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  1. I was walking by a store window the other day when a poster on display caught my eye. This poster, like many other posters served a purpose, it was trying to advertise a product. But that's not why I was looking at it. The poster girl is what I couldn't help staring at, there was this perfectly good looking girl with the most hidious hair cut and style I have ever seen. This got me thinking... models have not control over their own bodies or their image, they are simply a product of what their agent and employer want them to look like. I then came to the realization that models and prostitutes are almost one and the same. neither has control over their body. I mean, you can disagree with me if you want but, how are they really different? For the model is paid to sell her body, she wears what she id told to wear, she does what she is told to do, and she says what she is told to say. Any changes to her hair, makeup, clothing, and any body piercings or tatoos she wants must first go through her agent. What control does she have? And how different is she from the prostitute? And who is her agent you may ask? Her agent is her own personal pimp. He tells her to whom she is to sell her body and for how much. In my opinion the model is no more than a socially accepted prostitue. But why do people idolize models than, and why do so many young girls whant to look just like then, walk just like them, and be just like them? Now there is a whole new age of model pimpitry coming to a magazine near you. Does the name Tyra Banks ring a bell? It should, she's that hot African American model out the find America's next top model. Tyra is out pimping american girls and still it is an accepted thing. Now that I have expressed my viewpoint pretaining to this issue I'd like to hear what someone else would like to say. Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? And why do you think that modeling is accepted when it is no different than prostitution?
  2. Halal Dating? Sounds like something in a halal store to me---and if you wanna sample the goods---->Better buy it or there would be consequences.
  3. I loved this story: its funny but moves really fast thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Something else you should know. As Damsel has already said Mercury is a main ingredient in the whitening creams that our women use to so called "BEAUTIFY" themselves. So what exactly is mercury doing to your skin??? Mercury is a toxic chemical that directly affects the cells in your body. It does this by sulfhydryl groups of enzymes (enzymes are derived from proteins and produced in the cells or your body) in your body to cause irreversible damage. In addition to causing cell death Mercury also acculumates in your body because it cannot be broken down. When there is an accumulation of mercury in the body more and more cells are killed. The affects of using Mercury of the skin are both immediate and long term. The mercury in the creams seeps into your skin and it stock piles itself in you cells, both living cells and the dead cells. And if you are wondering why you are able to whiten your skin with this chemical it's actually very simple to understand. The whiteness is caused by the death of cells. It is like, NO actually, it is having the chemical eat away your skin. And with the chemical the skin also loses it natural color (which is stored in the Melanocytes of you skin), elasticity, contractability and it natural ability your skin has to keep out germs, virus and bacteria as well as the harmful rays of the sun. So it is not good and healthy skin you are seeing when you look into the mirror, what you are seeing is a bunch of useless dead cells. My question to you is "So what good is it to be white if you are a walking pile of dead skin"?
  5. what? a coca- cola plant in Somalia. No way! This can't be! This is the worst idea that anyone could possibly have. Forget about the possibility of employment for our brothers in Somalia and think about what Coca-Cola symbolizes. Coca - Cola is a well known to distribute its funds to Israel and this is what is killing our Palestinine brothers and sisters. How can you stand and let this happen. Coca- Cola not only supplies money to killers but it actively causes the deaths of many of it employees in other third world countries. Think of how many have died and will die at the hands of this company. The main goal of this company as they have already stated, is to take over the world. And they have to some extent. This can be seen in the Mayan people who have now incorporated Coke into their religious rituals. It has become a holy drink for them.
  6. What is love really? Is it always wanting to be with someone or something more? I always hear people saying that they are in love or whatever, but i still don't really understand what it is. In my opinion love is greatly influenced by media, proxamics and what your family influences you to look for. I dont think that people that people "fall in love", but rather tell themselves to love one person or another based on their learned values. One thing that really influences me in "seeking a mate" is religion. If the person does not share my religion or holds different viewpoints on islam I will not give myself a chance to so called "fall in love". In terms of religion i personally do not like men that claim that they are religious, mainly because they abuse Islam to meet their own needs and desires. They also have a problem in seeing the viewpoints of others.
  7. what kind of an idoit would stay with an abusive man, forget about the kids. If he is dumb enough to beat you up what will stop him from killing you or really hurting your kids? Of what use will you be to your kids when you are hooked up to a machine in some hospital while your kids are left with the man that you call your husband. if your asking me what i would do in that type of situation, here's my answer..... The first time he lays his hand on me i will show him who's boss, I mean, i'm not going to take that kind of shit. Maybe i'll be nice at first. That is, i will challege him by saying, "you better not try that again.... If you know what's good for you" How much i hurt him depends on how much he hurts me. For every blow he delivers I will return it ten fold. I mean, I wasn't born to be abused by some guy who thinks he's all that. I will begin my revenge with my left hook. Then show him how much of a "man" he really is. Now kick, round-house, side kick , punch-punch, drop kick... I'm going to give him a show and show him how crazy a women can really get. But ladies this is just my opinion, and don't think that a man that hurts he once is going to get a chance to hurt me again. If me marries me he should be prepared to face the consequences of beating me.
