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  1. I am supporting the Ivory Coast team after their performance in the world cup but realistically Ghana will propably take the cup. Emperor, Somalia qualified for the Cup of Nations.
  2. Some people here got the notion that this was done by none-Somalis. No in Edmontin is is Somali on Somali crime. Just couple of nights ago there was another shooting at a night club which police taught was for the retaliation of these killings.
  3. Getting to the opponents best player was a good enough reason to put him in.
  4. Since Juve is stripped of its last two championships and the next candidate is also guilty, who gets these titles. Inter seems to be the next eligible team since they've been in the shadow of Juve and milan the last two rounds. seria A final standing last year (2005/6): 1/20 Juve (guilty) 2/20 Milan (guilty) 3/20 Inter 4/20 Fiorentina (guilty) 5/20 Roma 6/20 Lazio (guilty) seria A final standing (2004/5): 1 /20 Juve 2 /20 Milan 3 /20 Inter 4 /20 Udinese 12/20 Lazio 18/20 Fiorentina yeah, 187. Lyon, Bayern, even Hamburg, are all in a good position for the champions leugue but most important of all if Ajax makes it through the qualifying rounds to the group stages, we'll be placed high in poul 2 instead of poul 3. all depending on whether the higher ranked teams make it through the qualifying rounds for the draw. This means easier opposition in the group stages and an almost guaranteed knock-out stage qualification. look at how the pouling seeds could look like with no Juve, milan, and fiorentina: poul a Barcelona Real Madrid Inter Milan Liverpool (has to qualify) Arsenal (has to qualify) Man Utd Valencia (has to qualify) Lyon poul b Porto PSV Eindhoven Bayern Munich Chelsea Roma Ajax (has to qualify) Celtic Lille
  5. This is the best news i've heard in a while. No Juventus or Milan in the Champions league for at least 2 to 5 years. This will change the whole european football season.
  6. I suddenly have a newly found respect for the Azzuris. I never liked their style of play but yesterdays game was a Juventus style mixed with some Milan and Inter style of play. The defense of Juventus, the attacking tactical game and counter attacking style of Milan. And at the same time a fast building offence like that of Inter.
  7. Calgary SW Mosque Pictures Sorry I had to take one of the earlier pictures out. Some peoples license plates were showing.
  8. Liibaan, I wish I could have come to your defense earlier but I didn't have any net access when this was posted in February. Well it's all resolved now. remember i moved to Calgary back in October and you gave me your phone number to contact you when i got there.;f=1;t=000416
  9. Now that we know who the winners are to the last eigth, i tought it's about time everyone should be put on the spot and choose the eventual winners, runners up, and third and 4th place teams. This is what i predict, and you know how good I am at predicting sports matches 1 Brasil (total class) 2 Germany (third best after brasil, argentina but the fatherland gives you an edge) 3 Italy (never count the azzuris out) 4 Portugal (yeah damn it - cheaters)
  10. There is one more African team left in the competition. Yes, France is African!
  11. Australia could pull it off. Not that they have a good team but Hiddink is one heck of a coach. Korea, who he was coaching ended 4th last world cup. PSV Eindhoven, who he was coaching shook the mighty AC Milan in the semi-finals of last years Champions league. PSV Eindhoven, who he was coaching won two back-to-back Eredivisie titles and one cup final.
  12. The Ghana football association has apologized for the thing with the Israeli flag. Ivory Coast, even though lacking the tactical game was the best African team to reach the finals this time around. Ghana is now the only African team left unless Tunisia can pull of a magical thing. I am 100% behind Ghana as long as they don't cross paths with Holland. Ghana has one heck of a team. Anything from a guy running around with an Israeli flag, couple of players doing sujood to celebrate a goal, and a guy making the sign of the cross to celebrate a goal. After all this, it is still one team. Talk about african union.
  13. I'll be watching the match tonight. GO EDMONTON GO!
  14. Another world cup, another heavy defeat for the Saudis by a European team. What an embarrasment.
  15. Ghana was amazing. I was cheering untill I saw the Israeli flag. I have nothing against the Israeli flag. But how can a professional international player celebrate with a flag other than the country he is representing. All of African was cheering Ghana on and he took the celebration away from all of Africa.
  16. I think it's still too early to predict a winner for this world cup. I have to see all teams in action first. Ivory Coast is an awesome team and at the same time a crappy team. Crappy because of their lack of experience at the world stage as Soma said. Great because it's a tallent filled team. I only saw their second half. In the Ivory coast team I saw a terrible amateur team the first 20 monutes of the second half and a championship winning team in the 27 minutes of the second half. There was no rythm, pace, or plan to their game when they sucked. When they played the attractive fast and furious african game that West African teams are known for, they had Argentines on their knees. They didn't know what hit them. Drogba is really good. I knew he was good but I didn't think he was that good. I really underestimated him. Respect!
  17. this guy is hillarious, i couldn't stop laughing.
  18. mojam

    Toronto FC

    The MLS expansion for next year will be a Canadian franchise. Toronto FC will start playing next spring in the MLS in a brand new soccer stadium in Toronto which will be used for the world Cup of Juniors to be held in Canada next year. Eventhough, the MLS is at the level of a second division Earopean league, it is a very competitive league unlike the Earo leagues. There is salary cap for all clubs. Thus, all clubs have about the same chances of winning the cup.
  19. Thanks bro appreciate it. i just got into town today. I don't know how your name got to my ignore list but i removed it. you're actually on my buddy list as well. I have sent you my email address and cell phone number.
  20. new Knan album, the Dusty foot philosopher. I must say that i am very impressed. I have his first album flight 13. his music has become better over the past 4 years but he kept his somaliness. that is he is telling a somali story with his music. he truly represents. really good lyrics. really hip hop with a somali touch.
  21. they are is spain ^^^^ haha haha Arsenal ?? What on earth happened to this team?? Lucky for them this isn't the knockout stage where an away goal can take you out. Ajax outplayed Sparta but drew. Now we have to take care of Arsenal and this mysterious team Thun. Hopefully we won't repeat how we performed against other mysterious teams like FC Copenhagen and Celta de Vigo in the past. NGONGE good idea, i registered. also there is a EPL predictor
  22. Eventhough we're talking about Bush, i would choose the following: "...if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people ..." 5:32
  23. MATCHDAY ONE is on da way.. FINALLY everybody favourite league is starting! Seems like Real Madrid is going to have it tough against Lyon after their defeat to Celta Vigo. The only other true match worth mentioning seems to be Villa Real against man utd. Arsenal will have it easy against FC Thun or Thung FC whatever this team is called!