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  1. I don't see why you couldn't the packaging isn't feminine at all. Its almost got a cult following some would say.
  2. There's so much wrong with many of the statements made here, like someone saying they should be parents themselves...I think this video is proof that they shouldn't! What these girls did is unacceptable and using their religion and ethnicity as an excuse doesn't do the rest of us any favours. I'm also surprised at the fact that two sisters are out drinking together like it absolutely normal.
  3. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour skin protectant is my staple and can be used on almost anything from dry patches of skin to eyebrow shaping. I love the smell, it reminds me of arabic gum.
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    Fannaankii Axmed Cali Haaruun (Dararamle) oo geeriyooday Arbaco, 16 February 2011 (HOL)- Allaha u naxariistee waxa xalay magaalada London ee dalka Ingiriiska ku geeriyooday Fannaankii/Muusigyahankii hobolladii Waaberi Axmed Cali Haaruun (Dararamle). Allaha u naxariistee Marxuumka oo muddooyinkan ku sugnaa dalka Ingiriiska, ayaa xalay ku geeriyooday magaalada London, halkaas oo dhawaanahanba ay ka socdeen Munaasabado dhaqameed. Marxuumka oo ka mid ahaa foollaadka ama hormoodka Fanka Soomaalida, isla markaana inta badan ku noolaa magaalada Hargeysa, ayay guud ahaan Bahda Hiiraan Online waxay tacsi u dirayaan guud ahaan Umadda Afka Soomaaliga ku hadasha, gaar ahaan ehelkii iyo qaraabadii uu Marxuumku ka baxay, isagana Ilaahay jannadii ha ka waraabiyo oo ha u naxariisto. May Allah forgive him for his sins and have mercy on him.
  5. Juxa, I wouldn't say that I was interrogated yesterday by an elderly somali woman who claimed she didn't understand a word I was saying. She then went on to ask me ludicrous questions about Somali life stock, which I have no way of knowing! She said she was sickened by the way the younger generation cast off their mother tongue like it's something to be ashamed of. When she asked me what the purpose of learning this 'gaalo' language and it's bearing on the hereafter, but me being me I was very quick to tell her it allows me to live and work in the here and now and my ability to speak Somali has no bearing in the hereafter. Keep in mind she said she didn't understand me.
  6. Don't worry about, you're not alone. I've been on here a while and can just about make out words much less sentences. I have to say though it's really annoying when solers still purposely reply in Somali to my posts...if only they knew I actually skip the Somali bits . But I wouldn't pay any of it any mind as I've noticed that when some soler write in Somali it's usually to make some silly statement or joke that bears no relevance to topics. Lately I've attempted reading some small sentences in Somali and can make out some of it which feels like some major achievement not to mention HARD WORK. I have wondered though if people seriously use some of the words they write here day to day because I doubt it. My linguistic abilities are far better than reading and I don't use half the words I've seen on sol. My only annoyance is that I still make mistakes with tenses and grammatical gender which is always a little embarrassing when made in front of elders. So are you here to learn or just want to know you're not alone?
  7. hamza;688926 wrote: Allah solved everything for you. hypothetical questions have no place in islam Forget about women's rights for a second guys, you should all be more concerned about this statement. Hamza it really alarms me when people make sweeping statements like that and it's ultimately telling us is not to question or think. Islam encourages knowledge which involves thinking and questioning alike. What worries me is that you might well have a brilliant explanation because you went to circles and classes and it was diligently explained to you but you assume others know all this and will magically understand what you mean. However my problem with thissos that a more impressionable mind might take this litterally and apply to all aspects if life, and not question the most important things. Someone recently said to me they're not a Muslim, when I asked why they said because they don't pray. When I probed further I realised it was because someone had told him 'you are not a Muslim if you do not pray'. Sure we've heard this line, but no one explainned to that person that if you believe in the A' shahadda no one can denounce your faith.
