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  1. Walaahi these is great news i hope these time it will be true. If these guys keep their promise and keep all their solders out of the city and let the people respect each other. And bring muqdisho's life back. Yaaba heli kara. Isagoo ka hadlayey Cumar Xaashi Qodobada la isku raacay ayaa waxa uu sheegay inay ugu horeyso in marka hore laga saaro Maleeshiyooyinka Magaalada Muqdisho,iyagoo lagu aruurinayo 6 xero oo ku yaal meel banaanka ka ah Caasumadda,lana hawl galiyo ciidamo suga ammaanka iyo nabad gelyada Xamar,islamarkaasna lagu dhaqaaqo in maamul loo sameeyo Gobolka Banaadir,hase yeeshee la isku afgartay inay xilka sii hayaan Madaxda maamusha gobolka imminka inta laga sameynayo maamul wada jir ah,iyadoo ciidankii booliska la hawl galin doono oo iyagu kaalin muhiim ah uga jira sugidda ammaanka dalka. these will be histroy. May alaah make it true these time for the sake of our people's intrest. Can you guys imgaing muqdisho is open to every xaafada and there is no spaaro, no killing that you can travel with out you scarying you might got shot if the bus driver doesn't stop on the check point for spaaro. Again like I said If Jr caydiid, Mr Yalaxoow, Mr Caato, Mr Qanyare and all the new guys who controll muqdisho came in agreemanet of building a government for Banaadir like Jowhar, somaliland, Puntland, Baladween all the other cities in somalia those who live in peace agreement. woooow maansha alaah yaa heli karo. Guys let pray for our people to came togther and hold hands love one another.
  2. Geerido waa xaq. ilaahoow u naxariiso janadii fardoowsana ka waraabi. aaaaaaaaaaamiiiiiin
  3. ^^^^ people we all know what abdulaahi Yusuf is and no one can cover up any histroy weather is good or bad. From his release abdulaahi stand up for his people to live in peace and better life. People repect each other and shared the true meaning of life. But the Question is where was abdiqasim when his people starving for hunger mostly meanigles of killing untill today. Can abdiqasim at least stop the killing is going on right now in Hobyo, galgaduud . People like him soposed to go out try their pest to stop these brother who are killing each ather day by day. The man living in hotal and having his best time don't care what is going on around his neighbor.
  4. By: Abdirizak Muse March 09, 2005 In this 21st century, the modern world is developing so rapidly technologically and economically. Unfortunately Somalia is at the bottom of the family of nations in every aspect and is currently in a state of failed nation. It is sad to watch Somalia 's downfall as it ceases to exist as a nation . Now it is the time for the Somalis to think seriously about their future and initiate how to put the country back on track and reject those warlords who have become a road block on Somalia 's long march towards peace and harmony. Somali warlords had held numerous peace talks during the past 14 years but failed to make any tangible concession to one another and reach any meaningful agreement. However, the last peace talk that was held in Kenya had brought back the hope that Somali's would finally achieve their goal of reconstituting their nation. This culminated in the birth of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the election of President Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed and his Prime Minister Ali M. Geedi. Although, Mr. Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed was not my favorite among the leaders who participated in the Somali peace conference but when the wish of the parliamentarians has surfaced, I did not have choice but to accept the outcome. Similarly I gave my support to the TNG of Mr. Abdikasim Salad Hassan and Ali Kh. Galleydh based on the same reasons in which I am for the newly formed Government of Mr. Ahmed. It is about time we should say enough is enough and come up with some sort of a plan to end the chaos, disorder, wanton killing of innocent and all the horrific daily acts that has engulfed the nation and Mogadishu in particular. Currently there are consultations among Somali elites and warlords about the issue of dispatching foreign troops to Somalia . In my humble opinion, I am inclined to this enterprise, in which I believe that this venture can bring back peace to Somalia . We must address the harmful weapons and guns in the hands of Mogadishu 's militia as they are the core problem. As have been said by many, the solution is to encamp these militias and prepare them for recruitment in military, police and national guards for the FTG and move them away from the clan badge of honor that they carry