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  1. Wikipedia as a source. I have watched Ethiopia's and Tanzania's demographic pages on Wikipedia over the years. I have even checked up on a regualr basis sources that the contributors used in their writing. What I have noticed is that none of the sources are reliable. None of the sources are state-initiated. It is a fact that population demographics are highly controversial in these countries, especially data regarding religion. Therefore, Ethiopia and Tanzania will never conduct a state-wide census or even a credible estimation because of the potential political ramifications. However, if look at religion in general in Ethiopia, I think that Christianity is boosted by Protestantism among the Gambella in Western Ethiopia and Pentecostalism around Addis Abeba. However, in a single category, I believe that Islam by far the largest religion in Ethiopia and I believe that future unreliable data to be published will confirm this. I think that past leaders have underrepresented the numbers of Muslims in order to have some legitimacy to rule the country. Abiy Ahmed will probably do the same in the future.
  2. It is a drop in the bucket. 25 million pounds relatively don't contribute much to a national budget. However, it is undoubtedly a moral victory for SL gov't. To have the British government openly comment on the fact that they are willing to contribute to the budget of SL government in the current environment where some Ministers at FGS are firmly opposed to. it definitely takes courage to do that. Yet Ms. Baldwin has clearly indicated her position in face of potential backlash from FGS by undoubtedly stating that the British government has no intentions to recognize SL. This position is clearly a deterioration regarding the previous British positions toward SL's independence where they used to say that "it is an internal issue that should be discussed by the two parties involved." So Aw guuriyo, reer Qaldaan.
  3. Somali oppositional forces in Region who have opposed the regional government primarily because of Cabdi Iley's crime against Somalis, have to show their true colors after Cabdi Iley's removal. Are these forces in politics in order to improve the living standards of Somalis in Region or are they career politicians in the game for the plain reason of personal interests. If Somali oppositional forces join the ranks of the Jigjiga's government or even better give the new leaders full legitimacy, this move can change the direction of the narrative. Because Cabdi Iley's removal has elevated the immense pressure on the Regional government. The move opens up for all Somali factions to unite and form a unity government that can negotiate on behalf of all Somalis. As a unity force, the Somalis can negotiate with the Federal government and FINALLY pinpoint Abiy Ahmed's exact position toward Somalis. So Soomaali maryooley, let's give Ilkacase a chance
  4. Mourad1

    Farmaajos presidency doomed

    CC Shakur's failed argument will not work on this forum. Farmaajo, as the name indicate already is a son of the City of Mogadishu. A clannist from Adan Yabaal, Guriceel, or Buulo Burde can tell him nothing.
  5. Anglicizing the Somali Republic name, and stealing the narrative that our beloved nation is built upon and then to expect us to swallow all of it, is just too much.
  6. Mourad1