  8. Are you serious BOB? You read a story about a man making sex tapes with women, where not only he was jailed but also his co-star and then sumise he took advantage of the poor women and should be sentenced to death. Somalia and Somaliland aren't Islamic states so shariah law doesn't apply and in a Muslim country (because there's a difference) it's understandable that they should choose to jailed both parties involved. I don't on the otherhand understand why you and some others here are so upset and have concluded he's taken advantage of these women. As far as I see he's taken as much advantage as an old Somali man taking a child bride, knowing she'll jump at the chance for a better life. Exploitation and prostitution often go hand in hand but would you defend prostitutes with the same vigour?
  9. Eng.Cadde;57683 wrote: Well,If a woman wants to find a man who can easily be dominated then they should go for sissies! joking but are we assuming education makes women dominant? Why not matual understanding and cooperation.You know what the ARABS say in such situation (Ana Amiir wa anta Amiir faman yaquudul ximaar!) which literally translates into something like(I am the leader and you are also the leader who is going to unload the donkey!) Well you couldn't possibly unload yourself now!
  10. Eng.Cadde;57680 wrote: sorry for my language,but i actually hate this kind of attitude.that men are intimidated by successful women huhaa. education is available for all so why not go to uni and get your degree.why limit your chance of success? Any farah who is able to pay for uni but doesnt go to uni out of caajisnimo is a damn loser. all in all,if a woman reaches 30 either by choice(she chose not to marry until certain age) or by circumstance(she isnt enough attractive to attract a male) then you hear someone say she is indepedent and strong and that men are intimated by her? wtf,on the other hand,if she has a university degree and is educated she is also threating,give me a break!! Do you know what would be more disastrous? if some of us hear actually believe such thing and try to act on it on real life! Any how,where are all those successful ,liberated and indepedent women? i definitely would like to meet I know it's been ages since anyones replied to this post but I was looking back over old posts and saw this and though it would be crime not to challenge this last post. Eng. Cadde I don't even know if you're still using SOL but I can't believe that you could be so deluded. Talk about outdated sexist views! Yes, education is available to all... but it takes a smart person to make good use of the opportunities they are given. however it's a stup!d person who would throw away opportunities because they're "Caajis". What's more it's even more absurd to conclude that the only reason a woman in her 30's would stay unmarried is because she isn't attractive enough to find a partner. (No wonder divorce rates are high when it's based on such superficial tripe) Was that meant to be an insult? If that were honestly the case then it would be safe to assume that women are not as superficial as you think since so many somali women settle for somali men. A more feasible conclusion is that there are too many 'caajis' men out there who are to lazy to pull their finger out and provide for their families. So they prey on the young and ignorant hoping she'll accept less. Let us not forget that our parents struggled to provide us with whatever that was in their means, even if that was just a plane ticket to another country. Our parents sacrificed much to ensure that we had better opportunities, so how would it look if we were to throw away those opportunities to live as your parents did? Others go on about sacrificing akhlaq and deen, but why would that be the case? It seems people who have never been in or seen a two income family seem to think that a mother going to work can't parent and a father going to work doesn't need to parent.
  11. The thing I love best about this music video is Adam Levine. If he's in it, it's got to be good and that's the long and short of it.
  12. It'll definitely take some getting use to. I'm still undecided about this change...mind you this is the first time I've posted in ages so that's a good sign already.
  13. I don't know why but I thought I'd share this tid bit. I was listening to ****'s album Love Deluxe and there is this song 'Pearls' which is all about a woman in Somali. Strange huh?
  14. Hey Juxa, I hope you're well. I was roped in to help with some PR, my sister founded SIT and has organised this event. It would be lovely to see you and the girls inshallah. here's some more information... ----------------------------------------------- The Somali Integration Team (SIT) is organising a Somali eid event for woman in order to raise money for various charities such as Al Huda Mosque. All the money we raise will go to charity, it’s a fundraising event there will be a full course meal, entertainment, etc. There will be loads of events such as: - • Role Play • Somali and English Poetry • Fashion Show • Quizzes • Somali Entertainment • Charity Bidding • Auctions This event will be the celebration of Eid amongst Muslim sisters and we wish for a very high outcome in people. The dress code is strictly dirracs, the event will held at The Waterlily Business Centre 10 Cleveland Way London E1 4UF Tickets (bought in advance) Adults- £25 Children- £15 At the door ticket sales for adults will change to £30 In order to book your ticket now Contact details are: - Office: - 02077902650 Yasmin: - 07983118332 ------------------------------------------------ Eid Mubarak!
