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  1. Che, that's the million-dollar question. However, every time that Ethiopia seems to be on the brick of disintegration or full-blown civil war. There is always a miraculous solution presented by the international community and all suddenly, all of the national heavyweights factions of the country miraculously accepted the solution. Did you wonder, how did Abiy come to power?
  2. We differ only in how Somalia should move forward, not if Somalia should move forward. Cumar Finnish personally welcoming Deni and Madoobe at the airport exemplifies the idea that we Somalis will continue the dialogue despite how intense our differences are.
  3. There are so many ways to solve the problem. For example, Abiy could have chosen to put a take-care government in place for a year in order to engineer the federal elections. But this outright power move by Abiy has backfired and now he is stuck between Amhara extremists, Oromo nationalists, and Tigriyian secessionists. He has blown his credit nationally and internationally and soon the international community who always has come to the rescue of their beloved Abyssinian brothers will do that again by removing Abiy Ahmed from office. It is just a matter of time.
  4. Galbeedi, I’m one of the many silent readers of these boards. I couldn’t agree with you more on your analysis of Abiy Ahmed. What I also have noticed, is that Abiy has morphed into something that few people could have foreseen (including you, Oodweyne). Specifically, the aspect of Abiy Ahmed’s character of indecision regarding Ethiopia’s internal affairs. It has been over two years that Abiy is in power and still, he has not spelled out any ideological positions or any political vision for Ethiopia. He seems to be a chameleon from the start, who was and still is out there to amass as much power as possible. All he utters, are ambiguous positions which he can comfortably make a 180 degrees turn on it.
  5. Abiy is trying to copy plays from Meles Zenawi’s playbook. However, he forgot that the masses have vivid memories of Zenawi’s rule. This is the age of the internet. The masses are better informed than ever and will not fall for old tricks of divide and rule. I hope that the youth keep applying pressure on him and letting him know that he is a transitional leader which was put in place to facilitate peaceful elections.
  6. Operatives of the war industry in Somalia are feeding the people of Mogadishu false narratives. Wouldn't it be in the interest of the public if government officials with dual citizenship quarantine outside of Somalia?
  7. Great article and analysis. Ethiopia is on the brink of civil war. The political factions' interests are opposing each other diametrically. Currently, we are witnessing political blows being dealt but eventually, the battle will shift from the political realm to the battlefield, if Abiy Ahmed doesn't compromise. Abiy is trying to copy a play from Meles Zenawi's book. The "first consolidate power, then make your moves" thing. However, in 2020 these sorts of things don't work. Kudos to Tigrayians for forcing Abiy's hand. The ultimate chameleon's cover is blown.
  8. By all means necessary. Thousands over thousands young men have given their lives in order to stop Xabashi’s oppression in last century and the sad part is that the struggle is still not over. So this is not the time to dig into the past and start pointing fingers. ONLF is not the right organization for the struggle nor do they have the right motives. However, they are the only ones who oppose the XabashiS unapologetically. So Cagjar’s ability to openly express his opinion in Jigjiga is in large parts thanks to ONLF. So let’s keep the struggle alive and leave divisive topics to the side. We Somalis have bigger fish to fry.
  9. Just because western media reports on it. You deem it to be true. I don’t know the entire story but one thing I do know is that she is the true definition of Araweelo. Always stood and still stands for Somali interests in the US and the state of MN. Ka Kac!
  10. As it is always the case with the IMF, everything is done with the aim of pushing a specific agenda. In this case, it is that IMF is trying to convene to Golf countries to buy more investment products from Western nations and re-alignment with their economic policies The interesting fact is that all of these Golf countries have surpassed the West in terms of living standards economically. Even if the oil industry collapses today, Golf countries have a such highly developed economies that increasing or imposing taxes on their foreign populations, little monetary easing and some borrowing on capital markets will be sufficient to keep all the families in line for at least a decade. So why does the IMF imply that a stop of oil funds will lead to political instability?
  11. The western world’s fascination with Abyssinia has always destabilized politics in the Horn. However, with the background of west political power declining and its societies secularizing, and above all the rise of other world powers. Karma has finally hit our Xabashi brothers. The shift is permanent and low-landers ethnicities of Afar, Somali and Oromo and others will settle score with the highlanders specifically with the Amhara for the century-long abusive policies funded by Western powers. The biblical name (Ethiopia) that Haile Selassie chose for this artificially created nation and established by the West, as a way to solidify Abyssinia’s Christian heritage and bond with the West, this name will be once again only used in a biblical context as Ethiopia will not exist. The country will balkanize and hopefully this will usher a new era of coexistence among different ethnicities in the Horn.
  12. Out of a pool of 50,000 potential offenders who live within the city limits, we cannot monitor their movements and whereabouts. In a highly connected society is not even possible. It defies all logic. There are clearly two administrations within the city. There is no other explanation. Therefore, I hope n&n focuses upon shutting down barbaar’s funding. That will merit instant results instead this detour.
  13. It is a good source of protein. Additionally, it is good to see fellow Somalis who are open minded. Migrating to Lapland in order to be sheltered in a church is considered normal. Somalis trying out a new source of protein are frowned upon. Ciyaarta jooji
  14. Basedless accusations. Somalia’s debt is no indicator of how badly the economy was managed back then. There is so much information missing, it is just speculation at this point. However, it is a fact that there was widespread corruption. But if it was so severe as some claim here, why haven’t Somalis across the region realized in 30 years timespan, half of the projects that were completed in midst of war and mayhem in the last two years of the administration.
  15. It is not much. However, the process will open up funds so that the gov't can pursue policies with certain autonomy from the international community.