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  1. Waa wax lagu qoslo waxanoo dhan.
  2. This is very sad indeed. But why did he have to go there if he knew there were guys who had some beef with him? You know what I mean. Allaha u Naxriisto miskiinkaas.
  3. Kix kix kix kix, jah jah jah jah! Ma jaboow Che Guaveera Warkaad keentay jalbeebta Jiriricuu igu beeray In Amxaaroo jabtoo Jahatay bee qirayaa Jirkaygu wuu gilgilay Ee jannadii gal firdawsa Jahannaba Eebbe ku dhaafi
  4. Nur, You are really magnificent. This metaphor is great but what I want to know - from the religious prespective - is whether I had been given a good deed in my book of deeds for the effprt I put up or I just effed-up. There were times when Sandy wanted to kiss me or something and I refused to not set a bad example on the religion I was attracting her to-- No regrets though. I want to know...
  5. MOGADISHU (AFP) — At least 22 civilians were killed Saturday in Mogadishu by a suicide car bomb targeting African Union peackeepers and the ensuing gunfight, an official and medics said. The explosives-laden car was heading to a control point manned by the AU forces in Mogadishu's southern K4 intersection when a policeman opened fire at the vehicle which then rammed into a passenger bus. Somali police chief Abdi Hassan Qeybdiid said the death toll from the explosion rose to 17 after three more people died of their wounds. "We condemn this barbaric act which is not allowed by the Islam religion," he said. Earlier, Mogadishu's deputy governor Abdifatah Ibrahim Shaweye said 14 civilians died in the blast. Five civilians were also killed and 23 wounded in gunbattles between the peacekeepers and insurgents after the explosion, a doctor said. "We collected five bodies and (admitted) 23 people injured during the fighting," said Ali Muse of the Mogadishu hospital. Shaweye said the suicide bomber was a foreigner after an arm was retrieved from the car wreckage. "We have one of his arms which is clearly showing that the suicide bomber was a foreigner," said Shaweye, referring to the bomber's pale skin. Witness Ali Hasan Molaim said: "I saw the car pass by the bus I was boarding and it was heading towards the Ugandan forces, but some Somali policemen intercepted it and the car exploded destroying another bus." "There was heavy explosion and clouds of smoke," he added. AU Peace and Security Commissioner Ramtane Lamamra condemned the attack, the latest against the AU force known as AMISOM. "We condemn this attack. A cowardly terrorist act that goes against achieving peace and stability in Somalia," Lamamra told AFP. "There was an AMISOM truck in the area during the blast but so far there isn't any casualty on our side." Nine AMISOM troops have been killed in Somalia since the first Ugandan contingent was deployed in March 2007. The Ugandans were reinforced by Burundian contingents in 2008. The AU forces, comprising 3,400 soldiers, have often been targeted by Islamist insurgents since deploying to the war-wracked Somali capital. Ethiopia, which sent troops into Somalia in late 2006 to prop up a weak transitional government against an Islamist movement, pulled out of Mogadishu earlier this month. Their withdrawal had been one of the main demands of the country's Islamist-led opposition, but hardline militias have vowed to continue fighting against government forces and African peacekeepers. The Ethiopian forces' pullout has also created a security vacuum drawing clan-based militias and warlords into a scramble for control over the capital's various districts.
  6. http://www.realgedo.com/2009/01/garbaharrey-oo-ay- waxgaradkeedii-cabsi.html
  7. War sugan oo ay RealGedo ka heshay gobolka Gedo ayaa tibaaxaya in ay cabsi xooggan la soo deristay odayaasha iyo waxgaradka ku sugan degmada Garbaharrey ee caasimadda u ah gobolkaas. Warka ayaa wuxuu intaa ku darayaa in ka dib dilkii loo geystay Axmed Cabdulle Magan iyo Ibraahim Xuseen Ducaale iyo safarkii koobnaa ee ay Xabashidu ku martay gobolka degmooyin ka mid ah in ay qaar ka mid ah dadka madaxda ah oo dhaqan iyo siyaasadba leh in ay si cabsi la’aan ah u joogaan degmadaas. Dilalkaas foosha xun oo ay geysteen kooxaha diinta darteed isu dila dadkana u laaya ayaa waxay is-tuhun iyo nacayb xoog leh dhex dhigeen dadka deggan nawaaxiga degmada Garbaharrey. Waxaa ilaa haatan dhinaca Nayroobi u cararay ilaa afar oday oo muhiim ah oo reer Garbaharrey ah iyadoo la filayo in uu guddoomiyaha degmada laftiisu dhawaan meeshaas isaga carari doono. Waxaa horay Nayroobi ugu sugnaa Guddoomiyihii Gobolka Gedo ee xilkaa loo doortay bishii Abriil ee sanadkii tegay. Cararkan iyo salbabbakhan cusub ayaa ku soo beegmaya waqti ay muqaawamada Gobolka Gedo ku midoobeen magaca iyo hawlgalka Ururka Alshabaab, ayna magacawdeen maamullo iyaga kuwooda ah oo heer gobol iyo mid degmaba leh.
  8. "Bashir is among the greatest of this generation" so says a man who commented on an accassion that had this name and nomination came up in an inter-******* chatter in the US.
  9. Maashaa Allaah. Mahadsanid Jacayl-Baro. The English version is more interesting to read.
  10. Waa maqaaxi loogu magac daray nin cathiim ah.
  11. I worked for the USPS (Postal Service) when I encountered an ethiest caucasian beau chick in my workplace. She was very interesting and out-going and I am a talker of scriptual proportion, a gasbag in short. I, to this day, remember how comely the woman was and how I had played my part of in the great chivalry that'd ensued. I and the woman, seated on each other's side, talked faith, culture, men, woman, and relationship endlessly past midnight while sorting the myriad of mail and parcels that was our collective tasks at the postal service. I went too far to the extent that I used to bring with me the English version of the Qur'an and some other sacred texts. It went on and on and on as we debated and reasoned and debated and reasoned. On one cold Monday morning in the winter of 1995, I remember my co-worker coming to work modestly dressed; shaking my hand and congratulating me that she converted! Don't be euphoric here. She told me that she was converted to Christianity. I was speechless. I still wonder if I had helped my book of good deeds in talking to Sandy to change her faith. Please weigh in.