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  1. Sherban- I believe Jareer is an epithet used to demean certain somali groups due to their features. As far as I am aware they are Somalis and yes many would consider marying them. With regard, to the minority clan issue, it is nonsense, trivial and ridiculous. There are bigger things to worry about.
  2. The man was given plenty of time to articulate the policies of his party instead he behaved like a common prostitute swinging from one view to the next scoring nothing in the process. His lips spasms and shaking hands were more fascinating to watch then his baseless replies which gave no concrete clue to the essence of the BNP. Kudo to the BBC for exposing this fraudster!
  3. Where do you find the energy to engage in such activities? Thinking straight alone is such a task during ramadan let alone undertaking something as energetic as the one that you mention.
  4. I find eating small portions and having breaks in between meals helps. I have also been told exercising after breaking fast or after dinner is very good and increases your energy levels. I haven't tested the exercise part yet.
  5. I have been to that place by chance and I tell you it is wrong and cruel. The way those poor animals are treated and their living conditions are monstrous! To them they are naught but a way to generate income and serve no educational purpose. I hope it gets shut down!
  6. Hey missy How have you been? Been meaning to catch up with you and the lovely ladies. Will organise something for Eid.
  7. Ramadan karim to you all. May all your good duas come true and Allah forgive us our sins. Amin
  8. No if it means joining the likes of those occupying somalia. How about he support his family, be a responsible father, educate his children, be a loving and caring husband, pay the bills on time and keep his gaze to the ground that's a jihad too n'est-ce pas.
  9. We shouldn't be so hasty with the guillotine. If god is merciful so should we be or least try to be. Everyone have their reasons and should be given the benefit of the doubt. Who's knows what her relationship was like, I for one would be a prefer to live a free life where I choose my lover rather than be forced into marriage with a toothless balding twit.
  10. Nehanda


    The thing is they got their message across that's all that matters. You get me.
  11. Seriously this place is full of saqajans. Keep your vulgar thoughts to yourself people. she is a beautiful somali girl so leave it be.
  12. Me- it is cruel of you to justify these lawless thugs you who properly never experienced starvation and constant humiliation. What do you expect from a war torn country with so much poverty and destruction. Wouldn't you do anything it takes to survive if may be steal or prostitute? Rather than showing compassion and improving the livelihoods of their people they go and maim them. What a bunch of ******! Nobody elected them or even wanted them so what gives them the right to impose heinous laws.
  13. You are too hasty with your judgement Sabrina. Some might say that Muslim women who wear the full hijab deserve to be ridiculed which of course you would find offensive and unjust. Likewise because individuals chose to wear an attire which is not modest to your standards does not warrant unwanted attention. They just like you chose to dress in a way which they are confortable with and as such deserve equal treatement and respect. K- seriously as long as Farah fulfilled his husbandry duties I wouldn't give two cents if he was the cleaner of a strip club.
  14. I don't thibk working in a bar is haram as long as you don't serve the drinks. You could be the cleaner or the cashier. If working as a waitress is haram then this should be extended to working in supermaket, banks and restaurants that serve pork. As far as I know there is no such a think as a halal bank, they hold deal in the market to survive yet we are decided not to take interest. What a load of gbberish.
  15. Sometimes it's better to repeat the obvious than say or do naught in the hope that something good would come out of it.
  16. Not everyone has the means to move these ideal neighbourhoods that most of you are harping about. Unfortunately there are single mothers/ fathers with their only source of income from the government. In addition, many of these families have dependents in Somalia who they have to support. If any of these unfortunate families were given the choice to move to less crime infested areas I am sure they would have done so. KK- walaal under the human right conventions we all have the right to security and liberty. Hence we should not be stabbed or shot because we simply chose to be curious. Our sympathy lies with the victim and implying that he is to be blame partly because of his decision to investigate the commotions is wrong and unfair. Isse- Do you wonder why these families have decided to live within their own community? Imagine arriving in an alien country and language wouldn't you prefer to live near individuals who can understand and help you until you are able to do so yourself.
  17. Faheema, Sheh and Ibti it's official waynu dulana finally on Sun 21 June. Get your nerves together ladies and pray that the weather is on our side. Please let it be... Ms DD how was the exam? I am not so sure about mine
  18. I've learnt that although the property market in UAE looks attractive it's prudent to invest in the UK or USA where the consumer protection laws and property regulations are stronger and more transparent. First it is near impossible to get a mortgage, then after purchasing a property you are issued few months before delivery of your property with a new contract due to some new last minutes passed regulations which of course the developer tries to convince you that it's for your own benefit to accept these new clauses. To add insult in order for the investors to retain ownership of their properties they now have to hold a passport from one of the arab league states. What a nerve.
  19. She- is that henna you've got on? Did you not know that it makes your hair tougher. Good luck
  20. A modestly dressed sister = potential partner so perhaps they simply feel shy or this is their way of expressing their respect.
  21. Both women are beautiful and intelligent lakiin Mrs Obama has the X-factor lo siento Iman.
  22. Lily, the women are probably competing with the ladyboys and don't forget the monks.