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2 year extension: Farmaajo urges the Citizens to seize the historic chance to choose their destiny

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2 minutes ago, Apophis said:

No, it actually shows who you are. A farmajo puppet pretending to be a middle man. A munafiq of the highest order.

If it is between this dictator ruling peacefully and war, then it is better war. He will be removed just like dictator barre and dictator abdulahi yusuf.

You do understand I am not in Somalia hence my support for any person or group means nothing!

There will no be war. Go and suck lemon somewhere. Bitterness is not healthy for the soul.

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18 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

And this really shows who are you. 

Kiikuuyo bootlicker diinlaawe atheist ah maxaa ka sugeysaa. If iyo aakhiraba waaku qasaaray, dhaladii xun markuu soo cabo meeshaan iskeenaa with its restless lost soul.

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25 minutes ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

How can the so called parliament extend term for the executive branch. When their own times is expired.

You should be asking that question to your Somaliland leaders. Their parliament expired decades ago.

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