now. However, the big question is which countries will the foreign troops coming from? The Neighbors that We Scare Apparently, the sponsors and organizers of the Somali peace conference were the IGAD member States and their approach of deploying peacekeepers to Somalia was the centerpiece of their discussion. Africans, excluding Somali neighbors, and Arab troops were preferable to many of the Somali paticipants of the conference. However, that was simply a wishful thinking and was not forthcoming. Africa has yet to deliver any meaningful number of troops to Darfur of Sudan, despite the horrible ethnic cleansing which the whole world collectively condemned. Africa , unless there is a regional interest, has a bad track record in intervention on behalf of a sister country. Therefore, TFG had run out of alternatives and was obligated to reassess its previous position and accept neighbor countries' contribution to the peacekeeping mission in Somalia . Warlords are first and foremost problematic for any Government since 1991. These thugs want to keep the staus quo regardless. They are destructive elements of our society who do nothing good but rather nonsense killings of their fellow countrymen. These monsters are responsible for the despair that Somalis endured for the past 14 years, and the abuse of the nation's natural resource. As a result our coastlines have become nuclear waste disposal as reported recently. Currently some of these warlods are using Ethiopia as a scapegaot and are coming out against the deployment of the troops from the front line states inorder to continue their business of enriching themselves at the expense of the people. They have no alternative other than prolong the dismemberment of the country Ethiopia has its own problems and does not have the capacity now to occupy Somalia. Ethiopia is a poor country run on foreign assistance. The country has primitive economy; its society is bitterly divided on an ethnic lines such as; (Oromo, Amhara, Somali, Tigray and Afar). The contending views of the various groups can explode at any moment and when that happens, Ethiopia may become a replica of the former USSR and Yugoslavia. Moreover, Ethiopia is landlocked state surrounded by unfriendly neighbors and therefore it is interest lies with a stable Somalia. Somali circumstance in this era is in a very terrifying stage in its history, which needs a systematic, well thought way of undoing the turmoil and chaos which impeded Somali daily life. The warlord's mentality should be crystal clear to every Somali by now, needless to say that it is essential to gain back the law and order for the country. Therefore, if Arab nations and non-neighbor Africans are not ready of being part of this operation, then we have no choice but to accept the offer of the IGAD member states including Ethiopia. Ethiopia is already deeply involved in the Somali affairs. For example, they do have a huge influence on the administrations of Somaliland, Puntland and other regions in the country (Bay, Bakool, and Gedo). So does Ethiopia literally control Hussien Aidid factions, Jawhar and all the border areas of the country. It is also, reported that Ethiopians have great influence on Berbera Port. If so, why suddenly the fuss now? What is sad though is Yalaxow and Caato have set the Agenda for a lot of Somalis with good intent. We now appear as the people who accused the troops of peacekeepers from neighboring country as to quote Yalaxow, "carriers of the AIDS virus" .
  5. My brother jecliyaa anigoo cusub in aan hadan dadka soo dhaweeyo Mo_the_SOMALI sxb ku soo dhawoow gacmo furan maskax furan. Fariiso maadhow ha is martiyeen. Meesha waa la buuxaa. Nabad & Caano amiiiiiiiiiin
  6. Sadly for the length of time he and his government were in power, not much, but then again C/qaasim made the fatal mistake of dealing with these warlords as sane individuals. We now know that reason is beyond them and hence must be dealt in that manner, force mixed with sasab. oo kaalay dadka ma hurdaan mise anaa u maleeyay. let as see what did abdiqaasim done when he was in office, well his first day of office he attaked Kismaayo with out hasatetion and cliam responsibliteis, In Mark His brother yuusuf inadha cade used powore for those poor people. I belive know that we can say abdiqasim took the same road that alaha unaxariistee caydiid did (salbalaar) let not abdiqasim's black suit tric you Somali waxeey ku maah maah daa bisada aamusan iyo ta qeelada bad tee baa daran? :cool: Abdulaahi Yusuf current somali president (qaylabadne) :cool: Kani waa lilaahi Abdiqaasim Salaad former somali president (aamusane) :mad: kanse laqdabo ayaa u laabneed.
  7. Suldaanka you sound like some one who is the owner of the web.... or should I say the "pose" of somaliaonline. Originally posted by suldaanka waiting on for what action that will follow this clear breach of the Golden Rules.
  8. ^^^^^^ same here the link doesn't work. OO waxaan la yaabay yaa yiri siyaasad la iskumu caayo. abdi qaasim imsa jeer buu weeraray c/y. lakiin markii cadulaahi weeraray abdiqaasim islaanta xaawada gadeeysay xataa calaacal ayeey lasoo kacday these is funy aan kucaayo adiga ha i caayn C/Y sida loo caayo nin somalia kunool ma jiro Like sxbkeey Xoogsade nin muslim ah ayaa uugu shuuci kaaftanka waa lakada badiyee ileen been ma aha.
  9. Darmaan oo damacsanaa in uu aado Washington Dc ayaa lagu wargaliayay in uusan imaan sababo lacag lagu leeyahay Darmaan can't go back to VA he is wanted couse of money he stolen from a Banka.
  10. ookaalay caruurtii waa waasheen maxeey dhaheen Friends with benfits or just friends. :confused: Xaraaaaaaaaaam. There is "No" way you could have a Just friend with femal....... We are all human and we make mistakes But is always better not to repeat with your mistakes. Fikrada ahaanteeda the only one that you can be friend with is the one that you are willing to marry.
  11. Muqdisho Nabad matahay? Let answer that Question Dhaqtar u dhashay dalka Raashiya oo magaciisa lagu soo gaabiyay Sadam ayaa maanta lagu dhaawacay magaalada Muqdisho, xarun ku taalla agaagarka Ex.koontarool Balcad, kadib markii uu muran dhex maray sida la sheegay dabley ilaalo u ahayd, isagoo loo diyaarinayay inuu ka howlgalo isbitaal ku yaalla magaalada Muqdisho, waxaana dableyda dhaawacday ay ahaayeen kuwii sugayey ammaankiisa. Dhaqtarkan oo ku takhasusay qalliinka ayaa rasaastu ka haleeshay caloosha & garabka, waxaana la dhigay isbitaalka Madiina ee magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoo qalliin lagu sameeyay, xaaladiisa ayuu noo sheegay mid ka mida dhaqaatiirta Isbitaalka inaan waxba laga sheegi karin oo uu ku jiro suuxdin, waana ninkii labaad ee ajnabi ah oo muddo laba bilood gudahood ah lagu dhaawaco Muqdisho, inkastoo dhaqtar shaqo u yimid Muqdisho. Dhaqaatiir ajnebi ah oo dhalashadoodu tahay Falastiin, Suuriya, Ciraaq, Masar & Ruush ayaa ka howgala qaar ka tirsan isbitaalada gaarka loo leeyahay ee Muqdisho, iyadoo aanan ilaa haddana si sax ah loo ogeyn sababta loo dhaawacay dhaqtarkaasi Cabdishakuur Cilmi Xasan ,Dayniile Muqdisho Ku noqo beejka
  12. Galkacyo: Dagaal Beeleedyo ka Qarxay deegaanada Hobyo - Sunday, March 06, 2005 at 15:12 Galkacyo (AllPuntland) - Ugu yaraan 25 qof ayaa geeriyootay, tiro intaasi ka badanna way ku dhaawacmeen dagaallo mar kale ka soo dhex cusboonaaday shalay galab illaa xalay beelo wada daga gobolka Galguduu iyo meelo kamid ah gobolka Mudug iyadoo halka dagaalku ka dhacayna tahay tuulooyin hoostaga degmada Hobyo. Wararkii ugu danbeeyay ee aannu kahelayno degmada Hobyo ayaa sheegaya in mid kamid ah beelaha dagaalamay ay weerar kusoo qaatay fariisin ay lahaayeen ciidamo kusugnaa degmada Hobyo. Qaar kamid ah dadkii kusoo dhaawacmay dagaalka ka dhacay Hobyo oo isugu jira dhaawac fudud iyo mid culus tiradooduna gaarayso 25 qof ayaa haatan lagu daawaynayaa Cusbitaal ku yaalla koonfurta magaalada Gaalkacyo. Xiisad colaadeed ayaa laga soo sheegayaa deegaanada ay dagaalladu ka dheceen ayadoo wararku ay sheegayaan in shacabkii deggena degmada Hobyo iyo tuulooyinka ka ag dhow ay goor hore isaga qexeen oo haatan deegaanada dagaalladu ka dhacayaan ay yihiin deegaammo ay kali ku yihiin maleeshiyaadka dagaalamaya. Mid kamid ah abbaanduulayaasha labada garab ee dagaalamaya oo lagu magacaabo Maxamed Cabdi ayaa saxaafadda usheegay in ciidankiisu ay gacanta ku dhigeen degmada Hobyo isla markaana kuwii kasoo horjeeday ay ka dileen dad gaaraya 13 :confused: qof hase ahaatee waxaa noo suurto gali waayay inaannu dhinicii kale ka helno warar arintaasi la xiriirta. Dagaaladan ka soo cusboonaaday deegaanka Hobyo ayaa waxay dhabar jab ku noqonayaan heshiis dhawaan la dhex dhigay beelaha dagaalamaya ee SACAD iyo SALEEBAAN, heshiiskaasi oo ay goob joog ka ahaayeen Madaxwaynaha iyo Ra'iisal Wasaaraha Soomaaliya C/laahi Yuusuf Axmed iyo Cali Maxamed Geeddi. Inkastoo haatan dawladda FKGS aysan lahayn awood ay ku dhex gasho beelaha dagaalamaya hadan madaxwaynaha Soomaaliya wuxuu ballan ku qaaday beeshii xabad joojintan jabisa in tallaabo laga qaadi doono. Tiro 100 qof kor u dhaafaysa ayay labadaan beelood iska dileen tan iyo markii dagaalkoodu uu bilowday , waxaan illaa iyo hadda muuqan fursad ka wayn tii ay isku dayeen madaxda Soomaaliyeed ee ay ku dhex galayeen beelaha dagaalamay. CCC Farayaamo AllPuntland Ilaahow unaxariiso intii dhimatay oo rayid ah oo aan wax shaqo aan ku laheen dagaalkaas
  13. waa wax laga yaabo walaahi these ppl are caming to there own interst. . Xubnaha Labada Gole Beelaha ****** ugu jira Dowladda oo magacawday guddi farsamo, soona dhaweeyay hadalkii Dowladda Mareykanka Sabti, March 05, 2005 (HOL)@20:00GMT: Shir ay maanta magaalada Nairobi ku yeesheen xubnaha labada gole uga jira dowladda Federaalka Beelaha ****** oo ay ka qeybgaleen ku dhawaad 45 xubnood oo ay ku jiraan wasiirrada ka soo jeeda beeshaas oo uu ka maqnaa Inj. Xuseen Caydiid sidoo kalena kulankii maanta ayaa lagu magacaabay guddi farsamo oo uu guddoomiye u yahay Inj. Maxamed Xuseen Caddow, xubnana ay ka yihiin Xildhibaanada kala ah Cabdi Axmed Dhuxulow, Yuusuf Mire Seeraar, Muuse Cali Cumar iyo Muuse Nuur Amiin, kuwaasoo la sheegay in ay ka soo shaqeyn doonaan sidii loo sameyn lahaa maamul loo sameeyo deegaanada beeshaas, gaar ahaan magaalada Muqdisho, taasoo ay horay ugu heshiiyeen Hoggaamiye kooxeedyadii hore ee Wasiirrada ka ah Xukuumadda cusub, inkastoo aan la ogeyn sida ay ugu guuleysan doonaan arrintaas, iyadoo horayna dhowr jeer loogu fashilmay. Can they at least stop these worthless killing!!!
