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    Oxymorons list's one of those things,it's private joke Don't mind me, i get alittle like that now and again
  2. Lets face it you're only saying that because you're in who's the luck girl...aye? anyone i know?
  3. I detest the American government and can honestly say I hate the American government with a passion, and would like to see the fall of the American government within my lifetime. :mad: This “So-called” Super power has gone one-step too far, with its double standard ideologies, How can anyone justify the action of the US and keep a straight face? :confused: :rolleyes: Honestly, How can the U.N sit back and watch the US make a mockery of the international laws? :confused: It’s okay for the America to have weapons of mass destruction put it’s a totally different story when a Muslim country does, as soon as the Americans see another Muslim nation making progress in it’s defence systems America hands out their sanctions to nip it in the butt. What’s that all about? :mad: Am I alone when I say the Middle East should wise up and start doing something about it! Who made America the international police? Why are the Americans always sticking the ore into very domestic problems? :mad: All these question baffle and annoy me :confused: …oh god!!! They accuses Muslim countries of propaganda, when very military film straight from Hollywood is promoting the US government and it’s capabilities, showing off its technology or even searching for sympathy. The “Black Hawk down” film was so ideally timed, around the time Somalia was suspected of links with Usma bin Laden. People were saying Somalia was harmless and couldn’t possible be any threat and then what happens “Black Hawk down” Oh wow! :eek: There are probably hundreds of patriotic films based on America and we watch them and some people are weak minded enough to believe it! And then they have the impudence to say Al-jazeer is spreading propaganda, when CNN is most obivously the worst ever
  4. If they're shorter than me, have broken english and are badly dressed...oh an too old they definately don't get any attention from me
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    Humans Have managed to reproduce themselves for years, what's the problem with the old fashioned way?...okay people are born with defects but hey that’s life isn’t it? Okay cloning small organs I don’t see as totally bad but where will it stop if we allow that? Everyone has one life to live make the most of what time you do have instead of trying to preserve it artificially through cloning, honestly test tube babies is one thing but cloning in all respects is totally different...I don’t think anyone has the right to play god! With cloning animals I believe it was a form of animal cruelty, have you seen some of the defects produced while trying to produce "Dolly the sheep"? And for humans to be subjected to that is completely inhumane and should never be allowed. I do agree with Darwin to some degree, natural selection is how many animals have come to be what they are to day for example the black speckled moths found in the Uk are proof alone. Weak species die off but i don't think this can be directly applied to human as human have the abilty to change their environment to suit their needs. But hopefully we'll stop at just improving our environment instead of changing ourselves.
  6. I don't honestly think it's's more genetic. It in a woman's nature to be *****y towards other woman and to gossip. :rolleyes: But all that aside there is no need to be misogynistic, without woman life would be non-existent...and i'm not saying we don't need men.
  7. You realise rednecks have us down as Negroes...whether you chose to believe it or not Somalia’s geographical situation alone proves we're black Africans and I don't blame some Somalis for being confused...because in the area i live in most applications forms when asking for your origin, list black African and Somali differently. But this could be due to us Somalians choosing to differ themselves to other Africans, not many Somalians like to admit to being African, and the feelings quite mutual, alot Africans hate Somalians to describe themselves as Blacks...god knows why :confused: but of course the Somalians have figured it once again with their obnoxious views that other Africans are a jealous of :confused: Okay I admit they have got a problem but...maybe if you keep telling yourselves that they are jealous, you might just belive it one day
  8. I assumed somali people actaully discuss scientific views and debates...but i guess i was wrong... :confused: Doesn't anyone out there have any views on Clonning, GM foods, designer babies or even the old debate on "nature or nurture"? I'd like to see more people discuss Scientific issues on here...even if it's evolution :rolleyes: I know we're all muslims but can't you at least debate the reasons against evolution?
  9. Curly

    Oxymorons list

    How about: *expect the unexpected Oh and my favourite: **BLOODY SOMALIANS** don't
  10. Hey...we're NOMADS right? and what do nomads do? The somalians haven't changed a bit, half our nation are immigrants all over the world...we just can't sit still, in fact there are more somali's in Southall, London alone than the the capital of Somalia it's self...(this is a known fact) I completely dispies :mad: certain types of people on welfare who take advantage, for example the "so called" religious Somalian men who marry "x" number of wives and put them on welfare...Islam only allowed men who can support their wives and families equally to marry more than one woman. The other types of Somali who piss me off :mad: are those who are greedy...They work and sign on and then have the ordastie to bad mouth the U.K government. Honestly, the way i see it is if you're going to use the system don't abuse it and if you hate the system don't use it. it's as simple as that
  11. Khadar...i am really supprised with you, :confused: you're a perfect example of how the U.S government has brain washed yet again another person with their double standard propaganda... As most people might have already heard the Middle East has from since when it first struck oil back in late 60's has been pumping all their money into English and American banks. Where huge amounts of interest had been piling up in American and English banks. Thus the Americans and English used this to their advantage and loaned millions of dollars too the 3rd world African countries as "So called" aid relief and in turn caused what is known to be the largest world debt ever. Therefore Dozens of 3rd world Countries have been forced to pay off their debt in small amounts while the debt is still on the increase due to rising interest frankly what was once millions has now turned into billions of U.S. dollars. Consequently keeping the developed countries rich and the undeveloped countries poor. so khadar dear how on earth can you sit there and post things like that? :confused: the Americans have never help us they are the cause of most suffering. ask yourself this: * Had Usma bin landen really planned the september 11th attacks...who trained him? *If saddam really does have nuclear weapons...who produced them? *When afganistans fought back...who provided them with the fire power? *Who supports the Iserali government and sit backs and watches them cause terror? the answer is very clear :mad: