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  1. Well, I think the mistake in the article has to be corrected in order to address it. warileen anagaaa wax araganay. Waxaan maqli jiray Odayga habarta lasaar. these homboy is goin somewhere. no one needs your F#$$$$$$$$$ up opinion take your sick mind to arab website sh###########t. I wonder what the arbas did to you the way you love their unjustice system.
  2. Once an execution goes ahead, his only conversation with the prisoner is to tell him or her to recite the "Shahada" - an affirmation of Muslim faith. what an as H#$$%l he tells them to say the shahada and does his daily life :confused: awalba carabi caqli malaheen.
  3. Originally posted by bilan ^^lol do we have a grammar police in the house or what, the newly elected teacher in sol haddad walaala yaal gacamo furan kusoo dhaweeya haddad I was waiting a barve women like you to came out. please correct my grammer in thes line.
  4. Awal ba sxb NInyaaban ma qof carab ah aad ka sugeeysay faa iido waa caag kuligood oo meel ka duleela. waa xayawaan fooqal xayawaan.
  5. But innocent people are killed in Somalia daily, then why are we holding higher standards for Somalis who do abduction and robbery into an other country, when in Somalia live is not valued at all. Very true sxb "but" i don't know If you are felling the same pain I am suvring for those 6 young somali citiens. well we know alot somalis get killed daily but they are in their homeland not those who run for better life and they don't diserved to die like that. they run away to be killed in somalia Like you mention daily people got killed in somalia. that is way they went to another country. sxb there is nothing we can do for these poor 6 guys except to show sympathy. and experrs our some people are calling their death Great news or add these They deserved! they destroyed their country and want to destroy other's countries!! Ilaah ha unaxariisto. we don't know if they did the crime but they did not deserved to die like that :mad: Originally posted by daddad You mock OG_Girl, demean her and then use peace & love. If I am correct, you're a male, OG_Girl is a female okey walaalo sorry xaalqaado adiga iyo OG_carb. accept my apologies and please keep insulting the qaxooti somali may be in the future the saud' will noted you guys for special achievement in a particular of the killing the 6 skins african man. the way you guys are agreeing their horrible act. peace & love to all somalis
  6. By OG_Arab I don't speak qahooti language, can you please explain it in Arabic areey gabadhu afqaxooti ku mahadasho arabaayo luuqada aan ku baree qalin soo qabso OG_ arab Gacan iyo lug baan kuu taagay xataa suul kudarso peace & love to all somalis every where.
  7. Duke. Keep it up. Maybe, just maybe, people will understand where you're coming from. I have no desire to start another battle with soomaali inyar oo dhiig ah laheyn. Just dont loose hope if no1 replies - they just cant refute ur argument. its another day.. we are here to replay Mr Duke I though My sis OG_girl only gabar carabiya ah I was wrong we have haddad
  8. We don't live in Jungle like Somalia!There is law and should be respected or leave the place you think they have unfair justice! This law wasn't for Somalis! It's really simple if you think with your head not with emotionals!! war ileen gabadha waa sacuudiyad. bal ila eega sideey u hadleeyso soomaalia waxeey ku sheegtay Jungle iyo dad doqoma ah waxaan ka xumahay dadkaan walaalaheey ah oo micna darada qoorta looga jaray. laakiin taas waxaa ka siidaran gabadhan caqliga yare oo sidii mecheal jaskson diirka noo soo kala badalaneeyso. meeshaan oo dhan wexeey ku qoreeysay waxaa u badnaa in aay raali katahay wiilal walaalaheed ah oo qoorta laga jaray in ay ku farax santahay. Cajiib ilaah caqli iyo damiir ha ku siiyo Og_girl ^^They deserved! they destroyed their country and want to destroy other's countries!! Cajiib miss lowyer thanks for insulting your homland. Ya akhi, Jaddah not Mogadisho!! wooow how do you know they were from muqdisha not Qabri dahare or OG land. Bad law better than lawless! Somalia and Somalis have no respect for the Law and they want to mess every where they go!! only for the last 14 years we had no goverment and you are insulting us by that warba adaa haaysid [quoteI don't care Saudi goverment but I am advocating the Law I study. Law is to protect you ! We need law whatever you like it or not and we should follow it instead complaining about it! wagaree waa la yaab sharciga aad bartid mawaxuuku saabsan yahya in aad ku xaartid soomaalid :confused: Aqli African wallahi!! abaayo weeydii awoowgaa in aad tahay africaak mise carab. neve main waxaa tahay Arabian princess ila soo socod sii markii lagaa soo tarxiilo wadanka aad isku dhajineeysid. waxba yaan la isku wareering General DUK say it all. The sister is born and bred in the Gulf , she only knows of a Somalia which is destroyed and of a people who are the laughing stock of the world. Many of her generation have no recollection of our past, and have no memory of the “good old days†when as a nation we had something resembling normality. They associate Somalia with anarchy, hopelessness and despair. A land of famine, full of refugee camps, children dependent on UN nation rations. Somali’s are pictured as maids, hoodlums, petty criminal and marauding thugs
  9. If you're against this sort of punishment, irrespectively, then you're against sharia law. these is not sharia law these are As*&%$#l carab xayaawan caaqiin law. these has nothing to do with sharia law. :mad: Let us try what ever we can for our brother.
  10. by OG For Saudi Arabia doing a great services for Moslims all over the world , provides the peace and secure...what you were expecting from them more than what they doing, they doing for your sake and muslims whom come for Haj?No! they are doing for the sake of Haj by cutting of somalis head or any human lifs :confused: Duke your statment mut be very true the way my sis showing her view. by Duk The sister is born and bred in the Gulf , she only knows of a Somalia which is destroyed and of a people who are the laughing stock of the world. Many of her generation have no recollection of our past, and have no memory of the “good old days†when as a nation we had something resembling normality. They associate Somalia with anarchy, hopelessness and despair. A land of famine, full of refugee camps, children dependent on UN nation rations. Somali’s are pictured as maids, hoodlums, petty criminal and marauding thugs
  11. ^^^^^ ar isdajiya saan mafiicnee homboy Jum and african_prince and rudy banooniga dhulka noo dhiga. by sky its funny tho that puntland was not just focused on creating peace in the south but also the north when c/yussef proposed to Alle haa uu naxaristee m/cigaal to unite the 2 lands and m/cigaal as pres and c/yussef as prime minister. this was right before the old marxuum died, a man who always had good relations with the ppl of the northeast. Jum I am not spurised sxb waxaan umaleeynaa in aad gashay siyaasada markaad maqashay A/Y aa madaxweeyne u sharaxan the two leaders A/Y and cigaal alaha unaxariistee understood each other very clearly aricadeey <---- in laysku soo dhaafin
  12. [quote ] And what is even more intrigueing is that those Saudi laws are only applied to Blacks and Poors around the world. Look up the nationalities of those excuted, not even a single one of them is of Saudi nationality !! The very basic principle in ISlam true....true.....!!! yaa cadeen karo hadeey nimankaan geeysteen falalkaas???? -----> :mad: :mad: <------ If you don't have money you will loose your life no dout about that. The Law aplais the poor and the outsider.
  13. ^^They deserved! they destroyed their country and want to destroy other's countries!! abaayo r you okey . these are your fellow brother in somalis. having said that saud's have history of killing incsant ppl and taking their belongs spcialy somalis couse of luck of government. ilaah ha unaxariist.
  14. by rahim At least with Somaliland, they have one common ground , they want nothing to do with the ********* of the "south". I'm a southerner and i've had enough of them myself, namely the puppets who openly want to sell my country to the enemy (from both sides of the decedant spectrum). walaalo if you know or not these ppl that you are talking about are the same ppl who me and you destroyed our future Riyaal is and old rajim of siyaad bare alaha unaxariistee and I don't beilve that he and his capnet are warking for the sake of their ppl. I still prefer the Somaliland news though, less hatred really. At least it can be discussed over a cup of shaah without the fear of having a cup or even worse bullets flying at you . walaalo stop leiying to yourself show me a person who can freely state his view of the government in hargeysa without going to jail. like I said early soomalidiidland are fallowing the same road. let me just leave here by saying waxeeynu nahay isma dhasho iyo dhaanteed ama ahoow xamaraawi ama reerwaqooye dadka naxukuma waxeey isticmaalaan isku caqli oo aabahood alaha unaxariistee baray Siyaad.
