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  1. Who knows if he prays or not, and who cares if he does pray or not? What has prayers have to do with Somali politics?
  2. Do you a Kangaroo killed him? May he rest in peace!
  3. Originally posted by Daanyeer: ... clitoris is also therefore so big that it looks like a certified penis [b/]. P.S. ... shit I'm too young to read this SHIT!
  4. It has been a while since a major war broke in Somalia, when will the next one happen? Kismayu, Baydhabo, Galkaio or in Hargaisa?
  5. I took an Art last summer as an elective. I enjoyed drawing the model
  6. Shirwac

    Gene Therapy

    Too much science fiction, let things be how they were made!!!
  7. Some people haven't realized that history can always be verfied, otherwise this article would have its proper label "Fiction". LOL @ RAMBO-- what a ^%$# nickname!
  8. I was asked these two questions recently by a dear friend and I couldn't give an honest answer, so if you can please answer. A source or two will be helpful 1. How did Siyad bare (Allaha u naxariisto) escaped the USC while he was in Mogadishu? 2. Who were the soldiers that made his escape possible?
  9. ^^^^ I hope so brother!
  10. I believed that TGF was the last chance Somalia had for a functioning government. However Gedi's recent remarks woke me up from a dream -- united Somalia, return of peace, patriotism, .... and respect. Since Gedi is the prime minster one can only conclude that his views and the TGF are the same. There was nothing coming from Qanyare and company, and now it appears that C/yeey and company are no different. Somalia is cursed with corrupt leaders, who use religion and tribilism to reach their goals. Allaha u naxariisto my country
  12. Originally posted by Xaaji_Faro_badne: As far as the women go, No offense, You have some DIE HARD FEMINISTS **looking around** that might show up out of Nowhere...*whispering** (jiq ay ku tahay!)
  13. "Those dirty Ethiopians shall be eleminated from the phase of the earth. " I can understand your frustration brother, but calling for the annihilation of all ethiopians is unIslamic. STOP the hate!!!!!
  14. Many have gone back to their homelands and acted upon what was in their hearts when they started school. Thanks to globalization you can reside in more than one country.