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    Fastest Imam!

    It wasn't edited.. Here's a news report of the Imam who was attacked.!
  2. Curly

    Fastest Imam!

    I can't believe the imam did this and he was apparently attacked afterwards. Can anyone here help me identify what this imam is reading after fataha?
  3. CL you couldn't be more wrong! Remember that's your type.
  4. Please guys no more pictures, it's very embrassing when you're at work! People already think I'm a weirdo
  5. Originally posted by mz-alpha-soup: Khadija (radhiya lahu anha).. waz a very pious woman..she was on no comparison to us..nor can we compare that time and now. I think you'll find Islam is to follow the way of the prophet and we should do as much as we can to be like him and even the companions. There's a famous haddith that says "work in the dunya like you'll live for ever and work for the akhira like you'll die tomorrow" so don't demonise working for the dunya it's a means to an end. Sure the mother has an important role and so does the father that is something our culture often forgets. Given that the large majority of us live in the western world we find ourselves in a position that we must work even without children. I'd love to stay at home with my child but the simple fact is you can't...if you can find a job that is flexible that's great but you started this topic saying that you wouldn't work when you become a mother and leave your husband hungry. You didn't answer by first question, if you were planning to stay at home and your husband worked how do you plan to pay for rent/mortgage, food bills and clothes for your children and the rest? You obviously have no idea what it's like to raise a child in this country...if you took a minute to find out you'd see it's not black and white. And you're in no position to be throwing around statements like "i dont believe in this crap of a woman throwing her kids in creche' and going to work".
  6. Excuse me mz but the prophet's first wife Khadija was a business woman. Is that unislamic?
  7. Curly


    Che becareful, you might been to ask the question where in Somaliland, Puntland or in this strange case Kenya is Garissa before you get a decent answer lol. Huutu I've heard Hergeysa and Burco have changed a lot in the last few years, I visited in 2002 and was amazed at some of the development in Hergeysa but sadly there were only small pockets of development next to extreme poverty. If I ever so back I really want to visit Maid, do you have any pictures of Maid?
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    Complicated I feel your pain!
  9. ^^ ouch CL Mz Alpha Soup as Rahima said it's your opinion and you're entitled to it but walaal I feel it's my duty to explain that it's not always that black and white. The reality is that many people can not afford to have only one household income whilst raising children, unless you're planning to marry a guy who comes from money or earns a salary to cover you all...(your odds are a little slim there) then that'll work but why settle for less just because you want to carry on this tradition that 'the mother is the only parent' you say by putting your child in a creche someone else is raising that child, what about the father of that child? I'm not denying that finding childcare for your child is difficult, but often it isn't a option it's a necessity. Sadly in our community they see another third option and in the real world it's called benefit fraud. Hardly an example you'd want to set for your child! I'd want my child to be better than me so why limit them with this idea that sure you can be educated but don't bother to do anything with it because you're a woman and xaar iyo caruur ba ka dhanbaya. By the way you can cook after a 9-5 and so can he, i do it all the probably seems so difficult when you're living under your parents roof.
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    lol, we've all been there...some nomads are a little better at it than some. We've got people with thousands of posts in just a few short months. Anyway welcome!
  11. Be sure to take a picture of it when you do!
  12. looool rickyyyyyyyy I stop watching in protest of them killing off Tiffany. So I don't watch that rubbish anymore, it's been years and I haven't looked back since.
  13. I think a person should only be considering (note I'm not using the word judged) on their actions and merits. I wouldn't rule anything out for my child, hoping that they were wise enough to make a decision based on the their best interest. My major concern would be if my child were to bring home someone who had the follow, which are in no particular order: - prison history - drug use - abusive, either physically or verbally - had no goals or aims in life - deceptive It's starting to look like a long list but like anyone else I would like my child to be safe and have a good future. As for religion and ethnicity I would like to hope that my child decided to marry a muslim person but that their choice. Hopefully a child brought up with right moral would have the sense to make the right choices in life. As for tribes? what hogwash...people need to start making their lives more worth while then maybe they wouldn't need to hold on to these beliefs that their tribe makes them who they are.
  14. Lol, Norfsky now that you have children you should do what my dad does and celebrate your age by ending very debate or argument with "do you see this" whilst pointing at his grey hair. Not that I'm saying you're as old as my dad, who btw likes to make himself years older. He was trying to convince me he was born just before WW2, which would make him in his 70's when he's only just received his pension. :rolleyes:
  15. I always mean to vote, I even registered for postal votes but I didn't send them off in time last year. This year I'll be prepared but I haven't made my mind up my family have supported labour of years...Soon I'll be like chanting "four legs good, two legs bad".
  16. Curly