  15. Jum sxb ilaahay ha unaxariisto aabahaa. Ilaah jantul fardoowsa ha kawaraabiyo aaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiin. okey please call abdiqasim to be our persident again. that way you will stop insulting the current persident. warlee maa wadeeynaa
  16. by qabqable jum Many who knew the man gave up on Somalia on the nite Yeey was elected, I prayed that they were wrong, but they were not. sxb calaacal badanidaa let me ask you these Is your dad still alive. If he is let him be our persident of somalia. subxaana laah . oohin baa ka dhamaan waaysay. I belive that is the only why you will stop crying......!
  17. by Qorsheel Sxbayal, el President is careless about them thugz and small man around them, remember the parliament fight, All the colonel said was "Goleyaasha waa inay gacmaha is qabsadaan " giving no credit to both of them boxers - Do you think he would have said that if he really lost anything however less it is and felt threatened, I don't think so judgin from his character. araboowe meel fiican baad wax ka aragtaa. very good anlaz. But sxb Qorsheel soomaali waxeey tiraahdaa cunada inteey kulushahay baa la cunaa marka our hero our king our persident need to rush and do something. sxb time is runing. there alot new things that are caming namely the new power of indhacade and some more is on the way. Againg there was another perphap biyaha inteeysan kusoo gaarin baa la iskamuusaa. Ilaa iyo hada wax aan cerid kusiino malaha madax weeynaheena aan ka aheen casumaado badan uu ka helay aduun weeynaha My prediction these government will only govern the country for two years I beilve the other 3 years they will finish in Keynay and they will rula as from there. The persident and Pm realy need to make their plane faster and move to the country.
  18. By Shariifka Can you clarify and expand on this please? Shariif ups mise wuxuu ahaa jum sxb xataa hadaan is kudayo in aan sifiican kuugu sharxo Qaladka uu umada ka galay shariifka wax aan halkaan ku soo koobi karo malah. lakiin ninka aan wax u sharxaayo waa Jumatuta ma ah nin maskaxdiisa wax lagu shubi karo. Laakiin these will give you picture sxb. 1.Shariifka is very good alay with Xaabsade. 2. Shariifka made his own dection about african troop and his suportes know controll biadhabo. Well I wonder were xaabsad get the money where is is still controlling the futur capital city of somalia. 3. Shariifka contacted xaabsade the first day he took over the city. sxb I can keep goin on ...... but let me leave @ these shariifka is new Qabqable Dagaal.
  19. By horn Adeerayaaloo garbahayga in lala safnayn ee bal mid mid iigu soo baxa. Oo waad u jeedaan difaaca dinacayga calanka ani kali baa hayee. Geesi geesi dhay iyo inankiis By Baashi Danbi ma lihid Horn adeer...waxaan ka hadlayo iyo halkaad la aaday yaan ka gartay in aanney suurto gal ahayn in aannu ka munaaqashoono mawduuca Kismaayo. Awoowe nin rag ah baad tahay ee iska dhici nimankaan safka kale ka soo jeestay Hawshuba ha fududaatee rag tolka ah safkaada ku soo biiri oo hadde meel uga soo har oo taariikhda Guul wadayaasha iyo tii askartii Ilko yarta Kismaayo si waafi ah uga haqab tir Waa ku kaa adeer. Yaab! hadhow baa waxa la leeyahay Baashi adeer ukaadi dowlad baa dhalatay adeer hiiraalena nabad buu wax ku wareejin doo naa . Baashiyoow meeshii xoog wax lagu dhacsan jiray hada waxaa lagu badalay xikmad iyo xirfad + caqli soonar or later kismaayo will go back the natives of the city like Baashi <---------------------
