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  1. Buuxo dont despair, Here's the Original and a newer Version.
  2. Reminds me of a Friday Khutba I heard a while back. The sheikh emphasized that in these trying times too often our lack of appreciation clouds our judgments. Employing a couple of analogies he stressed that we often presume that our fortunes are a result of our choices, thus overlooking Allah’s Qadar. For instance, you go to a job interview and walk out an hour later with the Job. Now, do you leave there thinking, well I got the job because of my impressive resume, or because of my impeccable references, or do you say Alhamdulillah, I got it because of Allah’s will. I’m inclined to agree with him, for we are merely mortal and as such are all governed by Allah’s supreme will. P.s. Having a impressive resume or impeccable references is a choice we make.
  3. Amiin to all the Dua's, and may this blessed month be fulfilling
  4. Paragon, the controversy surrounding Finkelstein dates back to his post graduate days when he penned a doctorate thesis on Zionism. Therein, he strongly criticized the Jewish state and the displacement of the Palestinian people. Incidentally, that’s when he first surfaced on the pro Israeli group’s radar, and they subsequently labeled him an apologist. They have been gunning for him ever since. Ghanima, the portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the academic world is a major concern for the pro-Israeli camps. They fear the magnetic influence “apologist” professors wield and the podium which gives them access to sway the fragile minds of students. Hence, not only are “apologists” political views being scrutinized but their very means of livelihood are being infringed upon- from discrediting their scholarly achievements and literary contributions, to stacking the deck against tenure candidates, in essence blacklisting them. The time, effort and manpower they put into this is very illustrative. Here's one of the many ways they achieve this, including soliciting students help Ah Elysian, fanning the flames with the El Diablo speech huh. You might appreciate the irony in this next picture of Edward Said, from the Ivy League halls to the forefront of the conflict. The caption reads “Doing his part for the Jihad, Said throwing a stone at Israeli soldiers”
  5. ^^ I have it on good authority that Geedi is headed in that direction. Furthermore, him and the old jackal are not in good terms and each of them are covering their bases, pending an imminent showdown. Don't be suprised if new alliances are forged.
  6. Norman Finkelstein finally decided to resign after being denied tenure by Depaul University. Despite having academic heavyweights like Noam Chomsky and Edward Said and a slew of other respected scholars advocating for him, they still cut him loose. The Jewish Lobby groups and their lackey Alan Dershowitz must be having a field day, their persistant bickering cost this man his job The long-running battle between outspoken professor Norman Finkelstein and DePaul University administrators ended Wednesday as the two sides agreed on a private settlement, cutting short a planned day of protests. But the underlying struggle between supporters of Israel and champions of the Palestinians continues, not just at the North Side campus but across the academic world. Finkelstein's case attracted far greater public attention than tenure struggles usually do, with supporters across the nation demanding the Catholic university grant him tenure and detractors just as vehemently insisting he be fired. Wednesday's settlement did little to calm those waters. Read On. Here's a must read debate between him and the former Israeli Foreign Minister Debate
  7. Petitions I'll sign it, and be more than glad to forward the link to all my contacts. Start the ball rolling MMA, it takes less than 5 mins to fill out the sponsor information, target information, petition content etc....
  8. Without a doubt, Lothar Mathaus has to be my pick. His record speaks for him. Matthäus evolved into one of the most successful footballers in history. With Bayern, he won the championship seven times(1985 - 87, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000), the DFB Cup three times (1986, 1998, 2000) and the Uefa Cup once, in 1996. 'There are very few players in the history of Bayern who have done so much for the club,' Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in praise of Matthäus' efforts Matthäus won 150 caps for Germany, more than any before him, and a record likely to stand for a long time yet. For Bayern, he made 302 Bundesliga appearances, scoring 85 goals. In 1990 and 1999 he was German footballer of the year, also collecting the European version of this honour in 1990. Still in 1990, and again in 1991, he was named World footballer of the year. He is one of only two players to have appeared in five World Cup finals
  9. ^ Lol, you 2 are at each others throats and there's still way to many fixtures to go. If I were you guys Id be worrying about Nafta, she is a major threat.....Good luck
  10. I’ll share with you the sentiments a wise, ageing nomad once shared with me regarding our language. The discourse of poetry The beauty of Geeraar The structure of Jiiftada The sweet songs of Heello The literary creativity The appropriate proverb Indispensable to eloquence Now your turn good Comrade, are these reasons good enough to warrant its survival?
  11. The law is active in 11 countries so trying to get the law defunct would be a monumental task. I highly doubt Austria which played a pivotal role in the holocaust, would easily succumb to setting a judicial precedent in terms of overturning the statue He has been hung out to pasture......
  12. Im infatuated with this lady's voice. The indie circiut is not doing her justice. Leela James
  13. Ah I cant trash talk this time, my season is over, ill be lucky to even make it in the top 3. Good luck guys. 187 nice playing.
  14. ^^ Dont you find this a major contradiction regarding the recent uproar? Mods, quick cleanup job thx.
  15. I have to hand it to you (insert clapping graemlin here). Your ingenuity when it comes to creating straw-man arguments is very humorous. You not only reject a rebuttal (courtesy of the same median you referenced mind you), but you take it a step further and discredit the source with completely irrelevant information. Ah the irony. So what would you like to discuss other than your failure to admit you are wrong? 1. The Shiites corrupting the heads of Al-Azhar School 2. The political role the heads of Al-Azhar School play in supporting the likes of Sadaat, et al 3. The mufti of Egypt and his stand on selling alcohol in the west 4. Or the “fatwa’s†that were based on nothing but personal rayi I hope you take the advice everyone in this thread has given you. I’m done.