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  1. My whole justifications list would bore you Tillamook so lets agree to disagree.
  2. Unless empire ambitions comes into play Gedo state would of course only be Gedo. The important things is to provide service and relief to the people and realize the potential of the land. Somalis often forget why states or institutions exist. Its to serve the people, my vision of Gedo state could do that.
  3. On this we have different opinions sxb. I think Jubbaland is the nonsense.
  4. Only on paper does jubbaland concist of of all the three regions however in reality middle jubba is no go area and as long as Madoobe have been president he has not step a foot in Garbaharey the capital of Gedo region. This is undeniable facts. The kenyan backed Jubbaland project failed not only because of Madoobe but its whole structure is manipulated to favor certain groups over others. Well thats not gonna work and people will look elsewhere and hopefully more will see the benefit of Gedo state that will stand for the locals wants and needs.
  5. The same gandi who said that ""the *** can not go to Kismayo." in the leaked wikileaks docs? So much for educated.... Cable: 09NAIROBI1732_a WIKILEAKS.ORG
  6. The proxy wars behind Kenya, Somalia rows WWW.THE-STAR.CO.KE Somali Parliament pushing for the withdrawal of the KDF.
  7. If Madoobe has support of "real jubbalanders" why cant his tribal militia pass the outskirts of Kismayo? We both know the answer to that question. Dont think KDF will babysit Madoobe forever. If he wants to remain by force and sham elections there is consequences for that.
  8. You dont have to eliminate someone who is self destructing. The only thing that is needed is to grab popcorn and watch the show. Madobe time is up and he has no say politically thus his desperate and pathetic behavior in Garowe meeting. He can accept that his time is up or cling to power as " Kismayo mayor" in the failed Kenyan backed Jubbaland project.
  9. He is the mayor but also the governor of benadir with million residents. He has more right to sit there than Madoobe and Xaf.
  10. I think this whole thing is no different from the other meaningless meetings and will only have one outcome. It will cast more doubt on the federalism project.
  11. So where is this coup? Whats gonna happen buddy? Emotions and delusion is potent combo : )
  12. Kenya recalls Somalia envoy, declares neighbour enemy state Kenya recalls Somalia envoy, declares neighbour enemy state WWW.THE-STAR.CO.KE Kenya has declared its northern neighbour Somalia an enemy state for allegedly auctioning oil and gas blocks falling within the Kenyan maritime territory near its border early this month. In a statement issued Saturday evening, Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said the auction took place on February 7 this year in London.
  13. Obviously fake letter without a signature but museveni stated the obvious and well know fact. Somalia is a failed state with no organised authority where regional presidents cut ties with the federal gov. Its the bitter truth.