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  1. Out of a pool of 50,000 potential offenders who live within the city limits, we cannot monitor their movements and whereabouts. In a highly connected society is not even possible. It defies all logic. There are clearly two administrations within the city. There is no other explanation. Therefore, I hope n&n focuses upon shutting down barbaar’s funding. That will merit instant results instead this detour.
  2. It is a good source of protein. Additionally, it is good to see fellow Somalis who are open minded. Migrating to Lapland in order to be sheltered in a church is considered normal. Somalis trying out a new source of protein are frowned upon. Ciyaarta jooji
  3. Basedless accusations. Somalia’s debt is no indicator of how badly the economy was managed back then. There is so much information missing, it is just speculation at this point. However, it is a fact that there was widespread corruption. But if it was so severe as some claim here, why haven’t Somalis across the region realized in 30 years timespan, half of the projects that were completed in midst of war and mayhem in the last two years of the administration.
  4. It is not much. However, the process will open up funds so that the gov't can pursue policies with certain autonomy from the international community.
  5. Aw guuriyo Maamulka Somaliland. There is nothing better to see a Somali region making progress. Hopefully, Somaliland will not limit itself to its internal market and makes Somalis across the region utilize the facilities.
  6. Abiy's narrative of creating a "New Ethiopia" might be the most rational one, however, it will not be the one most people will gravitate to. Amxaara and specifically Oromo are exploring their newfound freedom of expression. As a result, extreme narratives will dominate public interactions and airwaves. Additionally, Africa is the home of irrational decision making. So the notion of "silent majority" that will hand a mandate to a leader who represents a compromise and not an extreme one, will not happen now nor in the near future. So although Abiy's narrative of New Ethiopia has been around for a year, it is clear to see that the country is moving towards another direction. So Guess who will win the elections?
  7. They have to, otherwise, Soomaali Maryooley will send them to their graves. Look what happened to AUN Eng. Yariisow. However, I think all of us would tolerate some selfishness from our leaders but not to the point where one's selfish actions could potentially lead to the dismantlement of an entire administration. These selfish actions are very dangerous. That's why I hope that all parties come together and comprise in name of Soomalinimo and make Danta Guud top priority.
  8. Jubbaland was a war-zone 24 years long and it still is to some extent. However, compared to the past, the region has come along way. There is now a weak administration in place that has the potential to unite all the warring factions and create some sort of lasting peace among the people of the region. All the hard work of the past few years shouldn't go to waste. Electing new leadership, preferable a nationalist would establish this goal and can keep the project alive.
  9. Six years of valuable work is being slowly dismantled by the chief ego-maniac in charge. Hopefully, all parties involved will come to their senses and put Danta Guud before their selfish interests.
  10. Kenyans are literally losing the plot. However, what truly amazes me, is the level of open hostility towards Somalia. For almost 20 years the entire project of acquiring Somalia's maritime assets was less or more "Ku daye" mode (See if maryooley are willing to accept or not). Now, Kenyans are making real work out of it. Therefore, our waters definitely contain vast sums of extractable minerals otherwise the dispute would not have gotten such priority from the Kenyans.
  11. Kenya is now officially run by a gang of Suju’s. This letter is truly shocking. One should remind this gang of the fact that Jubbaland is a Member State of the Republic of Somalia and not a province of Kenya.
  12. A region that has been fought over for almost three decades. To suddenly come and say, that a specific group dominates the region without data or census on the table, is an insult to the intellect. A diverse region like Jubbaland should have an formula in place along the lines of 4.5 system, that gives all the important actors in the region a sense of representation on temporary basis. In the future, the admin can come up with tons of reasons to justify the distribution of the seats. But not in this matter, this kind of action will lead to more armed conflict and more opposition from other clans.
  13. Groups of anarchists and thugs will not be able to stop the government; "horaa loo soconayaa." Pretending to be outraged by the death of this young soul and the following demonstrations will not trick the masses in the capital who are overwhelming peace loving and law abiding Somalis. Somalis are becoming ever aware of the fact that there are groups among us that don't want Somalia's qaranimo to be fully restored. Restoring it will diametrically oppose these groups' interests. This tragic event and many more in the future will be used to try to damage the government.
  14. It is truly sad to see that after 14 years of ongoing conflict within the same city between two factions, neither Al-Shabaab nor the government can get the job done. So It is not wise to contemplate to form a national unity government with Al-Shabaab for the sake of the innocent lives in the region. And as a result, disregard whatever the IC are demanding. Because this can’t truly continue like this.
  15. All of Somali federalists came to aid Axmed Madoobe and folks, when Jubbaland was being established. As a result, 6 years later, Madoobe shouldn’t squanderer this golden opportunity. He should seek some sort of a mandate to lead the state. Whether through elections, the blessings of all clan leaders or other forms. Otherwise, it could delegitimize the State government leading to spoilers entering the stage. Thus The current elites should have that particular scenario in mind and humble themselves as they were the marginalized ones for 24 years.