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  1. Well don't know why one is afraid to say what is his/Her identity, sure you are a Somalian ,but everytime someone asks you your name you don't say i am a Somalian , you say your name. So i blv only guilty ones are so afraid to identify themselves. D-block all the way . Keep your secret if you want to.
  2. This is The Election in East Africa, so Hate it Or Love It Puntland will be prime example to all. Now to my SL Clan Boy or for that matter XX, you are in every Valley what is up with you Dude, make your mind which valley you are? anyway i am very pumbed up for this election and whoever wins i will support, yes i have my choices but since i am a responsible person i love all the candidates and you will never hear from me any foulmouthing to a Puntlander. God bless all.
  3. Don't know what is the fuss here,truth be told these ppl are fighting for their Ancestorial land that was grabbed by force, leave Shabelle region to the ppl of Shabelle. We all need to support the Shabelle region and this us where all starts.
  4. It seems to me A Legit LTR, the question is why is he selected in the first place? Qoslaye wants someone to steal True Somali Assets, i said it again True Somali Assets, and this dude is the perfect weapon to accomplish.
  5. First of all there is nothing called Somali Army Forces that is a blatant Lie, these are HAG Tags &Former alshababs . They are not welcomed #Puntland.Perhaps Somaliland can Have them ! The're all yours.
  6. Dream on that wish ! Perhaps Somaliland might be in jeopardy then Puntland.
  7. Shimbirba Shimberteeda ayey la duushaa, True Somalis horey u maahmaahdey, Mogadishu infected with Looters, Killers, Theirs ,and they are appointing each other to out steal each other, it is a competition and the Arab world are in it for their benefits. These Thugs need to go, HAG Thugs.
  8. Only Fools will be confused. This Killer Culusow whatever his name is need to go. Devide and Conquer is his Motto, but Puntlanders will never show an ounce of Respect to A Killer Hate Monger! And this ***** he Was Directed to pick is nothing more than a dumbfold ***** who is going to be used as a head of theifs.
  9. No matter who this individual is. This So called Mogadishu Clan enclave lost our respect long time. As long as you have Qoslayee nothing good will come out. Corrupt Arab leaders telling Corrupt Clansman who to choose.hell with all of them .
  10. Morning all first, secondly every time i see some Ppl foulmouthing Puntland affairs ,suddenly my mind jumps are these ppl are the same ppl who caused the harm that is going in somalia, are there parents and relatives are the ones who killed and raped innocent somalis? what else motivates them to say such a henious words without any consideration of the lives of Puntlanders. Puntland is gone for good after the election blv me we are striving for Independence ,there is no room to get back with all these B A S T A R D S still roaming around freely. Just if yo don't like Punland affairs then turn your head to Mogadishu Gangs that is where perhaps you belong. Anyway I am going to vote! Puntland is the way forward.
  11. this is a positive step, meet and grind the differences
  12. From now on in my Book any one who calls this Mad man Killer Qoslaye a President in my corner is a Hate Monger and proof is on this wall how you respond any thread related to this issue or any other issue that is affecting the innocent lives that was taken away and still is being taken away, now that out on the way, Qoslaaye is responsible for this Assassination ,allah u naxariisto Marxuumka he belonged to the "Arabta Reer Maxamuud Salaax" Clan and he was an outspoken, truth teller who takes no prison from any one. he simply put to death to be silenced for what? telling that Qoslaaye and company are there to steal any money they can get their hand, that Qoslaaye is the worst Qabiil loving citizen alive, Qoslaaye has blood in his hand and I know for what I am hearing he need to respond the Arabta Reer Mxd Saalax Clan for his ill advised action. Any one who is responsible for this act need to be hanged if that inclused Qoslaaye and some of the MP's too. No hiding behind Amison ,the time of ignoring is gone and it is time for an action. Soomalida horey u mahmaahday, Biyo Gacmahaagaa Looga Dhargaa, Qoslaaye and company need to go and face Assassination charges.Folks this is not over . From Bossasso Assassination to the Killing of the Innocent MP, I smell a Foul Play,
  13. I Have no issue if Mr.Faroole is re-elected fairly, but I hope he sees the future and step aside, he did good for puntland and I hope as a puntlander give the baton to the new generation, we have a lot of them who can lead well, I can't wait till January.
  14. AUN to all who get hurt or died, but one thing must be known for sure, these B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S will be brought to justice and blv us (D-Block) any one who is behind this no matter where you are hiding we will bring you to justice,sleep on that. They will be hanged to death.I hope Puntland seals its borders and don't allow any one who is not Puntlander.Puntland Independent is warranted for good