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  1. @there is no reason for you to dismiss other people's opinions as emotional and ignorant. this is general discussion so how anyone spends his/her money is hardly relevant. I didn't dismiss your opinions, only stated it struck me as emotional and ignorant, neither did i make how anyone spends their money relevant, you did and i pointed out the hypocrisy of your statement. @the fact is there is wide spread suffering in somalia. the suffering of one woman, altho recognised, symphatised with does not negate the suffering of many. I don't think anyone negated the suffering of many, it was as you have yourself stated here, the suffering of this woman was recognized. @i dont consider her efforts are anything special, after all she was doing her job as a journalist. We all will see things differently and that is fine, I think anyone who risks their life to highlight the suffering of others and bring it to the world stage, endures an ordeal as she has and furthermore displays the compassion as Amanda has, is a remarkable human being.
  2. This is not an ordinary case and hence why it is receiving extra attention perhaps? I think some of the above comments are emotional and ignorant. You say that the gold could feed a family for two months, no offense but I am positive you spend your earnings on far more trivial matters which could feed families in Somalia as well, as we all are guilty of. And to say these Somalis don’t care for their own is an assumption, just because they are paying attention to this extraordinary case of this women does not translate to them not caring for their own. You neither know their hearts or their actions in helping their people. Allah Alone Knows her intention the young woman in question and it depends on ones definition of a hero, however what we have is a foreigner, a young Canadian woman who was very touched by the situation in Somalia that she embarked on a dangerous journey to put the spotlight on this crisis, for the world to witness it. She paid dearly as the reports state and through her ordeal is still compassionate, connected, touched, pained by the plight of the Somali people. That is a remarkable individual in my eyes and I am happy to see the Somali community honored her. InshaAllah her pain will be healed, and that of the nation this young woman from the looks of things cares very much about.
  3. *An outsideer asking you a question and interested in your views ladies* If your closest friend went out of the country for a month and returned, giving you no gift, would you be disappointed, rather annoyed with them, not that you care for material things, but mind you, for not returning the courtesy since you brought them a gift from your trip overseas. Would not that mean you mean little to them?
  4. I'm wondering has anyone done international volunteering (namely in emergency relief)? What organization you were involved with, and willing to share your experiences? Thank you in advance. Personally I am thinking of working with Islamic Relief this summer at the moment, I am not sure which country yet.
  5. I can't believe there are people in the comfrot of these peaceful lands, with their fattend bellies supporting the stoning and torture of these poor people who don't even have anything to eat, ya Allah it's disgusting.
  6. Nin-yabaan, even though you say you are not excusing these despicable acts that is exactly what you are doing. How do you bring culture, age of consent in marriage into the equation after reading the context of this case , where you have this monster in a position of authority, a father figure to this child who is raping this child under his authority? Abaay, that is unfortunate, i heard the same thing and was furious. When will these victims learn they have nothing to be ashamed of and they should never make excuses for criminals, their priority should be their safety and that of their children first and foremost, not reptuation or "ceeb". How unfortunate. I do hope victims in domestic abuse can learn from this tragedy and protect their children. Che, that and worse is what the likes of this criminal deserve.
  7. @Geel_jire The rape came only to light after the murder when police questioned the children, the children pointed that the suspect was the murderer of their mother, further the child told the police all the details of sexual abuse, tests confirmed she was sexually abused for years and even had a child in which the suspect took the child to have an abortion. @isagana alaha ufududeeyo Your praying for him? Narta gal dheh, i hope he gets raped in jail. Ramasade Whenever i see inhumanity and cruelty especially against innocent children, ill take being shocked, angry, and saddened anyday over indifference and the likes of your attitude.
  8. Subhan-Allah :eek: , im speechless at these horrific crimes. Innalil lahi wa inna ilahi rajiun
  9. Salaams kuligeen I was searching online for somali poetry/songs translated into english but have been unsuccessful . I couldn't find any Somali Poetry or Songs (particular love songs), translated into English. Than I remembered I was part of this forum and I thought I'd ask you lovely people to help me I'A. I came across this thread: http://www.somaliaon ebb.php?/topic/11/9 and i absolutely love some of those songs and thought I start a thread, that if it was at all possible to have them and any great poetry translated into English. I think it would be a great service, Somalia is known as a Nation of Poets, I find it sad that this has not been shared with the rest of the world, and Im positive many people would apperciate this. It's challenging I know, but I had to ask. Thank you in advance.
