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  1. a surprise is possible but so far it seems as if milan or the old lady from turin are the only ones that will lift the scudetto. inter & roma are good to watch but won't be champions as it looks now.
  2. well here in canada, we go by the liter and the price per liter is about 80cents (66cents US). guess what though? 50% of the gas prices go in the pocket of the government (peep crooks) and 47% percent go to other things such as refining, delivery etc. only 3% is actual profit for the gas station. wiilo if your school is close enough consider it an exercise but i ain't walking no 35km.
  3. just 4 weeks will do. totti will become the al-time leading scorer for roma next match.
  4. doesn't look like much of a front to me. no wonder the civil war in somalia dragged on for so long. is that all these militias fight with one toyota truck that isn't even an off-road vehicle?
  5. Totti. one word. amazing. ps stop changing your name so often man... you're confusing us.
  6. Milan - Barca 1-0 Man Utd - Arsenal 2-0 AC Milan - Inter Milan 0-0 ...the rosseneri seemed to be the better team but chances wise both could have taken it. PSV - Ajax 2-0 ....damn
  7. Nur, #4 False - No another civil war is not looming in the horizon. There might be fights here and there but no all out civil war. # 5 No Comment - I can't know what's in the heart of these politicians for sure. That's why i put no comment as an answer. No one can possibly know if someone believes in the Quran for sure. Some people don't even know themselves whether they are believers. #9 True - A. Yussuf doesn't take no for an answer even after defeat in an election. We all know what he did before when his term expired in Puntland and another president was installed. I don't think this guy will change overnight and respect the law. 13. FALSE - I don't the Somalis will let them manage the money. The MPs are here to make money. Therefore, why let someone else manage it? #17 True - Who else will support him if things go wrong. I think that A. Yussuf will want to keep the ethiopians close. They were there for him in his last government position. He still wants them to be there for him. Atleast, until he has secured the seat indefinately and has an army that can shut down any outsiders. He also knows that the Ethiopians are capable of starting trouble for him if he doesn't play along. #18 False - I don't think these MPs are here to serve the people but rather they are there to make dollars. Holding a government position is the hottest career path in Somalia. The government needs to adopt strict laws to crack down on government officials who steal money.
  8. 1. T 2. F 3. F 4. F 5. NO COMMENT 6. F 7. F 8. F 9. T 10. F 11. F 12. F 13. F 14. F 15. T 16. F 17. T 18. F 19. F 20. F
  9. Finally a good match up for AC Milan in the serie A. This team seems very bored in this league. AC Milan 2 - Barcelona 1 Man Utd 2 - Arsenal 1 AC Milan 1 - Inter 1 There is also another derby going on in the small league. PSV - Ajax .. i hate to say this but PSV shall take their three points against ajax.
  10. Hersi's team beat his former team yesterday. Their first ever win over ajax away at ajax. ajax-heerenveen 1-3
  11. you all should stop posting these video links. You make me jealous. It takes me way too long to download a single one on my netzero. The only one i downloaded was that cruyf turn. mombasa queen, there is a footballics anonymous just around the corner.
  12. Bari_Nomad, this reply is probably coming from me a little late but better late than never. It's not really clear how much STN costs. However, right now we watch it for free. I think they will start charging subscription. The sat receiver is the same one used for arabic channels such as Al Manar, Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, Oman, Tunis, Yemen, Algeria, Saudi TV, Kuwait etc. The company that provides these ethnic channels in N-America is selling one for about US$200,- Check this out: There is also a new channel on the way for the Muslim community in America.
  13. Ramadan is next week. let's make dua that we won't be back at step 1 in 2, 3, 4, or 5 years.
  14. really really dumb mistake. it's like its been meant to happen.
  15. You all crack me up. I too will accept whoever is elected UNLESS it is that Mr. Yusuf. I saw STN today when Abdiqasim was giving his speech. Is he a candidate? This guy seems to have good intentions for Somalia. I have always been a fan of his. I would definately vote for him. PS the presidential elections can be seen world-wide from Australia to N-America. It will start at 12Noon local time in Nairobi. Thus, 11 Am in the UK and 6Am in Canada/us. The channel STN comes on BTV1 in north america. it shares the channel with a Croatian channel.
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    Thoth, i'm sure, you wouldn't talk like George W. Bush if those were your kids.
  17. I don't know either. The idea, however is the interest. Banks make money through interest.
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    This is normal. The scientific name for it is 'Human energy." It's kind of like having extra senses. A person might know what someone will say next or know what someone else is thinking. It has nothing to do with Shaytaan and stuff.
  19. Over the moon. We've got the Roon!! That's a sign a United fan was holding.
  20. It didn't make me laugh. It's just very very sad.
  21. man i did not watch a single champions league game, not even high lights. what happened to Roma? my predictions for the round of 16: A - 1) la coruna 2) liverpool B - 1) Leverkussen 2) Madrid C - 1) Juventus 2) Ajax D - 1) Man U, 2) Fenebahce E - 1) Arsenal 2) Panathinaikos F - 1) Milan 2) Celtic G - 1) Valencia 2) Inter E - 1) Chelsea 2) Porto
  22. Its that time of the year again when the best international club 'football' starts. Here's the draw: GROUP A Olympiacos (greece) Liverpool (england) Monaco (france) Deportivo la Coruna (Spain) GROUP B Real Madrid (Spain) Bayen Leverkusen (Germany) AS Roma (Italy) Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) GROUP C Bayern Munchen (Germany) Juventus (Italy) AFC Ajax (Netherlands) Macabbi Tel-Aviv (Israel) GROUP D Olympic Lyon (France) Sparta (Czech Rep) Manchester United (England) Fenebahce (Turkey) GROUP E PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) Pananthinaikos (Greece) Arsenal (England) Rosenborg (Norway) GROUP F Celtic (Scotland) AC Milan (Italy) Barcelona (Spain) Shakhtar (Ukraine) GROUP G Bremen (Germany) Anderlecht (Belgium) Internazionale (Italy) Valencia (Spain - Supercup winner & UEFA Cup winner 2004) GROUP H FC Porto (Portugal - 2004 Champions league winner) PSG (France) Chelsea (England) CSKA (Russia) toughest groups are Groups C, F, & G and i'm not saying that because my two favourite teams are in there. Man UTD & Fenebahce have an easy group.
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    soccer is such an ugly word.
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    hey how come there's no canadian teams in the NFL. do we suck that much??