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  1. ^^ that board sign tells history.
  2. Originally posted by Maaddeey: ^^ma waalatay, ninku Roobow maaha, ee waa Ali Dheere. Geegiis-na ma dhowa Inshaa'al Mowlaa, waxay ku gaashaamanyihiin: 'XASBUNALLAAHU WANICMAL WAKIIL' My bad, they all wear the same turban shitt over their head, but WTF Maaddeey you support those as*holes, woow what a waste, please relieve us and fly there tomorrow. Saqajaan yaashii shalay jidka noo istaagnaa yaa qamiis noosoo gashtay
  3. This guy is our shame, rest assure Roobow, geegaa hadhowye. What a shitt face.
  4. Originally posted by Xaaji Dhagax.: ^ Adi wali far Soomali malagu galiyay? You seem not understand what I wrote there Far soomaali mala igilin, af kaa la ibaray. Hey dude, you don't have to talk like that, it just puts you down.
  5. ^^ yo xaaji stop the rambling, you know who is the offspring here, and it ain't Afmaay. As one of the comments pointed out, the organizers left out a whole category of Somali languages!! Maay, Jiiddo, Garre, Tunnu, Dabbare languages???
  6. @ STOIC, Are you out of your mind, the lady is barely bearable, she will attack you if you even exchange responses in public domain. Anyhow, studs can attempt but I will hold
  7. ^ What a cynical women, it must be from wherever you came from Tanzania or Tanjanika. Somali's don't have these behavioral disorders.
  8. Originally posted by cynical lady: Id1ot. For what am I an idi0t? Enlighten me lady cynical, or should I just literally take you on your name!
  9. It does make a little sense to me to put an add for your loved ones, I mean who wants to know, except their circle and by then they all know it.
  10. ^^ Why, are you missing someone???!!
  11. The only time anyone questioned my identity was in one of Somali embassies in Africa, I was trying to renew my passport, and the guy harshly asked me if I was a Somali to begin with, now I don't remember what was my answer. Soon enough we met again with my uncle who happens to be one of the oldest Somali politicians, from there on I was always received in his office
  12. Bro, even MacBooks are made in china nowadays, and your going to pay a lot of checks on them, so don't let china label turn you away -they're going to take over sooner or later. http://www.officemax.com/technology/computers/netbook-computers A notebook is always better and of course you can download gigantic SW on them, and about the battery, as long as you're in planet earth you don't need to worry about that, just plug it to the wall. Your choice may change if you're a family guy!
  13. There is new Acer laptop that pretty much does everything you could ask for and more and it only costs a max of $300, there is also Compaq with that range of spending price, but I would advice you to go with Acer. Some specifications are: Processor: Intel 2 Core Duo 2.0 GHz Memory: 2GB Operating System: Microsoft Vista(I don't think you wanna mess with the other OS Daaweeye) Hard Disk Drive: 160 GB Drives: DVD Read and CD Read/Write Capable Graphics: 128 MB Video Memory 1024 x 768 Resolution or better Audio: 16 Bit Audio Speaker Microphone (optional) Communication devices: Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n compliant and 128 bit WEP capable) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Expansion Ports: Two USB 2.0 Display: 12" TFT Display (or whatever your eyes demand) P.S The electronic department always displays the expensive one's (>$500), and keeps the nice-and-cheap down under without price tag, so look for it. This is coming from a Somali who happens be bakhiil
  14. Man! are you complaining about Qabiil while your name sounds like a northern qabil I have never been asked that kind of question though.
  15. A.R.Kh may Allah be pleased with him.
  16. Do not start using it, because it'd stick on your lips the time you do! But anyway, it was fcking hilarious.
  17. I would've supported her in a heartbeat if she didn't came out as religion molester.
  18. ^ I would actually prefer the Somali old ladies uunsi than some smells I encountered where I reside now.
  19. Nooo maximus wasn't that desperate to get gals But my point was, private issues should remain private, no need to put it out, unless you also can't choose which socks to put on.
  20. Originally posted by 2+2=5: ^ What is he saying? I barely understood some words, I guess Maadeey could enlighten us with what he is talking about.
  21. This reminds me of MAXIMUS POWERS, I don't know why..
  22. Since when family discussions turn into foul language. Che what is wrong with you??? :confused:
  23. No it wasn't a deal breaker, but AHH you just can't help but feel nasty about yourself. Its good to know it happens to other people too, at least am singled out