  20. Well, soomali waxeey tiraahdaa waxii lasheego waxbaa ka jiro. So read it and let me here your view. Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan oo la xaqiijiyay inuu ka dambeeyay dagaalkii dhawaan ka dhacay magaalada Baydhabo (Lacag uu isaga ka soo dhiibay magaalada Nairobi oo la gaarsiyay Maxamed Ibraahim Xaabsade). Warar lagu kalsoon yahay oo laga helay xubno ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Soomaalida, dad jooga magaalada Baydhabo iyo mid ka mid ah Shirkadaha Xawaladaha ee Baydhabo ayaa sheegaya in Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan ka dambeeyay dagaaladii ka dhacay magaalada Baydhabo kuwaas oo u dhaxeeyay maleeshiya taageerta Xildhibaan Xaabsade iyo kuwa Wasiirka Beeraha oo gacan ka helayaan beesha degan magaalada Ufurow. Warkan oo soo baxay labo maalin kadib markii dagaalka ka dhacay magaalada Baydhabo ayaa sheegaya in markii uu Baydhabo gaaray Sheekh Yuusuf Maxamed Siyaad (Indha Cadde) si toos ah loola hadal siiyay Shariifka oo jooga Nairobi,waxaana isku xirkooda ka dambeeyay Maxamed Ibraahim Xaabsade. Maxamed Ibraahim Xaabsade ayaa isago qirtay in sababta dagaalka u dhacay ay ahayd markii uu arkay waa sida uu hadalka u dhigay Sawiro qaab daran oo lagu waxyeelaynayo Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka, kuwaas oo hoos laga soo geliyay Bannaanbax lagu taageerayay go’aankii Golaha Wasiirada ee ahaa in Baydhabo ay ka mid tahay meelaha Dowladda ku hakan doonta inta laga xasilinayo xaalada muqdisho. Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan ayaa daraad Xaabsade soo gaarsiyay Lacag lagu qiyaasay Konton Kun oo Dolarka Mareykanka, taas oo Xaabsade ka caawinayso Shidaalka Baabuurta dagaalka iyo Maleeshiyada Qaadkii ay cuni lahaayeen . Shariifka ayaa la sheegay in 15 Xildhibaan oo isagu fikir ahaan taageersan ku qasbay inay dagaalka ku eedeyaan Prof. Cali Maxamed Geeddi Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya, Xildhibaanada bayaanka soo saaray waxay kala yihiin Xildhibaanada Jen Muumin Ibrahim ***** , C/laahi Aadan Maxamed, Maxamed Xuseen ***** , Sheekh Nuur Cali Aadan, Maxamed ***** Cismaan, Macalin Maxamuud Maxamed, Cismaan Libaax Ibraahim, Sheekh Aadan Maxamed ***** , C/qaadir Sheekh Maxamed Nuur,C/qaadir ***** Maxamed, C/laahi Aadan Cali, Muno Ibraahim Abubakar, Luul Cabdi Aadan, Caasho Cabdi Sheekh, C/qaadir Aadan Bidaar,waxayna dusha ka saran dagaalka prof. Cali Maxamed Geeddi,waxaana la ii xaqiijiyay in qorshahaas uu ka dambeeyay Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan,bayaanka xildhibaanadaas ayaa waxaa uu soo baxay 27 bishan. Dagaaladii ka dhacay magaalada Baydhabo ayaa waxaa ku dhintay in ka badan 20 qof iyadoo ay ku dhaawacmeen dad badan oo qaarkood yihiin dad rayid ah.
  21. Wiil_Duco May Allah, Subhana wa Ta’ala grant you good health sxb a week of drinking caano geel at Xumbays + few laps in Biyokulule on you visit home should do you fine mate AMIIN SXB YOU NAIL IT FROM THE HEAD SXB XUMBEEYS AND BIYOKULEL WILL BE IN MY LIST. ALSO THE NEW CITY CARMO I WILL TAKE LOOK AT IT. ROKKO AGAIN THANKS FOR THE DUCAA SXB IT HELPS ALOT. WILL_DUCO<---- STILL NOT FEEL GOOD FOR THE DAY GOAS.
  22. well I am not feeling good today. guys pray for me inshalaah. My alaah give me a great health. Wish me a good health.
  23. The love and the respect I have for my people makes me stay and don't leave the sol. all the nomads are in my epcial list. I admire the why we respect each others opinion and view. EE maxaa kala hee ware lee maa wadeenaa. waan is jecelnahay period Waranle_Warrior ha is martiyeen homeboy soo dhaaf irida minki minin kaa waaye
  24. Well, where else Somalia insha alaah. I am planing to vist Boosaaso Qardo Iskushuban, Xaafuun insha laah and see how the tsunami did to my hometown my last stop will be Hurdiya and Qandala. Og_girl arabaayo wiil iyo gabar baan kuugu duceeyay make it aroos wadaadeey No dum dum iyo dam dam