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  1. This gave me some good laughs! I missed the old days and old friends! I wish I can see ya'll on Facebook...
  2. Well that makes sense now...and puts things in perspective! I guess the Americans do not read or write yet...perhaps they have better things on their hands...lol...jk!
  3. ...about the SOL members' geographical locations...Are there more Canadian members than Americans? Europeans?...even within the US, for example, more in the eastcoast vs. westcoast? It's hard to tell you know...a member might post or reply to a topic...or an issue but forgets to mention the community affecting by those issues...so we can better understanding it. Perhaps the Admins can help us out with this...by putting up a small diagram or a box illustrating SOL's members... Peace
  4. Waryaa Libaax, What's good man!? Haven't seen you in long time...ran into you at Safari while, while back...lol... War ninyahow, I don't receive an email notification when I receive a PM?...I have the option 'ON'...It just wont send me a note...Thanks. Hope family and friends are doing well!
  5. ^lol...i am not disagreeing with ya, me (is that Vietnames?)...
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    Umu Zakaria, You should definitely pursue that and continue furthering your career... ...about the career path that you want to talk, my best advice is speak with people in that field and ask if you can shadow them (watch them work)...this is the best way you can make your own decision and insha Allah it will give a different perspective... Here in SOL, every one can encourage and tell you to go for this or that...which very wonderful, but since you're going to be doing this as a career and you have the passion for it, I would shadow with some local doctor in the field that interests you...and this in return will continue to motivate and inspire you! Shadow few other doctors as well just to see what their daily work is like. You interview them and ask questions…chitchat with the nurses as well as the patients and see what they say about each doctors! I have this huge love walaahi and I am so pleased each and every time I see my people learning...learning is so huge to me...and I dont really know how to describe the feeling I get when I see such people...my people learning and becoming successful...I almost wrote "I love you sooooo much....dont give up"...because of how passionate I am....call me crazy...but if you experience and feel what I am feeling...you'd be crazy too...lol
  7. Is it me or does the product of a mixed race come out beautiful?...Somali/Caucasian, African-American/Caucasian, African American/Somali....etc... I've noticed that and it's remarkable...it just made me wonder...hmmmm...?lol...I am just saying...dont assume too much...lol I think all people are really beautiful! And I am being honest...everyone that Allah creates is very, very beautiful! About the mixed races, now that's remarkable!
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    Speaking of Medical Schools, does anyone here know people who are in medical schools in the US?...It's very competative and sometimes you need to have a network...if you do have such network, please dont hesistate to email me. Thank. I am planning on that insha Allah...just studying for my MCAT...I've been putting that off due to responsibilities/events that kept me busy! But anyhow, let me know guys...specially recruiters and admission folks...One love!
  9. Today at our Masjid, the Shiek talked about CHANGE and how we as individuals need to change before we point out fingers and complain and/or whine about problems in our homes, communities, work, etc…even in relationships It states in the Quran that Allah will not change a nation/people/person until they change the condition that they’re in! This was a very powerful reminder for me because it gave a sense of self understanding. With this understanding, I can go back and priorities my life and my surrounding environment. Whatever situation that you’re in, change it and then Allah will guide you through it! Shiek also mentioned the fact we need to understand the 99 names of Allah because this applies to us in this world…just pick few of those names and see how it applies in your world…and of course Allah will test you to make certain that you believe.
  10. I would like us to inform each other on Friday Prayer lectures...just the main key points from the various Masjids that we go to... I thought this might help us broaden our Faith and give us different perspective...so please, if you do attend the Friday prayer, pass on some of that knowledge...and also do this for any Islamic lectures that you attend...and summarize some of those ideas learned... Thank you!
  11. How about just being you! and being responsible for your own family!? Why are people imitating the lives of 'others' consistently? I look at it this way: I am me and dammn it I do shyt my way! I am not trying to be some Ali Faraax down the street...I know how to maintain mine... If you know you what your responsibilities are, then you wouldnt point some fingers and put the blame on 'others' who got their shyt straightened! As long as you're happy, thank God...and enjoy life! People love to challenge each other man....for what?! What would you get out of it?!
  12. See that's why some of you guys are screwed up in the head! What is wrong if you cook and do laundry for your husband or wife? Is that a direct order? This is just ridiculous man! That's why I cant even deal with Somali mentality! If they see a woman cooking and cleaning her own damn house, she would be 'oh she's taking some order from her jerk husband'!....It's your ****** house and hungry kids...isnt that ones responsibility! People are all screwed up walaahi...men and women...gaalo baa la'iska wada dhigay!
  13. Maybe the sistas from back home are more cultured like our moms...meaning they have their diin and dhaqan instilled in their core values...and nothing would change that even when she learns and 'open her eyes'....that's why we see a lot of the brothas, who are attracted to these values, are going back home to marry some of these women! Even some of the sistas in the west have these values...but not too many walaahi! It's a disbelief to discourage any sistas from following her diin and call her names and label her this and that (i.e. raaliyo)...even if the guy who is married to her is a loser...she still needs to do what is expected of her in terms of diin... It just doesn't make any sense!
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    Maybe share some of this opinion with them... 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage