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  1. Isn't it like the 10th Anniversary of SOL soon? I wonder if anyone knows when that is exactly.
  2. Originally posted by Siciid1986: The general court in Ahad Al Masariha has sentenced him to 120 lashes. He was also slapped with a five-year travel ban and was ordered to memorise the last two sections of the Holy Quran. Not that I'm for stoning to death (I've already made that clear on a number of posts) but isn't anyone questioning that fact that he was clearly committing adultery and only received lashes. I'm not saying it's the incorrect or correct punishment just that I'm sure the Saudi's have stoned people to death for less. (or am I making that up?)
  3. No one has really commented on the father here, why is that? I believe there are tragic accidents that are beyond the control of anyone when all known and necessary precautions have been taken to ensure safety. However if safety isn't acknowledged or even disregarded and it causes a death would you not then regard that as a crime? I know that had she been a school teacher, doctor or anyone else entrusted with the safety of a child she would be under much scrutiny by us all. Of course we all assume that parents of all people would be trusted enough to ensure the safety of their own child but as we've all seen that isn't always the case. So lets not assume anything and lets not take away from the fact that a child died and there is a big possibility that it could have been avoided.
  4. Originally posted by -Lily-: I can’t imagine anyone sane killing their child. Poor baby. How exactly was the child killed? The BBC is saying it was neglect, so it may have been accidental. A man has also been arrested. You're probably right lily but neglect shouldn't be seen as an accident. Sure it might have not been done on purpose but were they as parents ensuring the safety and well being of their child? I believe everything is the qadir of Allah and Allah has given us the means to protect and shelter ourselves and those closest to why leave anything to chance when it's within your power?
  5. Any death especially that of a child at home is considered suspicious and requires investigation. Foul play is always suspected and should be as far as I’m concerned ...we should protect those that can not protect themselves. May Allah ease the suffering of the innoccent.
  6. ^^^ Lucky moo! I just marvel at the idea of seeing something so celestial with my own should have seen how excited I got when I saw shooting stars for the first time in my life...I stayed up all night and caught two shooting stars with amazing tails, I wish I could’ve got it on camera! turns out Norway is another place you can see aurora's. Maybe it's not as big a stretch as I initially through.
  7. If I ever get to venture further than Ontario I would love to go see the northern lights <img src="" alt="" />
  8. Ngonge they're put off by you and your incessant need to comment on everything! Oh and afternoon all!
  9. Curly

    Daddy's angel

    Are we condoning physical abuse now? lol
  10. Curly

    Events In London

    1001 Inventions (Islam and Science) Location: First Floor, Science Museum Suggested duration: 45 mins Opening Dates: Thu 21 Jan 2010 - Sun 25 Apr 2010 Cost: Free More things about: Art, Engineering, Everyday Things, Medicine and Biology, Physics and Maths 1001 Inventions traces the forgotten story of a thousand years of science from the Muslim world, from the 7th century onwards. Featuring many interactive exhibits, displays and dramatisations, the exhibition explores the shared scientific heritage of diverse cultures and looks at how many modern inventions can trace their roots back to Muslim civilisation. Exhibits include numerous electronic interactives, a reproduction of a 9th century flying device and a five-metre high replica of the “Elephant Clock”. The exhibition features more than sixty exhibits and a large screen displaying a mini-movie starring Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley as Al-Jazari, inventor of the fabled Elephant Clock. Find out more at the exhibition website. Please be aware that this exhibition will be closed to the public February 25 – March 12 2010 inclusive. Inspired by the exhibition, the Science Museum’s Dana Centre is running a programme of free adults-only evening events.
  11. Curly

    Events In London

    Twelfth Night Duke of York's Theatre Directed by Gregory Doran with award winning actor Richard Wilson (Victor Meldrew) as Malvolio. Top price tickets usually £342.50 available for £25. Offer valid Mon-Fri until 27th Feb, booking fee applies. For booking call 0844 871 7623 and qoute 'metro celebrate the city'
  12. Originally posted by Cara.: Hello trollers! Where are the usual suspects? Here's one more clue I'm getting to be an old curmudgeon: I cannot stand when people begin sentences with "So" for no good reason :mad: Worse yet I know I'm going to start doing it now. "How was your weekend?" "So I went to my grandmother's funeral and had a fight with my cousin Ernie..." Like, what is that about? It's so, like, annoying. So? Afternoon people!
  13. The song 'Macho macho men' comes to mind...can i make that comment?
  14. Have you got an allocated number of posts you can post within a given period? I'm not saying you're hated...I just thought poor thing.
  15. lol blessed...I'm going to start calling Ngonge my adeero so i can fleecing alittle cash out of him. BTW adeero people are starting to say I'm old being two years older than me isn't such a good thing at the moment.
  16. Originally posted by MAXIMUS POWERS: I have been rated 2 stars based on 21 votes. lol Aww
  17. I'm starting to believe all that stuff about being able to project images into other people's heads... I was on the phone aimlessly staring at my little souvenir butterfly on my desk when I asked the person on the other end of the phone to pick a password they would like and you can guess what they said... That was eerie!
  18. C&H I don't know why you think I'm being serious...the first comment I made was in jest. Are you in a bad mood today? I wonder when people started taking me seriously on here... maybe a will help.
  19. lol C&H you said, seeing the picture of the father I'm afraid the boys are...? Are you pulling my leg?
  20. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: quote:The Mohammed Yusuf dude has 5 children @ C&H……enquire about the sons. I have thought about that(my golddigging insticts shot up! )but seeing the pictures of the fathers, I'm afraid the sons are ehem.. that's cruel, beside his children are mixed race.
  21. People need to start with bettering themselves before getting into any sort of dialogue about 'the people'. I know I've wasted far too much time puzzling over the motives or others and trying to make people understand or see the bigger picture. Max, maybe you should enquire about insurance and driving licences before you enter a car again...because someone who is intentionally breaking the law is hardly likely to offer that sort of information to you. We all live and learn.
  22. lol... funny you should say that last part... my mother never believed I remembered things like the layout of our house when I was two, she'd always say someone must have told you...but they're just far too vivid.
  23. Geel jire, do you blame her she'd on her way to mosque...I'm sure she feels she's still in her prime. Older Somali men do this to me a lot; they find it amusing that you can't speak Somali very well. But it's the second time (other time was dhabshill, on the phone...I was calling on behalf of client who was deaf, subxanallah) someone did this to me whilst they were supposedly working. I don't understand why they need to get so personal, I don't treat Somali I come across at work any differently that other people. I'm not paid to socialise or snoop.
  24. What? Who did what to you juxa. I had a run in with a Somali man in the train station...the last train had left early with announcing the platform, so me and two dozen people were stranded. I asked the only person who looked like a member of staff which just happened to be this rude Somali cleaner who insisted he'd only help me if made my request in Somali. I was so panicky at the thought of not being able to get home I couldn't get myself to answer him in any coherent Somali and instead lectured him in English that we was paid to work in the damn place not quiz people about their language. Aren't I a paying customer just like everyone else? National rail were so embarrassed about their mistake they ended up sending everyone home in black cabs and some of the people were heading out of London so you can imagine how expensive that little mishap was.
  25. Afternoon! Hey ever had that strange feeling that you're suddenly very aware of that fact that you've been coasting through the last couple of weeks or months half asleep...maybe it's my mind telling me I need a holiday.