  8. I agree with miss Shaabella. She has the right idea. Our arab brothers are far more civilized than our average somali boys. If the somali men were truly great they would know how to treat their women with respect. But back to the topic. To tell you the truth, men are the same no matter what nationality they are, it is important the we safeguard our chastity at all times, especially if the man has expressed his intentions in such an explicit way. Sisters, dont be blind. Open your eyes and ears to the world and learn to trust your feelings. This is an issue that all of our young and innocent girls face, i am sorry to say that i have also been blind in my younger years. Now i try to see the things happening around me and not to just think in the moment. Sisters, our innocence is being taken advantage of and it is now time that we rise to the challege of everyday life and take action against wrong doers.
  9. man of freedom lets get one thing straight. Life is not a game, it is not about chances. Rather life is a test. To succeed in life we must study and we must work hard to achieve our goals. By treating life as a game we as people who fail to realize its importance. In life you get one chance to "win", as you may call it. Along the journey of life we are given "quizzes" and many opportunities to learn from our mistakes. If we do not learn from our mistakes and try to lead the best life that we can we will surely be domed
  10. Many of us think and even dream about how we can get ahead in this world and how we can achieve greatness. We spend hours, days and nights studying for exams or getting reading for things that we see as useful and important. But the truth is that what we are agonizing over is really of little us to us in this world. What we need to be thinking about is how we can better ourselves so that we can succeed in the hereafter. Please offer your opinion on how we can increase our rewards for the hereafter.
  11. wow? These are all great responces, for the most part. Now i will tell you what I think makes a women beautiful. * It is her wisdom , that guides her in her everyday actions * it is her religion , that keeps her on the straight path * It is her family , that raises and cares for her when she is unable to do it for herself * It is her friends , that raise her spirit when she is down * it is her pride , that stops her from giving up when the times get "tough" *it is the way she carries herself and the way in which she deals with the people around her * And most of all , it is Allah, the One who has created her and given her all that she desires in this world For it is not the physical that makes one beautiful, but rather the way one conducts herself in their daily actions
  12. Truly blessed I agree with most of the things you said sister, but i would like to clarify this qoute for me. Are you addressing somali women, or women in general? to answer your question sister i would like to say that i am addressing our black people. what difference does it make if you black sister or somalian sister is on the streets. IF you hadn't realized we are all the same. It is true that we have to lower our gaze especially in the non Islamic sociey we are living in, but what does looking for romance have to do with prostitution, drugs, and gangs. drugs, gangs and prostitution are what divert us from our goals and tasks. These are the things that lure our brothers and sisters to distruction and away from their deen and from leading a good life.
  13. what makes a women beautiful? this is a question I have for. I resently visited the ********** website and saw this question posted, so now i'm curious. You can post your replies whether your male or female, so please not be shy and express your views.
  14. oh sister i dont know why everyone is going crazy over this guy you know he's not that great anyways welcome to somalia online PS I am also new
  15. Have you ever found yourself looking at a man or woman and falling maddly in love? Do you question your love for this person? I think you should. Is it possible to love someone that you just met? No, because love is supposed to be based on what is on the inside and not just the physical. What you feel the first time you meet a beautiful person is not love. It is lust. And it should be avoided. That is why we are asked to lower our gaze. The more you look the more tempation you will feel and the more sins that you will commit. The reason I am writing this post is because I have observed the many other posts on love and romance. Why does romance have to matter? It's not like you are permitted to do anything until after marriage so why don't you wait to be surprised? is romance a thing that really exists. Is it a thing that we should really look towards and dream about. This is a question that i pose to all our somali nomads. Living in our western countries we a constantly being brainwashed to look for and desire romance. By looking for love and romance we are being diverted away from gaining power as a people and as a race. We no longer are working or studying, instead we are left running after a thing that can never truly be obtained. So we continue to jump from one relationship in the search for true satisfaction, which can really only be found in marriage. In the mean time our women are left as single mothers striving to keep their children alive with the little welfare they can get, or they end up having to sell their bodies to survive. And our men, well if they are not sex crazed they are running around killing one another in gangs or tooo busy getting high. Now it is time i hear from you. what are your views?