy in happy ones, supportive and and in need of support. -Most of us want autonomy--the right to define who we are, not to be defined by others. .allaah knows best.
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    Qaxooti Mammi this is my Bariis & Caano let's take a Big spoon.. When you're cooking in the kitchen, You're learning all the while -- To pour and measure, mix and stir And sift flour into a pile. Scrub your hands before you start Then gather up the gear -- Like pots'n pans and measuring cups That you use throughout the year. Go over the recipe, step-by-step, So you'll know just what to do. By carefully following the directions, It won't be hard for you. Have a hot pad handy And an adult standing by -- So you won't hurt yourself When using the stove or cooking Bariis. Besides the fun and learning, There's always cleaning up to do, And I miss my Burjiko And Babis It's part of cooking too. But after all the work is done, It will soon be time for dinner. And when someone asks for seconds, You'll know you've cooked a winner!
  12. yeah! you right mr negative Amazzed man :eek:
  13. asalaama calaykum warahmtullahi wabarakatu Maasha Allaah Barwaaqo. Jazaki allah khair dear/ Love iT
  14. my turn!!!!! `````Who AM I????````` Speak kind to the people ,enjoin what is good and forbid evil Perform your daily salat and give alms, and say nothing but the truth about Muhammad alaihis salam. How could you insist upon sin and transgression, after Allah gave you Islam continuously bestowing blessings. I'm thinking akhira is priceless and the dunya is lowly , while im performing 2 sunna rakat ..very slowly Only for the face of Allah I submit to the truth , prostrating , broke in poverty , im destitute. Now Al-Quodoos is free from all imperfections , I call upon Al-Muhaymin for my protection. The kuffar wish they could liva a thousand years too, they disbelieve ,and Allah sees everything we do. Everyday the situation gets more sticky, as they follow shaitan and his magic and trickery. Now which one of the blessings from your Lord will you deny, and where could you find a refuge from Allah where you could hide? the fact is refuge is only with the Creator, Al-khalic, the most merciful, the originator. the one who knows the innermost secrets in the chests, possessor or majesty and benevolence
  15. Assalaama calaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu "Allaahu xayyun laa yamuut" Maasha Allaah ---- maasha allaah... Silent-sista jazzaki allaah khair dear! this is awesome... here's my part~~ ````In the Name of Allah begin every action Obey, serve and worship Allah with devotion Offer Salaah with humility an attention, Read the Qur'an with understanding and comprehension. Strive in Allah's way with Qur'anic inspiration Let Allah's pleasure be our only aspiration And success in the Hereafter, Be our sole ambition. Memorize Qur'anic quotations Engage in Dhikr and Soul-Purification Do Da'wah with wisdom, Beautiful preaching and graceful persuasion. There is no time now to relax That we may Inshallah do in Paradise perhaps Now be more concerned with earning Sawaab, And maintain all norms of Hijaab. In Religion there is no compulsion At stake is your own Salvation For the Truth stands out from error, Make sure you do not regret later. On the basis of color, wealth, or region Let there be no distinction In the Muslim Ummah let there be no division, In the Qur'an will you find such injunctions. Let us be One Strong United Brotherhood Concerned about each others' welfare and good Offering the needy and orphans food, Over losses do not brood. We follow the ways of beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam Allah's Last and Final Messenger The Most Sublime of all humans The Most Exalted in Character. We follow his Sunnah and Guidance And do not cause on earth mischief or nuisance Islam is a Religion of Peace It's Attraction and Glory will never cease. Do adopt the Islamic Way of Life Be faithful to your husband or wife In writing put all your contracts and agreements Honor and keep all your promises and commitments. Life after death is a certainty Do not treat this life with laxity Do not indulge in frivolous gaiety And shun all obscenity and vulgarity. Islam recommends virtues Such as Honesty, Chastity and Charity Do good deeds with sincerity Almighty Willing you may attain eternal felicity. On usury and interest there is prohibition On trade there is blessing and divine sanction Be honest and fair, In every transaction. Islam is here to reign supreme However much the mushriks may scheme This is neither utopia nor dream, Righteous Muslims will emerge as the Victorious Team. Allah's Oneness to all we proclaim We seek neither wealth nor any fame Allah's Pleasure is our only aim Glorified be His Name, May He save us from deeds of shame And from hell's fire and flame. Aameen! Ya arhamar raahimeen.