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  1. 1) We don't know that they're Somali 2) We can't verify the dates, the third video was posted on youtube almost 6 years ago. 3) We shouldn't judge 300 million people based on the actions of a few. 4) We must never forget that Somali's (men) have been most responsible for the hurting of Somalis, and must use that knowledge to reform ourselves.
  2. Wow. U people know how to ruin a thread. Anyway.. here's the report:
  3. Can somebody please explain to me why Somalis continue to live in and do business in South Africa esp in the unwelcoming areas where they've suffered horrible zenophobic crimes. There's a brutal video on youtube of a Somali who is beaten/stoned to death as the crowd watch and cheer on. I don't know if I should post it, or weather that's disrespectful.
  4. Regardless of whether or not this kid committed the crimes he's accused of, the power of the government to strip one of their citizenship is a new development and one we should all give thought to. How British are we really? We place a lot of value and trust in our passports and British citizenship to safe us in case we need rescuing whilst abroad, will you feel different?
  5. Mahdi Hashi is thought to be in prison in Djibouti. While he was visiting Somalia, Theresa May strips British passport and thereby deprived him of all his rights as a British national, He was accused of extremist activities but his parents say this is wrong. After landing at Heathrow, he was approached by MI5 who said his 'suspect status' would be cleared if he 'co-operated' with them. Read more:
  6. - Mahdi Hashi is thought to be in prison in the African state of Djibouti - While he was visiting Somalia, Theresa May deprived him of all his rights as a British national - He was accused of extremist activities but his parents say this is wrong - After landing at Heathrow, he was approached by MI5 who said his 'suspect status' would be cleared if he 'co-operated' with them What do you think?
  7. Chimera;840221 wrote: The only point I will agree with is the alienation these kids suffer, this is because a strong contemporary Somali culture is not in place. We need a strong Somali bubble that captures the generation between the age 15-20, whether its through sporting tournaments, popular culture(music, films, novels, comics etc), home-work clubs, charter schools, etc. After that their minds will have matured while not having a history of bad mistakes. I agree, but 15-20 is way too late. It has to be more like 10-15. Most Somali kids fail because they go to failing inner city schools in economically deprived boroughs. Once they fail their GCSE's they either give up or keep repeating subjects at college year after year. Parents should take your children to afterschool or weekend tutoring (you have Kumon, Best Tutors etc.) Once you have strong foundations in Math, English and Science, its hard to go wrong.
  8. ^^ Exactly, I was in Hargeisa last year and my cousin's friend asked me if I chewed khat, I replied no. He then asked if If smoked and when I said no, he said that I was different (in a strange way) from the British Somali guys who all smoked and chewed. The sad thing is that the local kids see the dhagan celis kids as being cool & western and take their example from them, thinking that all kids in Europe and America are the same.
  9. Wow, Somalia, Mooge, rudy-Diiriye and others are soo negative, which makes me wonder how Puntland and the South would fare in a similar survey. I sometimes wonder about something, and I hope somebody can help me answer it: Why do some people utterly despise Somalilanders and yet desparately want to remain in a union with them. It makes no sense.
  10. This is Gallup's Negative Experience Index which shows which countries around the world that people are most likely to experience a lot of negative emotions on a daily basis
  11. The concern here is weather the animal has died from a ‘violent blow’ before slaughter. Islam teaches us to be kind and benevolent with animals especially at slaughtering. So to try and overcome this some abattoirs use a lower voltage. But without a the constant supervision of a vet you may not know if the animal is dead, and even then the animal has suffered. But remember, stunning in general is still very controversial both for Muslims and non-Muslims. I cannot recall where and when now, but I read an article not long ago where brain scans were carried out on cattle during slaughter and it was claimed that these animals did in fact feel pain. I believe that a sharp knife to the front of the neck is best. This will severe the jugular vein and the animal will quickly lose consciousness. When the day comes that Faarah22 or anybody else can stick their wet hand in the plug hole and not feel pain, is the day that I’ll be sold on stunning as a painless method of animal slaughter. So for now just trust in the wisdom of your Creator. Also have y’all noticed how one of the most favoured ways to commit suicide is to slit one’s wrists? (Nobody ever chooses electrocution) It appears as though the person just drifts into unconsciousness, but of course Allah knows best.
  12. Bismilaahi Rahmaani Raheem. I only ever buy my meat from Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) approved butchers and restaurants (certified outlets can be found on their website: Their meat and poultry is non-stunned. I have noticed though that many Muslims if not most; probably out of ignorance, buy from any old butcher/restaurant so long as there's a halal sign somewhere. I suspect that most of these outlets are authorised by the Halal Food Authority which allows stunning. What y'all think? BTW- I realise that the aforementioned organisations only operate in the UK, but let us know what the situation is whereever you live.
  13. Some knowledge from Yasiin Bey a.k.a Mos def.
  14. People are noticing Somalis more and more in the UK for the wrong reasons. Currently we hide behind the Pakistani's who bear the full brunt of the media's Islamophobic/xenophobic attacks seeing as they're the largest muslim community in the UK. Somali's aren't as savvy so should be more careful.
  15. -trip-Iran.html?ito=feeds-newsxml