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  1. Originally posted by sheherazade: Curly, waan arkey qashin-like topics there. It's how the boys get their kicks(from us), so kick away). Speaking of which, Ms moderator of the women's section, I think it needs a little cleaning up. Some of the recent topics that have sprung up just take it a tad too far. Juxa - I could do with a little help it's like a war zone out there... "THE MEN ARE INVADING, THE MEN ARE INVADING!" BTW the knitting is going well, thanks for asking!
  2. The question is do we want your way of life to be preserved?
  3. Curly

    Bloody Women!

    Lmao! Are you might call it nacnac, the rest of world call it facts based on actual statistics....what do you base your opinions on other than random accusations. How about this...1 in 4 women will face domestic violence at some point in their lives or the fact that the Home Office reported 148 homicide victims were killed by their partner or ex-partner in 2001/2 (116 women and 32 men). I think you should do some reading up sonny! British Crime Survey: Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking: Findings from the
  4. Originally posted by 2+2=5: Yes, Curly. If you are wondering who on earth gave you 5 stars, that was moi. It was for your services to this thread lol thanks! Someone's got to do it.
  5. Originally posted by Eng.Cadde: Actually we are born into roles and we are expected to fill these roles otherwise we become failure.Ilah baan ka maqangalay. What! Allah gave us free will, people have the right to choose who they are, and who are you to take away god given privileges? And who exactly 'expects' us to fulfil these roles? I don’t know about you but I don’t live my life for others, I don’t suggest you do that either. Anyways,If a lady sacrifices to be with her children provided the family enjoys aa decent living we shouldnt be critizing it but regard it as a personal choice. But putting emphasis on career and totally forgetting your family isnt a good idea and if someone thinks so then they should try it and see it for themselves I would be more than happy to hear their Here’s where you’re mistaken, I'm not asking woman to choose one or the other, I’m just condoning the right to choose without being judged.
  6. Originally posted by sheherazade: What's up with, Curly, today? I'll tell you what's up! Have you visited the women's section lately? It's enough to make anyone angry.
  7. And why does it not surprise me Elpunto that you're here posting this claptrap? I for one will not be humouring this sort of twaddle on SOL. I think we ought to have a strict zero tolerance approach because joking or not you're sending out a message. I'm ashamed that it was a Somali woman that wrote this book and in this centry!
  8. I've just realised that SOL has its fair share of sexist pigs, however they shall remain nameless. As for the disillusioned women of SOL...REALLY?!
  9. Originally posted by cynical lady: Since the snow started I woke up late and got to work a wee bit later than usual. Consequently I’ve been missing my usual train and little did I know that my commuting boyfriend was missing me. Imagine my surprise today as I turn up to my usual train and there he was. Him: Hello you Me: ohh hello Him: haven’t seen you for a while, you’ve been missed Me: did you now? Him: looking at his shoes then back to me…Yes, Hope all is well? Me: it most certainly is now… Him: a little laugh and smiles And our transport romance continues. Morning ladies and gents Really? :rolleyes:
  10. Elpunto don't you think that our community has it hard enough? As Jacphar said times have changed and for a family to survive even without all the luxuries it's tough. And besides why shouldn't a Somali child have the same things as everyone else why are we always limiting ourselves to what was and not looking at what we can achieve. Isn’t that what’s keeping us back? I’m sure you’ve seen all the recent posts, Somalis are dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately and not surprisingly it often boils down to the lack of employment. When are we going to start taking responsibility for our actions and why does it seem ok to bring children into this world when you have no means or way of supporting them ourselves? Why are working morthers to be looked down upon just because they want more for their children? For them to attend the best schools or an Islamic school? (because that will even set you back some) It’s funny isn’t it or should I say sad that it’s far more acceptable in our community for us to be on benefits, living in poor housing conditions and attending the worse schools...because lets face it, it’s all hand in hand. The minute someone wants a better life for their family they’re looked at as the ‘wanna be’ or the westerner and ultimately not religious enough some how. Maybe in whatever country you live it's easier to get by with less but where I am you have two choices you either work or claim why the hell would I do the latter when I'm an able bodied person? BTW Jacphar I'm not depriving mz soup of her rights, I'm just informing her of what the reality is.
  11. Originally posted by Hayam: lol ^ I know that. I am just kidding. Somali Jobs sounded peculiar. edit - Curly lol, I guess my sarcasm didn't come off. I am better in person - my dry wit is excellent. Yeah, I didn't pick up on your's probably because you're across the pond! No offense but I find north Americans aren't so good at that.
  12. Ailamos hear hear! Just because a woman even chose a career regardless of the financial need shouldn't be seen as selfish either. Like the post about the 'woman's roles' I don't believe anyone should be born into a role...what kind of world is that? And as Ailamos said it's about finding a solution that best suits everyone in the family.
  13. Hayam, don't be silly now. It's a job fair targeted at the Somali community because god knows they need jobs!
  14. lol choc you've turned into a match maker now? I don't think it's such a good idea, imagine what their children would be like... lets not set back the Somali society further than it already has. But since ngonge is questioning the gender or mz soup and CL the gender of Eng. maybe it's a better match than we initially thought.
  15. Ngonge regardless of her gender the opinion was one shared by the unfortunate masses and should be addressed. Just look at the tripe Eng.Cadde just wrote! BTW Eng. Cadde I hope for your own sake and that of the people that have to live with you that you are joking! If you're not joking you're either a young deluded boy or someone with real mental health issues. Besides a man with such outdated views (like yours) couldn't possibly earn that much to be in the position to look himself much less a family.
  16. Curly

    Fastest Imam!

    Thank you so much Jacphar I think it is surah Naas.
  17. SS you know very well I don't understand Somali, otherwise I wouldn't have asked for a translation.
  18. Choc she said she works now and plans to save for a rainy's not grocery money Hey Mz Soup a sister (who has 5 children and works full time, mashallah) asked me to pass along a message...she really admires your thinking and would love to be a stay at home mum but said sadly it's not a true reflection of what's it's like out in the real world.
  19. Originally posted by Dajiye: ^Runta wax kuu sheega maadan waayin. Kunoqo reer tolkaa. Lasoo tasho daagaal hor leh intadn hurin (adoo qasdya inad nabad waarta la gaarto reer xididkaa.) Waa talo odayeed. to translate?
  20. Like I said you'e entitled to make your own decision but one income families only survive when you don't need to pay for housing. A large portion of your wages will always go into rent/mortgage. I think families who choose to be on caydh when they could work and continue to have children is appalling!
  21. To be honest I've had to minimise the damn thing because I couldn't stand watching it. BTW I'm not so sure he's Somali but who can tell these days! 30 girls 7 turn off their lights when he walks in, 9 more when he says that comment about "so good they named me twice" 5 more when he said "I've got big shoulders" he was left with 9 girls. Then they bring out the dating chart he has with his flatmates (were you score points when you go out on date every Thursday with different girls) and at the end only 2 girls are still interested lol, he choose the dark haired girl and they get sent to the most romantic place in Manchester... Fandos or Nandos? for a date lol. That is just so embarrassing I honestly feel for him!
  22. Curly

    Fastest Imam!

    loooool People don't get side tracked, I have alot riding on this, can anyone name the surah he reads after fataha? I like the last comment, "why didn't they wait 3-4 days after eid and then do whatever they want" lol