  15. Also Diracs on sale and get a henna and makeup makeover.
  16. Originally posted by Cara.: ...Something something something yo homie smell you later! Rudy is obviously from the North, notice how he always pats himself on the back with the Somaliweyn shtick Spoil sport!
  17. ...chilling out, maxing, relaxing out acting all cool shooting some b-ball out side of the school when....
  18. Originally posted by FIDHIN: I Was born in West Burco , and i was raised In Musafax which is an area of the STATE of ABU DHABI, UNITED ARRAB EMIRATES, came to the uk In 2002., I was born in Musafax, Abu Dhabi and raised in London, UK since the age of 2.
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    We need you!

    Thank you Bilaal! If I haven't made it clear already, I'd like to press the point that I hope to present these concerns to Maqsood Ahmed who will hopefully raise this at the MSF. Please contribute anything you might have come across in the British media, that you would deem as discrimination. Aliamos, I'm glad you see my point, in fact earlier today I did a little research into an article published on the metro (a free London newspaper) back in 2005/2006 I'm not completely sure of the year. The article was about a Somali man who was convicted of intentionally infecting two women with HIV, as you can imagine the fact that he was a Somali immigrant was made very clear! I was even under the impression that it was the only ever case where a person was convicted for such a heinous crime. My search for this article uncovered a multitude of similar convictions but do you think the nationality or ethnicity of the criminals were made so abundantly clear? The last article I posted 'Wretched, jobless, invisible: are Britain's Somalis the enemy within?' Pertains that we are an invisible community which in my view is a complete contradiction. Considering that their is over 58 million people living in the UK and 6% are ethnic minority, how much of that do you think the Somali community makes up? Yet we dominate the newspapers, whether it's for terrorism, benefit fraud or piracy. I understand that there is a number of social and environmental factors that have adversely effected the Somali community and I am the first to speak out against that but in reality it's no more than that of other poor immigrant communities.
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    We need you!

    BTW the programme also highlighted that the IFE was on the MSF I'm really intrigued now, I'd better do some unbiased reading up...I suppose that'll be a stretch!
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    We need you!

    Khayr the media has a role in society and it when used correctly and it shouldn't be bias. However having said that freedom of speech is an important right and shouldn't be dominated by a few to implement their own agendas. I don't know if anyone caught the Dispatched documentary on channel 4 this evening 'Britain's Islamic Republic' which with all my might I tried to watch with an open mind. I'm not surprised at what was uncovered because I've always felt some Islamic organisations like the Muslim Council Britain has never really represented me. What I was presented with this evening has made me question their ethos and strengthened my view that we need to speak up. Another small interesting detail was that Mayor of Tower Hamlets was mentioned, who happens to be Somali. The uncover reporter asked this IFE supporter about the mayor and when asked if he was muslim he said "sort of". I didn't really understand why he would say that, as many of you may know Ahmed Omar is a practicing Muslim lol. I don't think they have an issue with him, just that he's in the way and they want to get a directly elected Mayor in who would have far more control and IFE backing.
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    We need you!

    Here a few from the times, notice the theme. Somali Britons with jihad training pose terrorist risk Wretched, jobless, inivible: are Britain's Somalis the enemy within? UK studen recruited for Somali jihad An eye for an eye, as Somali boy executes father's killer Somali student on trial for ‘failing to tell police of bomb plot Somali radicals 'importing terror to UK' say intelligence analysts
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    We need you!

