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  1. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: GDW, Perhaps I'm your Jin companion? I kid, I kid.Or Do I? LOL! .. and all the time I was wondering about it. Awesome, I like having you as my Jin companion, just hope you upgrade later on to my kind
  2. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: SHABEEL, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dont leave. We value your opinion(at least I do!)Ignore those who ridicule. You know that we are conservative people when it comes to family. Our religion is where we get our morals and values from which is why anytime you ask a Somali person a question about values, they tell you whats ALLOWED and NOT ALLOWED in Islam. It doesnt make us close-minded or hateful. We can all live in peace and harmoney without undermining each other's values, can't we? Again, my exact sentiment, C&H are you my script or something
  3. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: Are there Muslim people(and I say people because Men ALSO cannot marry any who is not a practicing Christian or Jewish) who marry non-Muslims? Yes. Is is allowed? NO! Will it work? yes, as long as none of them is practicing what they claim to believe. My exact thought, and Sherb this forum needs you, so I urge you to stay.
  4. This is absolutely crazy, how come I didn't hear about it. My family lives in clay county next to Jacksonville, and I always go there when visiting mom, and Friday prayers. Oh man, I need to get my gun license, I was always worried about that redneck hole city.
  5. Comparing the two pic's, the guy looks not so handsome with the lighter skin, but damn it, what is wrong with people.
  6. Originally posted by Malika: NNC, I am assuming so,it is not the first time he had address her as Macalimadii.. That is cynical assumption if I take you on my best, and its a very disturbing idea that you thought so. I also felt very uncomfortable with that Macalimad wearing the hijab, but what repulses me the most is when people bring the name of Allah in not so-good environment.
  7. Sherbannnn what the *&%$K was that, I just watched the damned clip, earlier I assumed it was a formal lecture that was helping the industry and just jumped to follow the thread, but wow.. that was interesting to watch :cool: EDIT: SOLers, if you wanna see a horrible image, just click next next when you reach that video. I couldn't finish watching the whole thing, its just unbearable to imagine what's about to happen next. WARNING: They're performing Khitan on a little girl.
  8. I really do not have an opinion on this, lots of reasons. I do agree with Ibtisam lady in the most part, but in the meantime you guys enjoy this clip: http://www.bbc.co.uk/arabic/middleeast/2010/05/100518_prostitution_in_jordan.shtml
  9. ^^ Fiiri adiina tuujiye ookale maa noqonoysaa, gaal koye, na dhaaf arriirkiis, quruxda qaliiran aan iska fiirsane
  10. A simpleton I am, unmoral old-soul is what I really don't wanna be if I ever see the days to come. Sherb, I couldn't help but imagine him as otherwise.
  11. ..after jumping through the rubbish posted here, I come to the conclusion that some folks like NGONGE should just jump of the nearest bridge they pass, they are in no use to anyone with their whore-thinking mentality. TEN pages full of lowlife commenter's NOT EVERYBODY. Hey people let the lady do what she want, that's her body and you guys need to fck off seriously, if you're that ashamed of naked human body, please, shooting yourself in the head would be helpful.
  12. yo amna, can you make the font little bit bigger so I can read!
  13. I heard after FGM, the women do not enjoy intimacy, is that true? But again most wicked traditions in Africa are preserved by women PS. Is there any historical relation between Somali culture and the Egyptian one, because both of them were doing it for thousands of years I heard .
  14. BUKURR


    Hello SOL ladies, am looking for rich @ss Somali lady who can take care of my endless needs, so please if you happen to be that or know somebody who fits my description, feel free to PM me, no need to be public, ani waa shiixaa kaabayaal! NOTE: This was intended for the "other" thread.
  15. ^ how old are they? they look so young to be banding and singing.
  16. Dude, that cat was trying to have sex, you dont step all over your loved ones, c'mon man
  17. Blessed, I will answer your question but later, I don't wanna dwell into this now, I have a catch-up to do.
  18. .. yea and Joseph Smith was teaching the gospel.. my back
  19. Really.. dude, on what basis do you rate that guy. Please do not make statements just because you feel that way, but study what you about to say before you say it. Ibn taymmiah was an example of how low intolerant and self righteous a Muslim can get.