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  1. If a rer Gedo president pockets all the aid money and development assistance in Bardheere for 6 years then I totally understand if he gets denied to come to other cities in the region. Madoobe has basically reduced himself to Kismayo mayor. My personal belief is that Gedo should become its own state. It has two rivers, vast farmlands and can become a regional trading hub crossing three borders. It needs no one and certainly not a incompetent warlord like Madoobe.
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    Joint Statement

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    Joint Statement

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    Joint Statement

    The leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, President Mohammed Abdullahi Mahmud Farmajo and President Isaias Afwerki held a series of consultations in Bahr Dar, Ethiopia on November 9-10, 2018. The three sides stressed that this, their second meeting in as many months highlights the historic transformation towards peace and integration in the horn of Africa. In their consultations, the three leaders reviewed developments and achievements since the signing in Asmara of the Joint Declaration on Friendship and Comprehensive Cooperation between the three countries. They noted with satisfaction the tangible and positive outcomes already registered, and agreed to consolidate their mutual solidarity and support in addressing challenges that they face individually and collectively. In this regard, they stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of Somalia as well as their firm support for the Somali people and the Federal Government of Somalia and all its institutions. They also commended them for the progress they are making towards peace and stability. The leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea welcomed the impending lifting of all sanctions against Eritrea and underscored their conviction that this act of justice would contribute to enhancing peace, development and cooperation in the region. They also reaffirmed their commitment to an inclusive regional peace and cooperation. The presidents of Eritrea and Somalia expressed their profound appreciation to Prime Minister Abiy and the people and government of Ethiopia for the warm reception an hospitality accorded to them and their delegations in the historic city of Gondar and the beautiful city of Bahr Dar, a reception that reflected the close and historic ties between the three nations. Bahr Dar, 10 November 2018
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    Saakin taps out and resigns

    As you said in the other thread he def will back someone in the upcoming election.
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    Shariifka's shenanigans

  7. Dabrow

    Shariifka's shenanigans

    All doors have been shut for Saakin and these are the desperate tricks he got left playing but it will be to no awail.
  8. KISMAYO (HOL) – Heavy fighting has broken out between security forces and clan militias in the southern Somali port city of Kismayo town, officials say in a new escalation of fighting late on on Saturday. Three of people including a tribal elder died during a street battle which involved in mortar shelling in the centre of the town, 500km west of the Somali capital. Security forces said they were pursuing violent elements that attacked troops. The two sides used mortars and machine guns, residents said as the sound of gunfire rattled throughout the city which has experienced a period of calm since Kenyan and Somali forces loyal to the Kenyan-backed regional Ahmed Madobe seized the town from the Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab group in 2012. According to residents, the clashes started after Jubbaland, the regional administration in charge of the town issued a new decree banning illegal arms in the town, an order opposed by some armed clans in the town that resisted it, leading to clashes with the security forces. Some tribal elders have however opposed the order by the local administration, arguing that they had to maintain their weapons for self-defense purposes, an explanation dismissed by the local administration. Hundreds of residents have reportedly started fleeing the town as the two warring sides were engaging street battles across the town’s streets by Saturday evening. Tension is reportedly high as night fell as the two sides started receiving reinforcements, raising fears of more escalations in the town which also serves as the key base of the Kenyan African Union forces backing the Somali government.