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  1. Great topic Nafta! Just the other day this young lady comes to my house with her little girl who was 6 yrs old. So the little girl and I was watching some TV so I started talking to the little girl, just asking basic little things, then I asked her so "How many brothers and sisters have you got" and the little girl replied "No am the only child, I haven't got any siblings" and she went on saying "But you know what abaayo all Muslims are my brothers and sisters". When she said that, wallahi she touched my heart, and I felt so bad for asking her such a question. And later on it turned out that my gut feeling was right and that her parents are divorced. It’s so sad that little ones have to suffer the most out of this situation. The issue of Somali single mothers can not be blamed on one gender only. Each case of Somali single mother case is different to another. In my opinion the issue of Somali single mothers is mostly blamed on the society that we come to live in, a society which has different culture, values, faith, law etc… Having said that, the Somali mothers come to the west from a country which they were given less voice, and freedom to a country which support them in almost each and every single way and gives them far more freedom then they got back home. Since coming to the west like TM said Somali women started taking over the men’s role in the family in terms of working and bring the money home. They have this thing that if they work and are bring the money home in ee tahay “hormar†like as if they status have all of the sudden sky rocketed and that all of the sudden they went from being “No one†to “Somoneâ€. Since when did being a mother or a house wife become something that is degrading oo laga faano?. In my opinion that is the greatest thing that a woman could ever be is a mother. Rasing and stirring her kids to the right path. If both parents went to work and come home at the same time who is there to look after the kids? That’s how caruurta ku dayacmaan, yaa la iska dayacin caruurta bari kamaan waa lugu su’aali doonaa. And if there is a need for the wife to be working then the husband and wife must figure out a way where they both can work and still be looking after the kid’s i.e she works during the day and he works during the night. As for the husbands they are equally to be blamed. They are not doing there jobs as husbands right. The wife is left to play both the father and the mother role. Some of the husbands do not go out of they way to seek a better paying job where their wife are not forced to be working. Somali man they have a tendency where they don’t like in ee is dhibaan, they like taking the easy way out of things, they don’t mind being a labour worker or a taxi driver. They have every opportunity at their feet to be anything they want, but no they choose not to take advantage of what’s given to them. They rather choose to be sitting at the maqaayad and talk about a never ending Somali politics and useless talks. Rather then getting educated and being at home where their family needs them. They should spend quality time with the family do something as a family like go out to the park, take the family to the zoo or the equorum. And the other thing is some husbands do not treat their wife with respect, he treats her like as if she is nothing, he does not include her in household discissions basically he does everything according to the way he wants. And that is disrespectful to the wife. Some of the things I mentioned are what I’ve witnessed and come across which broke families apart. It seems that lately divorce is no longer resorted to being the last option but rather the first. And that is really sad wallahi; divorce is not something to be taken lightly. How do I view single motherhood? It’s a terrible thing, something laga duceeysto ilaahay ha naga haayo.
  2. woow mashallah congrats to the brother ey
  3. My mum used to say the same thing to me too, but lately she doesn't say that any more i guess she's given up on me. The thing with me is that i don't really mind cooking but i have two older sisters who just take the cooking in turns and they don't mind so am like go for it. And besides am not really expected to cook anyways. But i do know how to cook some couple of nice meals so that's alright better then nothing i guess . So when my mum asks me when are you going to start cooking for the family? I always say inshallah hooyo when these two girls get married
  4. Ibtisaam

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    aaaaaah now i got after reading Socrates N lakkad's post
  5. That's defiantly not my dream :rolleyes: Acuudka
  6. In the course of an average lifetime you will, while sleeping, eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders. uuuuuuffff r u serious... I don't know about some ppl but my mouth is closed while sleeping... well so I’ve been told at least. So how does that occur??? weird :rolleyes:
  8. Inaa lilaahi wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun. Ilaahay janada ha ka waraabiyo
  9. Originally posted by Nasir: Micheal jackson converted to islam The funniest thing i heard all day, I just can't wait to see him say asalamu calaykum in his womanly voice lol
  10. M_L mashallah sis good to see that you are taking the right turn May Allah make that path easy for you to stay on. Amiin "PRAY BEFORE YOU ARE PRAYED UPON" I guess you watched or listened to that tape huh its such a motivating tape isn’t? I myself listen to it every time i sense that my imaan has gone down. May Allah bless the lecturer. And I advice you listen to listen to “Ahmed the repenter” By Bilaal Asad, this cassette is just Ma-shaa-allah there is no words to describe it. Its sure is worth your money and time. And thanks for the reminder
  11. Maybe some of us Aussies could relate to one or two things in your list MS and maybe one from harmonyangel list. After all we (Aussies) are a colony of Britain and i guess we are bound to have some sort of things in common right
  12. Ohhh god i don't even know where to start... Every year am adding something new to my wedding plan list, it’s to long for me to post it up in here now. But i hope inshallah when it happens it all goes according to plan well at least something close to it i hope.
  13. I pray to Allah that he recovers very soon inshallah.