  14. Dagaal mar kale ka qarxay deegaano ka tirsan Mudug iyo Galgaduud Sabti, March 05, 2005 (HOL) @22:00GMT: Iyadoo aaney asbuuc ka soo wareegan dhaqangelinta qodobo ay ku heshiiyeen Odayaal ka socday dhinacyadii dhowaanahaanba ku dagaalamayay deegaano ka tirsan Gobollada Mudug iyo Galgaduud ayaa la soo sheegayaa in maanta uu dagaal ka qarxay deegaanada Xiin Dawaco iyo Saqiirro oo ka tirsan gobolka Mudug. Dagaalkan ayaan la ogeyn inta uu la egyahay khasaaraha uu geystay,inkastoo lagu soo waramayaa in uu ahaa mid aad u culus, ugu yaraan 5 qofna ku dhinteen iyadoo wararka aan ka heleyno magaalooyinka Cadaado iyo Gaalkacyana ay sheegayaan in uu jiro isu hub uruursi ay wadaan labada dhinac. Dagaalladan oo u dhaxeeya beelaha Sacad iyo Saleebaan ayaa lagu guuleysan la'yahay in si rasmi ah loo soo af-jaro, waxaana dadaalkii ugu dambeeyay geliyay Madaxweynaha Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliyeed Md. C/llaahi Yuusuf Axmed iyo Ra'iisul Wasaare Prof. Cali Maxamed Geeddi, kuwaasoo odayaasha labada dhinac oo ay kula kulmeen Magaalada Gaalkacyo Waqooyiga uga saxiixay heshiis ay qodobadiisa ka mid ahaayeen in xabadda la joojiyo, in ciidamada la kala qaado iyo in guddi howlaha dib u heshiisiinta sii wada la sameeyo, iyadoo beeshii heshiiska burisana la iskuugu tegayo, tallaabo sharci ahna laga qaadayo, inkastoo aan qodobada heshiiska lagu caddeynin nooca tallaabadaas iyo cidda qaadeysa intaba. Si kastaba arrintu ha ahaatee, qodobada heshiiskaas iyo kuwo kale oo Xamar lagu gaaray ayaan waxba laga dhaqangelin, iyadoo mar kasta oo la is-yiraahdo xaaladdu wey soo hagaageysaana la soo sheegayo dagaallo hor leh. Dagaalkan ugu dambeeyay ee maanta dhacay ayaa loo maleynayaa in ay ka dambeeyaan dad diidan in uu labada beelood heshiis dhex dhigo, isla markaana uu qodobo u kala saxiixo Madaxweyne C/llaahi Yuusuf, bacdamaa ay horay u jebiyeen qodobo ay u soo bandhigeen waxgaradka labada beelood oo Muqdisho iyo meelo kale shirar ku yeeshay. Salaad Iidow Xasan (Xiis) Hiiraan Online
  15. Waxaa wax lagu qosla ah how ppl don't understand the word "Politics" people like xoogsade and Jum i realy fail to meet where you guys goting the bullet,civil war traibal war and etc. Sxb is new way of plotitics , watch how things is smoothly flying, can you remebar when was the last time Jr caydiid visited Baidabo, MR yusuf, and many more plotiction since the tribal divition. people are caming togahter. a week ago was one of the warleader mention that the govenment is not welcome in baidho uups he was the one who was welcoming the Pers. and the Pm. in the airport Well, SRRC WONE THE POLICAT GAME THE GOVENMENT INSHA LAAH WILL WORK. THESE IS DIFFERENT GAME THAT ALI MAHDI AND C/QASIM UNFORUNTLY LOST. MR MUUSE, CAATO , QANYARE IS OPEN FOR THEM TO LOOK FOR ANTHER WAY THAT THEY COULD WIN THE MAIND AND THE HURT OF THEIR PEOPLE IF THEY BELIVE EACH OTHER AND MAKE PEACE OF THEIR NEIGHBOR.
  16. What did the Pentagon and the White House say about the issue of foriegn peacekeepers in Somalia? Libaax none, the pentagon said nothing about any peacekeeping in somalia. If we are somalis we make big deal even if one of the local ploce officer say. In my opionio is not good idea to send peackiping to somlia. As long as he is An american wooow the American said we don't what peackiping :confused: How would the lower level membar of the US government decides :confused: lets wait and see what hapens
  17. I will say lets vote for Jowher. Man the people who took the president and the PM to baledween with praveness and the love they have for Government. Jowher is one of the most safest city in somalia. You are not alowed to cary any wapens in addition to that people treat each other with love and respect.
  18. Is all about the money!!! Gen. Bad Maceeye oo ku gacan seyray eedeymaha loo soo jeediyey. March 02, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia. Xasan Sheekh Axmed Cadde. Muqdisho, Soomaaliya. Gen. Bad Maceeye oo caawa wareysi gaar ah siiyey HornAfrik ayaa waxa uu shaaca ka qaadey in xayiraadii Cabdulaahi Sheekh Xasan ee magaalada Garoowe ay aheyd mid ay og yihiin Madaxweynaha dowlada federaalka Soomaaliya Cabdulaahi Yuusuf iyo Ra’iisal Wasaare Cali Maxamed Geedi, isagoo sidoo kale beeniyey shaxdii la sheegay inuu isaga ka danbeeyey ee maanta la soo bandhigay. Gen. Cismaan Shiikh Bad Maceeye oo ka mid ahaa guddigii xaqiiqo raadinta ee kormeerada ku sameynayey qaar ka mid ah gobolada dalka Soomaaliya, ayaa markii uu gaarey magaalada Nairobi waxa uu sheegay iney soo ururinayeen xogta qeybihii kala duwanaa ee ay la kulmeen. Waxaa kaloo uu sheegay iney jireen laba sargaal oo uu isagu ka mid ahaa, oo midkii hore markii la siiyey sida uu sheegay waxoogaagii uu xaqa u lahaa uu ku harey magaalada Muqdisho, balse Cabdulaahi Sheekh Xasan uusan taa ku qancin oo uu wafdiga u raacey qeybihii kala duwanaa ee dalka. Waxaa kaloo Cismaan Shiikh Bad Maceeye uu intaasi ku darey inaaney waxba ka jirin shaxda uu Cabdulaahi Sheekh Xasan uu maanta ku soo bandhigay magaalada Muqdisho. Jen. Badmeceeye oo ka Jawaabay eedeyntii loo jeediyey ee ku wajahneyd in uu diyaariyey Kaartadii lagu soo weerari Muqdisho Nairobi “Damiirkeyga wadaniyadeed i siin maayo in aan dalka ku soo hogaamiyo ciidamo shisheeye, waxaana anigu ka mid ahaa saraakiishii ciidamadda xooga dalka ee ka diriray xuduudaha, sidey buu damiirkeygu igu siin karaa in aan dadkeyga ku soo hogaamiyo Itoobiya oo aan si kulul ula diriray†ayuu yiri Jen. Badmaceeye oo magaciisa oo saddexan, kuna qoran af-carabi uu shalay ku saxiixnaa kaartadii uu soo bandhigay C/llaahi Sheekh Xasan, wuxuuna Jananku sheegay in warkaasi uu yahay war aanan sal & raad toona laheyn. Jen. Badmaceeye wuxuu sheegay in guddigu ay uruurinayeen fikradaha ay ka qabaan dadka ku dhaqan gobolada Soomaaliya marka laga hadlayo ciidamo shisheeye in dalka la keeno, wuxuuna tilmaamay in dadka si weyn u soo dhoweynayeen dalabka ciidamada shisheeye, markii ay sii weydiiyaanna inta badan dadku ay qabaan in ciidamadaasi aanan loo kala saarin safka hore & safka dhexe. Cabdishakuur Cilmi Xasan ,Dayniile Muqdisho “Dadka diidan ciidamada dalalka safka hore waa dad lagu qiyaasay in ay yihiin 1%†ayuu yiri Jen. Badmeceeye.
  19. 02/03/2005 14:45 - (SA) Tuesday March 1st, 2005 18:07. KAMPALA, March 1 (AFP) -- East African defense ministers will meet here next week to discuss the deployment of regional peacekeepers to lawless Somalia, a move which has met local opposition, the Ugandan foreign ministry said Tuesday. Defense ministers and senior military officials from the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will gather on Monday to review the findings of an expert-level fact-finding trip to Somalia to prepare the a report on the mission, it said. "The defense ministers and army chiefs of staff will meet here starting on March 7 to receive a report from a team of experts that was recently in Mogadishu to assess the situation ahead of the proposed peace mission there," the ministry's permanent secretary, Julius Onen, told AFP. The defense chiefs are to prepare a situational analysis and come up with the number of troops needed for the mission, its budget and other logistics, he said. Monday's talks will set the stage for a meeting of IGAD foreign ministers on the issue of Somalia to be held March 16 and 17 in the Kenyan capital, Onen said. The African Union has authorized IGAD -- which comprises Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda -- to send peacekeepers to Somalia to help the country's transitional government get a foothold there when it eventually relocates from exile in Nairobi. Although the goverment has requested the force, opposition to troops from Ethiopia and Djibouti is running high in Somalia, where the two countries are seen as having ulterior motives in contributing. Onen said that the weekend rejection by influential Somali warlords of troops from the two nations would be discussed by the defense ministers but would not prevent the deployment of the IGAD force. "That threat will not stop the mission because the region is ready to deploy troops in Somalia," he said. Somalia has been awash in a sea of anarchic violence for 14 years since the 1991 ouster of Somali strongman Mohamed Siad Barre turned the Horn of Africa nation into a patchwork of fiefdoms ruled by violent warlords. IGAD sponsored two years of peace talks between various Somali clans and factions that culminated in the formation of the Somali transitional government in Kenya in October. The administration has remained in Nairobi because of security concerns although President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Gedi are currently visiting the country to build support for the government's return. Source: Sudan Tribune, Mar 01, 2005
  20. Turkish Will support AU Peace Facility Mission for Somalia Mogadishu (HAN) , March 2, 2005- Adjacent to Africa and specially in the Horn and east African Countries Like Somalia, Turkey is an important conduit for trade and has the ability to facilitate access to underutilized oil and gas resources in the Horn of Africa and IGAD zone . A large nation with vast economic potential and a secular government, it serves as the prime example of a successful Muslim democracy. Of most immediate importance, however, is Turkey's military and strategic significance. Turkey is a key military ally of the United States. The only primarily Muslim nation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Turkey has one of the most capable militaries in the alliance and has proven to be cooperative and reliable in supporting American proposals and priorities. Turkish Premier said, ''Turkish government has ] declared 2005 as African Year.'' ''There is an important economic potential between Turkey and the countries which I will visit during my tour of Africa. Also we focus on cooperation in third countries,'' he added. Erdogan spoke to reporters at Ankara's Esenboga Airport prior to his departure for Ethiopia on Tuesday to discuss regional security and trade cooperation; specially The Somalia's TNG relocation process and Turkish military and facilitation support. Erdogan said, ''our visit is an important opportunity to develop and diversify bilateral relations in political, security, economic, commercial and socio-cultural areas, since 1884 partnership with Harar Islamic Kindom, before it become part of Ethiopian empire.'' ''Both Ethiopia and Republic of South Africa exert efforts to settle stability and permanent peace in Africa. I think we can cooperate with both countries in this area. Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, is the political capital of African continent. Ethiopia hosts African Union and UN Africa Economic Commission. We have also opportunities of cooperation within the frame of economic cooperation organizations like 'new partnership for development of Africa' and 'eastern and southern Africa common market','' noted Erdogan. Erdogan said, ''Republic of South Africa is important in its region with the political and economic power it has. It is a leading country for stability. It undertakes important roles to end poverty in Africa.'' Erdogan noted, ''during my tour, I will meet Ethiopian President Girma Woldegiorgis, Premier Meles Zenawi as well as President Thabo Mbeki of Republic of South Africa, Vice President Jacob Zuma and Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool.'' ''My visit will also be beneficial in the aspect of commercial activities and mutual investments as well as investments in third countries,'' added Erdogan. Erdogan said, ''I will address Turkish and Ethiopian businessmen in Addis Ababa. I will open Program Coordination Office of Turkish Cooperation & Development Authority (TIKA). I will also make opening remarks of Turkey-South Africa Republic Businessmen Meeting on partnership for development in Cape Town.'' Erdogan will return to Turkey on March 5th.
  21. Haweenay rayid ah ayaa bartamaha Jidka taala, iyadoo meyd ah, sidoo kale 4 qof ayaa la soo sheegaya in wadada dhexdeeda taala, waxaana adag xaalada haatan ka taagan Suuqa Xoolaha, mana jirto cid ku dhex jirto Labada dhinac ee dagaalka u dhaxeeya. laahilaah ilalaahu Maxamad Rasuululaah Ilaahoow unaxaariisto Inta dhimatay. What hapen where is Wasiirka Hubkadhigista :confused:
  22. Maakhir What is wrong with that argument? isn't she stating historical fact to warrant her clear message? I beilve i didn't said there were something wrong her argument :confused: What is wrong with that argument? isn't she stating historical fact to warrant her clear message? Macalinka I belive you got cofused today's histroy about somliand and yesterday histroy, she knows alot about waqoyland. Don't get twisted about the new meaning so colled "Land"
  23. By Koos Jama Al-Jazeerah, February 25, 2005 Lets Just say these will give you great picture about so called "somaliland" The people of both sides were separated against their free will and the only group that signed the later treaty with the British was the **** clan, the current Secessionist group who are historically situated in Hargaisa, Burco and Barbera. In addition, students of history should note that as soon as the British left, the majority clans living in the North dissolved the artificial boundaries, since non Isaqs neither signed nor recognized the proclaimed treaty that was between the **** clan and the British. Hence, the betrayal of the Secessionists (Isaqs) is nothing new, but tactics that are inherently held values of the enemy of the good people of Somalia (North & South). That treaty divided families of the ****** clans in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn and the ******** and Issa clans of Awdal region who are adamantly against the secession. Therefore, the treaty was nullified in the immediate departure of the British and Italian. this is what I love about media. without hesitation she is speaking her deeply sadden stroy. what poor lady
  24. Soo maal Somaliland's leader Daahir Riyaale"It's good. We have no better friend than Ethiopia ... They always treat us as brothers, as young brothers. They help us better than any other country in the area." You crack me up Lets leave waqoyeland alone couse the britsh we recognize them insha alaah. lets pray for them
  25. Somali waxeey tiraah daa nin si oray nin si uqaaday homeboy Qudhac love the way the president talked. he and dayniile calculted the math and came up with cheap talk. It was just a "kaftan odayeed" in which Cabdulahi Yusuf is a master of it. That is how Reer Boosaaso understood it. They know him very well. Everything else is just petty politics. Mr Yuusuf is Maquusete oo aan lagaban hadalada " Anagu hadaan mar baryo ku jirno waxbo kala qaadi meeyno Safka hore amaba safka dambe" how many time he said these words.