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  1. Simply put, any race that wants to have a say in this world must be a race with many babies! Poverty doesn't matter when it comes to the numbers of people. Take China for example, a communist nation country with 1.2 billion people. Now you might think that the world superpower (usa) wouldn't want to do business with them because their ideology is one that they dislike but that would be their loss since their companies would lose 1.2 billion customers. You even have something General Motors plants in 'Communist' China. That's the economic connection. Then there's also the connection of rule. 1 person nomatter how rich cannot rule over 10 poor ones, because that simply doesn't make sense. Therefore, for the West to stay in power they must try to control the population of the poorer nations, and promote their population growth. There are more connections ofcourse but i won't get into that. peace
  2. As long as the system is based on European ideas, I will not support it! I do not have anything against Europeans but I believe in African solutions for African problems. For instance, the OAU had an article that said that all borders in Africa must be left as they were left by the colonists. Well not in the exact words but that is what it implies, but aren't the borders what are causing the most deadliest wars in the continent? Besides this new organization is the same as the OAU, only thing changed is the names of the articles. Another reason why this organization is bound to fail is that it relies too much on the West for support. One of the reasons it is created is to beg for foreign aid. i mean come on.
  3. There is a good article available on this subject. Click on the link.
  4. I will try to find articles about this movement provide links if i find them but here is an introduction: - Shaikh Muhammad Ibn-'Abd-Al- Wahh'ab lived in the 1700s. - During this time the people in Arabia (present day Saudi Arabia) were ignorant of Islam. they lead lives which were similar to those lead by their ancestors in the days of Jahilliyah (before Islam). - Sheikh Wahhabi started preaching about real Islam but there were many obstacles to his teaching (like the leaders (Arab tribal leaders) and states (namely the Ottoman Empire) at the time for reasons I do not want to get into.
  5. Don't know what the heck hapenned to KANU either.
  6. Brazil & USA will send the Euros home on Saturday and SENEGAAAAAAAL & S. Korea will send the rest of them home on Sunday.