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  1. Dabrow

    Kenyas war on Somali people

    Kenya recalls Somalia envoy, declares neighbour enemy state Kenya recalls Somalia envoy, declares neighbour enemy state WWW.THE-STAR.CO.KE Kenya has declared its northern neighbour Somalia an enemy state for allegedly auctioning oil and gas blocks falling within the Kenyan maritime territory near its border early this month. In a statement issued Saturday evening, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said the auction took place on February 7 this year in London.
  2. Obviously fake letter without a signature but museveni stated the obvious and well know fact. Somalia is a failed state with no organised authority where regional presidents cut ties with the federal gov. Its the bitter truth.
  3. Fix your title its barely readable and secondly Cagjar is facing problems but it was expected. Changes is not something that will come easy but one thing you can forget its the Somali region as TPLF mouthpiece dont you have more pressing issues to worry about?
  4. Dabrow

    Abukar Arman latest piece

    Dont you have a Kenyan forum to join instead?
  5. Dabrow

    Abukar Arman latest piece

    . Arman - REBRANDING AL SHABAAB: Geopolitics, Greed, Ineptitude and the Losing Battle Against Terror | The Elephant WWW.THEELEPHANT.INFO There is more to the war on terror than meets the eye. Globally, as well as regionally, writes ABUKAR ARMAN, when it comes to understanding the causes and effects of terrorism, most have surrendered their commonsense and capacity to think critically to their respective authorities, who often subjectively frame their perceptions to a single narrative of religious extremism.
  6. Dabrow

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Again I have no problem with federalism but banning the gov for coming or cutting ties with Xamar is not federalism anywhere in the world. This is something completely else and Im against that.
  7. Dabrow

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Tillamook: There is reason why IGAD countries came with up this clan federalism solution and today you can see Jubbaland is more connected to Kenya than Somalia and in South west Ethiopia has big influence. This is not what Somali people signed up for even though this was the plan all along. To create fragmented , more controllable buffer states in perpetual political crisis/chaos with no connection to the center, ie central goverment.
  8. Dabrow

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    Im not in general against federalism as concept but rather the clan federalism promoted by IGAD&Ethiopia, Its nothing but clan fragmentation politically even your beloved Puntland is no different in this aspect where one ruling subclan is taking turns while others lost faith in the project and wants to create khatumo and Makhir state. Its rational to expect similiar outcome in the south infact the south is even more diverse and that equals more problems in the implementation of clan federalism .This system also gave birth to people like Madoobe who wishes devolution from Xamar yet concentrate everything in Kismayo. His admin broke ranks with the Goverment of Somalia against the wishes of the people but with support of other federal state leaders. His admin completely ignored the people he is supposed to represent. He said nothing when Kenya was building a wall in Beledxawo and raping women you see for me its a duty to be against a system that allow this behavior. If the clan federal train is unstoppable then a unbreakable wall will be put before it.
  9. Dabrow

    Political Gamesmanship in Deni's inaugural ceremony

    I have to agree that this whole thing is waste of time and particular money. Most Somalis lacks basic needs and have no goverment that provides this yet there is money to waste on lavish inaugurations and bribes. It will be a recurring thing every couple of years to spend on inaugurations and bribes and not only 1 president but all 5 so called federal states will be doing this. This federal model will collapse on its own weight.
  10. Here is another recent exempel of a nomad getting killed. AUN
  11. Is this your wish or reality? Because nothing suggest this.
  12. You are not even 30% of the region. Is it not time to realize that you live with other Somalis in the Somali region? I support Abtigis to finish his term but the region needs changes and it needs to be inclusive to face the threat coming from outside. Naked tribalism will only undermine the region.
  13. No action is needed for now. He has few months left. But if he insist to stick around then he will be having alot of problems.
  14. Dabrow

    Dance in lower juba

    You are right its not only confined to Gedo but all over the south. I think some confusion here comes from my use of the term "reer Gedo"