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  2. When I say them, it means them, it means anyone who advocates FOWDO, so if you are not one of them you don't have to worry, lets talk streight guys, the reason we are in this mess for the last 15 years is coz we shay away from the truth, lets say loud and clear "Muqdisho is the land of lawless, missery,and anarchy" so if you have a problem with that, then you are as sick as the warlords".
  3. Gaaboow, Yalaxoow, Tootoow, Rooboow and other "oow" are authentic Soomaali names. "Scientist" isn't Maskiin, you are Maskiin, you know nothing, Thank god My name is not OOW, I wonder what Fowdo and oow share, AHA its the ow they share.
  4. Gaabow, Yaloxow, Tootow, and now Roobow, The list goes on and on and on, this week they created new warlords in Mogadishu, land of warlords and anarchy, I think thats the new year's Somali dictionary enteries.
  5. No matter who meets with who - it is going to be chaos and squabbling forever! Wishful thinking, thats what you and your cheotic uncles are wishing us to be in, so you can enjoy the Isbaaro you thrive in, please OLOL speak for your self.
  6. No matter who meets with who - it is going to be chaos and squabbling forever! Wishful thinking, thats what you and your cheotic uncles are wishing us to be in, so you can enjoy the Isbaaro you thrive in, please OLOL speak for your self.
  7. Those who were criticising Prof Togane eat your words, the guy said the truth, and what we witnessed from Mogadishu for the last few days vindicated the guy, and tell us the real picture of these people. They thrive on anarchy, they love lawlesness, they hate law and order, they can't rule themselves and don't want to be ruled. What we witnessed in mugadishu is this. 1) the Isbaaros are back with revenge, Qanyare and Co are charging double the money before. 2) The warlords are refusing to accept what they built with their hands and that is the new so calld Mogadishu adminstration, Qanyare says No, Yalaxow says Nei, Caato says screw it. 3)Ruthless war and anarchy is burning in Kaaraan. 4) and the SOL cheerleaders are still cheering truiphently, and deffend the undeffendable So tell me Togane was not right.
  8. these people thrive on confusion and anarchy, let that confusion continue, let it be.
  9. Scientist

    Caasho Yusuf

    Childish comment from OLOL, it shows he is bankrupted and has nothing politically to say about the colonel, but its good to see someone worrying about him so much they lose sleep overnight.
  10. Olol & Co? me and my company aint going nowhere but we are put in here forever. I live in the land of the brave and home of the free! And I am hoping to be buried in it. Not Xamar, nor Merca, nor Galgadud, nor Boosaaso.My offsprings will grow on the cheese and butter not starve in the arid hostile land of the horn. That is the best news I heard for quite long, it means one less OLOL "flame" and his mini mes in lower
  11. IN THE HEART OF EUROPE here is what happened just 10 years ago. BOSNIA 1992-95 145000 Muslims Killed 49000 young girls, women, old ladies RAPED. 15000 missing. 2.000.000 displaced. 1000s of houses distroyed. 100s of mosques distroyed systematically. And then someone is telling me to shed tears for Jews killed 65 years ago.
  12. OLOL The powerful clans(anglo-saxons) that rule AMERICA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA are from Europe.Our hosts in these lands who gave us safer haven actually came in as immigrants, occupiers, expansionists and took over these lands by force... and by deception and look what they made of it? the best place to live in this world! And who of you fugees want to go back to that arid barren militia infested land? Does that make right to rape other people's land? what a daft arguement , its like me taking over someone's ugly hut by force and building it a buiteful mension, does that justify my action? I always hear these falks from south Mudug and Galguduud saying the land is for all somalis and anybody can occupy where they want, well if that is the case why are they killing each other in mudug and galguduud then, one clan say's galinsoor and hobyo is ours, and another is saying get lost, then BANG BANG, and out of couriosity these clans are the ones who are occupying other deffendless unarmed tribes houses, farmes, and land in lower shabelle, so OLOL and Co. go back to where you came from, and stop copying whitemans sytematic ethnic cleansing.
  13. Xooga I share your optimism of the future but worried at the same time, the question is who is going to get rid of these warlords, the ordinery people are weak or supporters, the educated are exile or supporters, the Culamaa are weak and can not challenge these people, the wealthy are mostly supporters as long as their interest is safeguarded. these people are the once who can get a nation out of its darkness and they are mostly silent or corrupt, so who will get us out of this mess??????
  14. Xooga Is there a need to worry? Well to be honest I am worried, and any sensible Somali will worry, its not something to be joyfull of. anyway there is attemts to narrow the gap between the two groups in Xamar and Jowhar, wouldn't it be nastier and more complicated if the two group split into three, then four, then five, like bacteria, and then you have another 15 years to bring them together, isn't that how qabiil ended up, Tribe split into clan, clan split into subclan, subclan split into subsubclan, subsub clan split into god knows what.
  15. XiinFiniin This is sad news as it reports the loss of innocent lives. But this fight is one of the most principled southern conflicts, I must admit, that I have heard in recent years. One sub-clan is surely engaging in a worthy cause. The other sounds a bunch of scofflaws, to me any way, that need be stopped. I don't think human life should be taken because of charcole, although I totally disagree with this mindless deforestation but this is not something to die for, education is the key, and also if you tell people not to burn trees do we have an alternative energy source to give to these people who use charcole to cook, lets be realistic the only facility there in somalia is the "BURJIKO" and unfortunetly it needs a charcole, and to get a charcole you need to burn a tree. I think the big busnisses is to be condemned, those who burn trees and export is from Kismayo, Marka, and Brava to Dubai for BAKHUUR, these are the blood suckers and need to be brought to justice, but those little scale tree burners who provide a nessecity item to millions of somalis to cook their food they have no other option.