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  1. I had no idea about this@ Would You Like To Be President of Somalia? If so, send a résumé, photo, and $2,000 to a hotel in Djibouti. A non-Somali friend of mine sent me this article, although i am no fan of slate magazine, it's quite strange and sadly funny. thought i share it with you since everyone is talking about this so called election. Allaho Sahal. web page
  2. The international court is a joke, they make me so angry. The tragedy in the Congo is one of the worst human rights violations in history, repulsive how it is under the rador This video and others like it about the Congo are heartbreaking :
  3. Your link is not working btw. I can't find all my favorites on-line, here are some. A wadani collection can't be complete without, the one and only Maryan Mursal jecliyaaye jamaal dhulka hooyo
  4. -Prophet Adam/&Hawa peace be upon them -Prophet Yusuf pbuh -Prophet Muhammad pbuh -Aisha RA and Khadija RA -Salahideen ibn Ayyub I'A i will meet them in jannah.
  5. As someone who loves wadni songs/poems etc I am disappointed in this. I recently heard a new song by Sado Ali about dalka, it was beautiful searched on youtube and can't find it and I forgot the name and the website I heard it from sadly. It's amazing how positivity such as wadni songs can lift spirits.
  6. I disagree Adam, I find nothing suspicious about Mr. Amir rather to the contrary. From what I’ve seen I think Mr. Amir is a genious and an important positive element in this saga that is the Current Somalia, namely the political disarray. The Country is in political turmoil and he depicts this reality with political satire in a fair way. Let me stress that, he is unbias which is rarely found in Somali circles. As for Mr. Afey, I’ve never heard of him and these paintings are enjoyable, but are of the past I do wonder if his style may have changed and if he has current paintings. That’s the infamous Araweello? I would have never guessed. It’s interesting he depicted her character in such a way.
  7. She'd thanked you in helping her convert to Christianity? That's odd. What faith people choose is their choice. As Muslims all we can do is be good examples of our faith to others and educate them about Islam in which you did, Guidance comes only from Allah SWT.
  8. ^Their styles are very different. He's talented, I like the first 2 pieces. The second one is gorgeous, I wonder what or who inspired it. It seems the rest of these pieces are politically motivated and are of the Siad Barre Era and aren't current. I wonder if his art changed with the realities of the country. Are there more perhaps? Thx for sharing.
  9. The url is not working. And no bani adam ma aha. May Allah strengthen the cause of Falastiin and that of oppressed people everywhere.
  10. LOL@Adigoo daba qaawan oo uftaada banaanka taalo, qofkale dhar uma xiri kartaan You sound like my hooyo there. Prayer in itself is powerful, so you are doing a lot.
  11. Ibtisam, I am doing great, thanks for asking sis. I’A likewise. I can’t say I don’t share your point of view because I do, however I am only awknowledging people can and do make mistakes. As cliche as it sounds, no one is perfect. What would force a Muslim man (and/or woman) to commit adultery you asked? Well according to the Islamic tradition, shaydan. People don’t always make the right choices ie get married or if your having problems in your marriage talk to your spouse and work it out. Even an upright righteous individual with wisdom can be lead astray step by step by Shaydan until finally committing the worst sin. Have you heard narratives about the pious man, who comitted zina, murder, than finally shirk? There are many similar narratives I’ve listened to, Ahmed the Repenter being another. I am not making any excuses, only awknowledging that people are human. About the case of Aisha RA, I heard it from my mother’s collection. 50 tapes on the Prophet’s scw seerah, the Sheikh was a Somali Sheikh by the name of Mustafa. Sadly I only know of him on first name basis, but he is pretty well known and from what I’ve listened of him, creditable. I can’t say I have listened to details of that particular incident other than from these tapes, but the impression I was under is to the contary from what you described. Rather, the Prophet scw was supportive and compassionate. And Allah Knows Best. But I’A I will look into it. I agree with your final statement.
  12. ^Well your not adding Mr. Iblis into the equation. Even the most God fearing, with upright morals individuals can and do error, falling into serious sins such as zina. It's serious and I don't believe the view expressed by Bess in anyway lessens the seriousness of such an action, nonetheless a good person who makes a mistake does deserve a second chance. I remember hearing the seerah on the Prophet scw about when Aisha RA was accused of adultery, and ruthless rumors were circulating about her, how the Prophet scw responded even with doubts about the issue was extraordinary and compassionate. Of course Allah SWT cleared her of all sin, but what it demonstrates is a great lesson for all of us on forgiveness. Anyway, in regards to the topic, each individual case varies, but having the quality to forgive when someone you love and care about wrongs you in their time of error, takes a lot of guts, more power to them.
  13. He looks evil subhan'Allah. It's great to see the many conscience people and governments showing their outrage against this modern day holocaust, I ask Allah to help the oppressed in Gaza and everywhere in the world. With that said, I can't say we haven't been here before. I remember Jenin several years ago and many other similar incursions as is happening in Gaza today far too well. Sadly history is being repeated all over again, in a few days all of this will die down, the media will shift it's focus, and with that people will lose interest and their current furor until that is the next time. The occupation of Palestine remains. It's tragic.
  14. ^Perhaps you can start another topic on why you think reading the Qu'ran for oppressed Muslims is bidah? This may not be the right thread but nonetheless it's an interesting point of view which I wouldn't mind hearing.
  15. I like it that you also added she, if your a male by any chance, sorry I can't tell from the name, than well done for the progress am proud of you. As for who should be the next president, I am not sure since I am not familar with anyone, but I would like to say I don't think it will make any difference for the lives of the average man and woman in Somalia. Somalia's problem is not political but about resources. It's unfortunate the right diagnosis is often not made or overlooked when it comes to the Somali dilemma.
  16. LOL Kool Kat, I beg to differ on the xaaxness btwn the 2 but I digress. Is basasxir baldness by any chance? @i remember i watched that on upn years back. that's where she played the gangister dyke. isn't she gay? that's what i heard but it could be just a rumor. i remember set it off too, long time ago i used to think it was such a big deal, ciyalnimo wa ciil lago karo. LOL@ Cadaan you have a great sense of humour.
  17. Lamman gartay lakiin the other guy? Kasi handsome ka dheer. That was such a great movie well made, Jill Scott is very beautiful. Male or Female, the movie industry discriminates against overweight people. The romantic comedies/dramas featuring "fat people" is only a handful I can't think of any at the top of my head.
  18. I feel obliged to say thank you for those of you who were so kind to take the time and share with us your memories. Sadly mine aren't so clear or else I would have shared, more of reason why I enjoy reading and hearing the experiences of others. Thanks once again and God Bless.
  19. Uff! They look so much alike not to mention where the gas in those F16's and tanks killing machines are coming from other Arabs. Uff
  20. Please share your fond memories of one of the greatest cities in Africa. Little interesting facts, bits and pieces etc. The side of Xamar -Mogadishu most people don't know, what Xamar was like. I hope to read your views. Please keep it positive.
  21. This news makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because such basic services are considered a milestone, and happy that people have these services now. I always love hearing stories from back home back in the day. After seeing convo over the old emergency number I would like to start a topic and hope ppl don't mind in sharing stories, any interesting bits and pieces of life back than, what was Xamar like etc. The Good Memories of Xamar Cadeey.
  22. 1) u statless Gaala wadaankeeni jabisey. 2) u nt care dhulkaaga Dhulkayga waan jaceylahay 3) Qabiil Qabiil ayaa isku disheen(very low minded ppl) Waligay qof qabiil ku maan dileen, gacaan ku dhigloo ma nahiin wa ku sideey? warlords and killers don't represent me or the millions of other Somalis. Thank you very much. 4) u still nt seem in aad wadankaaga dhisatid. Waan raabnah in aan wadaankeeni dhisaanoh lakiin hoormarkana cadow baa hoortagan, Ilhay ha naga qaabto. Inshallah our country will be free and see better days. I doubt if these list(mentioned above) make ya to be proud of in aad Somali tahay I am still proud believe it or not. Maxa raabta? To bow our heads down and be ashmed of who we are and claim daad aan waxba no galiin? Ma walanthay walaal? How will that help anything? I understand being sad and angry and we should be, but self-hate will not help you any. Salams
  23. I agree with Protocol on this topic. Not to mention professional/grad school which is loads of money. @but there really should be some kind of islamic loan system as an alternative. Hmmm that's actually a good business plan. Great idea. Urban your concerns are Masha'Allah may Allah pardon all of us and make it easy for us, Ameen to your prayers. Majority of Muslim students in higher education just see this as a fact of life so your not alone. But it wouldn't hurt to limit the loans you take to just paying off school fees alone. Best wishes.
  24. Ashkiro


    @Has there ever been a good Stepmother? Of course there are and you answered your question, your mother is proof of a good step-mother. Just because you never heard of "evil stepfather" in stories or movies doesn't mean they don't exist, they do and are capable of worse than the xaasidnimo associated with stepmothers. As for your stepbrother. Many times when people lash out and are angry at the world it has more to do within than it has to do with others. He has his own demons and maybe needs a little understanding or space. I wish you the best it's not easy having tension in the family.