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  1. A region that has been fought over for almost three decades. To suddenly come and say, that a specific group dominates the region without data or census on the table, is an insult to the intellect. A diverse region like Jubbaland should have an formula in place along the lines of 4.5 system, that gives all the important actors in the region a sense of representation on temporary basis. In the future, the admin can come up with tons of reasons to justify the distribution of the seats. But not in this matter, this kind of action will lead to more armed conflict and more opposition from other clans.
  2. Groups of anarchists and thugs will not be able to stop the government; "horaa loo soconayaa." Pretending to be outraged by the death of this young soul and the following demonstrations will not trick the masses in the capital who are overwhelming peace loving and law abiding Somalis. Somalis are becoming ever aware of the fact that there are groups among us that don't want Somalia's qaranimo to be fully restored. Restoring it will diametrically oppose these groups' interests. This tragic event and many more in the future will be used to try to damage the government.
  3. It is truly sad to see that after 14 years of ongoing conflict within the same city between two factions, neither Al-Shabaab nor the government can get the job done. So It is not wise to contemplate to form a national unity government with Al-Shabaab for the sake of the innocent lives in the region. And as a result, disregard whatever the IC are demanding. Because this can’t truly continue like this.
  4. All of Somali federalists came to aid Axmed Madoobe and folks, when Jubbaland was being established. As a result, 6 years later, Madoobe shouldn’t squanderer this golden opportunity. He should seek some sort of a mandate to lead the state. Whether through elections, the blessings of all clan leaders or other forms. Otherwise, it could delegitimize the State government leading to spoilers entering the stage. Thus The current elites should have that particular scenario in mind and humble themselves as they were the marginalized ones for 24 years.
  5. Anarchists have daily reoccurring nightmares about Somalia regaining its Statehood.
  6. Criticizing the crimes committed by the state of Israel doesn’t constitute being anti-Semitic. However, in this current political climate, even a little criticism of Israel uttered by a person, then that person would immediately be labeled as an anti- Semitic. It is a sad fact. Ilhan should comprehend this single fact and see that there is nothing to be gained from being a pro-Palestine congress member.
  7. Axmed Shide should not set the agenda of the Somali regional government. The fact that he is not a member of the administration, should be enough for Shide to let Cagjar take charge in these mattee. Therefore, Shide should leave the internal affairs of the state alone and be a messenger of the Somalis on federal level. Fundamentally, Somalis should let highly controversial matters aside for the moment and focus on Somali-wide reconciliation to bolster unity. As for now, Abiy Ahmed is consolating his power among Oromo and Amhara. Eventually, Abiy will settle matters with Somalis. His real agenda will be known soon. Therefore, it is essential to bolster unity among Somalis in order to have a strong negotiation position in the upcoming confrontation with the federal government.
  8. Let me argue for the government's position: In order to understand the government's position, we must look at the goals that they are trying to achieve. As for currently, there is no monetary policy possible in Somalia, since the economy is fully dollarized. The gov't can't reverse a 30-years old process, however, by introducing a uniform national currency, the government can establish a parallel universe which ultimately will serve its interests. As far as I know, there are at least three versions of the Somali Shilling circulating in the country. None of the regional administrations or businessmen will give up their financial and political power that easily. Now, envision having a non-Somali bank governor at the helm and how that process will unfold.
  9. Hoo bariiska! It is confirmed. Haysom is out. What have the secessionist’ leaders gained from openly siding with Haysom?
  10. It is the fact that Ilhan has been unapologetically proud of her Somali ethnicity that has significantly contributed to winning the congressional seat.
  11. Oodweyne, As the English FA always opposed the Golden-Goal rule, so does the international community (including the English) oppose diverging from the status quo, so ask yourself this question: hypothetically speaking, even if the IC would consider Somalia's legal claims over Somaliland as null-and-void, would that constitute as international recognition? Ciyaar jooji!
  12. Suldaanka iyo Oodweyne, both of you are speaking of defeat or win in sense of absolute. I, however, view it from an angle of relativeness. Looking at the SDF, before the Somali government raised the issue with the international community, Somaliland's fund was assigned to the administration without any form of discussion with the Somali government. In the current form, Villa Somalia has some sort of input in assignment and allocation of resources in the fund. Was the main objective of dictating terms to SL's administration achieved. No, however, it is still a small step in the right direction. DP world is the total opposite. It is a clear win for SL, but due to the changes in the region, the victory is in a sense meaningless. It is also shocking to see how comfortable Hargeysa's elites are with Ismaciil Cumar Geelle when it was him how personally bankrolled the motion against DP world. Now, it is "Seeddi", ever since Assab is the preferred destination of DP world's plans. Overall we might disagree on minor details, I do feel like we are converging to a consensus. Now, if we go along the line of reasoning that Muuse Biixi's administration has had all of this success this past year, then, why is there a need to get involved in this matter with Nicholas Haysom and Somali government?
  13. Suldaanka iyo Oodweyne, to make the claim that Somaliland had a good political year in 2018, is slightly delusional. I do concede that on military front Somaliland is its best position since its inception, especially after the capture of Tukaraq. However, on the political front, it is a different story. I don't recall all of the defeats, but here are few of them: Muuse Biixi's scuffle with Michael Keating DP World Air traffic control Donors budgetary contributions to SL And Let us leave Ethiopia's shift in policy out of the equation. Now, why gamble with Somaliland's future relationship with UN representative, because what the outcome of this disagreement will be, is unknown. However, let's make the assumption that Muuse Biixi's administration does indeed have a better relationship with the UN, wouldn't the status-quo serve the administration better, as a result keeping themselves outside of this argument than blindly choosing a position that potentially could have severe negative consequences. The way Muuse Biixi behaves lately indicates to me that he is a desperate man in need of some wins.
  14. Somaliland should not be engaging in this matter. I honestly don't see any opening for Somaliland's gov't in this matter. The topic at hand is primarily Haysom's interference with Somalia's domestic issues - specifically the protests and its consequences that took place in Baydhabo. Although many other reasons are put forward by the Somali gov't for Haysom's expulsion, the main argument is Haysom's interference in internal matters. So why would Somaliland take the risk of violating its own principles by engaging in a southern Somalia issue? I think that after SL had suffered so many political defeats in the year 2018, its leaders are now desperate to score political points. Because by blindly taken a position without proper cost and benefits analysis, it reveals how desperate SL administration is for a victory and desperation should not be a basis for policy.
  15. "Unuka leh" are now in political alliance with "Afar Qoobley" folks. The grand coalition of "Xamar daaye" folks is in full force now.