  10. Friends of mine that visited Thailand, had a unpleasant experience, but their trip was short and perhaps that is why. I really want to go to Malaysia, im in love with the people and i can see myself living there. Haven't been to Brazil,but want to do South American tour I'A, after Africa, and Middle East. Insha-Allah.
  11. Originally posted by Ms DD: [QB] I actually heard the guys who consume steriods, their nut actually becomes the size of a nut, till it disappears altogether. Talow maxa ka jira arrintaa fufu? ] HAHA trying to scare him off eh, i seriously finding it disgusting guys that show off their muscles in their pics, lack of modesty just irks me, but i guess some fancy it, hmm to each their own. And fufu stay away from drugs for your own health sake.
  12. What world do you guys live in? There are a lot of teens that look older than those girls. I have observed that youngsters from Middle East that arrive in these countries are really lost, subhan-Allah they need guidance. Yoniz you are right to worry walaal, its distrubing seeing that man in bed with those young girls, but what does giving them further exposure on a forum really achieve? I don't think it helps any.
  13. LOL@managa da no qarin, oo maxa na dhex yaale marka hore? But seriously it seems so long ago, what year was that 99, at least 10 years ago. It's kinda of scary how fast time passes by.
  14. Originally posted by Dabshid: [QB] what is up with Arab princess and adultry, last time it was the Bahraini princess who ran away with American soldier, and he dumped her in US. Ahh i remember that! It was so many years ago, i watched the oprah show about her story and the movie. I was young and had little understanding, I remember thinking when watching the movie what a beautiful love story it was and along those lines and the elders doing the usual as some did on this thread and cursing her for being *stupi*d etc etc. Alhamdullah Allah showed me how much in error she was in, and may Allah forgive her as He SWT is Most Forgiving. Moral of my comment, every situation even bad ones if handled the right way can teach a lesson of our beautiful deen (especially to the young impressionable minds).
  15. Siren, I believe that is more of a Canadian accent, not American, but than again America is a large country with many accents depending on what region one is from. I just love the British accent. And I totally agree, Allah has given him so much hikmah and his talks are really energizing, not only do you want to change and become a better person but you want to bring benefit to others. May Allah preserve him and make us those whom benefit from knowledge. @I know, I know-what are YOU doing here. Well? I'm complex I'll leave it at that LOL. Only the small ignornant minds would think in this nature. And indeed we are all complex. Just ignore them, they just would love your attention. Salaams
  16. ^Her luck hasn't run out as long as she is alive and seeks Allah's SWT forgivenss and mercy for her wrongs. The door of taubah is open. It's humans that are unforgiving, but Allah ta'cala is Most Forgiving to His servents.
  17. ^Alle mahad leh. And ameen, i really loved those lectures by the Sheikh, hope you listen I'A.
  18. Salaams, The islamic section is dead no activity whatsoever so i decided to post this topic here, hoping that more would partake and more importantly more can benefit. I listened to this lecture recently and benefited tremendously, it's life changing and would encourage all of you to please take the time and listen to it when you get a chance and really reflect insha-Allah taa'acaala. Mine is Muhammad Alshareef (May Allah bless him): Fiqh Ad Dawah. http://www.halaltube .com/fiqh-ad-dawah-g uiding-to-allah-by-t he-book
  19. LOL@ consider me lord byron & Lord Byron was bi sexual, hehe For some odd reason The_Siren's "risky" topics/comments don't bother me in the least, nor would i judge her character, while had it been other presenters etc i would've found it distasteful and cringe at it. Some can get away with it, and i think she is among those some, well at least for me, i simply think she rocks and is entertaining. And to answer the topic's question HELL TO THE NO. I would ask for a divorce ASAP.
  20. I just listened to this lecture by Sh Alshareef. M'A http://www.halaltube .com/the-muslim-char acter
  21. ^Ma indahada baad ku aragtay? Hmm all this seems far fetched, lakinse waxaan la yabe how casual some of you treat this distrubing news. Subhan_Allah.
  22. @I'll probably not taint your innocent thoughts with by divulging in Please do ....*grabs her cup of tea and kicks back her feet and awaits for Siren's return*, btw what do you mean by "a little rich"? Thanks Malika, i've actually seen that happen on several occassions. However, I for one have always seen nothing wrong with friendship with the opposite sex, but some are just not mature enough i guess.
  23. Ashkiro

    Muna's Murder

    you are the writer, take your readers where you want to take them, and im pretty sure you have more "readership" than "one and a half", ohh stop being lazy and develop the story Ngonge don't kill it before it starts.
  24. Glad to hear she is out, I hope she takes legal action against both governments for damages.