    Burburkii Qaranimada Soomaaliya

    The conflict got personal. No room to compromise or seek the middle ground. The public supported only leaders that advocated their interest unapologetically.
  7. Landers can keep peddling historical events and its interpretations to support Somaliland's current struggle for independence. However, even if, us unionists concede to all of the arguments made by Landers. Nothing will change. If Somaliland can't convince friend and foe for its case for a period of 27 years with no competent opponent on the other side of the room, how can it achieve this goal now? just logically think. South Sudan, who is a member state of the African Union, has borders which are almost half non-colonial. Therefore, this simple case invalidates the entire argument of "colonial borders are prerequisites for international recognition for aspiring African nation states. Just think
  8. Merkel and Erdogan have a different style of leadership. I personally believe that Merkel's way of indirect leading and seeking consensus has a particular longevity in Central Europe. However, Erdogan more assertive way of leading can be very polarising in a very violent region. Nevertheless, Turkey is a democratic country and if the country's population wants Recep Tayyip as its president for next decade, it is okay with me. The argument that I am trying to make is that change is a constant, what might be effective today, could be ineffective tomorrow.
  9. Let's analyze the Turkish political and economic situation. The political system which has fostered the progress of Turkey has been in place before The AKP party begun its reign. Turkish elites had always looked toward Europe to find inspiration and had a dream of being admitted to European Union, and this was primarily due to Turkey's historical disassociation with Arabs. However, In light of seeking membership to the EU, Turkish elites and military end of 1990's finally lifted the ban on Islamists taking office. Now, is it fair to dismantle the very system that has brought Erdogan and Co. to power because of the fear that secularists might come back, and implement policies more in line with the founding father AtaTurk? On the geopolitical level, Turkey is isolated. A failed foreign policy is the reason for that. Who is to blame for that Economically let us not pretend that Turkey was an underdeveloped country prior Edrogan taking office. The AKP has specifically developed the rural regions of Turkey to the economic engine of the country. From 2002 to 2012, Erdogan has truly transformed Turkey's economy. Data on Real GDP growth rate and structural investment also back up the facts. So, there is no room for discussion in this area. Nevertheless, ever since Turkey adopted a more assertive foreign policy, and especially toward Syria, and the narrative has changed. The Turkish Lira has lost over 60 % in its value in a period of 5 years. Inflation has skyrocketed. Above all GDP growth rate shaky. The only reason why Turkey's economy is not in shambles is the vast majority of the government, and business debt is denominated in Turkish Lira. Now, with Bashar al Assad having won the civil war in Syria, and his government actively busing defeated rebels to the Turkish border and with already 2 million refugees in the country, one can only imagine what Turkey is waiting in the near future. In conclusion, Erdogan has had his run, moreover, he has made many positive changes that were fundamental to the country's political system and economy but for the sake of the Turkish people, the unity of the nation, the economy, and to reboot Turkey's foreign policy, Erdogan should leave the highest office and let the youth of AKP take over.
  10. Mourad1

    Train Haifa, Israel to Gulf in short time

    Abyssinia and Israel. What's the connection besides the Lion of Judah?
  11. I assumed June 26th is a black day for Somalilanders and not something to commemorate since this day is the day the Landers departed ways with Ingriis Cade and joined the dreadful Somali Republic.
  12. Erdogan has been in power for close to 2 decades. For the sake of change, Erdogan should step down. All of his peers have left the stage. Abdullahi Gül and others have moved on. So, for the sake of the country's progress and to solidify the country's position as regional Superpower. Turkey needs to redefine its relationship with its neighbors. Erdogan has burned too many bridges. So it is time for new leadership.
  13. It is shocking to see an SNM field commander recycling Kacaanka's economic truths. It seems like in 40 years plus nothing has really changed, except the puppets. But on a serious note, Muuse Biixi makes many valid points during his speech, however, in order to find real solutions to these obstacles, the entire truth should be told. Although Somaliland's economy is still a decade ahead of all other Somali regions on any parameters, it is still a heavily regulated economy run by a few families. No wonder, the majority of Somaliland's youth crosses oceans and then claim to be "abaayowe, booska habarteey oo Afgooye ku yaaale aan soo gaddee " in European capitals. I don't blame the youth because they are not giving the opportunities they truly deserve. So move from the status quo, and let the economy be deregulated in order to give the youth a chance to prosper.
  14. Mourad1

    Failmaajo delivers a memorable speech (NOT)

    At the end of the day, Farmaajo is not a scholar. To be absolutely objective doesn't serve his interest. It is certainly a valid point that the Somali government didn't disintegrate on January 26, 1991. However, be under no illusion, Farmaajo is reer Konfuur. He interprets past events in Somalia's history according to how the majority of us "reer Konfuur" view these events.
  15. No one is forcing the people of Somaliland to accept and respect Somalia's Unity. I think that on a spectrum of diehard Somalilanders to Unionists, the Federal government is targetting the section made of doubters and people who are indifferent about the independent cause. So it is an ongoing debate. On the point of international funding toward Hargeisa, I think that the Somali government has adopted a policy of "If you are not at the table, you are on the table." Signing off the special status will eliminate any inputs that Unionists could have on the negotiations between the international community and Somaliland. So the current move by the Minister makes absolute sense. If the hardball currently played by Somali officials will backfire, time will let.