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  1. Personally I prefer a somali man, az long az he is religous with a good heart and does not have balwaad
  2. To be a a politcian you have to be a lier, crafty and dishonest. So it is a good thing that there are very few women out there who are into it. It sayz alot about men though, doesnt it:D
  3. Genius pauper na maxatiri semeni :)na feel niko home
  4. I feel your pain guyz!..its been a rough road ...better luck next time!!
  5. Amna..inshallah i will make dua for you sister..try making this dua walal...Rabbana aatinaa fi dunya hasana wa fil akhirati hasana wa qina adhab-a-nar.. which means... O Lord grant us good in this life, and good in the next, and save us from the torment of the fire. ammeen.. (Quran 2:200)
  6. Hayam..stand by your earlier comment, bend by your earlier comment, kneel by your earlier comment..break a leg mate,see if i care. I didnt realize cara has a sidekick! how about you dont bother adding anymore of your lame and tired comments? groundbreaking idea huh! let me go back to chatting on my msn! isnt life grand..
  7. Norf..wouldnt you like to know! Ngonge.. shut up kid Oz ..wt a gr8 pic
  8. We are on top of the league table..yeeey..haters and sceptics ..i cant hear you from way up here Gooooonnnnneeeerrrzzzzzzz all the way baby..ahem :cool: P:s dont u just love how am making this a topic
  9. Cara.. you might think you are too funny but... am thinking mayb you should do stand up but.. i might not bother coming to watch bcoz i am 2 busy thinking of my next 'but' topic. :cool: maxatiri.. Goodness! you know me too well! :eek: interesting.. since i have been seeing this ilka deer skinny dude following me evrywhere ..and yea, you are sooooo right ' i am work shy and yes am blaming it all on my reproductive system'.... you dont need to bring in your CV.. i am going to be nice and give you the job of being my councellor coz you can read me like a book and i seriously need help!. :rolleyes:
  10. b4 i forget ..Elpunto..i totally agee:).. how about some of us agree to disagree? yet another great idea from me ryt?
  11. wow..ok choc and honey.. i have xplained maself not gon do it again.. Eng caade...i like your thinking Ngonge..u think am a man? oookk.. kuku wewe!
  12. malika...ammiin walal.and thnx luv.. Layzie G..u still read my 'when i' post didnt you? thnx..i appreciate it.. ...and trust me i have an idea of raising kids..i helped raise my nieces and nephews for almost 10 years.. and am still doing it..i also have friends who have kids and have seen the way some are trying to juggle it....and ofcourse only Allah subhana watacala knowz if am gon get married and have kids..waan duceysta ..but in life you have to have hopes and dreams and everyone has preferance of how they hope to run there lives....and dont get me wrong luv, i have a great job yh i have already come to 'grasp' with having a career as u put it.. I would also never say that the working mother is unfit.. ...this is just my sure the way u run your life differs from the next woman.. not againt working. and i know that the father has to play his part.. i definately dont favour the man over the are right that mayb i didnt write the topic in full as i should have...thats why i am having to explain myself now .. I have seen some of my brothers who are married with kids az well az some people that i know who live on one income..and if the one income doesnt work for me like i have already said before i have no problem working from home when they are very young and go out to work when they go school. Common sense not judging you nor any other working mother i am sure you are doing your best...i dont know how it feels like to be in your shoez walal..this is my opinion and you can beg to differ..and you are right some stay at home mums talk on the phone all day and hardly get anything done..i find that sad too.. and yes the farah can do a runner on me and leave me with kids (allahu manajeyna)..if that happens.. inshallah i will have to try my best to cope..alhamdulilah i have alot of family whom i can count on az well i started saving for a rainy day..hopefully it wont be tht rainy day!..and yh i know not everyone is as i say goodluck to you sis and may Allah make it easy for all of us in this dunya and akhira..amiin. abaay haylay..i support working too!..i guess i should have said this in ma post. blessed already exhausted explaining maself lol..i get your point tho..and i never said men are retards..i hope they dont come on here and skew me like a already getn it from some women lef right and centre!!
  13. its all about goooonnerz ..and yh leave arshavin alone! :mad:
  14. tiny lill snow and we are complaining....saw this old lady walking the other day and she looked like she was busting some michael jackson moves!..too funny..snow is beautiful to look at tho