    Learn 2 Knit

    Yesterday was my first Stitch and Bit*h meeting and it was pretty cool. I didn't realise there'd be so many people. Some 60 knitters in the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. I was pretty nervous about bring out my Slouchy Hat project that looks horrendous btw because there doesn't seem to be a pattern. Thankfully there were plenty of newbie knitters who needed help casting on so that boosted my confidence. I think I'll suggest a ‘fix’ session because that what I need lol. The great thing about the group was that the other more experienced knitters were so helpful just two short hours I’ve learnt how to pick up a stitch when you’ve missed one and how to undo stitches which is called tinkling. And like a certain someone said, they weren’t all spinsters! Interestingly enough the group had a few male members and people from all walks of life. The lady sitting next to me was a freelance film editor and the one across worked on fashion shoots. Spinsters?! The S&B members will have plenty to say about that! ------- I'm always looking for yarn shops and I found this one online which I'm hoping to visit in the near future. I's just so cute! Loop And they have free SOS clinic once a month at Loop! Aneeta Patel will help sort out any knitting glitches. Tea, coffee and cakes as well. No booking required. Saturdays, 11am - 1pm 12th December 2010 Second Sunday of the month, noon - 2pm 10th January 14th February 14th March 11th April 9th May 13th June
  17. Originally posted by *BOB: quote:Originally posted by Cadaan: Today is January 1st, the universal birthday for Somalis everywhere Sorry to disappoint you but my birthday is July 14th Peace, Love & Unity. Oh wow I share a birthday with BOB, now that's cool! BTW indho I really will be 27 this year lol, but I have started to see why people would lie about their age. I've been thinking about being 25 forever... 25 just has a nice ring to it.
  18. Ok, I'm Sucaad and her sister Jihan were both in Kenya and supposedly Jihan attempted to travel with Sucaad's details. When she was refused they let her go? So Sucaad filed a complaint which eventually led to DNA been taken. I don't think anyone can say they truly know what happened. But what we know is that this sort of thing happens often in our community and other communities so why couldn't it be possible? And since Sucaad denied having a sister which she previously made an immigration claim for and didn't declare she was married she's not exactly the most honest and trustworthy person. I personally don't think she should be given compensation, when she was trying to hoodwink the government. This reminds me it's funny how people assume that government organisations don't talk to one another. their stories get so muddled that I don't think they remember who they told what and that it will come back to bite them in the ***.
  19. Curly

    Bio Oil

    Bio Oil is amazing, everyone I know will give you the same feeback!
  20. lol, they do loads of funny clips, but this one was a little cringe worthy. delete yourself from this world? lol
  21. Don't look at me Malika started it. lol I'm fed up with all these mickey mouse studies on anything on everything that often means swat. People get carried away believing this stuff because some so called scientist said so, which was probably based on a sample size smaller than an average household. If anyone catches breakfast on BBC1 most mornings you'd be partied to every new discovery claiming the most ludicrous of claims. I cast my mind back to early this year when a study supposedly has 'significant' (the word is thrown around too often these days) evidence that a pregnant woman's diet can determine the sex of their unborn child...what hog wash. Practically having every pregnant woman eating barrels of potatoes or whatever it was. After going back to the source it seems the news reporters or someone misunderstood the study which was based on diets effecting the womb's pH which may have a 'significant' :rolleyes: role in which sperm X/Y that survive the longest in the womb therefore slightly affecting the probability that the embryo formed would be female or male. But unlike the old fashioned view that woman is to blame when she can bear any is actually completely determined by the male sperm as we're females and all our eggs are X and as the male has both the X and the Y. Next time some old somali grandparents moan about their daughter in law not having any boys be sure to set them straight!
  22. You know I could have said so much in retaliation, but in all honesty I'm just too tired. I'm tired of making excuses and standing up for people who won't stand up for themselves. I know the media is trying to insight hatred and I know that some of the propaganda is based on reality. I think it about time we start collating our own stats on the number of Somalis achieving and trends on development. It’s easy to point out all the negative things. *Yawn* they won't let me go home:(
  23. Congratulations WOL, your mini me will probably be a rocket scientist. Mashallah!