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  1. Score: 14 Analysis: You are willing to take small, calculated risks and are open minded. Perhaps that is why you were smart enough to come check out this website! Sanity Assessment: Your sanity is about average.
  2. What's going on here. Liverpool over Juve. Both liverpool & juve have a CL league record of: 6-1-2 (W-D-L) Inter couldn't get a single goal. How does it work anyways for these two teams that share the San Siro. Does the away goal rule still apply. Either way its good to see the people's club win against its city rivals again. The Philips club continues to surprise Europe by getting an away goal against the French giants. Yes, the winners of the last three French Championat editions. Lyon was the runner -up in France in 2001 and won all championat competitions after that. PSV is writing a little bit of a history as well by breaking a 30-year old record in Dutch football as well as giving ajax its greatest home defeat ever NIL-FOUR. The Chelsea's game was the only one I watched. Chelsea's style of play is becoming consistent. Same style of play that gave them the lucky win over Barca is working against Munchen. Good old fast-paced premiership football. Bayern's style of play in the Bundesliga is actually similar to that of Chelsea. At the end of this round this is the record of the teams left. (W-D-L-PNTS) Milano AC 7-1-1-22 Lyonnais 6-2-1-20 London 6-1-2-19 Liverpool 6-1-2-19 Turin 6-1-2-19 Milano Inter 5-3-1-18 Eindhoven 5-2-2-17 Munchen 4-1-4-13
  3. Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, & Morocco are the strongest teams. I hope they all qualify. Group 2 is hard to figure out. It also looks like the african champs are in trouble. Another WC issue. The next WC is Brasil's. It's theirs to lose. The number 6 star will be printed on the yellow jersey at the end of the summer of 2006. Dinho, Somalia lost out to Ghana not Uganda.
  4. Most people know him for his Dutch team that won the European championship in 1988 but he did more than just that. He was the man who made ajax. He converted this club from amateur status (in terms of european recognition) to an internationally respected club. his story: Rest in peace, General
  5. Chelsea did not deserve to win! This is what I call pure luck. But that's how it goes.
  6. Seems like the fast-paced entertaining league has lost it again to the tactical might of Spain and Italy.
  7. $187$ this kid is talented Another young brazilian talent. This guy has just been signed by PSV Eindhoven. PSV loves Brazilian stars after the success with Romario in the late 80s & early 90s and Ronaldo in the 90s. Nikao is their newest addition after signing Robert for their first team during the winter-break.
  8. The guessing game is back for the knock-outs of the CL. here are the rules: If you get the result of one leg right you get 1pnt. If you get both legs right you get 2pnts. You don't have to give the final score game. Rather, you just have to say wich team will win or if they will draw. Then just give the team you think will go through. here is my piece. Real Madrid - Juventus, leg 1 (DRAW), leg two (DRAW), Madrid to next round Liverpool - Leverkusen, leg 1 (Liv Win), Leg two (Liv Win), Liverpool to next round PSV - Monaco, leg 1 (Mon Win), leg two (Mon win), Monaco to next round Bayern - Arsenal, leg 1 (Bay win), leg two (Ars win), Bayern to next round Porto - Internazionale, leg 1 (Int win), leg two (Int win), Inter to next round Barcelona - Chelsea, leg 1 (Bay draw), leg two (Barca), Barca to next round Man. United - Milan, leg 1 (ManU win), leg two (ManU wind), ManU to next round Bremen - Lyon, leg 1 (Bre win), leg two (Lyon win), Lyon to next round
  9. "Lake Da agony what 'beef' do you have on Somali restaurants apart they serve you with 'hambos' from previous customers.." what's up with somali restaunts & hambo anyways. I took friends of mine to a Somali restaunt, after they had introduced to a restaunt from their country and they loved the Somali food. So they started going there a lot. Then one day they told me that they were served left-overs. They were pissed. I was embarraced.
  10. Seems like Arsenal has the most fans in here. Of course Somalia is one of the favorite national teams, but I was referring to world class teams. holland & brasil seem to be winning here. no surprise as these are the best national sides in the world.
  11. got it. 1. Albert Einstein 2. Joseph Stalin 3. Friedrich Ernst 4. The boxer uprising 5. Paris 6. Paris 7. F-15 fighter jet .... NOT.... 8. Wimbledon
  12. Footsoccer! is that even a word. No, i made that up to distinguish American football from the real football. But let me get back to the point. There are a lot of foot fans here but who is who here. Let everyone no who you are by posting your favorite clubs here. Here are mine. Favourite Clubs 1. Ajax 2. AC Milan 3. --none-- 4. Manchester United 5. FC Groningen National 1. Brasil 2. Nigeria 3. Holland 4. USA Stars Current 1. Ronaldinho (Barcelona, Brasil) 2. El-Hadji Diouf (Bolton, Senegal) 3. Ronaldo (Madrid, Brasil) 4. Shevchenko (Milan, Ukraine) 5. C. Ronaldo (Man U, Portugal) 6. Milan Baros (Liverpool, Czech Rep.) 7. Kluivert (Newcastle United, Holland)
  13. This Premiership thing is getting out of hand here! I better stay out of it.
  14. man i can't believe there are so many people underestimating chelsea.
