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  1. it's alll looking good about does that say much at all..... butland leaders need to learn how to governe example from who ahhh of course Somaliland learn from them. i must also say dat butland leaders are the most backwards cowboys u could ever come across i mean come on people they still fighting over land ohhhh my people live there ohhh thats my plot....
  2. Palestain Will get it's land back with only option is Jihad holy war is the best of all fighting for ask of allah .
  3. Yemeni president Abdulla Ali Saleh is just not the right man to prescribe how the two rival factions in Somalia ’s Transitional Federal Government should end their differences. Mr. Saleh has been the main supplier of arms to the Jawhar-based TFG faction headed by Abdillahi Yusuf. Yemeni military cargo planes and chartered ships discharging new consignments of arms have become a familiar scene at Bossaso’s airport and harbor. The stockpiling of Yemeni-supplied weapons in his native Puntland and places as far as Jawhar and near Kismayo and Baidawa, have encouraged the former warlord-turned-president Abdillahi Yusuf to prepare for a military rather than peaceful solution to his differences with the Mogadishu-based faction of the TFG. The scale of this armament, unprecedented since the fall of dictator Barre, together with Abdillahi Yusuf’s persistence to seek deployment of foreign troops to help him prevail over all other clans in Somalia, have been the single most important element in fuelling mistrust and hostilities among the antagonists in Somalia. President Saleh said that a repressive totalitarian government in Somalia would be preferable to the present vacuum and anarchy. He also paid tribute to former dictator Siyad Barre allegedly for preserving keeping the state intact and preserving unity of Somalia . Ever since he took power through a military coup de tat about 3 decades ago Col. Abdulla Saleh has ruled Yemen like his own fiefdom. His survival as a ruler depended to a large extent on the support and security protection he continuously enjoyed from his minority Ziyuud tribe which constitutes about 25% of a population of 20.5 million. Like the Alawites of Syria, Saleh’s armed Ziyuud tribesmen subjugate the majority Shawaafec Sunnis as the only way to keep them at bay. It’s this systematic repression that has been driving many Yemenis to join Al-Qaida rather than Usama Bin Laden’s Yemeni origins. Mr. Saleh is flirting with Abdillahi Yusuf’s idea of building a similar tribal-based dynasty in Somalia on the module of Yemen . He also wants Somaliland to be destroyed lest southern Yemenis are often reminded by their lost independence. But Yemen ’s little dictator forgets that he himself sits on a time bomb. Somalia ’s name is always mentioned when the world talks about failed state. But Yemen has all the ingredients of a failed state in the making too. In both Somalia and Somaliland people have learned that unless governance was owned by the people it was worthless. In Somaliland people have devised their modules for conflict resolution as well as an indigenous governance which facilitated the creation of an enabling environment for peace security and democracy. In Somalia , appropriate methods for reconciliation and governance haven’t yet emerged mainly due to frequent external attempts to impose ill-devised solutions on the conflict there. Somalia might seem more precarious than Yemen now, but compared with Yemen , Somalia has better chances to pull itself together and come out potentially as a viable state. Until then it is better to stay in chaos than living under one tribe’s dictatorship rule as in Yemen .
  4. poeple would any one know were i would find pictures of the old somali goverment similer to the our brother has shown us 1978 pics . pic of militery parade pictures of siad barre and his goverment officlas etc... help me if u can
  5. Poeple whats in hold for our in 2006 , will Jowhar goverment move their camps to capital city Mogadhsio, or still stay in the same place , will Somaliland get its long awaited Regonation . and will the Americans leave Iraq all lets have your Views poeple good and bad
  6. hey bro dat is fab idea a investment company i would like to up a share but how much and please update it on us please . somali people wake up theres great oppertunity for evey one please consider it while u can thnx
  7. people listen it was nothing major, about the recent event in Hargesia Somaliland, the Media will always do anything to make it big, i called my relitves last night and asked them they said it was nothing big it was only 4 Men fighting over a minor land then one of the guys shot the other 1, went to the hospital then his family came and started to kick off again gun shots out side the hospital. but remmebr those people who are making it look big are somalis from south Somalia you see the really picture here, Somaliland is peace full ohh theres a big fight in hargesia so what do they do give it a sick headline . but so remmebr you jelosue people we have a funaction goverment a goverment that has a capital city controls its boraders and it Controls it's waters, but mashallah the Somaliland Police force handled the situtaion very well. so those people who are reading this story its 100000000% peac full in Somaliland and its booming city "Hargesia" .
  8. people please dont worrie the fight happend between two people whom figthed over a land then one shoot the other then so off he went to generall hospital and then a serious Gun fight happend inside the hospital big those somalis from the south are making it so big ohh please remmebr we have a goverment and poilce force ok!!! our goveremnt funactions unlike yours.
  9. As most of the Somalis are now living all over the world, the other day i hear that a somali family are living in Brazil in Sao Paulo sounds amazing and belive it or not they arr also somalis in Jamacia sounds great.... u heared or know any somalis living any were els in somalia
  10. people Whats your opinion on Somaliland's Election please feel free to say anything.