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  1. Anyway,for those in UK..What is your take with the shake up of the curriclum- teaching 'evolution' is compulsory now,its interesting in a country with such low literacy skills,one would have assumed this would have been a priority..but alas! we got to fight the religious pseudosciences.. [/QB] This is mainly true in primary school and Science in secondary.. I'm glad that I don't have to teach evolution as I would not be comfortable in teaching falsehood. wa'salaam
  2. I think AbuJ was looking for a more global input.[/QB] It would be nice if we can get back to the topic, just so that we share one anothers experiences...!! Wa'salaam
  3. Salaam all. Out of curiosity, as we very multi cultural and dotted around the world here on S/Online maybe we can share with one another where you were born and raised… I’ll start. I was born in a village near Burco and I came to the UK via Xamar and Moscow in the late 80’s. Whose next…. wa'salaam
  4. Salaam Guys... Great topic...I normally do a lot of reading on S/Online but contribute little to the forum perhaps that will change soon! Having been a teacher in inner city schools for a number of years I can write a book about the valuable experience that I have gained. Behaviour: Inner city schools are riddled with young children with behavioural and emotional difficulties. You can read all the books and strategies on behaviour management and go to all the training sessions and you will still struggle to control a class of 30 rowdy kids. I believe effective behaviour management ultimately comes down to experience and knowing your kids well, establishing a relationship which is based on mutual respect ( I’m the teacher and you are the student…I’m the boss and I’m in control). In my school we often get SAS, usually 3rd year undergraduates from India and they are always shocked and horrified with the behaviour of the kids but I suppose they will be when they compare it against their country, where the teacher is both the judge and the jury and they command so much respect. As for what I enjoy about teaching. I think not everybody can become a teacher, you have to have within certain qualities. Likewise, it’s fulfilling when I see students that I have taught getting top grades across the board and then go off top colleges and universities. As for the holidays it’s great, 13 weeks of the year, although apart from the summer holidays there is always something to do, nevertheless, it means that I’m off the same time as my kids and I get to spend some quality time with the family. Wa’salaam
  5. Originally posted by Sacad *Ducaale: stranger never heard of this dude Mohammed Yusef. can you give a bit of information about his biography like how he became millionaire and where he started from apart from this link. Mohammed Yusef, Chairman / CEO Mohammed Yusef has extensive experience structuring complex financing arrangements. A lawyer by training, Mohammed gained considerable experience during the 1980's in banking and other financing in the media sector for many European and American companies. As a pioneer in structured film financing, Mohammed advised many of the market leaders in the sector. p.s.... the guy is not a suju. He was born in Aden came to the UK at a young age and has worked hard. He originates from burco. wasalaam
  6. Salaam guys! Wonder how many Somali Millionaires are out there in Europe or the US. I came across these two guys that have worked hard in life to achieve so much. One of them I know personally the other has a impressive CV.... Mr. Omar A. Ali Integrated Property Investments Limited Mohammed Yusef Invicta Capital wa'salaam
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    Salam all, This is a good topic....I myself could also say that at the beginning of the millennium I set my self some goals and looking back at them now I can comfortably say that I have achieved the all with the help of the All Mighty Allah s.w.t. Career Im in a profession that I enjoy a lot - education Community Service When it come to the community I try my best to put something back in the community by volunteering some of my spare time to help others Education. Alhamdulilah achieved a 2:1 at undergraduate and then a PGCE and currently doing an MA. Family Alhamduliliah 2 point 4 children Financial financially stable and not in a rush to earn more. however, one day I would love to build an orphanage centre in my home town Burco. Physical Eat less chocolate.. Wa'salaam
  8. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^I was referring to thundercats but I think they both came at the same time maybe couple years apart. Duke...Todays' toons are girly toons haye He should be bring the back He-Man and sorts waaw...this is definately a walk down memory lane. as a kid i clearly remember Cities of Gold..Defenders of the Earth, Heman, Thundercats, Sharkie & George, Flash Gordan....and then the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came after... wa'salaam
  9. Salaamu'alykeum Blessed, I tried PM'ing with some questions but your mailbox is full. Holla @ me please! Wa'salaam Abu_J
  10. Any teachers that want to work in the Middle East especially the UAE check these web sites out. They have a lot of vacancies and the pay package looks good. Teach Any Where TES wa'salaam
  11. I drove past it in the summer while still under construction and it looks amazing It’s next to the motorway and covers a vast amount of land. Abu J
  12. Oops! I just realised that this was already posted on the forum by the lovely Ibtisam... sorry!! Abu J
  13. Originally posted by NGONGE: Abu, I'm on your side saaxib. :confused: Abu_J
  14. Oops...I created a storm!! Abu_J