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  1. ^That’s what I took from it, I really didn’t get too caught up with the vocab used. it’s only a word which depends in the context one uses in. And since we are discussing Muslimahs here, flaunting one’s “goodies” was the farthest concept from mind. I certainly can not speak for the author, but the impression I received was that the questions were meant to spark reaction and discussion. I rather not make assumptions on another Muslimah in particular one that appears from the exterior to be practicing and takes her faith seriously. What I found most appealing were the concepts of fashion and “right behavior” of the Muslimah. Nothing in the entry implied shyness, xishood, haya etc were bad qualities, I can’t honestly see how some of you came to that conclusion. But it was a point to demonstrate, we Muslim women are not clones of each other, we are not all shy and quiet and the fact one is not, does not mark them as a candidate for an “Islamic makeover.” That is very reasonable, because we do all have varying degrees of personalities/styles yet follow the same faith as long as those personalities/styles does not contradict the faith, than no there is probelm.
  2. ^I disagree, it all would depend on one’s definition of what “sexy” means. Being familiar with Jamerican Muslimah views, her definition of “sexy” and the purpose of this entry was not meant to defeat the purpose of hijab, as she is a hijabi herself. Although I don’t personally use the word “sexy” (or hot) to describe prettiness, looking good etc, other sisters do and it’s quite innocent, not sinister. You have described the beautiful styles of Muslimahs you see on the tube, some may call that “sexy” or “hot”. The point here is there are various ways to apply hijab and to do so with personal style while remaining modest would not lessen one’s faithfulness.
  3. I would just reiterate keeping yourself busy and focusing on other goals to keep your mind off of this one. And hopefully you are sharing your feelings with those that are most close to you. it’s never good to be isolated when your going through a tough time. Remember there are always others that are less fortunate than you. Ameen to all the dua’s. May Allah grant you happiness and your hearts content.
  4. "Let’s leave aside the motivations of men for a second and let’s talk about sisters. Why do you think other Muslim women push the idea that we all have to be quiet, demure, soft-spoken, dull and practically afraid of men? If a woman is stylish (in terms of her dress), friendly, assertive , and outspoken why do some Muslim women rush to give her an “Islamic” makeover?" For more go to her blog, Sorry can't link it since I seemed to have lost my address box for the moment.
  5. I assure this topic is not inspired by the very colorful The-Siren . But from time to time I read the blog of Jamerican Muslimah, not that I agree with her all the time but the sista is really interesting! Anyhow I found this entry interesting and wanted to share with you ladies. I had a very honest conversation with two friends of mine. Both are converts- one from Latin America and another one from the Caribbean. They admitted to feeling, at times, “frumpy” and “old” in the headscarf and modest clothing. They felt ignored, unattractive and undesirable in the eyes of Muslim and non-Muslim men alike. They felt that Muslim men often placed them on a “purity pedestal” and non-Muslim men simply looked passed them. By the same token, both women felt ashamed of their feelings since their feelings run counter to everything we have been told about Muslim women and sexuality. During the course of our conversation we realized we were trying to reconcile two very different identities and lifestyles- our old one and our new one. We were left with a few questions: How do you go from being a sexy, hot, Jamerican/West Indian/Latina to being a pious, proper, Muslimah? Can the two exist in one body? Do you have to wait for marriage in order to feel sexy and irresistible? And what if your husband (for whatever reason) doesn’t provide you with that attention? Can you be hot and a Muslimah at the same time? Should you even want to? Better yet, what if you are sexy by nature? What if you can’t hide it? Before a chorus of “astagfirullahs” assault this post, hear me out. Let’s try to be real for once. Most women enjoy feeling loved, attractive, sexy, and wanted. Most importantly, many of us like the attention we receive from the opposite sex. I can already envision the comments suggesting if the woman is single she should get married. (Again, what if her husband does not give her that attention?) Or better yet, I can envision some of you saying, “we should not care about these things because the Akirah/Quranic teaching/Islam/Sunnah is more important.” That still does not resolve the dilemma. The question remains: Can you be a Muslimah and hot/sexy? If so, how and in what context? Is the quiet, demure, shy, Muslimah persona a universal one? What is appropriate Muslimah behavior? (Please don’t just post Quran or Ahadith, help me understand your perspective). Let’s discuss.
  6. The real cawaanimo are the Africans whom look up to an old white man from Europe for salvation, what a pity!
  7. Wonders how age fits into this? Anyhow, not suprised w/ my results, I got Blue most, and orange least. I need to be more relaxed and fun.
  8. Ashkiro

    Hot and Cold

    Salams Pucca, What you described of yourself and your friend sounds hormonal imbalances as others have mentioned, common in many women btwn ages 20-early 30s, do see a doctor, the good thing is it can be easily treated I'A, and also have him/or her check your thyroid levels. All the best.
  9. Wa Salam Walaal, Thank you for your response, I wanted to share the article I found interesting, sadly there is not much I can add to the topic, but felt obliged to say wa salam and thanks for the response.
  10. @and for the woman who had multiple husbands she will have the right to choose 1 husband out of them due to his merits- the one who treated her the best. A woman that was married several times from the dunya, correct? It begs the question, wouldn't the husband have huris? An awakard question of mine among many. @That women love beauty above all and they spend a lot of time striving to be beautiful and ageless, therefore they are granted that in jannah. While men are given what they love as well, which are women. That's quite a generalization wouldn't you say? An explanation such as the above would leave a bad taste in my mouth, no offense to the person whom gave you the answer. Every woman/man is an individual, were all not the same and want the same things nor have the same desires as the other members of our gender. Allah SWT created each and everyone of us and knows better than we know our ownselves, therefore Allah SWT knows what we desire and want, and will bless the believers. BTW Great topic.
  11. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^Why do you assume that...but Huffington Post and MSNBC became like school girl having crush on her criticism of Obama... No reason, I just didn't think it was that well known in our circles. LOL he's only been President for less than a month only his haters are criticizing this early. Yeah I learned how to quote finally* :cool:
  12. ^But you would think coming to your parents when your seriously considering someone is being honest with them and your including them in the process, what parent wouldn't want that? So your not ready to get married at the moment and you want to finish your degree requirements, they should understand that, maxey tahay hadah gurso ama warka xira? Tasi wa wali.
  13. So sad. Ilahey ha u naxiristo and make it easier on their families.
  14. @The news that came out of Xamar today is part of a national drive to give Somali scholars the role they deserve and intervene using their scholarly and religious authority National drive by whom exactly? And where was the involvement from Somali Scholars the last 20 years of bloodshed? Forgive my ignorance on this issue.
  15. That swagger of his olala Mr. Handsome. Huffington post reader and here I thought I was the only Somali who knew about it. It's hard to believe it hasn't been even a month since his presidency, seems a lot longer.
  16. This was posted in the Islamic section last week, that section hardly gets any debates. Anyway I intend not to get involved in this discussion since it requires a great deal of time to debate, but I would like to make a quick point that I believe is missing here. Here’s how I understood Sh. Tawfique: Foreign Policy of Western Countries is harmful and counterproductive, the reason being the advisors of these Presidents for example those whom advice the President of United States on the Muslim World are not the correct advisors, hence the destructive coarse of the War on Terror and worsening of relationships between the Muslim World and the West (wars, terrorism, death and destruction, and racist policies against Muslims in Western countries etc etc), this coarse needs to change, and those that can change it are the Muslim Scholars, instead of waging imperialistic wars (via the advice received from incorrect sources), Western Nations need a dialogue with the Islamic Scholars, this will bring peace and change that is needed. I see nothing wrong with this stance and I fail to see the problem.
  17. ^LOL in pointing out the obvious, I don't think there was a mix up just a transition into asking the question. None of you gentlemen addressed the question the poster directed towards the men. So Mr. Geel_jire take a crack at it. Isis that's really a difficult question, but I would have to agree with Valenteenah, the children are innocent afterall.
  18. ^Thanks for posting it, and I didn't know Imam Anwar replied to Sh. Tawfique's article, it looks pretty long. I'A I will read it when time permits.
  19. ^Salams brothers Nur & Abu, Thought I share this article written by Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury on the issue. It's clear the previous author has an agenda of pitting one group of Muslims against another, but here's a Muslim Scholar's perspective. Do you guys believe the Muslim world does have a problem with extremist kwarji groups? Anyway here's the article and a wealth of comments following it. Source
  20. Another successful Project in Malwi 16 year old builds a school for poor children in far away land Amazing what we can do for others. Get motivated and get involved.
  21. 0569267
  22. ^LOL Walaal Chocolate, it's nice that you are interested in what ppl do now days and not “what they should do”, personally I am not interested in neither, just in case I am may have come across that way. Every being is free to choose their own path as they see fit, I was simply replying to your comment. It is my perspective, that it is not the number of guys that makes one “scandalous” but the actions that one engages in. You are free to disagree.