    Originally posted by ailamos: Islamophobia is definitely an issue post-911, the scare tactics have sunk to a new low and include the 'othering' of the Muslim community. However, do you think simply reporting on negative incidents which involving Muslims constitutes Islamophobia? Also, does this initiative address the addressing problems that the Muslim community faces from within through education and outreach? I don't have an issue with printing the truth; I'm only apposing fictitious headliners that sensationalise and insight hatred. That is why I refer to the forum which can serve as a panel to decide which articles or media coverage can be deemed discriminatory. On the other hand I would also like to look into the demonization of the Somali community, yes I understand that these crimes and atrocities are happening and are being committed by fellow Somalis but if you pay close attention you'll see how there is nearly always an emphasise on nationality of origin whenever a Somali person is involved in crime or any other news worthy item. The only way we can prove this in the first instance is to collate examples of this and then think of away to tackle this problem. I just want these issues to be dicussed in the right forum for once, which will bring about some real and practical solutions.
  24. I think we're just missing the virtual torches and nooses and we're in for a real life witch burning. Ailmos, I haven't a clue if you believe in a religion of have no religion but what I can say your opinions, social morals and contributions in sol regarding other matters have always been open, honest and indiscriminate. Unfortunately the same can not be said for a number of solers bent of making this a completely Islamic site, but as always they are the ones that shout the loudest. As a long time member, who might not have as much to say as our other members...I'd like to say you're more than welcome here.
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    We need you!

    Following some discussions on a few threads here on sol and in other settings about the recent torrent of what can only be described as ‘outrageous headlines’ by the Times about Somali Muslims, I thought it was about time we got organised and help dispels this image. Our community has long been scapegoats and victims of the media and its quiet obvious that it’s all in aid of insighting hatred. London Central mosque had an interesting presentation yesterday called “Islamophobia” delievered by Maqsood Ahmed who is an advisor to the Department of Communities, but is best known for his extensive work in prison chaplaincy. In 1999, Ahmed was appointed as special advisor to Her Majesty’s Prison Service on all Muslim issues, for which he was awarded an OBE in 2003. For four years Ahmed struggled to change the Church of England-led chaplaincy into a multi-faith one. As an advisor he had the responsibility of appointing Imams to the Prison Service. Prior to that Maqsood Ahmed worked for Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary, and was the Director of Kirklees Racial Equality Council. Now living in Leicester, he is currently a member of various strategic steering committees and groups. He is Senior Advisor on the Muslim Communities both at the Home Office and Department of Communities & Local Government. Maqsood is involved in the Muslim Safety Forum, which to be honest it’s the first I’ve heard of them and I’m sure that many other people haven’t heard about this forum. The Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) is the key advisory body for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and British Transport Police (BTP) on issues concerning British Muslims. We have been advising the police on matters on safety and security for over five years. The MSF is made up of national and regional Islamic organisations including: Al Ershad Centre, Al Ikhlas Foundation / Muslim Prisoners Support Group, Al Khoei Foundation, Al Maghrib, Al Muntada Al Islami, Amal Trust, AMP – BTP, AMP – MPS, An Nisa Society, Bangla 2000 - 1990 Trust, Barnet Muslim Advisory Group, Basildon Islamic Centre, British Muslim Forum (BMF), Eritrean Muslim Community, FAIR, FOSIS, IFE, Iqra Trust, ISB, Islamic Cultural Centre, Kingswood Islamic Committee, LMC, MAB, MCB, Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, Muslim Directory, Muslim Parliament, Muslim Voices, Muslimaat UK, Q News, Somali Muslim Community, Stop Political Terror / Cage Prisoners, The Avenue School, The Muslim College, UKIM, Women’s Relief, YMO. This forum would give us the one clear and voice we need to express the concerns we have about a wide range of matters involving discrimination and Islamophobia in the media, government and in the public. Find out more about what topic and issues that have recently been covered by the MSF on and find out how you can help. Another interesting site would be Islamophobia Watch which catalogues media coverage considered as Islamophobic. I suppose we should be cataloguing anti Somali media too. In fact lets start a catalogue here, if you come across anything anti-Somali or Islamophobic please copy and paste the link here.