  15. #1 George Weah ...just amazing... doesn't even look at the goal when he shoots. #2 The first time i saw was in World Cup 94 with a sucky Cameroon team that was down 6-0 to a sucky Russia team, where this 40 year old guy managed to pull one back. #3 Did anybody mention N. Kanu yet? I must say Kanu is definately one of the best african player ever. that is before he got the heart problem. I remember him with an Ajax team filled with stars such as Jari Litmannen & Patrick Kluivert where he showed that he as talented as them. I saw with a Nigeria team that was full of superstars in World Cup 94 and the Atlanta Olymic games where he scored a great goal and led Nigiria to win the gold medal.
  16. Something on CNN made me laugh hard today. What made me laugh was not the mosque standing itself but how the reporter reacted to it by just saying, "it's amazing how the mosque is the only thing standing." not getting the mirracle in the story. The full story and more pictures are here: add any other mirracles to this message if you come across any.
  17. Best Games Football ofcourse, and no that's not nfc lake!!! Champions League Milan vs Barcelona 1-0, Barcelona vs Milan 2-1, FC Porto vs Chelsea 2-1, Kiev vs Madrid 2-2, Ajax vs Bayern 2-2 LFP Barcelona vs Madrid 3-0, Sevilla vs Real Betis 2-1 Serie A Milan vs Inter 0-0, Juventus vs Milan 0-0 Barclay EPL Man U. vs Arsenal 2-0, Arsenal vs Tottenham 3-1 Eredivisie AZ vs Ajax 0-0 Ajax vs Feyenoord 1-1 FC Twente vs Ajax 2-3 Friendly Barcelona vs Ajax 2-1 Ajax vs Arsenal 0-0 International France vs Ireland 0-0 Egypt vs Cameroon 3-2 Brasil vs Bolivia 3-1 Other sports Pistons beating the lakers 4-1 in NBA finals
  18. BOB swap my ajax jersey for the barca one. you can have jerseys of more than one team, i currently possess jerseys of 5 different teams - including two ajax ones, a third adidas to be added soon. and why does everyone mention that he didn't win any silverware last season. That doesn't stop him from being the best player in the world. yes, Henry does some amazing things in the premiership but as North said EPL defenses are weak, compared to seria A or the Liga.
  19. Allah ha u naxariisto. My prayers are with you.
  20. RONALDINHO got it and deserved it. What ya'all should do including the arsenal fans is go to the nearest sports store and get that Catalan jersey with #10 on the back.
  21. Well Ronaldinho has been named the FIFA world player of the year. UEFA Shevchenko got the European one. FAIR ENOUGH
  22. ZLATAN We should've gotten more money for your loudmouth from Juve. 7 000 000 Euros. What a ripp-off! Those Italians. maybe you can join Celaya: Mexican men's soccer team seeks to sign female national club player
  23. Team: FC S.O.L. Colors: Shirt (Red & Yellow vertical stripes), Shorts (Black), Socks (Red & Yellow Horizontal stripes) honors: 3 Championships 1932, 1945, 1999 dishonors: Multiple Relegations from first division 1940, 1947, 1949, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1987, 2000, 2003, Violent fans, Tax evading management -------------------- 22. NGONGE ---------------------- -- 27. QL --- 44. NORTH --- 58. ORGILA --- 36. VIKING--- -- 7. WINGER ------- 60. SUJUI ------ 11. BEENEYAL ---- ------------------- 88. MOJAM ----------------------- ------------ 9. NORF ------- 10. TOTTI -------------- COACH: BOB BENCH: Everton Fans PHYCHOTHE.: ROKKO CHEERLEADERS: ZLATAN FAN NADJA, WILO SUPPORTERS: SOL Politics Forum Users YOUTH SYSTEM: Yes, SOL STUDENT FORUMS MAIN SPONSOR: DAHABSHIIL JERSEYS: REEBOK Ground: NomanArena
  24. What a tight draw! I'm semi neutral now that Ajax is out, but I want to see AC Milan vs Barca in the finals. They're going to have a rough time getting there with those English team in the way. Jose Mourinho vs Frank Rijkaard this aughta be good.